I wish for your life to be filled with God’s love and blessing. Now I want to share the grace with you through the message titled with “Virtuous Generosity.”

When a person’s heart is broad and gentle, people say his heart is like the sea. The sea takes in all kinds of dirty things including waste water as well as all waters from the rivers, valleys and streams, and purifies them. If you accomplish as broad and gentle a heart as the sea, you can lead to the path to salvation any kind of soul whose heart has been stained with sins.

‘Gentle heart’ embraces everyone and many people can take rest in that heart. If you possess gentleness inwardly and have virtues outwardly, you can gain the hearts of more people and accomplish greater works of God with greater abilities.

What do you have to do in order to possess gentle heart and virtues?

First of all, you have to cast off evils and become sanctified. When you have not only thrown away roots of evils but also are blameless in your words, deeds and behaviors, many people can come to you and take rest. That’s why through the word of God and fervent prayers you have to discover detailed deeds of the body and change them into the truth by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Some of you often share funny talks with your friends, or sometimes give the other clumsy words even though the words are not malicious. Some others do not look tidy in garments or do not have any concerns about them. Even though these deeds look tiny, if you are perfect in detailed deeds along with gentle heart, you can be trusted and favored and respected with the word saying, “elegant!”

Next, in order to possess virtues, you have to cultivate characters of your heart into good one. Character of heart refers to the size of the heart vessel. According to characters of heart, some people can do more than they are able, some others fulfill only as much as they are entrusted and still others cannot do their duties. A virtuous person has so broad and great heart that he can do more than is supposed to be done.

This character of heart will be different according to how much you enlarge your heart in each situation, so you can change character of your through unceasing efforts. You might have a narrow mind and be impatient in looking at your affairs alone before, but when you pray and receive the help of the Holy Spirit, your heart will be enlarged and you consider others’ affairs and circumstances.

Therefore, may you cultivate your heart into a blameless and gentle heart and enlarge your character of heart so that you can lead and take care of a big organization to which a variety of people belong, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I pray!

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