Deacon Dooho Lee (Age 66, the 6th Parish)

I have been suffering from tinnitus in my right ear since 8 years ago. There was always a mechanical sound like a cicada’s cry in my ears. It always bothered me, and when I felt tired, the symptom got worse and it was difficult even to have conversation with others.
However, on September 13, after receiving the prayer of Dr. Soojin Lee at the online divine healing meeting, the symptoms improved a lot and it remained very faint.
Through this experience, I tried to please God with a more earnest heart with the belief that I could receive complete healing before God.
In particular, attending the praise meeting led by Dr. Soojin Lee through GCN in the evening of September 19, I praised together with all my heart, and then, I could pray fervently in the fullness of the Holy Spirit at the Daniel prayer meeting.
That night, as I lay down to sleep, my body was so hot from head to toe. It was so hot that I got up from my bed and looked to see if it was on fire.
It was only then that I realized that I had received the fire of the Holy Spirit and I was sure that God had healed me. The next morning, I saw that the tinnitus symptoms that had remained had completely disappeared. Hallelujah!
Not only that, God healed me of stomach disease, hemorrhoids, and the aftereffects of gallstone surgery. My stomach felt bloated because of poor digestion from a year ago, and I was embarrassed to take to others because of bad breath, but they have been completely healed.
I was also healed of hemorrhoids, which I had been suffering from for 10 years. I had gallstone surgery 7 years ago, and the scar was getting bigger and it oozed to make me uncomfortable, but it stopped oozing and the scar is getting smaller now.
These days, I am just amazed at the changes in my body. How could such a miracle happen to me? Looking at my healthy body, I can’t stop smiling.
The grace I received without price is so great that I am just grateful. I give all thanks and glory to the Lord and God the Father who saved me and healed me.

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