Genesis 2:7, 1 John 3:9

Genesis 2:7
[7] Then the LORD God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.

1 John 3:9
[9] No one who is born of God practices sin, because His seed abides in him; and he cannot sin, because he is born of God.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

This is the 31st Lecture on Genesis, ‘The Seed of Life’ part III.
Did you make bread out of last 2 ‘The Seed of Life’ messages?
As God the Father explained this ‘Seed of Life,’ He said He would prove this message is true.
The power of God the Father will come on to you when you believe this message and practice it.
The aging process will be slow; even if the aging has processed quite far, you will receive the strength to recover youth again.
And then, so many of you will testify;
“I used to have no strength, but after I heard this ‘seed of life’ message, I came to think I can do it.”
“As I decided to do as I told to, and put what I heard in my heart, I was given the breath of life, and now I feel a surge of new strength.”
“My legs were weak and had no strength, but now they are strengthened. I used to have no energy, but now I feel energy in me even though I eat a little.”
The breath of life that God the Father gives is working in me like this.”
God the Father will work so that many of you can testify like this.
And He will reveal how blessed it is to say ‘Amen’ to the word preached from this altar.
I pray in the name of the Lord that tonight you will receive this message by faith and experience the power of God.
Dear brothers and sisters.
I said that God put all the genetic information concerning a man into the nucleus of a cell.
Facial appearance, height, physical constitution, skin color, and etc; all kinds of information about body organs and their functions are stored in such a tiny nucleus.
How is it possible? It’s so mysterious, isn’t it?
Thanks to the highly developed scientific technology, people can produce semiconductors.
60 Nano – 8 gigabit memory chip developed by Samsung in 2004 was 4.3 centimeters by 3.6 centimeters; about a half of a normal name card.
This memory chip could store 20,000 books-worth data, or 1,024,000 newspapers.
It is such an amazing technology to store such huge information in a size that is just a half of a name card.
It is possible even with human wisdom and power; what is it that God the Almighty cannot do?
Do you want me to compare the capacity of a man-made memory chip to DNA that God created?
The diameter of a nucleus is about 5 micrometers; 0.0005 centimeters.
If we write on paper all the DNA genetic information stored in such a tiny nucleus, the paper will become a encyclopedia which contains 3 billion words.
If one volume of the encyclopedia had 1,000 pages, the entire encyclopedia is a set of 1,000 volumes; all this huge amount of information is stored in such a tine nucleus.
Furthermore, this genetic information is stored in all 60 trillion cells identically.
Now, if the size of the nucleus that contains DNA becomes the same with the size of 60 nano-8 gigabit memory chip, the nucleus can contain about 100 million times more information than the a set of 1,000 volumes.
In other words, this memory chip can store 20,000 books worth of information, but the nucleus that has the same size as the memory chip would be able to store 100 billion encyclopedias.
If the wisdom and power of man who created the memory chip are amazing, how much more amazing are the wisdom and power of God?
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.
I said that God planted the seed of life into the cell that becomes the focal point in a man’s body.
When seen with spiritual eyes, the seed of life can be found in the heart which is both the functional and positional center of the body.
Just as blood that pumps out of the heart spreads to every corner of the body, the spiritual strength also pumps from the heart-area and spreads to the whole body and controls entire cells of the body.
That’s why people instinctively think that ‘the mind’ is near the heart.
When they symbolize the mind, they use the heart shape (¢½) which resembles the heart.
Even if a man’s brain is functionally dead, people consider the man to be alive when his heart is beating.
Even if he is a brain-dead patient, doctors decide he is dead only when his heart doesn’t beat.
By the way, you should spiritually understand well the fact that the seed of life is planted in the most focal cell.
The seed of life that is planted in the center of the body can be compared to a ‘buoy.’
A buoy is a floating object that used to show ships and boats where they can go and to warn them of danger.
It is connected to the ground under the sea, and thus its location is always fixed no matter how the sea current changes.
It is the same that the seed of life is planted in the cell that is the focal center of a body.
The seed of life is planted in a cell of the heart that is both the functional and positional center of a body.
However, just as the sea under a buoy keeps changing, the cell that becomes the center of the body can also change.
Just as the location of the buoy is fixed in the sea, the seed of life is fixed in the center of the body, overlapping with a cell that is in the center of the body.
Cells of the body repeat the cycle of creation and destruction, but the seed of life, in a fixed location, controls other cells of the entire body through a new cell.
Let me tell you one more example.
The position as “President” has the authority to govern a nation.
However, the man who becomes the ‘President’ may change as his term in office is finished.
Even though the man changes, however, the authority given to the position-holder continues.
Whoever becomes the ‘President’ can enjoy the authority as the President.
It is the same with the relation between the seed of life and the cell that is located in the center of the body.
The cells in the location may change, but the seed of life that is positioned in a fixed location continues to work through new cells.
Now, once this seed of life awakens as the Holy Spirit enters, the spirit needs to be provided with spiritual water and light to grow up.
I said that the body can be controlled in the spiritual dimension as the spirit grows up to be big enough to cover the nucleus which is the focal of the body.
You should also correctly understand in a spiritual sense that the spirit covers the nucleus that is the focal of the body.
The size of the spirit cannot be measured by physical measurement.
Moreover, the size of a nucleus (which is about 5 micrometers in diameter) is too small to be visible to our eyes.
Then, is the size of the spirit also as small as the nucleus?
The size of the spirit can be bigger than the nucleus, and it can be bigger than the earth.
Then, why is it that I compare the size of the spirit to the size of the nucleus?
It is to help you understand better the controlling scale and range of the spirit.
I already explained that, if the spirit grows to be as big as the nucleus, the control of the flesh over the body stops and thus the body will not age any more.
Moreover, I also explained that, as it becomes the whole spirit to much bigger than just covering the nucleus, the control of the body is managed in the spiritual dimension.
And I told you 3 phenomena that take place as the body is controlled in the spiritual dimension.
First, all the organs of the body begin to function normally, and their conditions are maintained at the best level.
Second, germs and viruses cannot enter into you, and you will not be harmed even when you drink poison.
Third, you will not get old, but you may also even get your youth back.
On entering the spirit, the aging process stops. As you come into the whole spirit, you will not only stop aging, but you will also recover your youthfulness.
There is an actual case of recovering youth in the Bible.
Let’s take look at Abraham’s case first.
When Abraham got his only begotten son, Isaac, he was at the age of 100.
Romans 4:19 says, “Without becoming weak in faith he contemplated his own body, now as good as dead since he was about a hundred years old, and the deadness of Sarah’s womb…”
When God promised to Abraham at the age of 99 that He would give Abraham a son, his body was not in the physical status of being able to father descendants.
It was the same with his wife, Sarah.
However, Abraham believed the word of God without any doubt.
Abraham and Sarah could conceive Isaac not because they were rejuvenated, but it was possible thanks to the power of God.
At this point in time, Abraham had not yet entered the whole spirit; not to mention Sarah.
Then, when did Abraham become a man of whole spirit?
Abraham became a man of whole spirit when he passed the test of faith of giving up his son, Isaac, as a sacrificial offering.
James 2:21-23 says, “Was not Abraham our father justified by works when he offered up Isaac his son on the altar? You see that faith was working with his works, and as a result of the works, faith was perfected; and the Scripture was fulfilled which says, “AND ABRAHAM BELIEVED GOD, AND IT WAS RECKONED TO HIM AS RIGHTEOUSNESS,” and he was called the friend of God.”
As Abraham became the man of whole spirit like this, you can see that he then recovered his youth.
Genesis 25:1-2 says, “Now Abraham took another wife, whose name was Keturah. She bore to him Zimran and Jokshan and Medan and Midian and Ishbak and Shuah.”
When he was 99 years old, he couldn’t father children, but he fathered six more sons at an age well over 100 years old.
This record can be found to have occurred after Sarah died at the age of 127, and Isaac married at the age of 40.
Thus, you can determine that Abraham was well over 140 years old.
After realizing his original evil through the tests that God allowed to him, Job entered the spirit.
Job was originally blameless and upright, and he feared God.
And then he realized his original evil and cast if off, he could enter the spirit and whole spirit quickly.
Then everything both in spirit and in flesh was recovered, and he received a blessing in which his former possessions were doubled.
Job 1:3 lists the possessions of Job before he underwent trials.
It reads, “His possessions also were 7,000 sheep, 3,000 camels, 500 yoke of oxen, 500 female donkeys, and very many servants; and that man was the greatest of all the men of the east.”
Then, Job 42:12 lists Job’s possessions after he finished the trials.
It reads, “The LORD blessed the latter days of Job more than his beginning; and he had 14,000 sheep and 6,000 camels and 1,000 yoke of oxen and 1,000 female donkeys.”
You can notice here that the numbers of sheep, camels, oxen, and donkeys became exactly the double of the original.
And Job 42:13 says, “He had seven sons and three daughters.”
The next verse Job 42:14 mentions the names of his three daughters, and Job 42:15 says, “In all the land no women were found so fair as Job’s daughters”
Before Job underwent refinements, he always worried about his children.
However, once he entered spirit and whole spirit through the refinements, the children he had later became joy to Job.
In addition, it is written that Job had 10 children in his latter days, in other words, as he became old.
After Job underwent refinements, he became a man of spirit, and then a man of whole spirit, and as its result, he recovered his youth.
Dear brothers and sisters.
As you enter the whole spirit, you can control your body as you please.
In my case, I can adjust the weight or shape of my body in a short period of time once I make a decision.
If I think my body weighs too much, I decide to control what I eat, and soon I can lose as much weight as I want.
In 1991, I shed too much blood.
Due to too much burden on my heart, the heart of my physical body couldn’t support it, and blood vessels in my nostrils burst.
However, as many members of this church watched, as I drank water, there was liveliness in my face.
Even my face had become very pale because I had shed so much blood. But then there was a sudden liveliness in my face as I drank water.
I repeated the process of shedding blood and drinking water, and I recovered in 8 days.
Since then, how healthy has my body become!
For example, even when some of the workers around me strongly pound on my body (therapeutically), it doesn’t cause any bruises.
I also witnessed that even a broken bone due to my mistake could be quickly recovered.
As three tests began in 1998, I greatly mourned for many souls as I saw them going the way of death.
In just 2 months, November and December, I lost 8 kilograms.
I was too dizzy to stand firmly by myself; my pants were too big to fit.
In January, 1999, I began praying according to the word of God the Father.
Then, in 15 days, my body was fully recovered, but my body shape was also changed to the physique most men want.
I came to have strong body figure in the shape of an inverted triangle.
I didn’t do exercise; I didn’t take special care of my body, either.
As I decided to pray for the kingdom of God and fervently prayed, I came to have a wonderful physique.
Once you come into spirit and whole spirit, your body will obey as you make a decision in your heart.
Without wasting time and money on diet or exercise, you can become healthy and beautiful any time.
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.
So far, I have explained that, once you come into the spirit and whole spirit, your body will be controlled and that you can become healthy regardless of your age.
3 John 1:2 says, “Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers.”
As your spirit and soul prosper, the control of the body is managed in the dimension of the spirit, and thus you become healthy.
In addition, the blessing of being prosperous in all respects also follows.
And the family evangelization can be accomplished more easily.
It is possible because authority follows your lips as you enter the spirit and whole spirit.
You can also receive financial blessing as Job did.
It is because you can harvest the fruit at 30 times, 60 times, or 100 times more than sown.
Just as Joseph and Daniel became the prime ministers in foreign countries, those who have entered the spirit and whole spirit have potential to be recognized in the world as well.
It is possible because of receiving the wisdom and understanding of Heaven that cannot be compared to any knowledge of the world.
Besides, once you enter the spirit and whole spirit, no matter what you pray for by faith, you can receive the answer.
And thus, you can live a blessed life regardless of the world situation or flow.
Since I have personally experienced all these, I can confidently testify to them.
I met God in April 17, 1974.
As I realized all the 7-year-long diseases were healed by the power of God, I came to believe that God is alive.
Then, in May 1978, I heard the voice of God during my prayer.
“I refined you for 3 years, and now equip yourself with the word for 3 more years.
You have loved me more than your parents, brothers, sisters, wife and children.
Leave the current business now and go your way. Let your wife manage the shop.
My thoughts are not the same as man’s. Your wife will earn more money than you and your wife earned together.
I will bless you that you will give to many but borrow from none. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap.
If you obey, your rice container will never be empty and your cash box will always be full.
After you arm yourself with the word for three years, you will go across rivers and oceans and do miracles and wonders.”
His word indicates that I already came into the spirit through the 3 year-long refinement.
I later realized that it took exactly 3 years for the refinement just as God the Father said.
On July 10, 1974, as I and my wife visited my father to celebrate his birthday, my wife left and run away from home.
My wife came back in about 120 days, and she and I together attended a revival meeting which was held in November that year, and it was when I earnestly started to live as a Christian.
I was always full of joy and happiness thanks to the hope for Heaven, I was in great debt and so poor because of the 7 year-long diseases.
I couldn’t afford more than a certain amount of rice; I could barely purchase a single briquette or two of heating charcoal even in the cold of winter.
However, I enjoyed giving offerings to God, doing my best.
And I obeyed as I was inspired in my heart.
Even though I had nothing to eat the next day, when a servant of God or church workers visited me, I provided something for them doing all my best.
Then, God surely provided me with food the very next day.
He never made me skip a day without meal.
I was living such a physically difficult life, and then I opened the third shop in July 9, 1977.
It was the day when exactly 3 years passed by after my refinement began since my wife left home in July 10, 1974.
From that moment on, great financial blessing came upon me and I didn’t need to worry about daily food any more.
Moreover, I could financially help others and give for charity.
More amazing financial blessing came upon me, as I stopped physical business, obeying the word of God in September 1978.
It was just as God said, “If you obey, your rice container will never be empty and your cash box will always be full.”
The income of the first month my wife ran the business all by herself was much more than before; it was about 600,000 Korean won.
FYI, According to the calculation of monetary value by the bank of Korea, the current price index is 6.1 times higher than that of 1978.
It was a great blessing that a small book store could earn such an amount in just a month.
People heard the news about the store, and came to the store to take a look.
They wanted to know the success secret of the store.
In such a blessing, I earnestly prepared a way to become a servant of God.
I entered a theological seminary college in March, 1978; I constantly fasted and prayed all night, and devoted myself to be armed with the word of God.
During the time when I armed myself with the word, many people with various problems came to me.
And through the meetings with me, their problems were solved, and they were healed as I prayed for them.
Exactly 3 years after I entered the seminary college, in the last week of February, 1982, I held my first revival meeting.
Then, I realized why God said to me, “After you arm yourself with the word for three years, you will go across rivers and oceans and do miracles and wonders.”
The evidences that I entered the whole spirit began to appear.
As you enter the whole spirit, it is the 5th level of faith, and signs follow as written in Mark16: 17-18.
It is written, “These signs will accompany those who have believed: in My name they will cast out demons, they will speak with new tongues; they will pick up serpents, and if they drink any deadly poison, it will not hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.”
As I started this church in July 25, 1982, more amazing signs began to follow.
I already experienced before that many sick people were healed as I prayed for them.
Then, as I started the church, people with all kinds of diseases heard about me and came to the church from all around the country.
Not only those with minor diseases, but also those with incurable diseases which couldn’t be cured in a hospital and those who were demon possessed came to the church.
As I prayed for them, they were all healed and they gave glory to God.
Likewise, when you enter the whole spirit and pray for others, the healing works can take place.
Provided that you should be full of the Holy Spirit as you pile up fervent prayers.
Once you enter the spirit and whole spirit, even if you don’t pray much, you will be always full of the Holy Spirit.
However, in order to make the energy of the spirit burn like fire, you should fervently pray.
As the energy of the spirit burns like fire, the work of God’s power can follow.
Dear brothers and sisters.
Then, is there any way to live such a blessed life like this even before you enter the spirit?
There is a secret how to live a healthy and blessed life even before entering the spirit.
But the secret will be unfolded in the next lecture.
I urge you to understand this precious message by the spirit, and receive it by faith.
As I told you earlier, God the Father promised that He would show the evidence that this message is true.
May all of you take this God-guaranteed message with joy and thanks and become the man of blessing, in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ, I pray!


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