Reading Scripture: 1 John 1:5
Verse to Memorize: Acts 1:8
Reference: Psalm 62:11
Goal: To help believers, as God’s children, clearly understand the power of God who is Light and let them long to receive the power and lead countless souls to the way of salvation

Psalm 62:11 says, “Once God has spoken; twice I have heard this: that power belongs to God.” If one manifests the power that only God can perform, it clearly reveals that the person belongs to God. When the light of power comes upon people through such a person of God, the enemy devil and Satan and any forces of darkness have no choice but to go away, all kinds of life’s problems are resolved, and diseases and infirmities are healed by the light of power. God’s power has a few different levels and each different level of power shines different lights, and thus, the kinds of work that are manifested according to its level also varies.

1. Differences between God’s ‘Strength’, His ‘Authority’, and His ‘Power’

Many Christians consider authority, strength, and power to be the same, but the meaning of each one and work of each is different. ‘Strength’ is the power of faith that makes anything possible with God, which is impossible with human ability and knowledge. ‘Authority’ is the purposed, dignified, and glorious power of God. In the spiritual realm, power stems from being ‘sinless’. From this it follows that these spiritual powers are given to God’s sanctified children.

Then, what is this ‘power’? It refers to the authoritative power that is bestowed by God to those who have cast away every form of evil and become sanctified. Speaking allegorically, a driver has ‘ability’ to drive his car and a police officer has ‘authority’ to stop the car. Thus, power is different from authority, and when authority is given to him who can perform miracles, we can say he has received power from God.

2. Differences Between the ‘Gifts of Healing’ and ‘Power’

Then, what are the differences between gifts of healing and power? The ‘gifts of healing’ as recorded in the 12th chapter of 1 Corinthians heal diseases primarily caused by germs. This gift cannot heal people whose body features have degenerated or those who cannot hear and speak due to damage to nerve cells. But with the ‘power’ of God any kind of diseases and infirmities can be cured. If one has received power its works can always unfold, but it is not the case for the gift of healing.

God may give the gifts of healing to those who have accumulated a great deal of prayer with love for souls and are proper in the sight of God, although they have not become completely sanctified yet. But if they stop seeking God’s glory and use the gifts improperly seeking their own benefits, God will take the gifts of healing away.

Unlike such gifts, the power of God is given only to those who have already achieved sanctification and accumulated a great deal of fiery prayers. Because they have no evil in their hearts, the power of God that was once given to them will neither weaken nor disappear. It means that they never take advantage of the power to show themselves off or for their benefits. After they have accomplished sanctification, they come to endeavor to reveal only God’s glory and try all the more to achieve the heart of the Lord. That is why they can perform great works.

3. The Four Levels of Power of God Who Is Light

Level 1: Red light, the power of burning diseases with the fire of the Spirit

The fire of the Spirit works with red light, which heals diseases by burning germs, viruses, and bacteria. That is, it cures diseases like cancer, lung diseases, diabetes, leukemia, kidney diseases, joint inflammation, heart diseases, and AIDS.

But this fire of the Spirit that belongs to the first level of power can seldom heal such diseases as late-stage cancers or lung diseases that went beyond the limit for life God has set by His justice. In order to heal such diseases and to regenerate the dead or degenerated body parts whose abilities and functions were lost, the higher level of power is needed in which the work of creation can happen. However, even in such a case, the work of God can take place for those who have final stage of diseases or the degenerated body parts if the sick person shows faith and his family is united as one in love and faith.

Level 2: Blue light, the power to drive out darkness

The blue light of the second level of the power drives away darkness from those who are possessed by demons and suffer from Satan’s work. It can heal all neurological diseases or mental diseases including autism, mental disorder, neurosis, and nervous breakdowns caused by the dark forces.

Sometimes signs can be manifested in this level of power뾵hen the cases are diseases or infirmities caused by demons or the forces of darkness. Here, ‘infirmities’ include the inability to see, hear, and talk that the blind, deaf, and mute suffer and the degeneration of body function such as the result of polio. The ninth chapter of Mark shows us that a deaf-mute boy was made whole after Jesus drove out an evil spirit from him.

This second level of power, in accordance with the will of God, can summon spirits of people that have died or take away souls of people who are alive. Such works are recorded in Acts chapter 20, chapter 5, and 2 Kings chapter 2: the apostle Paul revived Eutychus who had been dead; Peter cursed Ananias and Sapphira, who had deceived the Holy Spirit, and they breathed their last; and evil young lads were killed by bears by Elisha’s curse.

Level 3: White light, the power of the work of creation

The third level of power brings forth the work of creation and all kinds of signs through its white light. ‘Signs’ are the works that cause the blind to see, the mute to speak, the deaf to hear, the lame to walk and jump, and those with polio or cerebral palsy to be made whole.

Additionally, the third level of power makes possible the body parts that were deformed or crippled since birth to be regenerated; it makes degenerated parts whole; causes broken bones to set and mend; let missing bones be created; and connects severed tendons.

The third level of power results in signs and the work of creation. So, through this level of power eyes of the blind recover their vision, impaired ears come to hear, and rotten or malfunctioned internal organs can be recreated.

Level 4: Golden light, the completion of power that allows for the powerful works to happen transcending space and time

The golden light of the fourth level of power brings about the works that change the weather because the light rules over and controls all things. Even nonliving things obey this level of power. Even the winds and the surging waves became calm when the Lord Jesus rebuked them. Nature and nonliving creatures such as the winds and the sea obeyed Jesus’ words as recorded in the eighth chapter of Matthew. Jesus walking on the water also shows that all things are under His authority.

The fourth level of power causes the works transcending space and time to take place. A Canaanite woman implored Jesus to heal her demon-possessed daughter. Then, when she returned home the demon had been driven away by His power.

In Manmin Central Church, the works of the fourth level of power have been unfolded. By prayer a torrential downpour stopped, carbon monoxide was driven away from those who were suffering from the effect of carbon monoxide poisoning and they become normal without any aftereffects. Heat was also dissipated from a person who had been severely burned at the command, “Heat, go away!” The Pakistani girl, Cynthia, had been on the doorstep of death due to Celiac Disease. She was healed of it through Dr. Jaerock Lee’s prayer on her picture.

4. The Most High Power of Creation

The works Jesus performed belong to a higher level of power than the fourth level of power. It is the power of God the Creator called the ‘Most High Power of Creation’. It is not the power that creatures can receive from God but is the power that comes from the original light that God gave out when He was alone before the beginning. The power unfolded when Jesus revived Lazarus who had been dead for four days as written in John chapter 11.

If we cast away every form of evil, achieve the heart of whole spirit, and keep filling ourselves with spiritual knowledge that is limitless, we can attain to the level of the Most High power of creation that is shown at the divine level beyond the four levels of the power. After the accomplishment of the power, amazing works of creation can be manifested just as when God created the heavens and the earth and all things in them by the Word of God.

When one with such power commands the crippled to get up and walk, they can immediately rise, walk, and jump. Even wounds that have become rotten or gangrenous can be instantly renewed. This is because the light and sound of God, who existed alone before the beginning, works. When the boundless power of creation mingled with the light is exercised, even people who have already exceeded their life limits and people who couldn’t be healed by the fourth level of power can be cured.

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