Alberto Bravo Castro (Age 56, Colombia Manmin Church)

I live in a remote area, so I am offering online worship of Colombia Manmin Church. However, not long ago, I experienced the amazing work of God. I was completely protected from the accident in which the bus fell 2m down and overturned.

Last March 20, I took a bus from Barranquilla to Mompox. The but departed around 11 pm, and the accident occurred 30 km from Mompox.
It was later revealed that the bus driver had a sudden cardiac arrest, and the bus went off the road and overturned falling 2 meters down. Of the 32 passengers, 6 were killed, 10 were seriously injured, and the rest of the passengers were also injured. The accident was reported as major news in Colombian daily newspapers and public broadcasters.
I’m always carrying the handkerchief of power(Acts 19:11-12) on which Dr. Jaerock Lee had prayed. It was the same that day.
The moment the accident happened, I prayed to God and the bus fell 2 meters down. But at that moment, it felt like someone hugged me and received me, and there was no impact whatsoever.
I checked my body immediately after the accident, there was no injury on my body. The person sitting next to me suffered a serious injury to his arm from the impact of the accident, but I had no problems.
It was the time to realize how thrilling it is to be protected by God the Father, and to engrave that love in my heart once again.
I give all thanks and glory to God the Father for protecting me from a big accident that could have resulted in the loss of my life. I am also grateful to all of Manmin family who always pray for us.

Source: Colombian Daily, “El Colombiano”
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