Senior Deaconess Youngchan Gwak(Age 54, the 5th Parish)

In December last year, very occasionally, I had a stabbing pain in my breast. However, in early January of this year, I felt pain in the left breast and it oozed. A couple of days later, the right breast also oozed, and they did not dry out. Since lying on one side was painful, I had to lie down straightly to sleep.
At that time, the Vowed Daniel prayer meeting was being held, so I prayed earnestly about this matter in the prayer meeting. Looking back on the past, I came to realize that I said I was practicing the word of God but neglected the circumcision of heart, and that I managed my Christian life to show to other people. I repented with tears because I knew the love of God the Father and the Lord, but I couldn’t practice the Word with my heart.
It was the time to pray for the fullness of the Holy Spirit at the Vowed Daniel prayer meeting. I was attending the prayer meeting through GCN app on my phone, and my phone became hot, so my face and upper body heated up. I sweat on both sides of my breast. After that, oozing sore dried up and pain disappeared. Hallelujah!
As a result of the health checkup on February 17, there were no problems in my body. I give all thanks and glory to God the Father who healed me.

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