Deaconess Bokja Kim (Age 64, Chinese Parish)

I suffered from gastritis, otitis media, and head & shoulder pain. However, while attending our church in 2008, I was healed of all diseases through the prayer of Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee.
From one day in 2021, I started to feel pain in my neck, shoulders, back and legs. I went to see a doctor and got a checkup, and he said it was because my spine was twisted. I was treated with injections, but the symptoms did not improve. In 2022, back and leg pain got worse.
On March 25, 2022, I attended the Divine Healing Meeting through GCN. As I listened to the sermon of Acting Senior Pastor, Dr. Soojin Lee, I remembered the things I hated and judged others. I repented and prayed earnestly. After receiving the prayer for the sick, I felt refreshed and my legs, which had been in severe pain, became okay and the pain disappeared. Now there is nothing wrong with kneeling down. Hallelujah!

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