Senior Deaconess Mija Choi (Age 49, the 12th Parish)

In November 2020, the pain in my shoulder and upper body was so exhausting that I couldn’t sleep. When I ate, I felt upset of my stomach, and my muscles were always tense and lethargic.
When I was checked at the hospital, I was told that the nerve was compressed by the forward neck, affecting the shoulder and upper body, and even the digestive function. He said that I would have to continue taking physical therapy and injections for treatment.
I tried to get healed by faith at every divine healing, but I couldn’t get an answer. As I searched for the cause, I remembered that I could not pray with the heart although I offered the vowed prayer on my own, and I could not clap my hands while praising with the excuse of being sick. It means that I couldn’t earnestly pray and praise God.
I repented of the things I had realized while preparing for the divine healing meeting in May, and I prayed and praised earnestly at the Vowed Daniel prayer meeting on site. Then the pain in my shoulder and upper body was significantly reduced.
And after receiving prayer at the divine healing meeting on May 27, the muscle tension disappeared and there is no feeling of lethargy, and my body feels light and energetic.

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