Deaconess Jonghee Yoon (Age 74, the 19th Parish)

Last February, I had water in the popliteal area behind my left knee, so I had to draw water three times with a syringe at the hospital. But after that, a lump the size of a plum appeared on that area.
I prepared with faith to receive healing for scoliosis at the divine healing meeting in March. Every morning, I prayed for repentance and thanksgiving, and I tired to live a life of gratitude in everything by always finding the conditions of thanks.
About 10 years ago, while I was sitting and making kimchi, I got up and my back hurt very much after a ‘pop’ sound came from my back. When I took an X-ray at the hospital, the two cartilages 4 and 5 the lumbar disc were compressed and ruptured, so the area was black.
However, when I did the test a few years ago, the black cartilage area was normally filled. The doctor said, “It is strange that it cannot be filled naturally.”
However, the back pain was still there, so I had to be very careful not to put pressure on my back to get up from sitting. Even when I was standing, I couldn’t straighten my back and had to stand crooked.
On March 25, I received prayer with an earnest heart at the divine healing meeting, and the next day, on my way to the market, I suddenly felt my back straighten. ‘Oh? Why does my waist get straightened?’ The moment I thought like this, I was convinced that I had been healed at the divine healing meeting. I now have no pain at all and walk upright with my back straight.
After that, I prayed and prepared for the healing of the left popliteal cyst, which had not been healed at the divine healing meeting in March. However, during Sunday worship service on May 22, when I put my had on my left hip to receive the prayer for the sick, I couldn’t feel the lump. God has already healed me. Hallelujah!

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