Word: Exodus 12:1-14
Title: Ten Plagues (9) -The Way to Salvation- 1994. 11. 6

It has been the fourth time since I spoke about the Passover. In the first session, an introduction was given, and in the second session, circumcision was explained. And last time I talked about the connection points between circumcision, the Passover, and the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper.

In the text, the first night the Israelites were about to set off for the land of Canaan after being freed from slavery in Egypt through God’s servant Moses. Spiritually speaking, the way of salvation that God spoke to us through Moses right before we were saved from the world is recorded in the text. At the same time, 6 years of human cultivation history is recorded, albeit briefly. Because it is such an important sermon, the sermons continue over four hours.

From 12:1, “Then the LORD spoke to Moses and Aaron in the land of Egypt, saying, ‘Let this month be the beginning of the month for you, the first month of the year. make it this It has an important meaning, so please remember it. “Speak ye to the congregation of Israel, saying, On the tenth day of this month, your servants shall take a lamb for their household, according to each family, but if the number of the household is too small for the lamb, take it with the neighbors of the house. You shall take one according to each one, and you shall count your lambs according to each man’s food; and your lambs shall be males, one year old, without blemish; they shall be taken from sheep or goats, and kept until the fourteenth day of the month; Grab it” Let me now explain an area I haven’t covered before.

From 12:15, after the main text, we see the Feast of Unleavened Bread. Verse 15 says, “You shall eat unleavened bread for seven days, and on the first day remove the leaven from your houses.” From the first day, spiritually speaking, from the day you are saved, “everyone who eats bread from the first day to the seventh will be cut off from Israel.” From the evening of the 14th to the evening of the 21st, whoever eats bread from Israel I am speaking. That is, since it starts on the evening of the 14th, the evening of the 15th, the evening of the 16th, the evening of the 17th, the 18th, the 19th, the 20th, and the evening of the 21st are seven days? “There will be a holy assembly for you on the first day, and a holy assembly on the seventh day. On these two days, do nothing, and you shall provide only your own food. You shall observe the Feast of Unleavened Bread. On this day I will lead your army out of the land of Egypt, because it was Therefore, you shall keep this day as an everlasting ordinance. In the first month, from the evening of the 14th to the evening of the 21st of the month, you shall eat unleavened bread, and there shall be no leaven in your houses for seven days. whoever is born in their own country, whether Jew or Gentile, will be cut off from the congregation of Israel.” From the evening of the 14th to the evening of the 21st, anyone who eats the glutenous rice will be rejected from the children of God. Now, we have to eat unleavened bread spiritually until morning after we are saved, that is, until the day when the Lord comes and calls my soul. narrow road. Confucian bread is delicious. In other words, spiritually speaking, it refers to the world. It says joy. I mean entertainment. Eat, drink and drink, and the broad road. But our Lord said. Take the narrow road. Take the narrow road. to eat unleavened bread. It seems a little tasteless and bitter when eaten, but you should try it hard. Taste it. Go to heaven and think about how sweet and delicious it is. Think about the fact that because you ate unleavened bread because you walked the narrow road, you will not be cut off before God and you will be able to enjoy eternal life forever. How delicious.

What is the spiritual meaning of this? 14 is seven times two, 7 is seven three. 21×7=3. And the Lamb is Jesus, that is, Jesus Christ. Before you catch him, you can just call him Jesus. It is said that the setting sun means the end times, but Jesus the Lamb tells us to catch it at sunset on the 7th. After Adam and Eve disobeyed God and were expelled from the Garden of Eden, through the flood of Noah, until the year before Abraham, the father of our faith, was born, and in this year, did you say that the year before that was 21 years? Also, from the birth of Abraham, the father of faith, to the time Jesus was born on this earth, it is also only 14 years. It’s not a drug. Two thousand years. Dividing 2 years of human cultivation history by 2 equals 2 years each. Then, why the 6 days in the text correspond to 3 years will be explained in depth later, and today we will only give an overview. At the end of the 2th, the last 7 years of human cultivation, Jesus was offered before God as the atonement for us. Then again, for seven days, that is, 2 years, you must not eat unleavened bread, but you must eat unleavened bread. Did I explain before that one of the reasons to eat unleavened bread and bitter herbs is instead of fasting, which means humble yourself, kill yourself, and show humility? How should we live in the last days, the time of receiving grace and the day of salvation? We must live with a truly humble attitude with a fasting heart. Those who eat, drink, marry, and get married, just as they did in the days of Noah, and just go on the road to destruction, are eating glutinous bread, not unleavened bread. That is why you are completely cut off from God.

In Matthew 9:15, Jesus said, “Can the wedding guests mourn while the bridegroom is with them? When our Lord was on this earth during the three-year public ministry, the disciples did not need to fast. And it will be the same after our Lord comes again. After the Second Coming in the air, there is no reason to fast at that time, right? At that time, there was no such thing as a three-day fast on the New Year, and there was no need to fast for one day. However, we have to eat unleavened bread until we meet our Lord again. you have to be awake You have to stay awake with a humble posture. You have to go down the narrow road, and you have to go in the light.

About the 6-year providence, not only Exodus 12, but also Genesis 1, Revelation, and Daniel are recorded here and there. In Matthew 24, the end times are described in detail. Let’s go back to the main text. For newcomers, I’ll briefly review and explain what I’m missing. Did I tell you why the Lamb is our Lord? Sheep are gentler than any other animal and are completely obedient. No matter how you look at your sheep or your dog, try to touch it when the owner eats it. Then he groans, exposes his teeth, and tries to bite. So is the owner. But sheep never show their teeth and try to bite. When I see our members, it’s scary when we go. Even when couples fight. Also, I don’t know why there are sometimes nail marks on men’s faces when they go. But sheep don’t have that. It doesn’t reveal its teeth, it just hides its claws like a cat and doesn’t scratch anything, and it’s gentler than any other animal. They are also completely obedient. Wasn’t our Lord like that? How gentle were you? He does not quarrel, he does not quarrel, he does not break a bruised reed, he does not quench a smoldering wick, although he has all the power. Even though he has the power to kill and he has the power to bring life to life, he doesn’t do that, but like a sheep, he is led to the slaughterhouse, caught and sentenced to death, and suffered all the humiliation on the cross. It is gentler than any other animal and is completely obedient. A sheep is an animal that completely sacrifices itself by providing its beautiful white fur to give warmth and even milk and meat. In addition, when I say a lamb, I mean a sheep without blemish, soft and tender, beautiful in all things, and corresponding to its youthful days. It is also said to be just before mating.

I was told to apply the blood of this lamb on the left and right posts and lintels of the door of the house, but this door refers to the door of the lamb in John 10, that is, Jesus Christ, and means the door of our salvation. We are saved by the blood of the Lord’s blood, and we must pass through the gate of salvation and be in it so that we can not go down the path of death. Jesus Christ is the door of salvation. So, when we were in Jesus Christ, we became a new creation, and in Him, when we eat and drink His flesh and blood, His precious blood was shed, so we believe in Him, that is, the door of the sheep, the gate of salvation. When we eat and drink flesh and blood, we have life and eternal life. In other words, when you fervently eat a lamb, on that night its meat is roasted and eaten together with unleavened bread and bitter herbs. He told them to eat the meat of the lamb, but they said that the meat of the lamb means the flesh of Jesus spiritually. It is clearly stated in John 6:53. “Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you” and “You cannot enter the way of eternal life.”

Also, eat it with unleavened bread and bitter herbs. Everyone, for those of you who have tried unleavened bread, how did it taste when you were poor and ate bitter greens? You won’t be able to eat a lot. maybe. Because it is bitter, you chew and chew, and even after chewing and swallowing, the bitter energy is still there, so you can probably see that you are savoring it. How much do you spend when you are a beginner when you eat the Word of God? write? When you pierce and split the soul, bone marrow, soul, and joints, you are just about to get caught, and you feel sad no matter what the chairman of the session says, even when you are a new believer. just getting caught People who have met and experienced it and are overflowing with grace don’t do it, but people who don’t do it will get caught without saying a word. It takes a while to say something nice, and they say it’s not according to their thoughts and knowledge, and it’s obviously long, but it’s not their knowledge. There is this kind of knowledge, and no matter how much knowledge or research is done, every doctor is different, every scientist is different, they have different opinions, and they all come out differently depending on the results of the experiment. I’m sure Dan explained what you can tell, but no one else believes it? Why not believe and sleep and have nothing to do? Some of them are spiritual and some are of fleshly knowledge, don’t you have to believe and sleep? don’t take it as a reference. Another thing is to explain what is intellectual, then it is included in knowledge, and something that is spiritual can be believed as it is spiritual and come out now. Yes, eat it with unleavened bread and bitter herbs. Now, a disaster is coming that will kill all the firstborn. The eldest son here refers to me and all of you, the whole of mankind. Therefore, in order to avoid the road of death, we also need to know God’s providence and will well written in the text. And we must do the same. That is why this Passover ceremony should be kept as an eternal ordinance for all generations. Otherwise, you will be cut off from the congregation of Israel, the children of God. Unleavened bread and bitter herbs have no taste or seasoning, and they only relieve hunger. The spiritual meaning is instead of fasting and represents a humble heart that humbles and kills oneself. If it is the flesh of the Lord, it means the truth of God’s word, but a proud person cannot eat the flesh of the Lord. Hearing and knowing with knowledge, only judging and interpreting literally. Hearing with one ear and letting it go with the other. However, it is very natural that we must humble ourselves, kill ourselves, and come with a humble heart when we eat the word of God’s truth, that is, the flesh of the Lord. Do not eat raw or boiled in water. If you eat only raw, you will get sick and die and you will not live long. Also, if we interpret God’s Word only literally, we will not be saved because we will not have faith. Also, don’t boil it in water or eat it. Only the Word of God is the true truth, and it gives us life and guides us on the path to eternal life. There is not a saying in the world that can give us life and save us. How many quotes are there in the world and how many do you learn in school? It’s in a booklet. Also, Confucius said, “How many good words are there in Mencius? But can we not know through the history of our country that those who learned such things were political, always made enemies while in politics, and continued to fight for revenge from generation to generation in bloodshed? Did such a saying, such an aphorism, such a good word, get rid of our evil? I can see him doing evil in his own righteousness.

I officiated on Thursday last week at the Torch Hall, and immediately came to the church to record a broadcast and then went to the hospital. When I go down again, when I ride it again, I see it again. So now Master Joo Joo and Deacon Choi Jeong-soo and now I and Lee Ik-seok were together, so we went down together, and there was only one person in there. Nun. A nun rode with one person. So I told her to listen. This is St. Mary’s Hospital, and I said a word about how it would be nice to write the word of God over there and record it there instead of writing the words of that person or the person of the proverb like that. If the nun said she truly loves God, if she said she loved the truth, it would have been a bit piercing. Otherwise, if it is insensitive, it will just pass. So, I wondered how good it would be if God’s word was put there instead of that person’s writing. But the content is also long, and the content is long and now someone’s name appears below. person’s name. However, since the content is long, there is no grace to be gained by doing the lengthy content. If you implied it, the truth of the Bible would come out in one verse. What’s more, it’s St. Mary’s Hospital. Not a hospital in the world. It’s not that there’s a saying in the world that can give us life and save us. Therefore, when the words of an iron man or a poet are added to God’s spiritual words, nutrients are drained out of the water. So, in a foreign city, you analyzed my sermons and heard that there are pastors there, right? Did you hear a testimony from someone who came from there? Why is Dr. Jaerock Lee’s sermon life? Why is it giving history? So, many pastors gather to analyze the word and come to the conclusion that the word of Dr. Jaerock Lee is only the word of God. From start to finish. Let us do the same. I’ve heard that conclusions are like this. Now, you can’t gain spiritual weight, so you have to eat only with the word of God. You guys for example. Did a holy man say that Jesus is holy? Is our God holy? Isn’t our Lord holy? If our Lord is holy, walk with you, and while we are together, just tell jokes and useless things. So what do you guys do? Let’s say we do it together once a year or so. You will now climb. I’m going to climb up with the bad words of the world. It’s like a grandson climbing up his grandfather and pulling his beard. You’ll just joke around with them, you’ll treat them like shit, and you’ll be considered trivial. Do you understand? But our Lord will never do that. No matter how many years you spend with us for 1 years or a hundred years or a thousand years, you will not be joking, only the truth and only the truth will be spoken. I will not say unnecessary words. Therefore, even if he is always with us forever, he will be our light and holy one forever, and he will be someone we respect, long for, and trust. Say no. In the same way, only the Word of God, the pure Word, is true. Purity is lost. You should know this right away. In the end, they live together with the world and go on the path of destruction. Just mix and eat. Therefore, it must be grilled and eaten. Fire refers to the Holy Spirit. When we eat the Word of God, the Holy Spirit must enlighten us. A person who has not received the Holy Spirit, no matter how much he eats the word of God, only holds it in his head. It is not received or answered.

In Ephesians 6:18, it is said, “Pray always in the Holy Spirit.” Since these prayers are prayers that God wants to answer, you can receive accurate answers quickly. Roast that head, shank, and intestines all over the fire, yes, remember. The head, “the head” and the human upper body, right? The lower body of a “shin and” person? “Internal” refers to the center. I’m talking about heavy load. The intestines are roasted and eaten, and the shin refers to the leg that is below the knee. To eat the head, intestines, and shins means to eat the whole lamb. And also, did I tell you to remember it well spiritually? The first day, the first month, the 14th, 2×7, and 3×7=21 did I say? The very head is two thousand years before the birth of Abraham, the father of faith. Within this very head is the providence of creation. There is also the providence of human cultivation. How God created him, how he created man, how he was with him, why he put good and evil, how did sin come in, how did he go to the way of destruction, and why God forsaken him? . Then, he counted the number of years from the birth of Abraham, the father of faith, to two thousand years until the birth of Jesus. This applies to the interior. Look at your body organs. How complex does the gut look? You can see that all of God’s work is written in it. God provided, and how did we go down the road of destruction, and how did the way of salvation contain all the sin and the law, and how God called Abraham, the father of faith, and refined him to become the father of faith, and in him we all become descendants of those who believe. go You can see that history is all written in it. Immediately after that, 2 years were over, and our Savior, Jesus, was born 2 years ago. Now, from this time until the coming of our Lord is called the last time. At the end of the day, they say it will be over. end at the end. From a human perspective, it refers to the lower body, that is, the shin. I divided it into 2. At the same time, this means that you must eat the entire 2 books of the Bible from Genesis to the last Revelation. All of God’s providence is contained in this. All of God’s 3 books of words should not be taken out, but should be nurtured. Jesus said, “Whoever slaps you on the right cheek, give him the left cheek as well.” However, if you say you are not going to eat these words, you will not be able to eat the whole lamb. You eat only what is beneficial to you. Then you will live your life of faith according to your own desires. It was a physical life of faith. How is that a spiritual life of faith? So, what is different about the world? How is it different from before the Exodus? It’s no different than living in the dark. I will eat only what is good for me. I want you to eat it all. The same is true when offering money before God. It is to give completely according to the work of the Holy Spirit. If you give only part of it, God detests it and does not accept it. This was the case with Ananias and Sapphira. You must give everything you promise to God. Also, everything that the Holy Spirit is in charge of must be fully offered. Ladies and gentlemen, why can’t we receive blessings from those who have been determined to build, clearly decided, and don’t break the deadline? I am blessed and all are glorifying. A homeless person has a home and is blessed with a business place at work, giving glory to them. So the tithe is increasing day by day. Obviously, God wants to keep His promises, and that is also faith. He must have made a decision by faith under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and when he did not break his promise and kept it no matter what he did, God saw his faith and was pleased with that promise. After that, we see that it works as a blessing indefinitely and infinitely. However, even though the Holy Spirit is in control, there are people who do not keep half of their promises or see a lot of these things. Even among our species, I see a lot of people like that. We must keep our vows and promises before God, and we must keep our promises. In the old days of my life of faith, I always did my best to do my best and never fall behind anyone, whether before God or at church. It was a difficult time, but I did it with faith. And I never broke my promise, and I decided to hold it for three months at the most, and I’ve been doing it for a long time, but I don’t break the promise, and of course I can’t afford to pay it at that time. However, we did not break the promise by any means and did not always break the date of the promise. All of these things allowed him to become a son and a servant who could receive God’s love and trust and approval. That’s why when I pray to God, why won’t God answer me? I see you are responding quickly.

Last week I also received a wonderful and true blessing. With the 9th anniversary of Bitsalt as the starting point, I donated a 15-seater car. Now, before the inaugural service, I decided to give it all away and take out the car, so it was a bit difficult to prepare. I prepared this while praying and praying, and the founding service was held on Thursday, but I did it all by Tuesday or so. I gave it all by Wednesday. But, just because God is so busy with His work, He fills it up by pressing, shaking, and overflowing in 4 days on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So I gave him 1300 tea, but he filled it with more than that. He works immediately. I haven’t seen how to get past a week yet. won’t last long Please work immediately.

Now, worship must also be offered completely before God. In worship, we eat the truth. They eat and drink the flesh and blood of the Lord. Deuteronomy 15:21 says, “You cannot sacrifice any animal sacrificed before God to the LORD your God, whether it has a blemish, whether it is lame or blind or has any blemish.” In other words, you must not offer anything with blemishes before the Lord. Everyone, isn’t it just a matter of slaughtering a cow or a sheep? They kill and eat meat anyway, and they shed blood and sprinkle blood on the altar for sacrifices. So God hates it. Oh, what about if you have a flaw in your flesh, what if you are lame, and what if you don’t have one eye? What if I’m hurt? I’m just gonna catch him and kill him anyway. I mean, if you think about it physically. But spiritually speaking, God does not accept this. You do not accept such sacrifices. Everyone, let’s say who’s giving a present. What’s a panton bear over there in China? Panton in America? Panda? Anyway, I say so. Did you bring it to the US or Korea? Yes, if it’s a gift, can you give me a whole pair of legs? Can you gift a wounded one? Wouldn’t it? It’s the same. What’s more, even if you kill him right now when you give it to God, offering something with a flaw is not perfect because your heart is already bad, so God doesn’t accept it. That’s why Deuteronomy 15:21 says, “You cannot bring anything to the LORD your God if you have a blemish, whether you are lame or blind, or have any blemish. So, even if I donate before God, after reading these words since I was a beginner, I was moved by the Holy Spirit when I read the Old Testament. So, even if you give an offering to God, you have always given the best money and fresh new money. Yes, put them neatly side by side, front and back equally, and the people on one side as well. I didn’t give you old money. So now, when I go somewhere and have new money, I put it all away. As a thank-you gift to God, I have a separate envelope for giving thanks and a separate envelope for tithing. Yes, there is something to be thankful for. When new money comes out, I put it in there unconditionally. If you put it in, it will never be used. I left it out to give it to God, so I never touch it. I’ve never touched hands. So I’ve never had a thank-you gift so I couldn’t give it to you. Because it is always withdrawn to give to God in abundance. Yes, the Holy Spirit takes control of it, and when you need to give it, you always take it, and I select it from there, so you can always give new money. with clean money. What does our finance department know?

However, you have to offer it before God like this, and you have to make a sacrifice, but if you are late for the service, you will be worshiping with your head removed. And if you go out before the service is over, you become a person who has not given up your shin. In other words, didn’t you give the last part now? Those who go out during the sermon session and come in at the end of the sermon have not eaten the intestines. In other words, didn’t you skip the middle? To the extent that worship is fully offered in spirit and in truth, blessings will come upon us, and we will be able to prosper for a week. Yes, you don’t know how important it is to worship in spirit and in truth. Everyone, just because you come to church on a Sunday and sit like this, doesn’t mean you kept the Sabbath. Obviously, the Sabbath day was said to be a day blessed by God. It is a day of blessing. So I told them to keep the Sabbath day holy. keep it holy If you keep it in spirit and in truth, and if you only tithe a full tithe and do these two things, then God will surely protect you. We protect you, your home, and your workplace. Oops, I didn’t go to church every Sunday. But what accident happened? You’re welcome. You’ll probably find out if you look at yourself. He just came to church and said he wanted it to be over soon, and he went dozing off. After an hour, people ask what I heard. In other words, he never offered to God in spirit and in truth. Just as Solomon offered a thousand burnt offerings and received great blessings, think of it as if you offered more than a thousand burnt offerings in spirit and in truth. How could God not give us a wonderful blessing? Those who have given in spirit and truth quickly and quickly develop their souls, but inevitably, everything goes well. In other words, there is no choice but to go through all sorts of problems. It has to be strong. But during the worship service, we are worshiping with the mind of the flesh in the midst of chaos or other thoughts.

For example, I explained about beauty on Friday night. I did it because God told me to do it. Korean beauty Also, the beauty of each country is different, so please explain about it. So, there are foods that I know of, but there are also foods in the book, so I look at them all and select them, and since those things are fleshly, I am trying to explain the beauty of the flesh. But now I hear that and you guys are fussing. I mean, you’re hearing it wrong. In the old days, they wanted to have many children because of this and this. Oh, then, since it’s true, didn’t everyone laugh and say Amen? Everyone knows it, so it’s true, so I laughed and said Amen. But now some people do. Chairman, I guess he likes big ones there. I mean, you said the wrong thing. Wrong words. It’s also round, and it’s clearly put in the old days. Once upon a time, people said that we liked round faces. Yeah, I mean, it was a long time ago. But now, what did the Western culture say about it? facial expression? Yes, I like slim and slim. Isn’t that true? So everyone said Amen and it’s true. But in the old days, you all knew. In the old days, did you say that a slender and slender person was the eldest daughter-in-law? Calling her the eldest daughter-in-law is a good thing. I did this by looking at a woman in a good way to compliment her. When you say that you are blessedly handsome and look like the eldest daughter-in-law, did you do that to a person like that? It wasn’t. All of the older people are sitting here, so I admit it. right? right? Then I’ll just tell you the truth. So, obviously, I put it in the old days. A long ago. But now, even though I explained this again, ah, even then, Chairman Lee just likes fat people and loves round people… . I don’t know what the hell you’re listening to in sermon time. what the hell Why is he saying these words spiritually? We need to know the spiritual meaning, but why are we listening to them physically? physically. And even if you hear it, you should hear it right away, but why did you hear it wrong? I mean, that’s ridiculous. I mean, you’re completely answering the same question. Who did I like? In the past, it was like this, now it is like this, and to explain it again, I explained it in detail, I did the fruit and the animals, but I guess I was all over it at that time. those who said so.

Don’t be squeamish while listening. Don’t listen to it physically. Roast it with the fire of the Holy Spirit and eat it. Then there is no misunderstanding. I am not saying what I am saying now because I attacked some of our members last time or tried to do so. Everyone, I’m telling you to listen to it in a fun way, and rather to be gracious and to listen to it spiritually. Not one thing now. A member of our church sent me a letter, and I’m going to call him and talk to him. Last time, when we preached about circumcision, that part of our body is unnecessary… .(End of Tape A side)

(Start on Tape B side)… .I said it’s okay to cut, what else? You say it once. The appendix, the appendix, is also unnecessary, so it is removed. Now, there are countries that were born and removed from birth in the West. Yes, removed from birth. In some countries, marriage requires a certificate of appendicectomy. I am also attaching a certificate that says that the appendix was born when I was young and that I had surgery. when you get married. That’s what it should be. why? The appendix This is an acute appendix, and you never know when a person will die at any moment. Everyone, do you suffer a lot? How many people have had appendicectomy? So, when you go to the hospital for appendectomy, what do you say at the hospital? Oh, this is what you need, you shouldn’t cut it. If anyone has heard of such a person, please raise your hand. don’t you? What do those doctors say? It doesn’t matter if you cut it. This is unnecessary. It’s good without it. And cut it out, or if it’s necessary, what’s in the appendix inside it, take it out and roll it or sew it, for what reason? Obviously everyone, have you heard of it? It’s not my words, but someone else’s doctor told you that this is unnecessary, so you can cut it out and you can have surgery. Raise your hand. please take it down Haven’t most of you heard this? even if not me So, I’m listening to the common sense of those one people, and ah, there’s the content. Chairman Lee said this, but as far as I know, the appendix should be there. It’s like this. Well, it is necessary because it serves to prevent the entry of bacteria into the large intestine and small intestine, but Chairman Lee said that it is unnecessary and can be removed. I love and do A lot of you will learn here. It is not meant to explain the spiritual. That is knowledge in the world. You don’t have to believe in it and go to sleep. world knowledge. It’s good to keep in mind. Then I didn’t say I didn’t. I didn’t make it up. The words I heard, the words I know on a daily basis, the words doctors use like that, and even if I cut them off, no one said that it was a big deal. Everyone, if you’re having surgery in that area, if you’re going to have surgery, if you say that there’s unnecessary stuff, there’s probably no one who wants to cut it off, leave it alone and sew it. There is also our saint who is a doctor’s wife. But? but isn’t it? Please answer me. that’s right? Anyone in that field knows it well. This is what our common sense and knowledge of our daily life and doctors say when undergoing surgery. Then what our saints said, then that’s good too. Oh, that’s also a piece of knowledge. Then, if that saint said that, then it’s not me, is it wrong? This should be cut off, that’s wrong, right? If the saints have something like this, then take it as knowledge and bear with it. I can’t say it’s wrong. Also, what I said in Dan is not wrong, but this is what I mean. Then I can say Amen. What’s the loss? That’s different from spiritual things. So everyone has knowledge and common sense, and it’s different depending on research. Everyone, for example, when it comes to sugar, do you know that most sugar is harmful to the body? But I saw it in a booklet in a newspaper. I saw a paper published by a certain doctor that researched sugar and found nothing harmful to the body. It’s definitely a doctor and a doctor. He’s a man with a name. That’s why sugar is still controversial. But in general, sugar is said to be harmful to blood pressure or diabetes. However, some people recover from fatigue by eating sugar. sweet. Saying this again So, then, such a statement is knowledge that is not wrong with this statement and that statement is not wrong. Some doctors say this, some scientists say this, they say that way, they may say the same thing differently, and the results of their studies may be different, they may be the same, some may be different, and others may have different ideas. If you use common sense in this and that, you can become a wiser person. Not just one thing, but knowing this, knowing that, and knowing a lot of this will make you a wiser person.

My mother died at the age of 92, but you don’t know how much she likes sugar and sweets. Even if you cut noodles, just add a lot of sugar and roll them up. Take it sweetly. It is also thick, and before sugar comes out, how sweet would it be to eat it with something called saccharin? So, I also learn from him, so I like sweets too. However, she did not go to her mother’s hospital and died at the age of 92. He doesn’t take any medicine, he doesn’t go to the hospital, he stays healthy, and so is my grandmother and me. Also, you like sugar so much. So, my mother likes it that way. He also lived there and died. Did you die over the age of 90? Do you know our Pastor Daehee Cho? Pastor Hyuk-hee Cho. He died longevity. I like sugar so much, but I don’t have any of these things, such as high blood pressure, low blood pressure, or diabetes, where sugar is harmful to the body. It’s healthy. The only thing I cough sometimes is because I can’t sleep for several days, so when it accumulates, I’m just posting it now, not because I’m weak. No matter where I go to brag about my strength, I never lose to my young 20s. In fact, I can’t sleep for several days. Yesterday, I thought I could go to sleep early, so I came in after Daniel’s all-nighter. Around that time, I also went to the company’s house and had dinner. Oh, the head of the planning department came again and paid again. Then you went Yes, now that I am gone, I have to prepare for the sermon. Grand Worship As I prepare for the evening service, I stay up all night. In addition. Today is not a day when you decide that you need to sleep for a few hours. again like that So I don’t apologize. I don’t have time to pay, so he comes here in the middle of the night. Such enthusiasm is very rare. You are coming because you have to pay while watching. Others will give excuses whenever they can, but they don’t and come even in the middle of the night. Yes, I mean, you get what you pay for. You don’t know how grateful I am. So, if you take this and that as a reference, it’s good food. Baby, sugar is bad for your body because it’s harmful to diabetes. There are good people out there and everyone is different. Some people drink coffee, and some people don’t eat it, right? But don’t some people like to eat hard? What a healthy and hard-working person no matter how much he eats, there is a person like Deacon Park Seong-geun who drinks more than ten cups of coffee a day. So I don’t know how much I’ve been abstained now because I told him to be a little more temperate, but in the past, anyway, he has more than ten drinks, he has a bowl and eats anything. And there’s no way it hurts. But some people can’t even have a drink. Then it would be good to know this and that too. I can’t even eat one drink and it’s bad for my health, so I don’t have to say that everyone else is doing the same. When I go to America, I just eat one cup of coffee in that big bowl. I eat it often. like drinking water. Now, then, it’s not something to believe or not to believe, and it’s not something to be fussed about. And such things are not spiritual, but pertaining to carnal common sense and knowledge. There is nothing to believe or not to believe. I’m not saying anything wrong again. I. It’s different from what you think, it’s different from what I said, what I’ve heard, what I know, what I know, what I’ve seen, heard, and learned. Just because I’m wrong doesn’t mean I don’t have to. Also, there is no need to say that the other person’s words are wrong just because they are not right with me. So you have to go through it all. You have to acquire a lot of wisdom again. I told Dan to be patient with everyone. That’s why, even when listening to sermons, if you always roast with the Holy Spirit, those thoughts are not mobilized. It doesn’t work. Everything can be Amen. There is nothing to lose by saying Amen. My words are all contained in the sermon tape, and there is nothing to lose from start to finish. Even if I make a joke, it won’t hurt because I did it in the truth and in the truth. ‘Cause I’ve been sincere Because there is nothing that has been made up and made up of false and nonsensical words. Even if I made a joke, I told the truth out of the truth. So even if you don’t eat all but one, it won’t hurt. Take it easy

I have divided the whole lamb into three parts, and now there is one last thing left. In other words, it means that during the three years of our Lord’s public life, He was fully accomplished in the beginning, in the middle, and in the end. That is why, even though he died on the cross, he was able to proudly confess that it was finished. Do not leave it until the morning, and immediately digest what is left until morning. Blessed are those who ate a lot before the Lord’s return. There is a big difference between those who ate all of them and those who ate less. Anyone who has eaten all the words of truth and made them food will already become and become a sanctified and perfect son of God. As much as you ate, you will live with the rest of the world, so how short will it be? Those who have fully fed the truth can become one, just as the Lord is one with God. That is why the Apostle Paul could also call the children of God my children. You shall eat it in this way, with your girdles on your waist, your sandals on your feet, and your staff in your hand, and eat quickly, for this is the Passover of the Lord. This shows that he is fully prepared to go out of Egypt, to be saved from the world and to go to the land of Canaan. And it is being explained again in the New Testament.

From Ephesians 6:14, it says, “Stand, therefore, with your loins and girdles with truth, and your sandals with the preparations of the gospel of peace” Romans 10:15 says, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news.” Ephesians 6 :16 “Having the shield of faith above all things” Just as we protect our lives by blocking arrows and swords with a shield, our spiritual life can be preserved through faith. Only through faith can we be justified, and only with faith can we become children of God. The staff also signifies faith. We rely on the cane to keep us from falling. God gave Moses a staff as a sign of faith. Because it was not the age when we received the Holy Spirit at that time, we needed a visible sign, so this staff was given to show God’s power. Can’t God appear in front of you? why? Because when you see God, you die. But isn’t it something you can always say to Moses and tell Moses to do it this way or that way every now and then? That’s why he gave me the staff of faith. So, through faith, wonders and signs happen. So the staff is faith. We, too, should diligently hear the word of truth with faith, practice it, and preach it diligently. Also, when you come to worship, you must have a neat heart and a neat appearance. There is no time to sleep and be lazy. Gentlemen, drowning before God is truly forbidden. You all doze off while worshiping and praising while living your religious life, so even if you pray like that, there is no answer. And my soul is not going well. Spiritual faith cannot be given. We need to know how much our God hates us. Those who jojo, God hate it so much. You think for a moment. Whether you have come to me for advice, to ask for something, or to have a conversation of love, come and sit with me. Or, if the chairman of the session is talking hard now (sleep) Oh, think about it for a moment. how much it hurts Let’s say it does it twice, three times, not once. That is, the relationship of trust is completely broken. Oh, I have to say that I know the chairman of the party too ridiculously. Doesn’t it have to be said that you are ignoring the chairman too much? If you jog once, try it. Let’s practice. practice Even brothers of faith sit down and have a conversation while falling asleep. to the opponent. Then how uncomfortable are you? And if it’s not just once, but often, how ridiculous would it be if you knew and ignored the other person. What’s more, it can’t be done before God, can it? Can’t our elders do that? Our Lord’s servants, our priests, and our deacons, even more so, can we not do that before God? I’m told to worship in spirit and in truth, but how much less is it because I’m dozing off? Do you not study hard for 2,30 years without sleeping at night to work for 10 or XNUMX years? But how many hours of worship are there in a week, should we skip that time? It is not just the Sunday worship service and the evening service.

“I will go through the land of Egypt that night, and I will strike down all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, both man and beast, and I will punish all the gods of Egypt. I am the LORD. Its blood will be a sign for you in the houses where you live when I strike the land of Egypt. When I see the blood, I will pass over you, and no calamity will come upon you to destroy it. You shall commemorate this day as a feast to the LORD, and keep it as an everlasting ordinance from generation to generation.” This is the way to salvation. In other words, we must come into Jesus Christ by relying on the blood of the Lord, worship diligently with a humble attitude, and diligently listen to the flesh of the Lamb, that is, the word of truth, and preach it diligently. I should not choose to choose from my knowledge, but eat whole by the Holy Spirit. These are very important words, so please make sure to keep them in your heart.

Those who are circumcised can participate in the Passover ceremony. Also, those who continue to be circumcised in their hearts can participate in the communion service. In other words, while always being armed with the word of truth, they put off the things of the flesh and the things of the flesh and continue to be sanctified. I hope that you will be able to take a good look at how much you are on the way to salvation while practicing the words that God has taught you. We will pray together as we ponder the Word.


Hallelujah Lord, thank you for your grace and love. Thank you for your grace and love. Father, I want you to help me to deeply engrave the words I heard today and feed them into my heart and become truly grace and power. Father spoke about the Passover over four hours. Lord, why do we need to be circumcised and what is spiritual circumcision? Father, the Passover, the Eucharist, and the Father, anyone can participate in the Eucharist, God the Father, and also how we should eat the word of truth, tell us to eat it whole. . God the Father is telling us to eat the whole head, both the head and the internal organs. It also tells us to eat diligently. They tell you to eat it all before breakfast. Father God, help us not only eat what is right for us, but also eat what is bitter, so that we can receive all the words of the 66 books with Amen. Help me to eat and drink your flesh and blood fervently. Help me to eat diligently. Help me to eat by faith. Help me to worship you in spirit and in truth. Hallelujah thank you Lord Father God, be glorified. Please bless me so that I can reach complete salvation. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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