Word: Exodus 12:21-28, 43-51
Title: Ten Plagues (8) 1994. 10. 30

Last time we talked about circumcision. Why was he circumcised on the eighth day after birth, why did he have only males to be circumcised, and why did he have males circumcise there? After giving Moses the mission to bring the children of Israel out of Egypt, why did he want to kill Moses, who was going to lead them out of Egypt? I have explained these things. Today I will tell you about the connection between circumcision, the Passover, and the rite of Christmas. Why am I explaining these words now while preaching the ten plagues? I am telling you because these things are related to disasters and because they are related to the trials and tribulations and calamities in our lives and the relationship between us and God.

God promised Abraham that he would make your descendants as great as the dust of the earth and like the stars in the sky. However, God’s words do not fall to the ground, even one jot or one tittle, and are fulfilled as they are. You are seeing that the words given to this altar from the time of the pioneering until now will be fulfilled as it is. Abraham is the father of our faith. Romans 4:16 Therefore, it is by faith that heirs may belong to grace, so that the promise may be confirmed to all their descendants. Not only to those who are of the law, but also to those who are of the faith of Abraham: Abraham is the father of all of us before God. It is the father of faith. All those who have faith have Abraham as their ancestor. How many children of faith have believed and entered into the Lord? Christianity is shaping the world. There is no place in the world where Abraham’s seed was not borne. And God said in Genesis 17:14, “The uncircumcised male, the one who has not cut his sheep, shall be cut off from among the people, for he has betrayed my covenant.” In other words, it says that uncircumcised men have betrayed God’s covenant, and therefore, among God’s people, they are cut off from among God’s children today. As a sign of the covenant, he was commanded to be circumcised, but if you do not obey, you are saying that you will be cut off from God and you will not be saved and will go down the path of destruction. That’s why Genesis 17:9 says, “Therefore, keep my covenant, and keep your descendants from generation to generation.” In other words, it means that the descendants will be protected from generation to generation forever. He did not say to keep only the Old Testament and not to keep the New Testament. It is meant to be preserved. to keep it forever. In other words, if you are a descendant of faith, you must sometimes keep it until the Lord comes. Uncircumcised people are not even eligible to participate in the Passover ceremony.

In verse 43, “The LORD said to Moses and Aaron, “This is the ordinance of the Passover: Gentiles shall not eat it.” In other words, those who do not believe in God are called Gentiles. But now they have been called by God and have become God’s people. “Each one will eat the slave bought with money after being circumcised, and foreigners and foreign laborers will not eat it.” People who just come and go to church and do not enter into faith and have not received the Holy Spirit cannot eat the Passover food. “If a foreigner living with you wants to keep the Passover of the Lord, he must approach and observe all the males after they have been circumcised.” “Soon he will become like a native, but the uncircumcised shall not eat.” Those who do not eat and drink the flesh and blood of the Lord will not eat.

Verse 49 says, “This law is the same for the native and the stranger who sojourns among you.” It is said that this gospel is the same to those who call on the Lord, Lord, and also to the Gentiles who do not believe in God.

So what is the Passover? At the Passover, a lamb was sacrificed. I explained in detail earlier that the Lamb refers to Jesus Christ, and I will explain it later. He sprinkled the blood of a lamb on the door lintels and the left and right posts, and commanded that no one go out the door of his house until morning. It is said that the morning is when our Lord comes. Now is the time of the night, ruled by the rulers of the world of darkness. You are to eat the meat of the lamb at the door tonight. If you go outside the door, it becomes food for the lion of death. So eat inside the door. And he told me not to leave any meat until morning. Before our Lord comes, we are told to take in all the words of truth. It means to eat diligently. But no one was told to go out the door of his house. If you go out the door, you will be met with disaster. It becomes food for the lions of death. They do not receive the protection of God. On the day you go out, you will be cut off from God and go to death. That is, it must be inside the door. This is the door of salvation and must be in the door. It was smeared on the left and right lintels with blood, and it was smeared with the blood of the Lamb, that is, the blood of Jesus.

I hear a lot of members like this among the members who come to the office for counseling. Chairman Dr. Lee, our young child was stricken with such a serious disease, and upon examination at the hospital, they say that there is no hope. They say it’s dangerous to have surgery again. Or the parties may come to get sick. Most confessions are. I go to church really well for a few months, but sometimes I miss Sundays, or now I talk on my wife’s side. Sometimes I don’t keep Sundays. Yes, they have nothing to do with God. I was supposed to be inside this door, but I was supposed to be in the room, but I went out of the room. I was supposed to be in the temple of God, but I went out of the world. They do not keep the Sabbath. Oops, I’m taking good care of you. But sometimes I skip it once or twice a year. Our God says I was told never to go out the door until morning. He told them not to go out the door until the Lord comes. He told them not to leave the door of salvation, that is, from the temple. I was told not to break the Sabbath. However, if I want to violate my own will, I will do it, and if I want to keep it, I will protect it. This has nothing to do with God. I am living my life of faith. We must keep the laws of our God. Moreover, in the Ten Commandments, it is said to keep the Sabbath day holy, but if you do not keep one of these, gosh, Chairman Pastor, I have to fast and stay all night, but I am still not receiving any answers. You’ll probably see that most of those people don’t get answers. Some people sometimes skip the Sabbath like that, and then at other times they come to their senses and fast, watch all night, and even watch Daniel. But even if I pray, I don’t get an answer. Why? Because I often go out the door, God tells me not to go out, but if I go out, I will die. They say I am cut off from God, but I am doing things myself. Ladies and gentlemen, you should never break the Sabbath in order to gain some wealth because of your authority because of your honor. Can someone give me hundreds of millions of dollars to break the Sabbath? How can it be exchanged for life? How can we disobey our Creator, our Heavenly Father? Do I live my life of faith? Do I do my own thing? Do you pursue profit? What, what, what honor, and power, what wealth, what knowledge, what, and this life and eternal life can be exchanged for? You say you are cut off in God, how can this be called faith? If the president of the company doesn’t do this on the Sabbath, don’t go to church today. Let’s say the president’s instructions have come down. What should I do? What did Daniel do? What did Daniel’s three friends do? If you truly believe, have hope in heaven, and love God, you will not have to compromise. There will be no going out the door. Is my boss position more important? Is life more important than eternal life?

In John 10:7-9, Jesus said, “I am the gate of the sheep, and I am the gate; if anyone enters through me, he will be saved.” The blood of the Lamb applied on the Passover represents the blood of Jesus Christ. It is a message to sprinkle the blood of the Lord’s blood on the lintels and the left and right posts, and to eat the meat of our Lord all night in the tent. That is, eat the meat of the lamb. The door of the tabernacle is Jesus Christ, the door of salvation. Spiritually speaking, this tabernacle speaks to me and your heart. Now, this Passover event is a momentary event for salvation. Just because you participate in the Passover ceremony does not necessarily mean you can receive eternal salvation. At this point, I was saved and came out of Egypt. He was able to avoid the calamity of the firstborn in Egypt. The house with blood on the doorposts and lintels is because the angel of death just went down without causing any calamity. In other words, because God kept the promise he had made and was in it, because he believed the promise and was in it, he was able to avoid death because he obeyed it. He could have been saved. I will explain again later, but you and I all belong to the firstborn. However, by applying the blood of the lamb, even when the firstborn’s calamity came, he was able to attain salvation without dying. Even if you keep only the perfect Sunday, you yourself will experience what God has kept. But it’s a problem because sometimes I miss it. You are cutting yourself off from God. Therefore, drinking the blood of the Lord in the Eucharist is necessary there. All the Egyptians who did not apply blood were killed. But not a single blood-stained Israeli chosen people was killed. They do not know who Jesus Christ is. Only through believing and obeying God’s command through Moses, we were able to achieve salvation. So he entered the gate of salvation and was protected from the messenger of death. However, this was a momentary event, not eternal salvation. If we had been saved forever, all the Israelites who had left Egypt at that time had to enter the land of Canaan. But during that 40 years, all those who did not obey died. Now, because they do not believe, they did not obey, and those who did not obey can see that they did not enter the land of Canaan. The Passover ceremony of the Old Testament speaks of salvation by works. He saved them not because they were pure in heart, nor because they were perfect, but because they were chosen people who were protected by God. Because they were not saved because they were innocent, they had the blood of the Lamb sprinkled on them to make atonement for them. But what about today, the New Testament era? We must circumcise our hearts. Whether we live or die is in our hearts. That’s why Proverbs 4:23 says, “More than anything else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” Everyone, do you get angry when you argue with someone? Do you have feelings in your heart? Wouldn’t it be simmering? Now, don’t you come out of your mind? If you don’t have blood in your heart, if you say that such evil feelings don’t have untruthful feelings, if you say you can love even your enemies, if you say that if you hit your right cheek, they will give you your left cheek too. If there is such a generous love and virtue that can accompany you up to ten miles, your heart will not boil, there will be no boiling, there will be no quarrels with anyone, there will be no quarrels, there will be no troubles, and everything will come out of my heart. Because someone persecuted our Lord, did Jesus’ heart boil? Who were you really upset with? There was no such thing, because there was no such evil in heart. Even though the wicked arrested Jesus, sentenced to death, and crucified Him, we saw that they prayed before our Lord and Father, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” Rather, they asked for forgiveness. can be. Guard your heart more than anything else. This is the source of life, and it is born from this heart. Our hearts have been offered before God and we have to put the word of truth in our hearts. Inside the door of the house, inside the door of the house, before morning, eat all the meat of the lamb. House means our heart. In other words, if we put the truth in our hearts, we can go on to eternal life. But what will happen if we leave the church and depart from the truth without eating the word of truth? It is the only way to go to death. You are saved with your heart, and you can do all things with your heart. That is why Romans 10:10 says with the heart a man believes, resulting in righteousness, and with the mouth he confesses, resulting in salvation. You are justified because you believe in God and believe in our Savior and our only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. Our eternal tent is in our hearts. The kingdom of heaven comes to us only when we achieve heaven in our hearts and souls. Just as in the Old Testament they were protected in the tabernacle by applying blood, we in the New Testament can only be protected until the end by circumcising our hearts. If you do not believe in your heart, you cannot achieve salvation. So, believing in your heart leads to righteousness. If you do not believe in your heart, who will go down the narrow path? Who will eat and drink the flesh and blood of the Lord? Who wants to live in the truth and righteousness, who wants to live a good life, and who wants to live holy like the Father? Because they believe in their heart, such people obey the Word and come to righteousness, and they confess with their lips and are saved. Because we believe in our hearts, we also keep the perfect Sabbath and do not go out of the door without going back and forth. As my father said, I will keep it. Because I don’t believe, sometimes I take a break on my own, and sometimes I skip out once or twice a year, so how can our God call it faith? Now, folks, faith is unchanging. To say that you truly believe is to say that your belief does not change. You can become lazy and indolent, but the saying that faith changes does not change faith. Little faith means having little faith, and this does not mean that faith changes or disappears. You think for a moment. Now, this is a white handkerchief. Is that correct? do you believe Thousands of believers here will probably believe Amen when they say this is definitely a white handkerchief. No one will ever doubt it. Why? Because it is clear that it is a white handkerchief, I am professing to believe, and I do not doubt. Now, then, a year later, I will tell you again, ‘This is a white handkerchief. Do you believe?’ Everyone, at that time, ‘No, I don’t know.’ Can you do it? ‘No, I don’t think it’s the handkerchief.’ Can you do it? A year ago, I clearly believed, but after a year, did that belief disappear as the years passed? If you truly believe, you can see that that faith will last forever. Because you doubted, you didn’t fully believe, and as time goes by, you depart from that belief, and that belief, and doubt comes again because you didn’t believe. The father who gave birth to you, the mother, the parents who gave birth to me, the mother and the father Because I know that they are my father, even after we broke up after 10 years, we are still mothers and fathers. No one thinks it’s his father. Even if I lost my children and my son during the 6.25 war, I did not come back from the army. I thought he was dead. But let’s say that rice cake appeared after 10 years. ‘Clearly I heard the news that you were dead, and ah, so I made a sacrifice. But since you appear after 10 years, where are the parents who say, ‘You are not my son? You need to know that once you have believed in it, it will never change. So, our Lord also said, “You who have little faith,” when you did not show the faith that you did not fully obey, but he did not say that you do not have faith. “You who have little faith” Because it is not a little faith, that is, it is not perfect faith, because it was not perfect faith at that time. you can see things Before the resurrection of the Lord, it was only knowledge contained as the teachings of the Lord, and after seeing the actual resurrection of the Lord, it has now become a living faith. It was a belief of experience. I have seen that the dead have risen, are resurrected, have life, have eternal life, have heaven, and have ascended into heaven. So it became a living faith that I experienced at that time, and I could see that the disciples had never denied or betrayed Jesus since then. In other words, when you fully believe, your faith does not change. That is why the Bible says that unless you believe in your heart, you cannot be saved. Ladies and gentlemen, those who believe in Jesus are full of joy, fullness, and thanksgiving. This land is sad and painful. However, because we do not have hope on this earth, but hope in heaven, we can be happy, grateful, and full. Haven’t you already achieved heaven in your heart? So, the heaven of the next world can be yours too.

However, applying blood to the doorposts and lintels was the only way to get past the turning point at that time. But what about the circumcision of our hearts? In order to not only escape at that time, but always and forever, we must circumcise our hearts from time to time. In the Old Testament, circumcision of the body was completed only once. However, circumcision of the heart is different from this, and you have to keep receiving it. It is said that circumcision prevents odors, prevents diseases, and is thus beneficial. But, everyone, what about in your heart? It stinks. It is also a disease that arises from the heart. A lot of blood is produced, which causes various diseases. That is, if you are circumcised in your heart, you will become clean, so there will be no disease and no smell. Have peace of mind. what’s stressful In the old days, people said that they felt physically tired and stressed, but we didn’t hear that kind of thing when we were young, but as we develop, civilization develops, knowledge develops, science develops, we do a lot of mental work, and we get stressed out a lot. Come on, let’s put our minds at ease. Live in peace and joy. I don’t get anything like that. How many other diseases are caused by that? No matter how holy the outward appearance may appear, if the truth is not contained in the heart, it will be full of stench. Envy, jealousy, hatred, adultery, theft, murder, and all kinds of carnal things are included. So, what did Jesus also say in Matthew 15? “It is not what goes into the mouth that defiles a person, but what comes out of the mouth defiles a person.” That is, what comes out of the mouth defiles a person. It’s just that people can’t drink even a single water properly, don’t they? there is a fungus But the things that come out are more capable of killing people, making people stumble, and making people sick, and those things that lead to stinky, filthy, rotten death do not work out in my heart. But our Lord says. It is not what goes into the mouth that defiles a person, but what comes out of the mouth defiles a person. Verse 18, “Things that proceed out of the mouth come from the heart.” Will not what is in our hearts come out? It comes from the heart, and this is what defiles a person. Verse 19 says, “Out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, fornication, theft, false witness, and blasphemy.” If you don’t like it, you can’t come out. There is no way to receive Satan’s work. Also, I can’t think of it. “These things defile a person, and eating with unwashed hands does not defile a person.”

When we receive the circumcision of our hearts, all these evil sins are removed and we become clean. But is it immediately cleansed by receiving the Holy Spirit? Nope. As you go out with the word of truth, you will gradually become clean. When God’s Word says to be holy, I try to be holy. When I say not to hate, I throw away hatred so that I don’t hate it, so I have love and this is how I become clean. Don’t be jealous, don’t be jealous, don’t judge, don’t gossip Because the truth teaches you this way, you will throw away these things, and in the end, your heart will only be filled with truth and love. The truth is what cleanses us. The Passover ceremony was for instant salvation. It took 40 years of refinement in the wilderness to enter the land of Canaan. Likewise, we have received Jesus as our Savior and received the Holy Spirit and are now circumcised of faith. However, it does not end there, but the process of purifying ourselves with the Word is necessary while keeping the truth in our hearts. I mean, this is the life of faith. So, if my heart is completely filled with the truth and becomes sanctified, then I will be fully circumcised. This means that you have reached complete salvation.

In Matthew 5:8-9, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.” If we can see our God, all problems will be solved. In other words, those who are pure in heart are blessed. what a blessing You can see God. Some people come to me and say, How can you see God? How can I meet God? If your heart is pure, you can see God. Verse 9 says, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.” The Bible clearly states that there are clues. Blessed are the peacemakers. what kind of blessing This means that we will be called sons of God. Those who stumble, hate, cause strife, wage war, challenge, and break peace clearly did not say that the Bible is the Son of God. Blessed are the peacemakers, and the Bible clearly teaches us that such people are called sons of God. He who is sanctified by the truth is a peacemaker. Such a person is called the Son of God, and in the name of that Son, as a son, having obtained the qualifications of a son, when he prayed to God the Creator, God Almighty God, our Father, the Father heard and said, ‘Come, my son, my daughter, what am I? Wouldn’t you like to say ‘I’ll give it to you? In other words, because he became a perfect son, he acquires the qualifications to enter New Jerusalem, where our Father is.

5 Corinthians 7:12 says, “Though you are unleavened, throw out the old leaven so that it may become a new lump.” It means throw away the old leaven. Everyone, once you accept Jesus, you have to clear up your past. You must be a new person. You have to be a new creature. A new creation, coming out of darkness, now we have to move into the light. I, who lived in the untruth, must now become those who walk in the light who live in the truth of God’s word. “Put away the old leaven, for our Passover lamb, even Christ, has been sacrificed.” That is, our Passover lamb, we said to slaughter the Lamb at the Passover feast. Did you say that the Lamb is Jesus Christ? That is, “our Passover lamb, even Christ,” means that the Passover lamb is Christ. This means that Christ became the sacrifice. This means that He took up the cross and shed His blood. For that reason, Exodus XNUMX also says to slaughter the lamb, and can you not see that the lamb is slaughtered and saved by its blood? And he tells them to eat all the lamb as it says in the text until morning comes.

It is a message that we must throw away all the deeds of the Old Testament and circumcise our hearts and keep them from within. Deuteronomy 10:16 says, “Therefore, circumcise your hearts and do not stiffen your neck any more.” That is, circumcise your hearts. Deuteronomy 30:6 says, “The Lord your God will circumcise your heart and the heart of your descendants, that is, circumcise your heart and the heart of your descendants. circumcise you so that you may love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul, that you may have life and come out. That is, let’s try it again. The LORD your God, speaking today, circumcise your heart, that one, your heart, and the heart of your descendants and our descendants. He will make you love our Heavenly Father, that you may have life, that is, we must love our Heavenly Father with all our heart and all our soul. To love God is to keep the commandments, John 14 and 10 John tell us. to keep the commandments. He said that this is to love God and also to love the Lord. This is exactly how “I will cause you to love the LORD my God through the circumcision of your heart, that you may have life.” This is the way to gain life. The opposite of this is death. Hebrews 1:XNUMX says, “The law is a shadow of the good things to come.” That is, the Old Testament is a shadow of the New Testament. “As it is not the true image, it is the same sacrifice that is always offered year after year.” In the Old Testament, the same sacrifice was offered year after year. “With the same sacrifice that is always offered year after year, it is impossible to perfect those who come to us at any time.” That is why Jesus, who is said to be the shadow and the true image, came and offered his body once for all to become the sacrifice and the propitiation of salvation through our faith. hasn’t it come? So the true image is Jesus. Our Lord was sacrificed once for all to atone for our sins.

Colossians 2:11 says, “In him you were also circumcised without hands.” Now, in the Old Testament, circumcision was done by hand? But in him, Colossians 2:11, which came in the New Testament and in him and in our Jesus Christ, that ye were circumcised with no hands, that is, that you put off the physical body, that is, that you are putting off the physical body because it is the circumcision of the heart that you received in the New Testament. I mean this. Putting off the time of the flesh, the uncleanness of the flesh, the works of the flesh, the works of the flesh, the untruth, and all these fleshly bodies that are unclean and unclean in the heart, and the circumcision of Christ. This is the circumcision of Christ. So the circumcision of the heart is the circumcision of Christ. We have to get rid of the flesh and cut off all the unclean sins that go against the truth.

Also in Acts 7:51, “You stiff-necked men and uncircumcised in heart and ears” We can know those who are uncircumcised in heart and ears by hearing. We can know the word of God by hearing it. So, feed it in your heart. So, don’t stiff-necked people close their hearts and not listen? While we are accumulating worldly knowledge, we want to hear the worldly knowledge, but we do not want to hear the good light of God’s truth. That is why it is said in Acts 7:51, “You stiff-necked men and uncircumcised in heart and ears”.

“You always do it against the Holy Spirit, as your fathers did.” If you say following the desires of the Holy Spirit, won’t you circumcise your heart and your ears? That is, they should listen to God’s word and act as food, but because they have a stiff neck and are proud, they go against the Holy Spirit, that is, they pursue this lust of the flesh. I mean, follow the rules of the world. Like your ancestors against the Holy Spirit, the people who left Egypt in the Old Testament did this, so they couldn’t enter the land of Canaan, didn’t they? Like your ancestors, so do you. Only by being circumcised in our hearts can we abide in the door of salvation. So, before morning comes, we need to eat the lamb, that is, the truth, so that we can digest it well.

So how does it relate to the Eucharist? In 11 Corinthians 23:26-10, we read, “I received from the Lord what I preached to you, on the night that the Lord Jesus was being arrested.” He said to them, “This is my body for you. Do this in remembrance of me.” And he took the cup after supper and after meals likewise, saying, “This cup is the new covenant in my blood. Do this, whenever you drink it, in remembrance of me.” Whenever you eat and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death until he comes. Just as we have to celebrate our birthday every year to remember our Lord’s flesh, we must eat and drink the Lord’s flesh and blood to be able to remember it. Man is an animal that keeps forgetting, and you can see that we forget good things. I can remember things that are ugly and just like that, but I quickly forget the good things again. If you don’t celebrate your birthday, why don’t you forget your birthday in 20 or XNUMX years? You probably won’t even remember the date of your birthday. I can’t even remember our children’s birthdays, but it’s only at that time that someone told me so I know how to do it. But, if you say you haven’t died for a few years, won’t you just forget about it? He prepared the sacraments so that we too would not forget them, and he made us realize this and keep it and preach it forever.

Two thousand years ago, our Lord was nailed to both hands and feet and pierced with a spear in his side to pay for our sins on the road to destruction. As we think of this, we fall in love with our God and eat and drink the flesh and blood of the Lord. Why did the Lord have to shed His blood like this? ..(End of Tape A side)

(Start on Tape B side)… We must also follow God’s will by reflecting on whether we should go. What did John 6:53 say? Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you. If you eat and digest the word of truth, your sinful image will be removed and sanctification will be achieved through that power. Unless you live in the truth, you have no life in it. Because believing with your head is useless. Hearing knowledge and intellectual belief is useless. You are not saved by knowledge, but by this. If you have faith and receive the Holy Spirit, you will receive the circumcision of faith in your heart. However, it does not end there. As you eat the word of truth, you will continue to be circumcised and eventually you will reach complete circumcision. Sometimes, when you evangelize, you hear something like this. ‘I used to go to church too.’ ‘I believed well in the old days’ ‘I believed well in the old days, and I was a bishop and a choir.’ ‘I was also the head of the agency. But who said that I took the test because of the pastor, who took the test because of the pastor, and that’s why I didn’t go out? I believed, but because of whom did I get tested and go down the road of death? What did you believe? did you trust people? Did you believe in the preacher? Did you trust the pastor? What do we believe in? Believe that Jesus is our Savior, believe that He is our Savior, believe that there is heaven and hell, believe that the Bible is the Word of God, and we must eat and drink these words to believe that we have life and eternal life. It’s all about giving and doing what you’ve been taught and taught. I believed, but who’s been tested so I don’t go to church? Did you leave church? Who is it that makes me go to hell? Is that what you believe? Did you not believe it? It’s because I didn’t believe it. If I believed, for whom would I go to hell? No, do you go to hell because of the preacher, because of the pastor, or because of the elder? Are you that stupid? Here? Raise your hand if you have one. Sometimes there are people like that. Someone of faith said that I didn’t go to church because of someone’s deacon, and that I left the church. Thousands of words Are you saying that because of that person I entrusted my life and death? He’s not the one who saves me, so why am I on the path to death because of him? Why did you give up your faith because of him? This belief is my way to heaven, so why did someone cut me off between God and the Son and the Father? The parent who gave birth to you, between the child and the parent child, who third party cuts off the relationship between parent and child? Isn’t it? At the very least, do you fight with anyone, whether it’s a brother, older brother, or older sister of the same blood line, and then cut off your righteousness with your father and your mother? Isn’t it? If you fight with your brother, it will end with the fight itself. Is that why you cut off righteousness from your father and from your mother? Isn’t it? In the past, I believed well that someone caused me to be tempted, for whom I left church, and because of whom I left the faith. I was a choir, something like a bishop, something like a head of an institution, and I was a president, but I did, but I believed well in the old days. are you going to hell? Yes, it wasn’t that I believed well, it was that I didn’t believe it. I didn’t believe it. I didn’t believe it. It was only through knowledge that I heard and knew only through knowledge while attending church, not believing in my heart. If you believe in your heart, you can never exchange it for anything. I can’t exchange honor, power, or anything else I can’t exchange for president and president, for anything, for any money, for any gold. So, those who fully believe in us fully keep the Lord’s Day and live in the light, and live in the Word, and this is how we live.

Only those who are circumcised can participate in the Passover ceremony. The Passover is a sign of salvation. It is a ceremonial sacrifice of salvation that protected Israel’s chosen people from the calamities of the firstborn and enabled them to leave Egypt. This is associated with the service of the Lord’s Supper today. We, who were on the way to destruction in Egypt, that is, in the world, were returned to God’s people by exodus through the Lamb, Jesus Christ. Those who have received the Holy Spirit in this way have the qualifications to participate in the sacrament service. Only those who receive complete circumcision, that is, eternal salvation, can participate in the Passover. In order to be completely and eternally saved, the process of marching through the wilderness toward the land of Canaan is necessary. The Passover is a momentary salvation. It is the salvation to escape from the calamity of the firstborn at the moment of exodus. That is why the process from receiving salvation from there to being completely saved, that is, entering the land of Canaan, is necessary. Those who have received the Holy Spirit have been saved at this very moment and are now sealed as children of God. Therefore, they were entitled to partake of the Eucharist and to eat and drink the flesh and blood of the Lord. However, those who have received the Holy Spirit and are not circumcised in their hearts are not qualified.

It also appears in 11 Corinthians 27:28 and below. Therefore, whoever eats or drinks the bread or the cup of the Lord unworthily is guilty of violating the body and blood of the Lord. Verse 30, “A man shall examine himself, and after that he shall eat this bread and drink this cup. He who eats and drinks without knowing the body of the Lord eats and drinks in his own sin.” There are many, and there are not many who sleep.” You have to eat the flesh of the Lord and drink the blood with a clean heart without sin. That’s why, especially when there is a sacrament service, don’t advertisements appear on Sundays a week before? To keep one week holy, more holy than any other. And after praying again before the sacrament, we see our participation. If you eat the body of the Lord and drink the blood in a state of not repenting after committing a sin, you are eating and drinking that sin. We cannot eat the holy flesh and blood of our Lord as a sinful body. Diseases will arise, and the trial and tribulation will come. Water baptism cannot make us clean. You must be baptized with the Holy Spirit. In Acts 8, we see that we are baptized even if we have not received the Holy Spirit. Later, when the apostles laid their hands on them, they received the Holy Spirit. Conversely, some receive the Holy Spirit first and are baptized later. Everyone, have you received Jesus as your Savior and have become children of God who have received the Holy Spirit? And now, after learning, don’t you get baptized when the time is right?

Today’s word is difficult. However, those who did not fall asleep know that they understand. But for those who came to church for the first time, today’s words are so difficult, what do you mean? However, if you keep listening to other words through your life of faith, you will understand everything. Circumcision is related to the Passover, and this Passover is directly related to the service of the Lord’s Supper. Only when we eat the body of our Lord and drink his blood can we have life and attain salvation. And I pray in the name of the Lord that many people will continue to be circumcised in their hearts and reach sanctification. We will pray together as we ponder the Word.


Hallelujah Lord, thank you for your grace and love. Lord, related verses about circumcision, the Passover, and the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper, and other unified verses, I have delivered through today’s sermon. We want to help you understand right away, understand and understand, why we need to eat, why we need to be circumcised, who participates in the Passover and how we participate in the Eucharist, and in a sense, these things have been instituted and we need to keep them. Also, I want to help you know exactly where circumcision is done, how it is done, why it is done, and why it should be done. Lord, I also want to help you to know immediately what is the difference between the Old Testament and the New Testament, and to help you to know immediately what is the difference between the physical will and the spiritual will, and which is the Father’s spiritual will. Lord, please bless me so that I can understand, understand, and feed on the difficult words today, but God and the Holy Spirit enlighten me so that I can become empowered. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

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