Word: Exodus 9:1-4, 10-12, 23-26, 10:13-15
Title: Ten Plagues (4) 1994. 9. 25

The journey of the Israelites who left Egypt toward the land of blessing in the land of Canaan means the refinement we receive on this earth until we enter the kingdom of heaven. Through refinement, we can become like the heart of Christ and become children of sanctified love. You can become the people of God in heaven. If you do not pass this podium, you will be thrown away. Just as the unbelievers and those who disobeyed God died in the wilderness, so we will not be saved. So, the refining process leading up to salvation or our blessings are all recorded in the Bible.

Last week, I even talked about the plague of flies. Today, I will explain the plagues of evil and poisonous species, the plagues of hail, and the plagues of locusts. The fifth plague is that of evil. It is because the king continues to disobey God because of his toughness, so more severe calamities are coming. An evil plague is a disease that spreads within our body. Where did this evil come from? I will add to livestock, horses, donkeys, camels, and cattle, and there will be severe wickedness. But do you also have livestock? The word of God is applicable to all mankind and is applicable to all believers. But farmers in the countryside have livestock, but you do not.

So, what does livestock in the text mean spiritually? As I said last time, it means your family with whom you live. Evil brings more evil to evil, and as God turns away, evil will come upon your family in the work of Satan. You’ve probably experienced most of these things. This is exactly what happened to my family long ago before I repented and turned back. Because of my wickedness, my husband, my wife, my children, and myself, whom I love, suffer from sickness.

In Exodus 24:4 and below, the second of the Ten Commandments is found. There, we can see that the sins of the parents who worshiped idols extend to the third and fourth generations of their children. That is, the grandfather worshiped idols, but it is true that there can be generations of sons and grandchildren as well as great-grandchildren. Still, if you do not repent and turn around, you will inevitably receive another punishment. When your child doesn’t study, he scolds them at first. If you still don’t listen, they’ll scold you even louder. If you don’t listen there again, you’ll have no choice but to hit your calf. Some parents love excessively, they love wrongly, so they forgive, but they do not beat them, but they try to tease them. It’s not love. When you need to rebuke, you have to do it, and when you need to lift the rod, you have to lift it. You see the child go wrong when he should listen and when he doesn’t. However, there are many cases where, when it is necessary not to lift, the rod cannot be tolerated because of one’s own blood or anger. If you do this wrong, your child will be crooked. Now, as children are getting stronger and stronger, the parents have no choice but to treat them more strongly.

The sixth plague is poison. Evil is a disease that penetrates internally, whereas poisonous disease is an external disease. Take a look at people who are sick with cancer. At first, a disease appeared inside, but as it got worse, it became apparent to the outside. The same goes for lung disease. The same goes for AIDS. Paralyzed paralysis is also a disease that is exposed to the outside. Take a look at the character of those who are ill, whether you yourself, your family, or your neighbours. Of course, not all of them are like that, and there are different types, but you can see some very stubborn ones. Some people are very spirited and proud, and only they know it. Others do not forgive. he is the best There are also vicious people. Also, I don’t listen to what others have to say. You are only right in your assertion. You will see these cases where the opponent ignores them. So, there is a lot of blood. Now, when you look at someone with such a disease, it’s really hard to find someone who is meek. It’s not easy. there seems to be none. Because God is in control of life and death, it is never possible to suffer such a disaster without any reason. The Bible is clearly spoken by God in the Old and New Testaments, and our Lord has repeatedly warned and spoke. As I said last week, don’t you promise not to bring any of the plagues on Egypt? If we keep the ordinances, obey the word, listen to the commandments, and keep all God’s ordinances, God clearly promises that not one of the plagues that came upon Egypt will happen.

If I am not strong, my parents could be strong, or my grandfather could have committed a great sin. Since the family is also responsible for this, how wonderful it would be if the family could repent and turn around and become a harmonious family. That is why he said to the third and fourth generations, but everyone, you should know that when you come into God and live in the Word of God, it will never come to those who live in the Word. Even if your parents worshiped idols, when you live in the Word of God, God protects you, so the enemy devil and Satan cannot sue you or work. Their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren cannot live in the Word, so they are guilty of serving the idols of their parents. These children also come because they are strong, but when they enter the Lord and live in the Word, Satan cannot work. God is love. He wants more than one person to be saved. He never allowed disease to lead you down the road to destruction. However, if they repent and do not turn back, the next disaster will come.

The seventh plague is that of hail. The hail fell on the fields and on the people, the animals, and everything in the fields, which was a great plague. However, the land of Goshen, where the children of Israel lived, was protected by God and there was no hail. Now, everyone, let’s take a look at the map and take a look. When I explain these ten plagues, the land of Goshen always comes up.

(Explaining while pointing to the map) Now, look at the map on the podium. There is the Mediterranean Sea, and there is the Red Sea. If you follow the Red Sea, you will find the Indian Ocean. If you cross this across Australia, you will find the Pacific Ocean. If you go straight to the east of the Pacific Ocean, you will find North America and South America. Beyond that, if you cross it, you will immediately see the Great Sun and the Earth Circle. Now, the Mediterranean, the Red Sea. Can you see Egypt right there? What does Egypt say in the Bible? Yes, it is called Egypt. It used to be called Egypt, but today it is called Egypt. Right now, you say in the Bible that the land of Goshen is where the Israelites always live? This land of Goshen is right here. Goshen. So, in this Goshen, Jacob gave birth to 12 sons, and Joseph, the eleventh of those sons, was sold to Egypt as a slave? He was sold to Egypt and immediately served as a slave, and now he will rise to the position of prime minister and the next next to the king. So, thanks to his son’s grace, Jacob came to Egypt with his twelve sons and descendants. So he was given this land called Goshen, and he lived in it, because of his son’s support, and by the very grace of Joseph. So, the king allows Joseph’s father, brothers, and his companions to come and live in this land of Goshen. So, when it comes to the land of Goshen, you should know it as the land where the Israelites live.

Now, there is a field marked in red here, and this is Egypt, Cairo, the capital of Egypt. At that time, at the time of the biblical Exodus, the very capital of Egypt was Rameses. Here the king lived. What kind of wages live? just wages. Now, five. Please sit right away. It’s not just this, it’s the wages. He said that the name of this Egyptian king was Pharaoh. So, when you come out right away, you should know that ah, right, five, sit right down and say that this is not the name of the king. The name of the king of Egypt is called King. That is why the king was kind to him and made him live in the land of Gosan. Yes, now the plague of hail is coming, and the hailstone is coming over the whole country of Egypt, but it is not only in the land of Goshen where the Israelites live. Now, the Exodus is coming, and the people from this land of Goshen came out of Egypt, so this Succoth, this Red Sea, crossed the Red Sea, and went through Marah, Elim, and Rephidim to Mount Sinai. is there? It went through Edom, through Moab, and now into Jericho. You will enter Jericho. So, how many years did it take you to get here? It took 40 years. But in fact, in terms of distance from here to here, if you go by car, you can get there in no time. And even if you walk in the old days, it doesn’t take that long. Even if I traveled ten miles a day, I had to travel 40 years to get to a place that would take only a few months. The reasons for that are all in the Bible. Also, since it is said to be ten miles, I travel a hundred miles in a day, so why do I say ten miles? will appear in a future sermon. Oh, if you go about ten miles, you know you’re just there. The reason will now be explained next. It’ll be out next week.

So, if you look at the map now, you see the Suwez Canal? Suwez Bay comes out and the Suwez Canal is now open like this. Today, by human gravity, this is now land, and human gravity has penetrated from here to the Mediterranean Sea. So the boat goes. The boats drilled here and there, and they sailed on the Suwez Canal. If you’re going to get all your cargo here or this way to the Mediterranean before this hole, you’ll have to go from this side of the Red Sea all the way through the Indian Ocean to this way. to the Mediterranean. So it will take several months. It will take several months, but now Suwez is open, so from here you will enter the Mediterranean Sea in a few hours. Even in history right now, if there is a war in the Middle East, this Suwez will become a problem. This is where global public opinion swells because of blocking the ship or preventing it from passing. Also, wars in the Middle East and wars in Israel always cause problems here. Most of the world wars start here. Problems are intertwined here, and the Gulf War, the Gulf War, the Six-Day War, everything starts here. All this land, the Middle East.

What land would this be? Which land is this? Which land is it? this side. Oh. Can’t you see Jerusalem here? capital of Israel. Is this the land of Israel? This is the Dead Sea. Looks good. Dead Sea. It is the Dead Sea, so all of you who will go on a pilgrimage next year will go through this process. The people who led me explained everything, so this process, you will also go to Egypt, and all the while, this is the Moab region, and this Moab is Jordan. Today it is Jordan. Now Jordan signed a peace treaty with Israel this year? with Jordan. So this region of Moab is Jordan. This is Ammon now. So, if you look at it now, there are Jerusalem and Jericho, and this will be the present state of Lebanon, and this will become the state of Syria. Damascus is Syria. And now, this is the wilderness, and everything that is always mentioned in your Bible is a wilderness. It is a desolate land where no true grass can grow in the wilderness, and no trees or grass can grow. This Dead Sea is the sea of ​​salt and the sea of ​​death, where salt accounts for 35%. Neither meat nor plants can live in this Dead Sea. How can I live in a salt sea? Can’t you live? So neither people nor people who can’t swim here float here. It floats when you enter the sea. So, after seeing what is floating, we go in and lie down like this and float, but there is nothing strange about our members. Even if it’s not a salt sea, even if I go to the sea over there, it all floats, so I’m lying down. So, none of that is surprising, but people in the world are curious, so I go to the sea and float. lying down ‘Hey, I’m lying in the sea,’ he says. But even if it’s not the Dead Sea, you all go and lie down, right? Is that also by faith? Yes, also here around the Dead Sea is a salt mountain. It is just as it is in the Bible where the mountains are all salt. Next year, if we go on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, we are going to go to Egypt, cross the Suwez Canal, go all the way through Mount Sinai, and go all the way to Jordan to Jerusalem and Israel, and we are going to go north again like this. The last time I went, I went along this Mediterranean Sea from this side of Cairo to the Suwez Bay, across the Suuez Canal. They followed the sea to Beersheba, passed behind the Dead Sea, and went through the Dead Sea to Jericho, then came out and entered Jerusalem. So, I went out again and went to Jericho and went around like this. If you put it in your head and listen to the sermon, you will know that the land of Goshen is a land that the Pharaoh king of Egypt, with his kindness, gave Jacob’s children and their descendants a place to live. (End of map description) If you put it in your head and listen to the sermon, you will know that the land of Goshen is a land that the Pharaoh king of Egypt, with his kindness, gave Jacob’s children and their descendants a place to live. (End of map description) If you put it in your head and listen to the sermon, you will know that the land of Goshen is a land that the Pharaoh king of Egypt, with his kindness, gave Jacob’s children and their descendants a place to live. (End of map description)

It would be more graceful if you listen to the explanations like this rather than just goshentang and goshentang, right? This means that the land of Goshen, where the children of Israel lived, was protected by God, and there was no hail. I have heard a lot about our church through the testimonies of the saints before. I heard a lot from the members at the time of pioneering and until I came to this temple again. For example, I’m building a house and it’s impossible for it to rain, but it’s raining. When it had to come, I got down on my knees and prayed earnestly, and it was raining all around me, but I could often hear such testimonies that it did not rain at the place where I worked. through the saints. Even now, those who have faith can see that God works so that it does not rain there when you pray with real faith when you need it to not rain where you are in the present situation. Of course, I experienced it a lot, but our members also experienced it and liked it so much that he came to me and testified.

Now, this hail disaster is not entirely extinct. Exodus 9:31-32 shows the partial damage, saying, “In that time the barley was gleaned and the hemp flowered, so the hemp and the barley were damaged, but the wheat and the wheat did not grow because they did not grow.” Then why is the hail disaster so great? From now on, a calamity worse than disease is coming. All the vegetables in the field were damaged, and they were on the verge of starvation. Everyone, the world’s people think and know that money is the most important thing next to life. They kill because of money, go to jail for money, and sometimes the friendship between brothers is cut off because of money. There are often cases in the media of beating and killing parents for money. They don’t give me a lot of money. What was the incident that put the Han Ga-wi into panic last week? Yes? The Zionist incident. The case is also about money. Was it all about money? Isn’t the majority of murders today for money? Robbery, sexual assault, murder, death, kidnapping, all these things, kidnapping all these things, aren’t these things for money? Also, aren’t most of these drugs and violence problems related to money? After all, why does a wife rip off her husband? Mostly because of money. Yes, it’s a child girl problem. You probably won’t be ripped off about women’s issues. I’m not going to scrape anything with it, whether it’s knocking over something like that, begging and ejaculating at all, or dying or not. So, the most rip off is money, and the most money rips is this. Really? Amen, don’t you? isn’t it? okay? Looking back in the old days, why did you invade neighboring countries? If they win the war, they are told to sweep away all the gold and silver jewelry in the palace and pay tribute.

And the same is true for not keeping the week. Why can’t we keep the Ten Commandments even though we know it’s breaking? Will my soul ever be saved? I am still selling my soul for money, despite my doubts. So, how great a disaster would it be to hail the beasts and almost everything in the fields and fields? Everyone, what if evil comes and poisonous disease comes? What do you need money for? I have to go to the hospital. So you won’t have a lot of extra money anyway. That is why the plague of hail follows after such a disaster. One by one, you start to blow away the things you’ve been earning. Not only that, hail comes from nowhere and without notice. It is also bigger than a raindrop. The hail that fell upon Egypt in ancient times was great and terrifying. It poured without hesitation and even mixed with a ball of fire. When a hail disaster strikes, the business site punctures and the workplace punctures without notice. So when you ‘hail’, you shouldn’t think of hail from our country. Think hard, bigger hail that you said fell. If someone gets hit, they die.

I’m going to America. Last time I went to America, there was a lot of hail, and I heard a lot about it. It is said that hail in the United States is very large. There were a few things that surprised me when I went to America, and that was also surprising. Last year’s floods also wiped out several times the amount of our country. It’s a big country, so there are big floods. The wind is also different from our country’s wind. I didn’t understand that at first. The wind is much louder than our country’s wind. strong. So, I was like, ‘Child, if it’s a wind, it’s the same wind. What’s bigger than our country? It’s just an addition to one thing,’ I thought. But then I saw that it was true. The hailstones are also big. That’s what the people who lived in Korea said. The hail that fell on the United States is very large. Oh, so I was like, ‘Somehow, something big came down. In our country, when we unload big things, we unload them all, but it must be the same.” But I went and experienced it and found out that it was not. why? When I had a revival crusade, my sister in Canaan met the wind while participating in the revival crusade. Sister Kim Geun-sil met wind. Where is the parish here? Where are you? where did you sit? do not have? Did you see the wrong thing coming in? Yes, so I met a wind while attending a meeting, and the wind was so strong that all the glass doors of the car were smashed. So, there is only one side slightly, and when I drive, only the left side has glass left, and the front, side, and back are all smashed. it’s in the wind You probably haven’t heard of such a word in our country. But they say it’s normal there. Then, if the windshield is said to be smashed, it is said that the car will overturn if it encounters that much wind. It is said that the car will overturn when all the windows are smashed. But at that time, the car was not overturned even though the sisters were smashed like that when they came. So you should be grateful for that. The car overturned, but it didn’t overturn, so I thank God for protecting me. Yes, I asked other people and they said the same thing. It is said that if it encounters such a wind, the car will overturn. That’s why they say that when you meet such a wind, you should avoid it. In that case, you have to stop driving the car. But in our country, we have never heard of such a thing. I’ve never heard of a car glass door being smashed and overturned again because of a strong wind. I also ran from Yeosu in the rain and wind like torrential downpours at night when a typhoon just blew and it blew in our southern end. So I asked. When I asked why the winds are all the same but different, they said that the wind is also big because it is a large country on a continent. The hail is also big. Can you believe it? Yes. But in our country, we have never heard of such a thing. I’ve never heard of a car glass door being smashed and overturned again because of a strong wind. I also ran in the rain and wind like torrential rain at night from Yeosu when a typhoon just blew and it blew in our southern end. So I asked. When I asked why the winds are all the same but different, they said that the wind is also big because it is a large country on a continent. The hail is also big. Can you believe it? Yes. But in our country, we have never heard of such a thing. I’ve never heard of a car glass door being smashed and overturned again because of a strong wind. I also ran in the rain and wind like torrential rain at night from Yeosu when a typhoon just blew and it blew in our southern end. So I asked. When I asked why the winds are all the same but different, they said that the wind is also big because it is a large country on a continent. The hail is also big. Can you believe it? Yes.

However, since Egypt was a part of God’s special work, the hailstones were so great that if they hit, even humans could die. There are times when a person becomes ill or has a traffic accident without prior notice, so several million won for surgery costs and tens of thousands of won for treatment. This is exactly what the hail plagues are.

But the hail comes partially. Even in downtown Seoul, some dongs may come and some may not. As such, the hailstones do not destroy everything at once. This too is the love of the Lord.

Then came the eighth plague of locusts. The locust plague may not seem like a big deal, but the locust plague is also so great that it comes after the hail plague. In other words, the plague of locusts is greater than that of friends. But to us, grasshoppers don’t seem like a big deal, do they? But it is not. The locusts covered the whole earth and flew, and the earth became dark. Have any of you seen the locust plague in a movie or something? Even in China, if you read the novel “Earth” before, does it mention the locust plague? Pearl Buck Is it in that “Earth” novel? It’s huge. Also in Africa or elsewhere, locust plague, India. When the grasshopper passes once, it will eat up all the grass, all the green ones. wipe it all away So, if you start farming, farming is completely gone. Now, if something develops and a locust disaster strikes, they just spray it from the air to prevent it. However, it can only kill a small part of them, and when such a disaster occurs, even manpower cannot stop it. After a swarm of locusts pass by, not only the grain but also the grass are eaten and the land is devastated. There was a survivor from the hail disaster. Wheat and wheat that had not yet been planted on the ground, such as wheat, were not spoiled. And among Pharaoh’s servants, those who brought livestock into their homes for fear of the word of the Lord were not harmed by the hail. But when the plague of locusts came, they ate up all the leftovers. The grass, the leaves, and the things in the fields were also full of locusts all the way into the house. It was said that the plague of hail would come in part. Suddenly, a factory caught fire. Then you will incur huge losses. If there is even someone with burns, it will be too much to pay for the hospital bills. But not everything is ruined. But hail is a big thing, so it’s partly due to a big puncture. What would happen if you realized there? I used to believe in Jesus ardently before, but I became so obsessed with making money that I left Jesus and realized that such a disaster had come. No matter how hard you are, what will God do if you completely turn to God and repent? I will wrap you up again. But I see it doesn’t. Whenever such disasters came, they acknowledged God. However, his heart was hardened and he turned around again. In other words, you should turn and repent, but you do not repent, and you see that you are committing sins again knowingly. Even worse, there are people who blame God even though they know that this is because of my fault. So how evil are you? Some people don’t know that it’s my fault, and there are people who just blame God, but they don’t know the truth itself. why? God is a God of justice, and if you say you know a God of love, then if you say you believe, you can never blame God. It’s all my fault and my family’s fault, and it’s never God who treats you that way, it’s just this. He is a God who treats us only with love and with justice, and never puts us at a disadvantage. The same goes for those who believed in God. When these calamities come, they know that they are being beaten by God. Then you will have to repent and turn back, but because you do not do that and your heart is hardened, you still do not obey God and resist and do not come back. When that happens, you can see the disasters continue to come and come to a greater extent. Some people, for example, went to the hospital and had surgery and had them cut out. For example, it could be better. I surgically dug out the decaying field. Then it gets better. They say it’s better now because it’s better, but it’s not. why? Unless I repent and turn back, it’s not better. If it happens again and it doesn’t happen again, you’ll see a bigger history following it somewhere else. You need to repent and turn around quickly. Unless we do so, we will continue to face greater calamities in the future. Also, never say that it happened by chance. It never happens by chance. The fact that not a single sparrow falls without God’s permission is a fact that if you believe in the Word, it will never happen by chance. Moreover, children and families who believe in God, workplaces, and businesses do not have such accidents. Also, there is no harm caused by accident, and it is never an accidental disease. Obviously there is a problem. If it happens again and it doesn’t happen again, you’ll see a bigger history following it somewhere else. You need to repent and turn around quickly. Unless we do so, we will continue to face greater calamities in the future. Also, never say that it happened by chance. It never happens by chance. The fact that not a single sparrow falls without God’s permission is a fact that if you believe in the Word, it will never happen by chance. Moreover, children and families who believe in God, workplaces, and businesses do not have such accidents. Also, there is no harm caused by accident, and it is never an accidental disease. Obviously there is a problem. If it happens again and it doesn’t happen again, you’ll see a bigger history following it somewhere else. You need to repent and turn around quickly. Unless we do so, we will continue to face greater calamities in the future. Also, never say that it happened by chance. It never happens by chance. The fact that not a single sparrow falls without God’s permission is a fact that if you believe in the Word, it will never happen by chance. What’s more, children and families who believe in God, workplaces, and businesses do not happen by accident. Also, there is no harm caused by accident, and it is never an accidental disease. Obviously there is a problem.

People who say they believe in Jesus and yet face such disasters are those who believe in Jesus but believe in Jesus. That is, I don’t believe it blindly. In other words, the soul should be doing well, but the soul is not going well. never come across. Because they come and go and believe in God only physically, I understand the Word of God. But I didn’t do it. I don’t live in the light. For example, a liar must put away his lies. If he hates others, he must put away his hatred. If he steals, he should turn away from stealing. If I play with my hands, I should throw it away and repent and turn around, but this is not the case. If you break the Sunday, you shouldn’t break it, but you have to worship in spirit and in truth. Otherwise, if you rob God of your tithes, you should become a person who doesn’t steal, but you still rob God. This means that we do not give full tithes and full offerings. The Bible says that if I do not keep the Word, I will disregard God because there is something wrong with me and I am resisting God. They only go back and forth in the church, and they are still living with the same evil as the people of the world. I’m still living in darkness like the rest of the world. I drink and smoke, I fight when other people fight, I get angry when other people swear, I swear and play when others swear. Therefore, God has no choice but to send disasters in this and that form. Even though it is a place where business can be successful, it makes people realize that there are no customers. There are many people who repent only after being beaten. Our saints, the saints who love God and live in the truth, who live in the truth, are told that it will go well no matter where they go to open a business or open a store. Oh, for example, I did it in Yeouido, and then I moved it to a certain dong over there. It’s a place where I tried again and failed. went out again Oh, but as soon as our saints come in and take a seat, it will be all right. You see that too. There are many people who repent only after being beaten, but let’s not do that, our wise believers. However, there are people who can’t do that and go out even harder. In the name of the Lord, I pray that there will not be any such members of the saints who have attended here. … .(End of Tape A side)

(Start on Tape B side)… .I want it. Even if I live against the Word of truth and disaster strikes, I just need to repent and turn around on the spot. For some people, calamity comes sooner, but for others, the calamity comes after a long time. It may come after a year. Is there something like a disease that has already come, but it takes years for it to grow and manifest itself? Everyone, if you get AIDS, does it show up quickly? It’s a fact that will come out after a few years. If you’ve been bitten by a crazy dog ​​before, you’ll get a crazy sickness, but even if you’re bitten by a crazy dog, it doesn’t happen right away. It’s not a quick turn around. It is said that after 3 years, the bacteria enters and remains dormant for 3 years before being revealed. In the old days, there were a lot of crazy dogs. I went when we were young If there’s that crazy dog, you have to catch it and kill it. If that crazy dog ​​bites you, you go crazy. Dogs are like that, so are people. But humans have an incubation period of 3 years, and now they have a crazy disease. So it’s already too late. If found immediately, it could be cured, but that’s not the case. The same goes for these diseases and cancerous bacteria. As soon as the bacteria enters, you immediately say, ‘You have cancer.’ But? You don’t know until years later, don’t you? The same goes for the lungs. There are many such fungi. So, when you receive God’s love, whether it is a plague of lice, a plague of flies, or a plague of lice, for example, you will see God working immediately in that week. Those who receive a lot of love because they work in that week turn around, saying, ‘Oh, I did this wrong, but God loves me and is already doing this.’ But when you do not turn back even after doing the work like that, try one more time, two or three times, and if you do not turn back, then do as you please. It is done according to the words of Hebrews. If God turns away from us, we will now live in sin as we please. Then, the sickness grows, and if it is not a bad thing, it comes to be poisonous, and furthermore, the plague of hail and the plague of locusts will come, and furthermore, you will see that another plague, which will be explained next week, will come.

Now, ‘Now I will live in the Word of God. I hope that you will be converted by saying, ‘I will live faithfully and loving God’. What will happen if you keep going hard without turning back? Can you wrestle with God and win like Jacob? Jacob fought a good fight to break me down in order to be blessed. It wasn’t a hard wrestling. Locusts are scary. It spreads about a hundred li in width and twenty li in height, and hundreds of millions of them flock together like a black cloud. So, if you encounter a swarm of locusts, you are helpless. When the plague of locusts comes, the remaining fields of business, workplaces, and belongings in the home will be destroyed one by one. So it’s a much bigger disaster than the hail disaster. Indeed, disobedience leaves only empty hands in the end. Most of the people who have gone bankrupt in business fall into this category. If it goes bankrupt, it doesn’t go bankrupt anymore, is it? Don’t you have to sell everything you have in your house? Then, you will probably know how many untruths you have practiced when you think about it until you go bankrupt. You will find that you have to deceive others, cheat, and accumulate many untruths. Pursuing good will not bring you wealth. by following the line. There is no such thing as going bankrupt. I told you not to lose anything but the debt of love. It can’t go bankrupt, is it? There are many people who came to this altar after experiencing such experiences. Then, even if you come here, you should do well, but if you don’t obey, everything that is left will be lost. But those who come to this altar with their hands up like that still repent and turn back. There are many people who have recovered and been blessed because they hear the word of God, recognize their mistakes, repent and turn around. Everyone, you know because you’ve heard their testimonies, but whether it’s the deacon or our leader Bong-kyung Kim of the Hallelujah Volunteer Corps, aren’t they all like that? There are many others. When we turn, we see God working again as a blessing. However, if you turn around and thoroughly turn around and truly live in the truth and light, you will receive greater blessings. Depending on how much you love and live God in the truth, you can receive more or you can only recover, or you can walk in the same place, it is all up to you. is.

Even the deeply hidden treasures will be sold. Meet the locust plague. Everyone, at the very least, would you like to bring out those precious wastes that were hidden deep in the air? How much love do people who really put their hearts and minds on things love. So don’t you just say you just hide it deep and deep? Did I tell you on Friday night? in Proverbs. So, even if you just give it all away, there’s nothing left when you sell the last thing you’re holding on to. Since we have sold everything we have to sell, now we are going to bring out the items we love the most. take it and sell it Then there is no more. Doesn’t that mean it’s gone now? So what should we do? Do we have no choice but to surrender with our hands up in front of God? Yes, you must surrender. You have to surrender before you come to that point, and even if you didn’t surrender, if you’ve come to that point, surrender there and turn around. If you don’t turn around, the next one is even more terrifying. I’ve used all my knowledge, experience, and what I’ve learned, but now I’m left with my bare hands. I leave this bare hand to God. However, if you have faith that you can entrust to, God will guide you on a prosperous path even at that time. God is patient and loving to the end. He breaks all human beings, but God is a God of love who does not break even a bruised reed. However, if you do not turn around, disasters will come in the next time.

Let me conclude. Dear brothers and sisters, there is no need to live a hard life of faith. In Matthew 11:28-30, as you are well aware, it says, “Come to me, all you who labor and are heavy laden.” Come into the arms of our Lord. “I will give you rest” Everyone, those who are moaning, those who say it’s hard, those who say it’s painful, those who draw my thousand letters on their faces, those who live with a lot of dirt on their foreheads or bad words, those who have shadows on their faces, those who have no joy , I hope that all those who are not thankful will come before the Lord and put down all their heavy burdens. Doesn’t it say that our Lord gives us rest? There is no doubt. Put it down before the Lord and our Lord will comfort you. “Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and your hearts will be at rest, for my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Yes, our Lord’s yoke is easy and light. Put it down by faith. It’s not heavy at all, and how light is it. Do you know how much burden I am carrying physically? You don’t know. I only know a few minutes around me. I am carrying a lot of heavy burdens that our members are not aware of. don’t you tell me? why? It would be nice to share the pain, but I do not want to inflict pain on you, so I have a lot of burdens that I carry alone. There are things I told you after it was resolved, and I carry a lot of heavy burdens and heavy burdens that are difficult to carry. But because I have faith, I carry it, but if I carry it, I must have collapsed and died already. We carry a lot of burden, but we can put it down before our Lord and go there with joy and thanks always because our Lord carries it for us. If I had lost, I would have collapsed and died already. Because we put it down before our Lord, because our Lord loses, we go with joy and thanksgiving. So, as time goes by, it is resolved because our Lord has lost it, and as much as it is resolved and resolved, blessings and blessings come again, and so we have grown like this today and will continue to grow infinitely in the future. If I said I lost, I was already down. I have already surrendered. holding both hands. where? Oh my god, the enemy the devil. However, since we put it down before our Lord and the Lord takes it and follows only the back, we have a lot of burdens, but we do not say it is difficult but go out with joy and thanks.

They say that our Lord will lose everything, but it is difficult because you all lose. Be the ones who entrust everything before our Lord. I am a person who has experienced everything in the world. But when we come into the Lord and cast off all the evil aspects that are contrary to the truth, looking back, we know that the world is really not as bad as garbage. I think. There is no greed, only the truth is good and our God is good. Nothing goes beyond the truth. I really am. It was the same when I was a beginner. Who really wants to give me gold the size of a soccer ball and have this? If you say, ‘Oh, please,’ you will never do that. why? I have no idea what I want to have. I don’t think I’d like to have something that’s given away for free. When I give that person that much grace and thank that person for that amount of money as a condition of gratitude, I can receive it with joy, but that’s not the case. oh it rolls around i want to make it mine I don’t even think like that at all. It’s true. So, there is no desire for material things. That is why I have never touched the finances of the church since the planting. One ten won I’ve never touched. So, I left it all over from the beginning and left it all to our members so that the members could manage their finances.

I went to prayer in Gangwon-do before, and I heard conversations of some people from around the world. ‘A group of pastors came, and the pastors are playing golf. Oh, I play golf with the donations from the church members’. I tried to say something harsh, but I just put up with it. Pastors come and bring the offerings of the saints and play golf with them. Does it make sense? People in the world criticize me like that without knowing it. That’s not what I hit. I don’t know how to play golf, and I’ve heard of it anyway.

There is no greed, the truth is good, and our God is the best. How good is our God, who always gives me joy, gives me fullness, and always leads me to prosper. Whenever I pray on the altar, God works with power and power. Even if it is a common disease that you are not aware of, it is being treated continuously.

Today, I explained about evil, poisonous species, hail and locust plagues. These are the calamities that come because we cannot obey God because we are as hard and stubborn as a king. The worse the evil, the worse the calamity will come. Everyone, is this kind of disaster coming to you, your family, your workplace, or your business? If you do, please look back and reflect. If you live in the untruth and say, ‘Oh my God, nothing is happening to me.’ No, even if it did not come today, it may come after a month or it may come after a year. It is definitely going to come. But when that happens is for God to decide. So, we must cast off the things that are disobeying God or the evil ones. So, we must change into goodness, meekness, and holiness, and change into love, and enter the land of Canaan together. Dear saints, take the words you have heard about the time and time disasters as food, and let them know that they came because of me, whether it be you, your family, or your workplace, whether it is a small disaster, a great disaster, a small test, a tribulation, a great trial, or a tribulation. You’ll have to keep that in mind. The fact that he came because of himself. Or the fact that I came because of one of my family members. You will know that when the Israelites entered the land of Canaan, Achan sinned and disaster struck the entire people. So, you must realize, discover, and turn around so that your whole family can live in peace, and you must become the people who live happily without encountering disasters or trials and tribulations. We will pray together as we ponder the Word.


Hallelujah Thank you Lord for your grace and love. Father God, I testified of the word about the four plagues today. Help our members to understand and feed them so that they can be free from minor or major calamities, trials and tribulations, and also help them retreat and recover. I want you to work so that we can receive and return to glory. Lord, help me to become the saints who realize that all calamities and trials and tribulations have come because of me. I want to help them realize that the pain they have brought on their children is because of me. What do fathers, one-, two-, three-year-olds know? I want you to make them realize that the disaster that has come upon these children is because of their parents because of me. Thank you Lord. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

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