Word: Exodus 8:16-24, 15:26
Title: Ten Plagues (3) 1994. 9. 18

Please fill in the seat in front. As I said before, the other seats are four seats, but there are only three chairs in front, and three people are always filmed on the video. Please make a front seat so that the front seat is not empty. And our pastors, please come forward and sit down. Why isn’t a video shot bad if you leave the front seat empty and sit in the back seat? watching worship. At other times, if the front seat is empty, please fill it. come out from behind That way, the atmosphere of worship is good and the front seat is a golden seat, so it is good to receive grace. Also, since the worship and live performances are recorded in the video, we go to domestic and foreign countries, so please understand and obey.

Of the ten plagues that came upon Egypt, today is the third hour. Today, I will explain the plague of dust turning into lice and the plague of flies. When we left Egypt, I read one more verse because some of you might have questions about what the plagues that God sent on the people of Egypt have to do with us.

Exodus 15:26 You obey the word of the LORD your God, and do what is right in my eyes, and now, listen intently to the word of God and do what is right in God’s sight. Yes, I have explained it before. It is said that righteousness has righteousness on the side of man, righteousness on God’s side, and that man’s fleshly thoughts are different from God’s thoughts. That is, our righteousness and God’s righteousness are different. Also, our intentions vary from person to person. Because I think differently. Because knowledge and thinking are all different. Learning is different. Home education is different. It also depends on who and how you learned it. That’s why I always said that just because my thoughts were right, they weren’t right. why? Because every person is different. Also, everyone’s conscience is different. For some, even if this is intentional, it is not. What this means, can’t you always hear people arguing? This means that although each person is different, the righteousness of man is different from the righteousness of God. So, I do what is right in the sight of God, and I listen to my commandments, I listen to God’s word, I keep all my ordinances, and all God’s ordinances. Some keep and some don’t. Even our Jesus emphasized that. If you keep all my ordinances, that is, there are things that God says not to do. There is another thing to throw away. There are things that tell you to do something. There are some things that are called to be kept. If you keep what they are commanded to observe and keep all the ordinances in this way, then I will not bring on you any of the diseases that I brought on the Egyptians. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is a generic term for all diseases that exist. God is saying that none of the diseases that came upon the Egyptians will fall on you. For I am the LORD who heals you. Our God is our healer, and he is the Father of mine and of you in the New Testament today. Clearly, our Father is the omnipotent Creator and Savior, and He is speaking. Not one of all the diseases I have brought on the Egyptians will fall on you. to whom? God clearly promises that no disease will come upon those who earnestly obey God’s word, do what is right in God’s sight, listen to the commandments, and keep all the ordinances. Why would it only apply to the Egyptians? Egypt is spiritually referring to the whole world. It is recorded in the Bible because it is a disaster that will come upon us, you and everyone in the world when we do not live in the Word of God. Would you have written it down in this Bible and told the Egyptians to see it? Or was it written only for the Israelites to see? These are the words that everyone sees and applies to everyone. This is especially true for the children of God’s people. why? Because He is our Lord and our Father. If you say it has nothing to do with me or you, there is no need to record it in the Bible.

Then I will explain the third plague, the plague of dust becoming lice. It’s a six-legged insect, and it’s supposed to be a parasite in dirty places. They are white, very tiny, and attach to human flesh and suck blood. Some of you are already grimacing. When blood is sucked, it becomes itchy and can carry various infectious diseases. Some parasites on the head, some parasitizes on clothes, and some parasitizes on armpit hair, and there are about 280 kinds of them. Now, you all know that the color of the parasite on the head and the parasite on the body are different. Parasites on the head have a slightly black color, so they are not easily seen by people. Hurry up, so I can’t catch you and kill you. This parasitic hayaya, like this, would quickly kill him with his hair like this, but it’s not easy to catch and kill him so quickly because it’s similar to the color of his hair, so it’s hard to see. In the old days in the countryside, I thought about taking a bath once all winter, so I can’t help but sting my teeth. Also, what time do you wash your clothes? I’m talking about whether to wash something or not to wear it in the winter. When we were young, there was no soap when we were in school. Yes, even in the countryside, soap is made and used. I use it to make and use that soap. It doesn’t foam well either. Of course, the time doesn’t go away. So now I have very dirty and dirty clothes, and I buy lye once in a while and boil them. But how often do you buy lye and boil it to get rid of it? Clothes. Today’s cloth is such a big deal. In the old days, it was possible to do that because it was a cotton cloth. So, the smell is on the clothes and the body smells, but the old environment where you can’t even take a bath properly. Also, you have to wear dirty clothes, and the environment around you is also dirty and everything in the room is dirty. It’s especially bad in rural areas, but so did urban people at the time. Except for some wealthy people. So, I had no choice but to grow teeth.

It is said that the dust of the earth becomes lice, but if it is a dust, it is very small. Even if you blow it with your mouth, it will fly away. However, even if the tooth is very small, it must be about several millimeters as large as it is, and there are also small teeth about 0.5 millimeters or less. Some are too small to be seen with the naked eye. So, the eggs of lice are now gathered in large numbers, so you can’t see them. So few. It is smaller than a mustard seed. What, then, does it mean to say that these things so small and unsightly to be blown away, useless, not living, but dead, withered dust, have become living things? Everyone, I ask you to listen carefully to today’s message so that a plague of lice or a plague of flies does not come. That is, small things that were latent as if nothing happened suddenly come alive and writhe and become big things. Also, take a look at each other when you quarrel with each other. Have you ever seen a case where a trivial thing started as a quarrel and turned into a big fight? Or, there will often be times when a lot of years have passed with trivial things that have passed in the past, and they are brought out and later turned into a big fight.

How itch and dirty is it when lice get on our body? It’s an unbearable feeling. It was really hard a long time ago. Does it also have one or two teeth? on the body. There are dozens of them in the body. on clothes. Even though it was cold in the winter to catch something every day, I took off my clothes and caught him and killed him. Long ago. That was one routine. After sleeping in the morning. Still, I can’t catch them all. So now, when I go to school, I have to scratch because it’s itchy because it’s itchy, because it’s crawling, and because it’s biting, I have to scratch, and then I get scolded by the teacher. When this happens, you may be wondering why this happens even though you believe well, but because you have a form of evil that has not yet been cast away, Satan works against it, so this can happen. In other words, we are talking about these kinds of things, where small things that were latent as if nothing happened suddenly come alive and writhe and become big things.

It is also said that lice come on humans and livestock. Today, all you need is money, but back then, things such as livestock and land were assets. So, whether kings, servants, or people, there must be land, vineyards, and animals. Because these things become their own. So even a king must have a vineyard, and if you read about King Saul, it will come out. Also, there are scenes where Joseph was raising animals even if he was a high-ranking person when he was in Egypt. So what do you or I have today? Your home, land, business, workplace, or marketplace becomes your property, including your family. But when it comes to livestock, we are talking about living animals, so which of your possessions is a living animal? It is your family with whom you live. We humans also enter animals. When it comes to animals, humans also enter animals. When it comes to animals, humans do not enter, only four-legged animals enter, but God does not say that again in the Bible. Ecclesiastes says that he was no different from an animal when he tried a man. Insignificant things start and spread into big things, so the things that bother you don’t just happen to you, but also pass on to your children, your wife, or your husband.

The fourth plague is the plague of flies. Disasters are passing through the first and second years now, and the disasters are getting bigger as the years go by. Even though calamities keep coming, the calamities are getting bigger and bigger because they repent, don’t turn back, don’t acknowledge God, and become stronger. This is where the epidemic begins in earnest. If you say you are ill due to an infectious disease, no matter how small or large, I hope you will listen to the word of this disaster and get it resolved today.

Flies are also six-legged insects. Houseflies lay fifty to one hundred eggs at a time. The larva is a maggot, which usually sheds its skin twice. In addition, the third larva becomes a pupae as the skin thickens. It pupates for about 2 days, then becomes an adult, and copulates and lays eggs within 10 or 2,3 days after becoming an adult. Diseases transmitted by flies include dysentery, typhoid, cholera, tuberculosis, and leprosy. Flies come from dirty places. It lays eggs in a place like a latrine, where it becomes a maggot, pupa and then a fly. Flies have a lot of hair on their body, and these hairs and feet are loaded with pathogens and spread. Guys, for example, if you take a stool in the toilet and look at it under a microscope, it is full of bacteria. But because the fly attaches to such a place, the germ gets on the fly’s legs or the hair on its body. Yes, it sits on your food or table or something like that, and the germs stick to it. Yes, it goes into your mouth. That’s why germs get into your mouth. Oops, I can’t see any hairs in the fly? It’s so hairy you can’t see it. It has a lot of hair. If you look under a microscope, you can see that countless hairs are attached to the legs as well, and bacteria are teeming with them. You should go and see it for yourself. Catch a fly and take a look under a microscope. But it doesn’t. Today, pesticides are available and there are many preventative measures, so infectious diseases caused by flies are not very serious. In the past, there was a common case where the entire village was killed in a very large number. So, once an epidemic spread, I was afraid. Also, even in our time, when we were in elementary school or in middle and high school, when an epidemic spreads, the whole country has an emergency. Today, when an encephalitis mosquito is found, there are only a few people or dozens of people in the vicinity. why? Because it spreads quickly. How many people die from cholera and have to go to the hospital?

So what does the swarm of flies have to do with us? Matthew 15:11 says, “It is not what goes into the mouth that defiles a person, but what comes out of the mouth defiles a person.” You must listen carefully. This statement applies to most of you, so I hope you will listen carefully so that you do not encounter such a disaster. What goes into your mouth is food. This is not what makes people dirty. All of this is digested and excreted out of the body. This food does not defile a person’s heart. But what comes out of the mouth is what defiles a person. So what comes out of your mouth? Because it comes from the heart. from the heart. What comes out of this heart defiles a person. So, what specifically is coming out of the mouth here? What’s coming out of your mouth? Are you sure you’re not talking about saliva? Matthew 15:18-19 says, “Things that proceed out of the mouth come from the heart, and this is what defiles a person.” That is, where does what comes out of the mouth come from? It comes from the heart, and this is what defiles a person. In verse 19, “what comes out of your heart are evil thoughts” Can you see various kinds of evil thoughts coming out of your heart? “Evil thoughts and murder” Do you think murder comes out of your heart or not? are you with me? aren’t you coming? I don’t understand why you don’t understand, the answer is a bit too weak. I mean, murder came from the heart. Amen and listen to the explanation later. Why do people say that murder comes from the heart? We read the Bible as it is about evil thoughts and murder, so you can rest assured and say Amen. “Out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, fornication, theft, false witness, and blasphemy.” 3 John 15:XNUMX says, “Everyone who hates his brother is a murderer, and every murderer has no eternal life in him. I hope you know.” Everyone, do you know? Yes, you know, how can you hate your brother? Anyone who hates his brother is a murderer, that is, what is murder? It was said earlier that things that come out of the heart defile people, and that things that come from the heart did evil thoughts and murder, right? In other words, how does murder come out of the heart? Anyone who hates his brother is a murderer, so where does hating this brother come from? does it come out of your mind? In other words, hating a brother is also murder. I mean, it’s murder. Making a brother fall is also murder. Doesn’t your brother stumble because you hate him? So you know that everyone who hates his brother is a murderer, and whoever murders does not have eternal life in him. Eternal life does not dwell in me whoever murders. In other words, don’t you have to live in eternal life to go to heaven? why? If you go to heaven, you will live forever. To live forever without seeing death. heaven mask. But does not saying that eternal life does not dwell in it does not mean that we cannot go to heaven? In other words, it means that there is no life in me. How can I say that I have life when I have a heart to kill? There must be love and truth in me. I have this evil heart of murder in me, but I have a heart of murder, how can I say that there is life? How can I say that I have eternal life within me? How can you go to heaven? Obviously, this is the word of God. Please don’t say that it’s okay to just give it a go. We value the word of God and it is all life. Don’t miss a single word. Words that become bones and flesh, blood, spiritual bones, flesh, blood, and power are words that give us life. Filter some words, eat them, and discard others. How life-giving and precious are these words? You must love these words. So when I have life in me, I wouldn’t be a murderer, would I? Even though there are these precious words of life, many people just ignore them. There may be this word. We must know clearly. He said that everyone who hated his brother was a murderer, and everyone who murders wants you to know that eternal life does not dwell in him. you should know you should know Yeah, don’t you say our Lord? To love even your enemies. To hate my brother who is not an enemy is to murder, and to murder is to say that eternal life does not dwell in him, that is, there is no life.

In addition to this, there are countless things of the flesh, such as envy, jealousy, strife, and lies. All these things of the flesh come from the heart, and these things are unclean. If our hearts are dirty, flies are born. In other words, did you say that flies grow in dirty places? This means that diseases like flies are born when our hearts are dirty. That’s the kind of disease that flies carry. Contagious diseases are passed on to us. Matthew 15:20 says, “These things defile a person, and eating with unwashed hands does not defile a person.” Eating food with unwashed hands does not defile you. It is the evil that spit from the mouth that starts the disease. That is because, whether positive or negative, it is what you confess with your mouth. Therefore, with your lips, I am tired, I am tired, I am sleepy, I am dying. Please do not deny yourself like this. I pray in the name of the Lord that your lips will always be positive lips. If your heart is dirty, dirty words are bound to come out of your lips. If you have lies in your heart, lies will come out, and if you have a hateful heart, only hateful words will come out. In other words, evil people can see evil words come out, and good people can see good words come out. A good man cannot spit evil words. An evil person can spit out good words. But you can think and spit out in your own consciousness, but that’s not always the case. Unconsciously, when you encounter a certain incident, when you encounter a certain problem, you can see that evil is soon revealed. It’s already coming out of your eyes. comes out of the face. It comes out of the mouth again. You can see the whole body trembling and blood oozing out. Also, the eyes are different. The light will be different. You’ll probably see that evil light emanating from the pupil of an angry and murderer, just as the light in the pupil is different. So, when it becomes a very evil light, you have probably experienced things that give you goosebumps just looking at your eyes. Was it? When the opponent utters evil. Even among friends, when you look into the eyes of your partner when they are evil, do you get goosebumps or not? You can tell by looking at the eyes. You can see the face. Even if you look at your entire body, you will see that you are shaking because there is evil again. And even if you listen to the voice, you will know. You can’t hide such an evil person. A good person sees good words, and an evil person sees evil words and actions.

Also, while I have been pastoring, I see a lot of people who claim to be good even though the really evil person is still doing evil. I treat people with good demeanor, but there are so many evils in them that a lot of evil fruits come out, and there are people who make many brothers fall, make many brothers uncomfortable, and trouble many brothers. And yet, when I teach others, I say I am good. The Bible also tells us to discern by our fruits in Matthew 7.

If there is blood in the heart, blood comes out through the lips, and if there is love in the heart, the words of love will come out. The plague of flies means that the evil words that come out of you have become a snare, and diseases have piled up one after another through them. Just take a moment and look around. Keep a close eye on those in your family, friends or neighbors who are ill among your brothers and sisters. Obviously, you can see that he always spit out evil words according to the word of God. For example, say How many wonders and signs does our church follow? This rumor has spread all over the world. why? Because many people have experienced it, they enter the world through those lips. Today, one elder from the United States participated in the first service, and he said for example that he heard good news about our church in the United States. How many signs of God are following you every week? So, if you live your life of faith here, you will always see with your own eyes, always hear, and those who practice will experience it yourself. Well, that’s still the case. Nevertheless, many testimonies, many confess with their lips, and testimonies are always published through church newspapers. Because the space is limited, many people encounter God, experience it, solve their problems, and receive treatment, but only one field is covered. Because space is limited. So would they lie? would you guys lie Thousands of people are always receiving and glorifying God like this every week, and while listening to and watching such things, now, will some of you really be healed? I can’t believe it. Can such a thing really be cured? Could it be a lie? I can’t believe it. Without the Holy Spirit at work, it cannot be healed. If you have any kind of heart, you always confess through the lips of countless people, and even though you can be healed and see with your own eyes, you are always taught that you should not believe and blaspheme the Holy Spirit. Why should I not believe, why should I doubt, why do I have to deny it with my lips, and really? I can’t believe it, is it really that good? I do not believe in the work of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes I eat things I shouldn’t eat.

The plague of flies means that the evil words from you will become a snare, and diseases will pile up one after another through them. However, if we do not repent and turn around, the evil calamity that I will talk about next week, such as great internal diseases, invisible diseases, and other diseases will come.

[Prayer for the Patient] A phone call was opened two weeks ago, but if you have called, please raise your hand. oops please take it down You guys are good too. I tried to make a phone call at 2 pm and 126 am, but I can’t answer the phone. I couldn’t get it. ‘Cause I’m still on the phone But that’s the 126th line. That means 126 people are still calling at once. So I can’t make calls. Everyone, if you go in the morning, it will be easier to talk on the phone. What’s more, it’s hard to go to work, and it’s even harder during the day. I hear such news and I can’t hear it no matter how many calls I make, but to do it myself, I tried doing it at 3 o’clock at night. I’ve tried it a few times and it doesn’t work. It should be early in the morning In the morning it was just that. It is said that so many people are receiving prayers for patients that they can’t even talk on the phone within the first week of opening. So where do you call that phone now? where is the phone? voice phone? Anyway, I hear screams from there. scream. They say that the machine is broken because there are too many calls. That means other machines are affected. Calls keep coming in This 126 line keeps coming in, so the machine is broken. Yes, it is also influenced by other things. So ‘this is a big problem. We need to increase the number of lines quickly.” He comes now. But another thing I am grateful for is that after opening our church phone line, we hear that there is a blessing there. to be blessed That is why it is a blessing to enter the true Word of God and to go out. We open a phone and go out with a blessing. But because there is so much call volume, the machine breaks down and has an effect on other things. We are now saying that we need to expand a lot quickly. Yes, it’s been less than a week since it opened, so it’s hard to make a call. Even though it’s a phone that can be used by XNUMX people in XNUMX minutes, what will happen in the future if this rumor spreads all over the country and all over the world? It is said that thousands of people are using it just one day, but what will happen?

Dear saints, there is really no evil, and good people do not get sick. This is the word of God, and Jesus also emphasized it several times in the New Testament. I told the 38-year-old sick man. Now that you are healed, sin no more. He said that on the day that we sin again, we will have a greater disease than before. Jesus too. It is also recorded several times in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. Since the paralytic is also forgiven, isn’t it recorded that he got up and left with the table? Those who keep the Lord’s Day completely, love God, watch and pray, and keep the commandments will not get sick. I was working hard in my life of faith, but I got sick. If you are such a person, please look back at the past. You say you work hard now, but how much evil did I utter with my lips before I became zealous? How much doubt, how much denial, and how untruthful and evil they uttered. I have murdered my brothers and judged your servant with my lips, and various evils have piled up and piled up, and diseases have grown and grown, and now the time has come.

You have a cold or some mild infectious disease. This is its disaster. Also, it is the parents’ responsibility if your child suddenly develops a fever or if it happens to a young child. The ear also carries germs. However, it is a mild disease. About this disaster, if you repent in your heart and receive prayers from the altar during worship, you will be healed on the spot. Or, if you receive prayers on tape, you will be healed on the spot, or if you receive prayers over the phone, you will be healed on the spot. About this plague, if you repent and pray, you will be healed on the spot. Ladies and gentlemen, even for young children who just have a fever and can’t even breathe right away, maybe their parents should repent and come and receive prayers. The moment you receive prayer, the fever goes down. Many of you must have experienced that. I mean, it went down the moment I was prayed. fever. It cools down quickly. Because I received it without repenting, even after I received prayer, it was still there. However, most of you will probably experience the feeling of being cleansed after sleeping after receiving prayer. However, if you are not healed even after receiving prayer, it is because your parents have something to repent of and you do not have time to repent. If you have not yet repented, there is no cure, so it is easy to heal up to the disaster. ..(End of Tape A side)

(Start on Tape B side)… ..But from the plague of flies, even if you repent, you will not be healed immediately. Because retribution is sure to follow. Because it was more evil than its plague, and because it was an evil, not a trivial thing, from here on, retribution follows. It is not something that can be cured after receiving prayer once. If your faith is great and you repent thoroughly, it can be done. why? Because it was not a repentance that would please God. This is because I said that I did it on my own, not the repentance of repentance that God received. If there is a repentance of repentance that is pleasing to God and that God gives grace and leads to repentance, then if you receive prayer, any serious illness will be healed on the spot. take it on the spot Or take it a lot better. But the robes don’t come out. There are many walls with God. Knowing it again, I’m making assumptions. It’s not easy to make a comeback. It can’t be. In such a case, how many times do you have to run to God? It has to be the kind of faith that pleases God. It has to be that kind of belief. When that happens, God has mercy and works. So, don’t commit such sins. You never know when a person will face what kind of situation. should not build

For example, to hate a brother is to have no life in me, and it is a great sin that prevents us from going to eternal life. But how can this be taken lightly? It’s a crime of murder, how could it be taken lightly? Moreover, even living murders are considered commonplace today. Yes, the sin of having a child conceived, erased, and murdered is considered common. Now, even legally, we hear that they are trying to make it possible again. as well as in the US. So you can see a series of great catastrophes happening in America. There are two cases where the current president has legally allowed those things that God would not forgive. Korea should not be like that. Would killing be legally acceptable? King David was guilty of murder. King David was a king who loved and loved God very much. When David committed the sin of murder, God had a prophet to rebuke David. King David was still the king of a country and a great king who commanded all the neighboring countries. But when the prophet came and rebuked him, he repented on the spot. That is why it is written as it is in the Bible that sins are forgiven. Because the prophet rebukes them, they repent of their mistakes on the spot. And it is recorded in the Bible that sins were forgiven. Is it different from Saul? King Saul did not repent. Even King Asa did not repent. King Asa, who said he loved God, did not repent because the prophet rebuked him when he made a mistake. But King David immediately repents. The same is true of our saints. When someone had a problem, I was worried and talked to him, but when I talked to someone close to me, he said the same thing again. This is the saying. to the parties. Oh, I mean, there are people who feel sad about Chairman Lee after hearing this. Rather, you should be happy. If you are criticized, you should be happy, or if you realize it, you should be happy, but there are people like this who feel sad. But David, the king of one country and the object of fear from many neighboring countries, was a good king, and when the prophet came and rebuked him, he repented of his mistake on the spot. But the retribution for sin was enormous. My beloved son had to die, a rebellion broke out, and I was driven out of the palace by Absalom’s son, and I had to flee with my servants and people, and I had to run away in pain and without sleeping or food. Also, as a result, their own children have conflicts, a murder drama, and the aftermath eventually split the country in two, and conflicts continue to arise. God said. Because of that, Satan continues to work on you. It is the retribution for sin. You have repented and you have been forgiven, but you can see that there is retribution. In other words, because they said that He will repay you according to what you have done, you can see that He will repay you according to what you have done. As King David had great faith and loved God, his punishment was greater.

Guys, imagine you have ten children. A child who is very troublesome for ten children, a child who is very good at trouble, for example, stole XNUMX won worth of their parents’ money, and a child who was a good student and not a troublemaker stole XNUMX won. How about that? It’s not a big deal for a troubled child to steal XNUMX won. ‘That guy did it again, that bad thing stole it again’ This is the end of it, but when a trustworthy, kind, kind, trustworthy child steals their parents’ money, then the parents are outraged. I believed, I trusted, I loved, but because I betrayed that trust and faith, anger follows. I can see that the more you love, the more discipline you get.

What if there was murder in this world? The trial will determine the sentence. If you are sentenced to 20 years in prison, your sins will be forgiven after you have served 20 years in prison. But the tag is always followed. However, those 20 years are to be spent in prison. Even if you have sinned, if you repent and turn back, your sins will be forgiven, so you can be saved and reach eternal life. In other words, because you have repented, you can be saved and reach eternal life because you have repented and converted. But this means that you will receive retribution for your sins. In other words, God will repay you according to what you have done. If you don’t, you steal and kill, and say, ‘God, I was wrong. I’m not going to do that anymore, do you do it over and over again? Then drawn those who believe in God have been given great privileges. You just do everything bad, steal, cheat, deceive others, kill something, and then say, ‘God, I made a mistake’ and you will be forgiven. Then, how unforgivable are the Gentiles and the children of God who have just sinned, say, ‘I made a mistake. please forgive me.’ If you do, you will be forgiven, and then, did God give His children such a privilege? I have never been given such an evil privilege. If that’s the case, would it be a big deal? Will the kingdom and righteousness of God be defiled? I have never been given such a privilege. As a child of holy light, God has given us the privilege of being a child of the holy light, but never given the privilege of being a child of evil like the children of darkness in this world. Therefore, you will receive retribution for your sins. We must repent thoroughly and repent of the evils we have accumulated over the years. You will be healed by receiving enough training. You should also be very grateful and not try to be foolish.

The words you spit out of your lips are terrifying. My heart is wicked and unclean, and it all comes out through my lips. So it will accumulate in my body as a disease, otherwise it will accumulate in my children or husband, or it will accumulate in my workplace.

Proverbs 11:13 A gossiper divulges the secrets of others, but such a person is just like a swarm of flies, who spread sins and diseases. This means that flies carry diseases as they move. Similarly, in Proverbs 11:13, it is said that a gossiper divulges the secrets of others. He who is faithful in heart hides such things. Yes, he who is faithful in his heart hides such things. Honest, clean, holy, and faithful people do not dig up other people’s secrets. I see you hide, cover, wrap. That doesn’t mean that we’ll cover up our sins and make them more sinful. A person who repents and turns back should be covered, of course, and should be covered, right? It does not mean condoning sin.

Then, let’s find some verses of the Bible and see how terrible the words that come out of our lips can produce. According to Proverbs 12:13-14, the wicked are caught in their nets because of the transgression of their lips, but the righteous are out of trouble. The wicked have flaws in their lips, and those who have flaws in their lips are naturally evil, so their faults come out. That is why even if the wicked get caught in a net because of the transgression of their lips, they fall into Satan’s net. If a bird gets caught in the net, will it die? Are you caught and killed? This saying is caught in Satan’s net. But the righteous will be freed from tribulation. Even if the righteous fall into tribulation, they will escape. What if Daniel had the tribulation of being thrown into the lions’ den? are you out? Even after being thrown into the furnace of Daniel’s three friends, did he escape? Abraham Even though many hardships and tribulations came, even if his wife was taken away, did he escape? Rather, we can see it come with all blessings. Joseph was sold into Egypt as a slave and went to prison, but did he escape? Rather, you can see that he became the next ruler after the king. You can see them glorifying God and even saving their entire family. In verse 14, “A man is satisfied with blessings from the fruit of his mouth.” So we can see blessings and curses coming from the words that come out of the mouth. If evil words come out according to the words, we will be caught in the snare of Satan, and various trials and tribulations will come. That is why he receives according to what his hands do. Verse 14 says, “A man is satisfied with the fruit of his mouth, and he receives according to the works of his hands.”

Also, in Proverbs 13:2-3, “A man is blessed with the fruit of his mouth, but the deceived in heart suffers violence.” A deceived person, that is, one who deceives with clever lies. Such a person suffers violence. Verse 3 says, “He who guards his mouth preserves his life; but, gentlemen, he who guards his mouth preserves life, but he who opens wide his lips brings destruction. Don’t open your lips wide. Don’t say much. Just speak the truth. There is not much to say if you only speak the truth. Everyone, just take a look. Because he only talks about the truth, he only speaks the truth, so he doesn’t have much to say. Everyone, there are people who talk so much that some people are just too annoying. Some people just keep talking without giving me time to say what I’m going to say. At that time, even if you want to avoid everyone, you can’t avoid good people and you have to keep listening. Also, I don’t have time, so I keep doing it even though I’m busy, so I have to listen to it over and over again, how painful it is. Even so, I didn’t know that and worked hard. I don’t even notice when I see people like that. No matter how uncomfortable the other person’s heart is right now, it’s so inconvenient that a good person pretends not to know and listens because they are good. Also, how busy you are, there are so many things to do, you have to move, where you have to go, but how hard it is to hold onto it. So there are a lot of people who appeal to me like that. Someone is saying this, please fix it, but how do I fix it? I have no choice but to fix it in the dan. Personally, I can’t say, ‘You talk a lot, so please shorten it’ and ‘You make a lot of mistakes, so do this and that’ How do I say? Also, there are many people who are older than me.

Destruction comes to those who open wide their lips. Proverbs 14:3 A fool is arrogant and lashes out with his mouth, and all these arrogant people are fools. He’s smart, but he’s stupid. finally. In the eyes of God, it is extremely foolish and the way of death. That is why a fool is proud and asks for a rod with his mouth. But a wise man preserves himself with his lips. Therefore, only positive words, good words, good words, good words, righteous words, and bright words should always be spoken with the lips. It is also said in the book of James. Our children of God have holy lips, how do they make bitter water and sweet water with these holy lips? It is said that only bitter water should be made with sweet water. Aren’t these lips that sing praises and sing praises? Aren’t these prayer lips? Isn’t it the lips that read the Word of God? Isn’t it the lips that contain the words of truth? How can you even put bitter water on these lips? The songs of the world, and also untruths, evils, and these filthy and ugly things stored up in the heart, why do they come out of your mouth? So from this mouth comes unclean things, and out of this mouth comes praises, prayers, and the words of truth. No, I mean this. One of the two must be thrown away, but we who are going to heaven should not spit out bitter water, but only sweet water.

So, according to Proverbs 17:9, he who covers a transgression seeks love, and he who repeats it separates close friends. Everyone, probably just look at all the brothers around you. The one who covers the fault is the one who has love. Those who have love cover the faults of their neighbors, brothers, and friends. But whoever says it over and over is breaking up close friends. Ladies and gentlemen, if there are people around you who say untruths and say things like this over and over again, you are a racist. I want you to stay away from such people. far away Or do you exhort them to repent and turn around? Such a person separates friends and separates close friends. going to be the bad guy. And by spitting bitter water on my lips, I become a snare to Satan.

Did you really cover up your brother’s faults? It should never be misunderstood. This is not to say that we should stand by in sinning, not that we should join in sinning. You have to make him repent and turn back, and this is love. When he repents and turns back, he covers it. Take it and spread it, let others know, and you must not shame the person and label that person as a bad person. This means that love should cover and cover. This means that it is not about spreading and spreading faults. How bad is this thought when you say that you have to reveal it anyway to feel cool, and tell it to others that you need to be cool? Are you evil? Yeah folks, you yourself will probably be discerning. A friend’s neighbor’s brother, someone who sees something untruth and does not tolerate it unless he takes it to others, a person who feels sad if he tells it to someone who says he is cool I have to tell others how cool people like this are. But a good person and a person who has love do not want to tell, do not tell, do not want to see, do not want to hear. Rather, they mourn and pray, and that is what good people are like. Yeah, I’m not looking at other people’s faults. It’s not about telling someone else’s faults. That is why the trials and tribulations always continue in the workplace, at work, and at home.

Proverbs 18:22 says, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit.” If it is affirmed, it will be affirmed, and if it is negated, it will only happen. If you are suffering, you will inevitably suffer as much as you say you are suffering, and if you say you are going to die, it will only happen over and over again. Because these things come from your heart, if you have an evil heart, evil words will inevitably come out. If you have a false heart, lies will come out of your lips, and if you hate others, the words you hate will come out secretly. Also, if you love, the words you love are bound to come out.

Let me conclude. If disaster strikes you right now, it would be wise to quickly repent and turn around. Knowing this, I bled and died last year, but I did not depend on God, even though I could live if I went to the hospital. Even if I die, it’s God’s will, so I wanted to die in God’s arms, so I didn’t depend on people, I didn’t depend on the hospital, I didn’t depend on anyone. He didn’t even mention the hospital. It’s not about me. Even if I die, I want to die in God’s arms, and even if I live, I want to live in God’s arms, so I don’t feel sad even if I die, I don’t feel sad because I die, and I don’t worry, worry, or worry because I die. why? It’s heaven when you die. If you say you have faith, isn’t it heaven when you die? Of course, that shouldn’t be the case, but I don’t feel sad if God took me out of the children I gave birth to in my family. why? Because I’ve experienced it before. Even when my three daughters had no choice but to die, I went up to God at that time and offered a prayer of thanks. It was a prayer of thanks that came from the center, and I did not force myself to say thanks. why? After all, if we go to heaven, we will all meet. Aren’t we thankful that we were held in the arms of our Father, not in a world of tears, sorrow, and pain on this earth? Yes, thank you too. Then, when God saw this faith of thanksgiving, he laid his hands on me and prayed, and immediately saved him, so many of our members saw this. Last time I went to Mongsanpo, so I gave that testimony. Our elders, Elder Taesik Yang! You’re not here. For part 1 worship. After Elder Tae-Sik Yang came and said, ‘Oh, Chairman! At that time, I was there too, so I saw it with my own eyes.” People who believe are like that. It’s not sad either. why? How nice to meet you when you go to heaven. To go to heaven or not to go to heaven, that is the question. It’s sad when you can’t go to heaven. However, it is not a sad thing when you go to heaven. We’ll meet, but we’re only parting for a while. If you fail to do so and you are still arrogant and cannot forsake it, you are a fool, as the Proverbs says. Therefore, if you think of repentance while listening to the sermon, I ask that you, in the name of the Lord, be able to return to your wealth on that day in the prayer room or other places where you can pray when you have time. We will pray together as we ponder the Word.


Hallelujah Thank you Lord for your grace and love. Father God, I want you to engrave the word that you heard today into your heart so that it can be nourished, help you with grace and power, and help prevent the plague of lice or the plague of flies. Father, I want you to bless our lips so that they become lips that produce sweet water pleasing to God, rather than lips that produce bitter water that is not pleasing to God. If I do, my heart must be pure. If my heart is pure and of the truth, sweet water will come out on my father’s lips, and therefore he will not be caught in the snares of Satan the father, and there is no choice but to receive blessings, Father. Father God, I want you to know these things and help us not to come to this disaster, and also help us not to bring the plague of flies, and let the voice of God’s blessings always work within us. said the Lord. I am the LORD who heals you. The Lord now speaks in the New Testament. I say that I am your Father who heals you. Father God, if you obey your word, listen to your commandments, and keep all the ordinances, you will not be affected by any of the diseases that came upon Egypt. Father God, if there is such a word, we want to believe and obey. Father, we always affirm and believe according to your word so that it becomes life and eternal life in us. thank you. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen

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