Word: Exodus 7:10-13, 16-22, 8:2-7 Title: Ten plagues (2) 1994. 9. 4

Of the ten plagues that came upon Egypt at the time of the Exodus, today I testify of the second word. When Moses performed the first few miracles, Egyptian magicians appeared. When they threw their staff in front of Moses, Aaron, and King Pharaoh, they turned into serpents. But even the magicians of Egypt could do the same. Moses was able to do that because God worked. But how could sorcerers, being human, turn their staffs into snakes? Moses and Aaron struck the river with their staff, and the water turned into blood. But even the magicians of Egypt could do the same. How can a person exercise this ability? So, Pharaoh’s heart had no choice but to harden. And Moses and Aaron summoned the frogs, so the magicians did the same.

How, then, were the magicians able to give such history? At that time, the sorcerers of the court were those who entertained the king by performing various tricks in front of the king. Moreover, at that time, more than 3 years ago, science was not as developed as it is today, so it was a position given to those who were specially chosen as magicians of the court, and it was not something anyone could become. Also, since the job was passed down from generation to generation, it was inevitable that the material was innate, and that was what I always researched. From birth to death they must study it. So, he had great abilities that could not be compared with those of today’s magicians. Even magicians today can be seen doing great tricks. World-class magicians cross the Great Wall of China in their flesh. I know that some of you have personally seen them when you come to Seoul to perform. Or maybe you’ve seen it on TV. Go through the Great Wall. It seems to actually pass in front of a lot of people, but it’s also a gimmick. Makes the statue in New York disappear. A large train disappears in front of many people. I am riding on a motorcycle in front of a lot of spectators watching, and at that moment a motorcycle appears from behind the audience. with the magician. A lion appears. The woman was cut with a knife, and apparently she was imprisoned with a knife and cut, but she survived. Another woman was imprisoned, and when she opened it, a lion appeared from there. I see all sorts of magic tricks. But obviously, no matter how carefully you look in front of him, you are deceived.

Now, throwing a staff and turning it into a snake was not difficult at the time. If you look at the Indian yogis, they have all kinds of skills. And what about the charioteers? Indian yogis climb trees and sleep on very slender branches. It goes into a bucket of water and stays there for several days or several days. It’s in the water. How can I be not breathing? Even if it goes into fire, it does not burn to death. They are called yogis. By accumulating training from birth to death, and accumulating training in yoga, they became yogis. So are the powerhouses. They do a variety of tricks. Of course it’s not magic. What the yogis do and what the magicians do are different from magic. It is also different from what these sorcerers do. It is a technique that they have learned through training of the breath through training of the body and training of the mind. The highest authority in Korea’s history of history is the missionary ambassador. He is a person who has reached the 30th degree. There are also people in Korea who specialize in traction. Speaking of the 1st level, if you accumulate one year of training, you will acquire the 1st level skills. After the 1nd and 2rd rounds, it’s the 3th, and the completion stage is the 30th, but when you reach this 30th stage of completion, it is said that you can fly. It is also said to cause fire. It is said that even if it goes into a fire, it does not burn to death. But I don’t know if that’s true. I’ve seen a 30th person. Even in the words of this 12th person, he is the disciple and the master disciple of the 12nd lecturer at Ganghwado Temple. He says he can kill or save a person a few meters away with his own height. I don’t know if that’s true. Because I haven’t checked it.

So, what about the magicians of that time who received professional training and stood before the king? Moreover, they had access to evil spirits. There are people who have developed themselves spiritually. Even in Korea, new shamans dance freely on the jakdu. Jakdu is a device that uses straw to feed cattle fodder in the countryside. It is thicker than a sword used in war and has a sharp tip. The shaman’s weight must still be around 50 kilograms, but with that weight, walking and dancing while walking on the shaman doesn’t hurt. There is no way to explain it other than that he came into contact with the spirit of a demon and showed his power. But what is the PD notebook that appears on the air? what? But what do you call it? It confuses me when I see you chasing you from there. However, what you come out through broadcasting is that they acknowledge the 4th dimension or the spiritual world, or if you know and acknowledge this invisible world and the spiritual world, you can dig deeper closer to the truth, but without knowing the spiritual world, you can dig deeper into the next world You should know that you cannot access the spiritual world because you do not know the spiritual world in a state where you do not acknowledge it, and you dig into the physical knowledge in a state where you do not acknowledge the world of demons. . It is only by knowing, acknowledging, and digging into such a world that we can get closer to it. Without knowing and not acknowledging such a world at all, we only see and believe what we see with our own eyes, and we explore the invisible world while seeing and believing only those that fit our knowledge. You should know that when you try to do it, you can never even get close to it. So you shouldn’t be deceived by it either.

When Adam was a man of spirit, he ruled over all animals. They were able to communicate not only with animals and birds, but also with plants such as trees. All things obeyed Adam, who had been established as the commander of all things. You can see all the names that Adam gave them, and you can see that they fell into temptation and ate the forbidden fruit because they talked with the serpent. However, as Adam disobeyed God, he became a man of the flesh and his spirit died, so he could no longer communicate. However, those who developed their own spirits like the magicians of Egypt. Of course, the development of this spirit is not the development of the spirit that belongs to the truth that belongs to God, but the development of the spirit that belongs to evil. People who have developed spirits can even talk to frogs.

Now, in China, there used to be people talking to birds. I don’t know now. It used to be. They even learn to talk to birds and call them in. They also control birds. In this way, through self-cultivation and the help of evil spirits, he was able to rise to the limit of the highest human abilities. But no more than that. Moses made all the waters of Egypt turn to blood by the work of God’s power. However, there were also many sewers in the Egyptian courts. The magicians simply chose one of them and turned it into blood. Moses also made it out of dust. But the sorcerers couldn’t do that. In other words, Moses, who received the power of God, made the waters of the whole country dyed with blood, but these magicians were unable to do so. They made it out of dust, but the magicians couldn’t do it. No matter how much a human being uses magic, it has its limits. However, there is no limit to the power of Almighty God who works through His servants. However, there are many cases of healing through God’s servants today. There are deceitful tricks and there are face tricks, that is, they do it by selling the name of God. However, it is not God’s history. There is a trick. There is also facelift. In some cases, the propaganda is exaggerated. There are also areas where the spirits of demons heal. Because the demon gives sickness, if the demon leaves, the disease will be cured, and of course it will not leave. If you know deeply, it’s only to quiet you down. There are diseases that can be controlled in this and that way. However, there are areas that can be healed only by the power of God, so no matter how powerful a person is, he cannot heal them up to that point. No matter how advanced science, no matter how advanced medicine, and how much the enemy devil inspires you, no matter how much you study and master the technique, there is a limit. There are limits that only God can do. In other words, it is impossible to save a dead life. It is impossible to have a life without it. Only God can do it, and only God can create something out of nothing. If you know that the nerves of our eyes have died, that is, if the nerves of our eyes are dead, then medicine and science cannot resurrect this dead itself. You do not have to accept Satan’s orders. Even drunkards can’t do it. Now, the legs are long on one side and short on the other. Then, naturally, you are bound to be lame. Now, if you die soon by the briquette gas, or if it’s been a few hours since you lost consciousness due to paralysis by the briquette gas, you can’t control this briquette gas. This is not something that can be heard because there is no life, so even Satan cannot work. So it cannot be defeated. Medicine cannot. Science can’t. A drunkard cannot. You will also see things that science cannot do that medicine cannot do because of things that are not germs. Now, these things can only be done by the power of God. Isn’t that kind of history always being given at this altar? You always see and hear that God’s power saves even life itself from death, whether caused by disease, disease or germs.

Even through this two-week revival meeting, your legs are getting longer, and if you want to make your legs longer, the bones themselves must be stretched. Also, the nerve tendons need to be stretched. So, there are two people who became normal after getting longer and shorter and those who became more accurate. This is something that one elder and all of our members have seen and confirmed with their own eyes. You are always seeing these countless things that only God can do that cannot be done with other science or medicine.

These ten plagues will also come upon Gentiles who do not believe in God. So you will be rewarded as much as you do for evil. If the parents are evil, it is either the parents or the children or the grandchildren. So, in Exodus 20:5, it is said in Exodus XNUMX:XNUMX, “I will pay for the sins of those who hate me, from father to son to the third and fourth generation.” I see that there are such people in our church as well. Parents are against God. oppose the church. Of course, those who oppose and oppose God are those who worship idols. It is an idol of the heart. Some people go directly to idols and bow down, but even if they don’t, they become idols in their hearts. They are idolized to themselves or to other knowledge. Therefore, they do not believe in God. Rather, they oppose God and oppose the church. So we see these cases of anger on their children. Families that worship idols have no peace. We see our children and grandchildren being born blind or otherwise crippled, or autism in many forms. You will see a lot of different calamities. Also, the family is not harmonious. However, the Word of God is a word given for believers to see and put aside unbelievers. why? Don’t unbelievers see? Do the believers not see the word of God and deal with it? There are people who want to believe again. Even though you and I are God’s children who believe in God, like unbelievers, these ten plagues can come. First, in the process of coming out to believe in the Lord, I will explain it by dividing it into three types. God threw his staff through Moses in front of Pharaoh and turned it into a serpent. At that time, drunkards could do the same. Then Moses’ serpent ate and ate the magicians’ serpents. The sorcerer’s serpent could not eat Moses’ serpent. The serpent of Moses, which turned into a serpent with the rod of Moses, ate the serpents of the magicians. Then why did God work with the serpent like this? The king is a person who does not know God and opposes God, so God cannot give blessings to such a person. That is why Satan is appearing. When I say serpent, I mean Satan. He made Satan the staff, the easiest and closest thing to Moses, so that they could testify of God.

So what would this be for today? If you are a beginner, please listen carefully. Also, those who have encountered calamity, those who are in the midst of trials and tribulations, and those who are facing calamity, I hope that you listen carefully and receive solutions to your problems. Either you have just received God or you have been evangelized by someone and have come to the temple of God. However, when I came to the Manmin Altar, I received a solution to any problem or test. Even though I don’t have faith, I was told to pray anyway, so I tried it once and received an answer as it is. Or maybe I haven’t experienced it myself, but I’ve seen others get it fixed. But when I think about it again over time, it seems that it was nothing more than a coincidence. There are also flocks of sheep that are returned by coincidence. On the other hand, there are such sheep who simply believe in God completely even after they have experienced problem solving once. One experience is enough. There are people who believe in God completely after experiencing it once. On the other hand, there are flocks of sheep who believe in surrender only after encountering a certain calamity. I mean, there are people like this who believe in their hearts only when they face some kind of disaster. If we become stronger than in the third case, that is, the flock that surrenders after encountering some kind of disaster and now believes in it, if we become stronger than in this case, we may encounter calamity and do not believe, but rather go against God and go down the path of eternal destruction like a king.

Our church sees people like that. Some people had a lot of laughs and reminded them many times, but they didn’t listen. If it’s a coincidence, that’s the problem. What will happen if I gradually fall into the world and distance myself from God? Instead of fully trusting and thanking you, you either doubt or turn to coincidence. Of course, God helped me, but I think my strength, my knowledge, and my experience also played a role. Even if a small amount of faith remains, it is not a firm faith, so it cannot become a faith that can be accepted by God. If this happens, the work of God who answered you before will become nothing. Therefore, God has no choice but to turn away from nature, and the problems that were solved in the past come back to us. If the disease is the same, it may recur again or the disease may be more severe than before. Our Lord also said. Even when a 38-year-old sick man met the Lord and was healed, the Lord speaks. Now do not sin again. He said that if you sin, something worse will happen to you than before. You are saying that this disease is caused by sin, and do not sin again. Then your soul is strong. However, when you sin again, you are saying that something worse than before will take advantage of you.

I heard this from the director this morning. You all know that the elder in Busan attended the revival crusade for two weeks in a row in May, received treatment, and gave his testimony. I couldn’t even eat. He was sentenced to death at the hospital. I have no choice but to die. But after hearing the rumors, I came to Manmin Church from Busan. So, I participated in the revival meeting for two weeks in a row, and now the date has come and I have fulfilled it, received treatment, testified before you, and went down. you went down Now, how are we going to live? I will deliver it this morning. It is said that the elder who went down has become more and more healthy and goes around to testify, and now he is faithful and glorifying, and he continues to express his gratitude in front of our church. So I said this to the director of the prayer center. Concerned, I asked if he had told me when he went down that I should never sin again. When people now meet God, receive grace, and receive such healing, they are full of evangelism and fullness, but as time goes by, things in the world take advantage of God’s disappointment again, and they are not relieved because the enemy devil is at work again. That’s the question I asked. When the elder came down, I asked him if he had to say this to keep him from sinning again and to be faithful to God, and he said yes.

If the disease has been cured, it may recur again or the disease may be more severe than before. If a business problem has been solved, the problem may arise again. You wonder if your business is thriving, and even worse, it goes bankrupt. This can apply to any of you. Moses threw his staff and made a serpent, did the king believe it? I wondered if there really was a God that Moses believed in, and he tried to believe. However, it turns out that the magicians they practice are also making snakes. I tried to believe in God’s work, but as time passes and I think about it in my head, it may be a coincidence, it may have been my experience or knowledge, or it may have been with the help of a neighbor. But Moses’ serpent ate the magician’s serpent. It’s stronger. So, even though I turned it into a coincidence, the problem was still solved, so I had some faith left, and the existence of God was affirmed. In other words, because the serpent of Moses’ staff ate the sorcerer’s serpent, even Pharaoh admits it to some extent. If he hadn’t done that, he would have completely ignored it, but because he ate it, his magicians were bitten by snakes, so God still admits a little but doesn’t obey this saying.

Then we will enter the first plague of blood. He struck the river with his staff, and all the waters of Egypt turned into blood. Drinking water is the closest thing to us and it is a necessary condition for us, so this means a problem directly related to us. How painful it must be to not be able to drink the water you absolutely need. Also, you cannot catch and eat fish from the water, and besides, every water has a stench, which is very dirty and painful. What if a test like this comes from close friends, parents, family members, relatives, or close neighbors to a new believer? In a new believer’s state of faith, these things become irritating and painful. If you look at your level of faith now, there is nothing like that, but new believers are different.

However, there are two cases where this test comes. First, since I have forms of evil, temptation comes as much as the appearance of evil. In this case, if I repent and turn back, the disaster will be removed. But that’s not the case, and even though I try to believe in God and love God, there are times when tests come. It is Satan’s blasphemy, trying to steer us away from our faith when we are still weak. However, in any case, if you diligently discover your evil form, turn around, repent, and boldly take the test and overcome it, you will be able to win without any doubt. If you simply fall, be deceived, and compromise, you will not be able to receive a solution to your problem, and you will not be able to receive blessings. If you keep going out like that, you will fall under the power of Satan and completely depart from God’s grace, and there are many cases where you fall into the world. God is alive. If you pray in faith, give thanks and rejoice without compromising with the world, your temptations will be cleared away.

Just as Moses’ serpent ate and ate the magician’s serpent, so all Satan’s worlds are under God’s control. Also, when Moses killed the serpent, the serpent became a staff again. So, if you believe in the power of Almighty God, you can go out with full dependence on it. In other words, even if Satan works, just as Moses took up the serpent and became a staff again, if you show your faith, you can see that if you fully rely on God, He will restore it to its original state. Because compromise is not faith, you cannot experience God’s work. When temptation comes, we must be able to see the power of God who takes the test by completely relying on God. No matter how good your faith is, trials will come. The Apostle Paul also overcame temptation, so power came, and revival was possible, and he was able to spread the gospel widely to the Gentiles as well. The Bible tells us that Jesus was also tempted by the devil. And all our prophets were tested. A test came to Daniel, and a test came to Daniel’s three friends. However, when they did not compromise, did not compromise with the world, did not depend on the world, but showed their full faith and depended on God, they overcame them with gratitude and went forward in the truth of God. you can see things It was possible to give great glory to God and rise to a stronger position. Jeremiah is said to be a prophet of tears. He was sold and even went to jail. But what happened when Jerusalem was captured by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon? Others were taken captive and killed, but Jeremiah was given preferential treatment. King Nebuchadnezzar had specially ordered his servants to do good to Jeremiah. God did not command Abraham to sacrifice his only son, Isaac, because he had the appearance of evil. How wonderfully blessed were you when you passed that test with bold obedience? You can see that there was no mobilization of carnal thoughts, no evil at all, no blaming God, and only complete obedience. In that case, you can see the blessing of Jehovah Jireh. For those who believe in this way, there will be no problem even when trials come. Through this altar, all of you have experienced the same. Even when many trials come, when you go out with full dependence on God in faith, you can see that all the enemies and devils have fallen and, on the contrary, they work together for good, receive blessings, and return their glory.

Last night too, at twelve o’clock at night, the head of our Planning Department and a member of the Ministry of Finance came and talked to each other. If you look at the True Manmin Church, it is impossible for people to think that it is impossible, difficult and difficult, but after a while it all goes on very well. It is said that God is with us to solve really difficult problems because we cannot understand it with the mind of man. But for those of you who believe, there will be no problem even if temptation comes, but please do not receive calamity. only disaster. God gives trials, but only disasters do not come. Disaster comes because of my fault. There is no disaster when there is no fault. It gives you a test, not a disaster. Now, when Abraham was obedient when he sacrificed Isaac, did calamity come upon him? Rather, can’t you see that Jehovah received a great blessing? A great test has come to the prophet Daniel. Tribulation has come. But did disaster come? I was thrown into the lions’ den, and the lion bit me? caught and killed? I couldn’t bite, I couldn’t catch and kill. When we went out without compromising with the world and completely relying on God, it seemed that trials and tribulations came, but no disasters came. In the end, we can see that we worked together for good, glorified God, and received more recognition and blessing. Daniel’s three friends were also thrown into the furnace, but disaster did not come. Yes, is it on fire? It didn’t even burn. You can see that God protected them so that they did not burn at all and did not burn, but rather received the king’s trust and love and glorified God. Yes, don’t take the disaster. Disaster comes because I have the form of evil. However, this will also go away if I repent quickly, repent thoroughly, pray and show faith. However, it is not easy to recover 100%, so it is better not to face disaster at all.

When the staff became a snake, I picked it up again and it became a staff. You, too, will be restored to the original state from the light disasters in the beginning. However, when faced with a great calamity, if you repent and turn back, God will restore you to the original state, but wouldn’t it be different from the original restoration? I mean, I saw something different from the original. So, we will have to make sure we don’t encounter any disaster at all… .(End of Tape A side)

(Start on Tape B side)… .I will tell you about the second plague, the frog plague. The frog also means Satan. In Revelation 16:13 we find the expression three unclean spirits like frogs. That is, three unclean spirits like frogs. Frogs are very disgusting and belong to the abominations in the Old Testament. I’ve heard that some people eat frogs as food today, but most of you probably find frogs disgusting. Last year, at the retreat last year, I asked this question in our student book. What is the dirtiest thing in this world? When I asked what was the most disgusting and dirty, they said cockroaches. Many students say they are cockroaches. Of course, the cockroaches were the most common. Guys, aren’t cockroaches small? They crawl around a little bit, and they say it’s scary and creepy, but aren’t frogs big? Think for a moment that this big frog crawls over your table or in your bedroom, crawls into your bed, and swarms your kitchen. Can you eat rice? Can you sleep? But if you like frogs, they will try to catch them and try to catch them again. It is said that frogs enter palaces, bedrooms, beds, servants’ houses, and people. This refers to the whole of mankind. These words apply to everyone, high and low, rich and poor. No matter how high a person or a king is, have you not seen that the King Sejo suffers from disaster? Haven’t you seen it go to the whole family? Don’t you see that he is always working on Han Myung-hoe? I see one dear brother die, then his daughter dies, and his son-in-law dies and continues to suffer from disaster. I see myself being caught several times, being beaten, even on the verge of death, and arrows fly in and dodge it, and I always get hurt. Yes, these words apply to everyone, high and low, rich and poor.

Also, it is said that it goes into the oven and the rice cake batter bowl, but the rice cake batter bowl refers to our daily bread, and the oven refers to the workplace and business place. It is difficult to bear if Satan works in your home, in your room, in your bedroom, and even in your business, workplace, and daily bread to cause chaos.

You believed in Jesus, but your husband, who was faithful, suddenly has an affair. What the husband said is that you are having an affair because you go to church. Do you really have a husband to cheat on because you go to church? Whether I was secretly cheating or not, the reason I did this and that was revealed as an excuse to go to church. Because I went to church, would the person who didn’t cheat on me cheat on me? But I see church making excuses. So I see you’re trying to subdue. You cheat because you go to church. There are people who say that if you sin and your wife is now found out, and you don’t go to Manmin Church, I won’t have an affair. go to another church. What is it? I know there is life here. I know that wonders and signs of God’s work take place here. points out sin. So it’s scary. I want to commit a sin, but pointing out a sin is scary. That is why they are forced to leave the living church. Let them go to a place where they are not afraid even if they sin and live in darkness. In the end, it leads to the path of death. You are having an affair because you go to this church. However, if you pass this test, you will distance yourself from the church. This would be the case when Satan caused a disturbance in the bedroom. How many quarrels and quarrels do you have in your bedroom, divorce or separation, and all sorts of strange things going on with your parents? These tests come from all over the place. But this is also because you have the appearance of evil. Yes, when it turns out like this, don’t you know? I used to think I loved God, but I thought I believed in God well, but I thought I went to heaven with hope. I find that the heart that loved God, the faith that said I believed in God, and the faith that said that I was leaving my hope in heaven, were not found in me. I don’t know what to do. I can’t be restless. You have to suffer because you are in pain. There’s no reason why it should be. There is no reason for my spirit to suffer because of the flesh. God is still our Father, and He still loves and protects me, but there is still heaven, and if I am still unmoved and have faith, I am going to heaven. There is an eternal heaven where we will not see this betrayal like this. The joy and gratitude of believing in God are gone. You will discover how poor it was to say that you had hoped in heaven, that you truly believed in God. It clearly shows in front of the groom how much I have adorned my bridegroom for Jesus.

However, if you change the form of your evil, repent, and stand right in front of God, you will be able to dispel all Satan’s blasphemy and protect you with the Holy Spirit’s fire wall. However, even though it is not a form of evil, there are cases where God allows us to test our faith and Satan works. What should I do if I try to love God, worship God diligently, and live a religious life? Rather, if we defeat and overcome Satan’s forces through prayer, God will work together for good and bless us. So the husband will go to church and the wife will receive Jesus. So, if you truly have faith, if you rejoice, watch and pray, and give thanks no matter what trials come, all your problems will be solved. A person with the appearance of evil is not happy no matter how much he tries to please him. However, those who do not have the appearance of evil can naturally rejoice, pray without ceasing, and give thanks in everything.

There are cases like this. The couple was evangelized and left the church. The husband tried to lead a good life of faith, but the wife did not, so it was a coincidence, and disaster came in the end. It may affect your children, and if your wife has a business, you may be involved in the business or some kind of disease may come to the wife herself. So what about your husband? Inevitably, you will suffer a little. However, if you are thankful and think that your wife will be broken through this disaster and come into the faith, you will build a beautiful family according to that faith, and it will become a family that pleases God. Had it not been for disaster, the wife could have turned her back on God forever, but given the opportunity to turn her back on her, it is natural to be grateful and rejoice.

We have a family like this in our church. My husband makes good money. And my wife has faith. It is the belief that can become the head of the agency. The headmaster would have done it too. It is the belief that you can become a regional leader. There is a daughter who can become a straight regional leader in the church and who can be loyal to God as a head of an organization. But they start to get preoccupied with making money. Naturally, we neglect the work of God. I can make a living, my husband’s income is enough, and my wife is a worker with faith that can even work as a regional manager, but I cannot do God’s work because I am immersed in worldly affairs. But the test came. Satan works. It works for my husband. My husband’s workplace is now starting to crumble. The husband begins to stray. You will have to think about why you have come to this conclusion. Why did you get this result? You should think about why God couldn’t protect you. You have to think about what has become an idol, and if you truly have enough faith in the position of a wife and have been faithful to God over time as a worker, then God would have made her husband more prosperous, and would have given her more faith and blessed her to be used as a true pillar. It must have made the business place more on fire, but because it didn’t, they even sold off her husband’s faith, and I also see these families that went down the path of destruction due to the work of Satan. Even though I laughed a few times, I woke up again.

If you say you don’t have faith, worry and anxiety will follow you, but if you have faith, you can rejoice even when trials and tribulations come. You know what you are saying. If I say that calamity has come, I must repent and turn around. If I say that trials and tribulations, not disasters, have come, if I make a mistake, I must repent and turn around so that the trials and tribulations leave. Rather, we should overcome by doing so, work together for good, and receive blessings by giving glory to God. Therefore, there will be no trials or disasters or problems, only faith is the problem. I will pray. We will pray together as we ponder the Word.


Hallelujah Thank you Lord for your grace and love. Father God, I want you to bless me so that I can deeply engrave the words I heard today in my heart and feed them into my heart. Lord, I want you to help me not to fall into tribulation, help me not to encounter calamities, and to give me grace and faith to immediately repent and turn back when I encounter calamities.

Father sees no calamity come without fault. Obviously we see disaster coming because we have lived in darkness. Father God, Father God! If you encounter a calamity, repent quickly and turn around and the calamity will go away and help you completely If you come when you are not here, I want you to be happy and thankful, Father, you will receive the test that you have given me well, work together for good, and give glory to the saints who are blessed. thank you. Alone be glorified, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen

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