Title: Grievance Calls Trials 1994. 12. 4.

Exodus 16:1-3, 21-30

There is no title for today’s text, but please change the title to “Resentment calls for trials.” Exodus is not a title. So far, I have preached the ten plagues and the Exodus. Today we will end our sermon on the Exodus.

After crossing the Red Sea, the Israelites had no water for three days and found bitter water at Marah. The people complained, so Moses cried out to the LORD, and the LORD turned the bitter water into sweet water. Shortly thereafter, all the congregation of the children of Israel departed from Elim and came to the Wilderness of Sin between Elim and Mount Sinai, on the fifteenth day of the second month after they came out of Egypt. So, how long has it been since the Exodus? On what day of the first month were you told to slaughter the lamb? It’s the 14th when the sun goes down. He told them to catch them and eat them whole that night. So, on the 15th day, they came out of Egypt excitedly. But now it is February 2th, so a month has passed since the Exodus. So all the food they brought with them when they left Egypt ran out. Previously, they complained against Moses because there was no water to drink, but now there is no food to eat, so the people are again complaining against Moses and Aaron. If we had stayed in Egypt, we would have been able to eat meat and bread to our full satisfaction, but they are complaining and groaning as to why they lead us to the wilderness and make us die of hunger. Dear saints, do you hate their actions? don’t you hate it? They are familiar with the ten plagues. He also saw with his own eyes the parting of the Red Sea and saw the Egyptian army being drowned in the water. A month ago, I drank bitter water turned into sweet water. But how long have you been resenting and groaning again?

But so are you. It is the same today. I have seen and heard of many cases where the dead came to life after being prayed for. I have also seen or heard of a person possessed by a demon. He witnessed and experienced many articles and signs with his own eyes. You have personally seen, experienced, and heard many articles and signs that cannot be understood by human thought, and that cannot be understood by medicine or science. Nevertheless, when trials or difficulties come to you, why do you hear groans or murmurs? It was good when I was in the world, but why am I going to church and experiencing this hardship? But just as they suffered in the past, they are still suffering today. You are not suffering because you came to church. The church is rather a place where problems are solved. It is clearly promised in the Word of God. In Deuteronomy 28, it is a blessing to enter, a blessing to go out, a blessing not to borrow even though it lends, a blessing to become a head, as in 2 John XNUMX, as the soul prospers, everything goes well and you are in good health. Be according to your beliefs. Everything is a promise of blessing, and there is no such thing as difficulties when you come to church. Then you are just going through the hardships you faced in the past, but when you come to church and your souls prosper, you will receive blessings according to the word. It is as it was before. That’s why they’re just experiencing the pain they experienced in the past. However, if you come to church and listen to God’s word and obey it, and your soul will prosper, and you will have spiritual beliefs, no one will be able to deny that God blesses you according to your prayers according to your faith. There is nothing particularly difficult about coming to church. The people of Israel are also saying that the world is better now. They say that Egypt, where they were slaves and slaves, was better. Even today, people without faith say that. It used to be better, but it’s hard now. So you mean the darkness was good? Was it good to be in the hands of the enemy devil? Was it good to go the way of death? How could such a word come out? Now you know life, you know eternal life, you know Heaven, and you know that God the Creator is our Father and that Jesus is our Savior. Would you say that it is good to be in the hands of the enemy devil? It’s death, going to hell. Would you say it’s good? It can’t be. To say that very thing, to think that way, doesn’t that mean that you have no faith at all? That is why the difficulties of the past are still being faced today. In other words, even if you become a child of God, you will not be able to deny yourself that you are a perfect child, that is, a child recognized by God, and that the Father is not truly my father even though you call your own Father God the Creator.

So, can you find faith in them? They saw the parting of the Red Sea and saw the bitter waters turn into sweet waters. That is why we know with our heads that God lives. However, they could not conceive spiritual faith in their hearts. Seen through the eyes of faith, the world is never a better place. You have come to church and have gained so much value. They are those who have received the true life, have received eternal life, and are living with the hope of going to heaven where they will live happily ever after. When we did not know God, no matter how well we ate and lived, we were just on the way to destruction. Also, he was just walking in his sins. was a sinner. Eventually you will go to hell. However, no matter how poor you are on this earth, if you say you will enter the eternal kingdom of heaven, wouldn’t that be the most valuable treasure? You are familiar with the parable of the rich man and the beggar Lazarus in Luke 16. The beggar Lazarus was embraced by Abraham, but the rich man eventually fell into hell. While pondering in the midst of the flames of hell, looking at Lazarus in Abraham’s arms, he dips the tip of his finger in a drop of water and asks him to cool his tongue a little. In other words, our Lord is saying how painful the Hades are. Come on everyone! Who was happy? When he lived on this land, the rich man must have made a very funny way and looked down on the beggar who licked the boils and ate them at the gate of his house. But now things are different. When I left this earth, when God called my soul, the situation completely changed 180 degrees. This rich man will only envy Lazarus the beggar forever and ever, and he must live in pain where he cannot get a drop of water, but that is also when he was in Hades. Now, when the Millennium Kingdom ends and the Great White Throne Judgment ends, when they fall into Hellfire, it is a fact that they will have to suffer for ever and ever in eternal fire maggots that are hundreds of times more painful than that. How much would the rich man envy the beggar Lazarus? After leaving this earth, when God called for his soul, he saw this rich beggar Lazarus and now he was in a position to envy forever. What good is it that you were rich in the past, now that you don’t even get a drop of water? What good is it to have been honored in the past, and to what use to have power in the past? In the past, no matter how rich I was, what would be the use of living in contact? But Lazarus, who was a beggar, could live a happy life forever without tears or sorrow.

If it were you, which one would you choose? Of course, if I told each of you individually, I would call you Lazarus the beggar. Then why do you envy the rich who do not know God? Do you envy those of honor and authority? I’m not envious at all. It’s true. After accepting God, I have never been envious of any honor, authority, or wealth. I envy and love people who believe in God, people who love God, and people who have faith. What honor and power do you have? I’m not envious. The people I envy are people who love God and are loved. Even if you live as a beggar on this earth, it is faith that chooses the path of true life and eternal life.

Many people in our church have now visited many honorable, powerful, and wealthy people in the world, but that is the reason I do not associate with them. I am envious because the people I can truly love are those who know God, those who love God, and those who have faith. But there are also those who need to receive God and glorify God now. For such people, I always pray. The people of Israel are showing that they do not have this kind of faith, because they say that the world was better because they could not endure the pain for a while on the way to the land of Canaan. Then, why is God giving manna to those who are complaining even after experiencing such great experiences? The same is true in front of the Red Sea and in Marah. Although the Israelites complained, God parted the Red Sea and turned the bitter water into sweet water. Why would you? Why are you giving me manna? Manna refers to a small, round, frost-like thing that remains on the ground of the wilderness after the morning dew has dried and becomes food for the Israelites. God has chosen the Israelites as His chosen people and is leading them to the land of Canaan. Through this chosen people, God wants to reveal the glory of God and to show the existence of God to all parts of the world. So, he is now leading them to the land of Canaan through the pulpit. But there is no food to eat in the wilderness. So, of course, God must provide it. It is not good to grumble because it is evidence of their lack of faith, but God has to give them something to eat and practice them.

Now, how much did God’s heart hurt when they complained like this? You think for a moment. How sick were you? How do I feel when I blame God, the church, and the pastor because our faith is so lacking? Will you be very upset? would it be painful? Will it be hard? How do you know? How do you know my heart? no. So is the heart of our God. Now, what do you mean? If King David had complained about God, what would our God’s heart be like if he said that he lamented? were you sick? Were you in pain? Yes, if King David had complained to God, God would have suffered. You must have been in pain. David is going into sin. Yes, the Bible clearly describes what God said to David when David sinned. You can see that God is very angry. But instead of being angry with these people, God gave them manna, and through Moses and through Moses, we could see that He was forgiving, understanding, and guiding them through God’s omnipotence and omnipotence.

Now, will I suffer when people who do not know our God well and those who have become new believers complain and lament because of strength? It’s not like they’re shaking their heads because it’s not the people in front of them. Why? Yes, because I understand. Because I understand their hearts. Because they do not yet have faith, because they have not yet met God, because they have not experienced it, because they do not have spiritual faith, they believe that it can happen in an unbelievable situation. They are growing in faith, but through the podium, they have not yet reached that point because they do not know it, because they do not believe it now, so I understand and understand this. That’s why I don’t suffer or struggle because of it. However, it is very painful and painful when those who became church workers, servants of the Lord, elders, priests, deacons, or workers, those who know God enough, and those who say they have faith do such actions. Because that’s not within the scope of understanding, so it can only be called evil. Do you know how much my heart hurts if our elders miss one worship service? When it crosses over once, twice, or three times, you have no choice but to erase it from your mind. why? I can’t continue to suffer, so I say hello two or three times at first. But when it goes beyond that category, you have to erase it from your mind, because if you continue to suffer, it’s harmful to your body and it’s harmful to all of you. Isn’t it the same when we are being tried before our God? When our God also forgives, disciplines, and does not listen to us in various ways, isn’t it right in the book of Hebrews?

Now, when you give them food and give them manna like this, you practice them, so that God can be glorified and God’s existence can be known to the whole world through the people of Israel. Because the people of Israel could not conceive of faith, they could not show their gratitude and joy when difficulties came this time as well. But still, they believed in Moses and followed him. And they are coming along the way in the wilderness without departing. So, even if they did not have faith conceived in their hearts, it could be said that they had a small, still small faith in their hearts. God sees this and provides food to them. So are you. Even if you groan and grumble once in a while and still do not stand in the perfect rock of faith, God does not let you go hungry when you go to church, attend worship, and obey. Even though we are testing you in order to gain complete salvation and to have the faith like gold that can enter the land of Canaan blessings, you are being refined by supplying us with food. When God calls Abraham and he refines it, isn’t it because he is with him and blesses him? By the way, folks, aren’t there some people who continue to receive the refinement without receiving any blessings when they receive it? Why? Abraham received refinement, but why did he receive refinement while receiving blessings? Always be obedient. Because God is pleased because you go out in obedience, He gives you blessings and refines you. Even when the king loses his wife, don’t they work together for good and receive great blessings through it? Even if Lot, his nephew, is captured, the next result is rather a great blessing, and is it not Abraham who is rather revered by kings? This means that God is always with us and gives us blessings as we practice. why? This is because the heart of Abraham is the faith of Abraham, the heart and faith of obedience. But God could not bless you when you went disobeying. Rather, there was no choice but to follow punishment. So anyway, in order to go to heaven, you are undergoing refinement in order to receive refinement and to have faith like gold, to become a child of light, to become a child of God, to lead you to the people of the kingdom of heaven. If you receive it, don’t you move forward with God’s love and blessings? But because it is the opposite, you will be disciplined and suffer pain, and yet repent and do not turn back, you will continue to grumble and groan and grumble against God or the church or the pastor, or the regional manager, or the agency head, or the brother of faith. It’s possible. You will have to look at yourself. I will have to see how evil I am in the sight of God. A person who truly has complete faith does not have to worry, worry, or worry even when he is in a difficult situation. Because we believe in Almighty God. I also did not experience any difficulties because my heart was always the center of loving and obedience to God when I just received God and received refinement for three years. God who provided Elijah through a raven, He has always provided me through a Gentile. If there was nothing to eat tomorrow, he would provide food through a stranger the night before, and sometimes he would provide him with food for a day, sometimes for a week, and sometimes for a month. But now, when I was called as a servant and planted a church, God called the Gentiles to receive God, save their families, and then blessed me as a great church worker. how grateful You will see that God has nothing for free. Because we believe in the God who parted the Red Sea, the God who turned the bitter water into sweet water, and the God who raises the dead, no matter what circumstances they fall into, those who have faith do not have to worry, worry, or worry. It is believing in the power of God to bring you back up quickly even if your business is ruined.

Then why did the business go bankrupt? Is it God’s fault? Did God do that? no. He himself made it that way. Because I didn’t put God first, because I didn’t do what I believed and the truth It’s not that you ruined it, I mean.

Last Friday all night. Last Friday all night, so yesterday morning. Yesterday. As I was leaving after Friday night, someone asked me to pray. Some children ask their children to pray. When you look at it, they say that there is just a bump on the face around the eyes and the ears are also stuffy. So why did this happen? When I asked him, the answer was that he was from the countryside, and he said, ‘My eyes have become like this after receiving the phone call from the chairman of the church.’ It’s amazing. Child, I am being prayed for to be healed, and I am testifying that I have been healed without you or me. So, no, then there must be a reason for praying, right? I did. Then, what happened to your eyes? Now something like crumbs. Oh, and then it happened because I prayed. From what I saw, it wasn’t just a crumb. It is a crumb that is just spreading. What do you have a little child? spread all over the body. I mean that’s it. It just stinks and spreads out when you touch it, and it spreads when you touch it. But will he have any faith when he sees those lips that speak? Whose words must have been heard and prayed for? Do you have any faith in this? Rather, it was because I got a call. Ah, I received a call about that, and I don’t believe it, so it’s just spreading as it used to. I’m a young child with deaf ears and sick here and there. I declined and went down. why? The gift was not acceptable to God, nor was it a gift of faith, so he refused and went down. Even if the business went bankrupt, it was his fault and his fault. Did God do it? However, if you believe in Jesus right away, God’s Word has only the promise of blessings. In Deuteronomy 28, if you listen to God’s word, keep it, do it, and obey it, you will be blessed when you enter, and when you go out, even if you lend, you will become the head without borrowing. In 2 John XNUMX, as the soul prospers, so in all things prosper and be in good health. And do according to your beliefs. If you ask and pray, everything will be answered. If you ask for anything that is worthy of my heart, I will give it to you. Also, believe that what you have believed and prayed for has been answered, and it will come true. Everything is a promise of blessing. How can you believe in God and come to church that it is wrong? Such words cannot exist. It is his own fault and his own fault.

If I stand on the rock of faith and become a child that pleases God by acting right in front of God, then God can work for me even in the moment. However, those who do not yet have such faith are bound to become anxious, anxious, and worried. That’s why you receive the refinement and go out. The people of Israel just stood still, but God sent manna down from heaven. Then, if we are just praying and singing in church, will God give us something to eat? It is not. Because they were walking in the wilderness, God sent manna down from heaven. They had no land to cultivate, no work place, and no resting place. And they had to go out that day and gather the manna. But it was also hard work and hard work. It doesn’t happen automatically. The same is true today. God has also given us manna.

In John 1:10, it is clearly stated that the world, the whole universe, was created through Jesus Christ. Therefore, our daily bread was simply given to us by God. In Genesis 1:29, God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole face of the earth, and every tree that bears fruit with seed, and it will be your food.” But since Adam was cursed for disobedience, it says in Genesis 3:19 that we can eat food only through sweat on our faces. sweat should flow It’s not just something you get for free. Naturally, on our part, we had to work hard to reap it. That is why the lazy person is not supposed to get it, but to earn it abundantly as much as he is diligent and live. So are you. Lazy people don’t get it. But those who are diligent are blessed.

Now, how can the soul prosper without being diligent? How can you be loyal to all your house without being diligent? How can we keep the kingdom of God and righteousness without being diligent? Are you stuck in the world? At home, I am bound as a father, as a mother, as a child, and as a parent. If we are bound here and there, how can we achieve the kingdom of God and righteousness without being diligent? How can you fight sin without being diligent? A lazy person can’t do it. However, the diligent person is faithfully loyal to the whole house, whether he watches Daniel all night, fasts, or prays. We pray, evangelize, fight sin, and work hard. Therefore, our souls are going well, and we can see that God is with us, and we are loved and blessed.

There are three new diocesan bishops this time, and they are not even those you called as evangelists. Now that I have entered the path of the Lord’s servant, I have not been called to be an evangelist. However, because I received God’s approval, I was called, and the Holy Spirit was in charge, and the church and the members of the church were in charge of their families. Now they are on their way as God’s servants. So, we were together from XNUMX to XNUMX in the afternoon, but there are some newly appointed diocesan bishops who are talking. that I am so happy Another diocesan bishop has been reporting what he has been visiting. Yes, I am very happy and good. Even in the content of the letter. I’m so happy. so happy I didn’t know this road could be this happy. From morning till late at night, you must have been visiting so that your legs and feet swell, but now you have to work for the Federation and other fields. I’m happy though. When I go to visit the sheep, how much they love me, how happy they are, and how happy I must be when I repent in tears. I am happy and happy to plant the word in those sheep and teach them to improve their souls. On the cross where the Lord said we were thirsty, our Jesus who said we were thirsty, this cry quenches that thirst, so why not be happy? Why aren’t you happy? Also, why not be happy when the flock are waiting and waiting for the saints to love them and come to visit them? Those flocks are also planted as gifts, and they are also planted with gratitude because they are so happy and happy. So, I’ve been writing down everything I planted.

Some God’s workers are happy, happy, and good to work for God like this, so they can run all day and night, and they also have families. I have a husband. I have a child. I have parents. Still, working for the kingdom of God and righteousness is so enjoyable and happy, but it is in stark contrast to some people who have a hard time, are in pain, are suffering, and do not want to go to visits. You will have to realize it. You will have to reflect. There must be a history of thoroughly breaking through hearing these words.

Now, by the way, he told me to go out and eat manna every day for six days, and the seventh day is the Sabbath, so do not work and rest. He was told to harvest twice as much on the sixth day and eat from it even on the Sabbath. However, some of the people did not keep this law and went out to gather on the seventh day. Are there any of you as well? This is the Sabbath, so they come before the Lord to worship, then take it and go to work. go pick it up Even so, there are people who say that they believe in God, but there is no answer to their prayers? Now, I went out and looked, did the manna fall on the seventh day? didn’t you get off? It is written in the bible that it did not fall. Their manna was the manna that the Lord gave us today, the spiritual manna and manna to save other flesh. This manna to save the flesh did not fall on the Sunday Sabbath. You didn’t get it again. didn’t make it work. It is the same today.

In John 6:48-51, “Jesus said, I am the bread of life. Your fathers ate the manna in the wilderness, but they died, but this is the bread that came down from heaven.” That is, our Lord is the bread that came down from heaven. so that they may eat and not die. Isn’t it different from the manna of the Old Testament? Meet the New Testament. I am the living bread that came down from heaven; if anyone eats this bread, he will live forever. If you eat the bread the Lord has given you, you will live forever. The bread that I will give is my flesh for the life of the world, even for our life. This living bread that our Lord has given us. Manna, the living bread, is the bread of life. If we eat this bread, we will live forever. But what is this very bread that the Lord has given you? I say this is my age. It is said that we must eat the living bread, that is, the flesh of Jesus Christ, to have eternal life. The flesh of the Lord who became flesh means the truth of God. Manna is for our flesh. Are you living for the flesh? Or are you living for eternal life? The manna of the Old Testament was for the flesh. And why do you come to church? He comes to church in order to receive the true life and go to the path of eternal life. Exodus 12 tells us to eat the lamb. The reference to the Lamb Jesus Christ has been detailed before. But eat the whole head, intestines, and shins over a fire, and eat them all before morning. Diligently told me to eat before morning. Its spiritual meaning has been explained before.

Come on everyone! In obedience to the Lord’s word, the whole head, intestines, and shin were roasted and eaten. Do you have anything to lament? Do you have anything to worry about? Is there something that you ask for and don’t get an answer for? Do you have any disease? Is your business difficult? Thousands of words So, is God’s promise wrong? You can never do that. I have believed in God for over 20 years, but I have never seen anyone break the covenant. You have worked as you said. Also, you know me well because you watch me. You all know how much God loves me, and the workers around me always admire and admire God’s work with their eyes.

Last Friday, I visited the XNUMXth Division, the front-line XNUMXth Division, and I was so happy to see the people who were with us. This is the first time I went to the military unit after I received the Lord, but when I went last Friday, a hundred military police officers came out and escorted me in, and the division commander greeted me. I visited without knowing anything, but the director’s wife held my hand and never let go of how much she loved me. Even when all the soldiers are there, they hold my hand and walk away and don’t let go. Since the ranks of the soldiers are so low, the commander-in-chief’s wife is leaving, so they sit still. Hold my hand and don’t let go. Even if I go out and take a picture, I stand in the middle and hold my hand… (End of Tape A side)

… .(Start Tape B side)… You don’t know how many times you confess to me that you love me because I’m embarrassed to take the picture. Also, when I go to the colonel or someone like this, the colonel appears. Then again, the colonel did the same. ‘I really longed for Pastor Jaerock Lee. I wanted to see you. Every week in the pastor’s newspaper, I read a sermon every week.’ And I don’t know how much I like it. I don’t know how many people like it. So man, I have so many fans both in the military and at the forefront. There are so many people who love and yearn for me, even in high-ranking places. How grateful I was. You guys will be able to watch it on Friday night video. those looks. How many people love and like you. So I cut the cake there too, and I cut it with a military knife while holding hands with the warden. Turn off the fire on the cake. Yes, I see that everything is a blessing when our God is with us.

So, as the Lord said, the whole head, intestines, and shins were to be roasted over the fire and eaten all over the fire before morning came. Those who are diligent in chores don’t have to worry, worry, what to worry about, what to worry about disease, and what to worry about business. What do you mean by this God will bless you in all things, but even if you can’t hold your head or eat your intestines or shins and eat them, you should cook them over a fire, but it’s useless because you boiled them in water or ate them raw. Clearly, God’s Word said to eat it by roasting it with fire. It means that you can receive all the promises of God’s blessings because you need to roast them for digestion, food becomes life, and your soul prospers. This is an obvious fact. Aren’t many people experiencing it? When the sun rises, it is morning. When the Lord returns to this earth, it is already too late. That is why we must diligently eat the truth of God’s Word. You must eat diligently before calling on my soul. But when do you eat? They were told to work hard for six days and gather manna for the flesh, and rest on the seventh day.

In Matthew 12:8, “The Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath” This means that our Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath. In other words, eating the flesh of Jesus Christ, the Lord of the Sabbath, is the true Sabbath. Because it becomes the true life for us and becomes the way to eternal life. So, by eating the word of truth with me before the Lord on Sunday, we have eternal life and can enjoy true rest.

From verse 21, the crowds gathered each morning according to their food, and when the sun was scorching, it was destroyed. That is, there was no trace. And on the sixth day each man gathered twice as much food, two omers per piece. And all the leaders of the congregation came and told Moses, and Moses said to them, Thus saith the LORD. Tomorrow is a rest, a holy sabbath to the LORD. In other words, today, Sunday, in the world’s words, Sunday is the very Sunday. Well, today is a rest, a holy Sabbath to our Heavenly Father. Bake what you want to bake, boil what you want to boil, and keep the rest for yourselves until morning. They kept it until morning, as Moses had commanded, but there was no smell, and there were no worms. Originally, they were told to gather only what to eat that day every morning. However, if they did not obey and harvested too much out of greed and left it until the next morning, there were always bugs and smells. It’s the same today. When the people of God are conceived with lust and do it with greed, there is no answer. Doesn’t the book of James say that you ask and do not receive because you do not ask, and you do not receive because you ask with greed? However, on the sixth day, the day before the Sabbath, even though they had harvested twice as much, the next morning they did not eat insects or smell. If you just follow the word of God, you will be protected and that is a blessing.

Moses said, Eat it today. Today is a sabbath to the LORD, and you will not find it in the field today. We are told not to work on the Sabbath for our daily bread. Six days ye shall gather it, but the seventh day is a sabbath, and there shall be none of it. That is, he went out to work on the Sabbath. Oops, I went to work and made money. Thousands of words all are taken away. collapses. Do you know why the trial tribulation is coming? Why do diseases come? Why are you in an accident? It will all be taken away. The enemy the devil will not leave you alone. it will be wiped out Because of this, trials and tribulations, accidents, and many other things happen. Yes, it is said that the seventh day is a sabbath, and there are none on that day, but on the seventh day some of the people went out to gather, and did not find it. The LORD said to Moses, How long will you not keep my commandments and my laws? Our saints, how long will you not keep God’s commandments and laws? For those who do not follow what most people say, did I mention the month of January of this year? After God said it was the year of blessing, what did God say every week in January? He also gave the word of the Sabbath and the word of tithing, so don’t you continue to teach it? keep it Then I will bless you. Those who keep it are blessed with many blessings this year, so you will know that the tithe on this altar has increased tremendously this year. That’s proof. It is proof that God has blessed you. Because our finances have increased by 27%. in this year. This means that finances have grown from 1% to 1% in another year, now 100% in this year.

see it The LORD gives you a sabbath, and on the sixth day he gives you food for two days; each of you must be in his place, and on the seventh day no one shall come out of his place. Therefore the people rested on the seventh day. In Old Testament times, Saturday was the Sabbath. However, on the first day after the Sabbath, Sunday, when our Lord gave us hope through His resurrection, became the Lord’s Day, or Sunday. And the Lord of the Sabbath is our Jesus. Shouldn’t this day be the Sabbath, when he rose from the dead and broke the authority of death and gave us hope and faith in heaven and hope and faith in the resurrection on the day of his resurrection? Also, because the Lord of the Sabbath is our Lord, it is the Word. So, on this Sunday, we come to the temple of the Lord, worship in spirit and in truth, sing praises and pray, and eat the word of God, the flesh of our Lord. Baby, what do you believe in moderation? Let’s just have a morning worship service and go fishing in the afternoon and go play. Oh, I believe too, but are you doing this to believe in something unusual? Yes, I believe you, but you should talk to someone who does. with truth. Where is the faith? What do you believe? Believe it. If such a person has a fever, let’s say he just groans. Oh, pray to the God you believe in. So what do you say? What can I say? Don’t say that. If I have a fever, I have to go to the hospital and take medicine. Wouldn’t it? Where is the belief? Please put your faith in me. where is the belief? I’m saying that because I don’t believe it. They do it because they don’t believe it. So, when you hear that, don’t be upset. How grateful should I be? to God. God, I say that I am a deacon and an elder because I do not have true faith. But God, give me this kind of spiritual faith so that I can be completely saved and give me grace so that I can keep the Sabbath. thank you. Shouldn’t it be done with my prayers alone, but also pray for others and provide love so that we can achieve complete salvation?

Even if your ancestors ate manna in the wilderness, they died. In other words, if we do not eat the living bread of God because we do not keep the Sabbath, no matter how much we eat our daily bread, it will eventually perish. The soul, who is the true master in it, will go down the path of destruction and the path of hell. We are not fools like the people of the world who go down the path of destruction because of ignorance. The Israelites complained against Moses when difficulties or trials and tribulations came. But we should not become such foolish people who often grumble against the servant of the Lord. In the end, they could not turn back and went down the road of destruction. However, those who believed without complaining could enter the land of Canaan. Verse 16:2 says that all the congregation of Israel complained against Moses and Aaron in the wilderness. But God said, in the latter part of verse 16:8, the LORD has heard his murmuring against him. Obviously, they blamed Moses and Aaron. But God speaks. Because the LORD has heard his murmuring against him. And Moses said, Who are we? Your grumbling is not against us, but against the LORD. In the days of Samuel, the prophet Samuel said the same thing. Our Lord said the same thing. Moses and Aaron are God’s servants and prophets. This means that blaming them is not blaming them, but blaming God. why? God is with you and isn’t God leading you now? Isn’t Moses doing what he wants? God’s will is being moved right now, but blaming Moses and Aaron is blaming God, and who is the owner of Moses? God. Who is the master of God’s servants? Isn’t the owner God? Therefore, it is the altar that is the body of the Lord who complains about the church, and the temple is the body, which he bought with the shedding of blood, so the head of the church is our God. This means that you are blaming God, the master of the slave. That’s why anger comes with it. No matter how lowly the paper is, you should not be resentful. why? It is insulting the owner, because the owner is God. No matter how ugly a servant is, no matter how bad a servant is, because the owner is God, if you blame the servant, you need to know that if you hate the servant, you will be resenting and hating God. Therefore, David knew God’s will well, so even the evil Saul broke God’s will and tried to kill the anointed future king by the will of God, but he did not kill him even though he could have killed him. Why? He said that I did not kill him because he was an anointed king by God. You must know this spiritual meaning right away.

There would have been a way for me to be forgiven if I had turned around quickly, but I couldn’t do that, and I continued to complain and accumulate sins, so the place I would go to was obvious in the end. So what should we do? We must not imitate the behavior of hearing, seeing, experiencing, eating the bread of truth, complaining, groaning, worrying, worrying, and suffering.

I received God late for being thankful, and I have never complained about God even though I went through the difficult trials in a state where I did not know the truth well. Even in that cold winter, I attended the early morning prayer without missing out as I was greeted by the wind from the Han River. Even when the place I moved to due to debt was demolished within a month, and I was evicted, yes, I had no money, but it was demolished and moved again. I went in, but in less than a month, the demolition site came out and said that it had to be demolished. Still, he did not blame God in the slightest. However, I am not resentful, but I have only said something sad once. Now, in two or three days, you have to empty the room. It was time to go home with a few pennies and go all day to get a room, and then tumble home in the middle of the night. It’s not midnight, it’s now early evening. If you want to get a room nearby, you have to be able to get it with a few pennies. around the church. Still, I went to the church to get it, but it wasn’t there. Also, the saints tried to get it, but I couldn’t get it. I couldn’t get it, so I went to Bulgwang-dong to get it from Geumho-dong by car for more than an hour. I went around the mountain and tried to get it. Geumho-dong is the last stop here and Bulgwang-dong is the last stop, so I went to Bulgwang-dong because it was easy to find. Yes, there are cheap shacks and brooke houses there on the mountain. So, now with the director of the prayer center, we arrived with a trembling and weak foot. Back to Geumho-dong. ‘God, why do I still have no place to dwell in a stable place?’ After saying that one word, I went straight into the Bokdeok room and asked if there was any room. That is, I asked in the Bokdeok room in the morning, and there was no room that I asked yesterday and that day as well. But now, walking up to the house with stuttering and powerless steps, I went back to the Bokdeok room and asked what this means. However, the room was opened a while ago. He said that even now, the house is empty, so he can go in. When I got there, it was right next to the church. It was all prepared by God. I had no choice but to repent on the spot. I was thoroughly repentant. God, I thoroughly repented of what I prayed before God, saying, “Do you still have a stable home for me to live in?” Since then, I have never said such a sad thing to God until now. I’ve never done it to a church or a shepherd or anyone else. I know because you’ve been watching. Even when I was dishonored by a huge denomination, when I went through various kinds of work, when God was going to collect my children, or when I asked for my life, I never uttered a word that made God sad. On the contrary, you all know well that I was grateful, rather rejoiced, and prayed on the contrary. He said that if he had endured one more minute, he would not have said anything that would upset God. Did you wait for one minute to enter the Bokdeok room and ask what you wanted to ask? If I had endured one more minute, I would have welcomed the Lord and not said a single sad word. I’m sorry that I can’t. Of course, because it was there, I thoroughly repented, and it never happened again. That was when I was a beginner. God is omnipotent. Unwavering faith that does not deviate from the left or the right no matter what wind blows If you please God by showing me, you can be guided in a prosperous way. If you do not feel thankful and happy because you do not have water or food to eat, or because you are experiencing trials or tribulations or diseases, but rather lamenting, resenting, worrying, and worrying, you still have to go on the road of the wilderness, the road of refinement. It is God’s love. Because you must have faith to be saved through this kind of refinement. It is because you have a problem with yourself. It is not that God is strong and allows you to undergo difficult trials. I hope you will take a good look at whether or not I have the same appearance as the people of Israel. We have seen the history of the parting of the Red Sea and the history of turning bitter water into sweet water. More than what the Israelites saw, you are watching your sister and sister at this altar. No one can deny it. There are many churches, but very few have seen and witnessed them in person like this one. They hear the stories, but very few have personally seen the knights and signs. But what about you guys? Don’t you always see the faces of people who have seen, experienced, and personally experienced wonders and signs? There should be no complaints, lamentations, or even sad words because they still do not understand while living a religious life at such an altar. In the name of the Lord, I ask that you only have a confession of faith that pleases the God who truly loves Him. We will pray together as we ponder the Word.


Hallelujah Lord, thank you for your grace and love. Father God, grumbling or lamenting only invites refinement. What can I complain about and groan about when I am wrong and not worthy of the Father, living in darkness and being evil? Father, if we say that we are truly like the Lord, if we say that a person of truth has become a spiritual person, we know that if we truly have faith, we have nothing to complain about and nothing to lament. The Lord says I said if you ask me, I’ll give it to you. I said that if you find it, you will find it. They said if you knock on it, it would open. I told you to follow your beliefs. What is there to complain about and lament? All of this is due to his own negligence, his failure to fully abide in the Father’s Word. He does not live in the light but in the dark. The Father is omnipotent and omnipotent, and he can do anything. What can he not do? Father, I want you to bless us so that our saints can realize it right away, and even today, even at this time, truly repent and stand fully in your word of truth. Thank you Lord. Glory be alone. Please help me not to bring the refinement to myself because I am foolish, and bless me so that I can become God’s children who glorify so that the refinement is now withdrawn with thanksgiving and can only become joy. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

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