Word: Exodus 7:1-7 Title: Ten plagues (1) 1994. 8. 28

For several weeks from today, we will testify of the word of the ten plagues through the Sunday worship service. The ten plagues are the ten plagues that God sent upon the land of Egypt to free the children of Israel, who were slaves in Egypt today. During that time, we listened to the Word of the ‘Way of the Cross’, that is, the way of salvation through the Sunday worship service for 21 hours. Now, if you have this faith and live your life of faith, sometimes you will face trials and tribulations, and sometimes you will encounter disasters. Of course, because you are God’s children who have received God, you will face far fewer trials, tribulations, and disasters than those of the world. Look at you people in the world. I always see trials, tribulations, and calamities. But you are protected and protected by God to that extent. Nevertheless, I hope that you will listen to the sermons of the ten plagues and use them as food to understand why people say they believe in God and yet receive trials, tribulations, and calamities. Why is the test coming, why is the tribulation coming, why do I suffer from calamity, why did the disease come, why did I have a traffic accident, and why I suffered hardships? You will be able to, preventable, and live a blessed life that has nothing to do with you.

Then why were the children of Israel being enslaved in a foreign land, the land of Egypt? Israel is the name God gave to Jacob, the grandson of Abraham. This has the meaning of ‘contending with God and winning’ as in Genesis 32:28. Isaac had two twin sons, Esau and Jacob. However, his younger brother Jacob stole the firstborn’s blessing. Then, he fled to his mother Rebekah’s hometown to avoid the face of his brother who was trying to kill him, that is, to avoid the face of his brother who wanted to kill him because he received the blessing of the firstborn, but now 20 years have passed and he was returning to the land of Canaan. He was returning to his parents’ home to his original home. But when he heard that his brother Esau was coming to see him with four hundred men, he felt threatened with his life. In other words, my older brother was about to kill me, so I was afraid, so I ran away from my brother and ran to my uncle’s house and ran away to my uncle’s house. Even though 20 years have passed since he came, he did not relieve his anger and is now coming with four hundred men. So, I felt my life threatened. Now, these things were also done in the providence and will of God. Why is it called the providence and will of God? No, is it God’s will that a younger brother take away his older brother’s birthright? That’s right. Why? Because his older brother Esau sold his birthright to his younger brother in vain for a bowl of red bean soup. My brother bought it rightly. Therefore, it is to explain that this is being done in the providence and will of God. In other words, I received the birthright. So, all gasoline and property are first crossed over the Jabbok Naru, and it is detailed in the Bible. Since it has not been broken up to that point, the processes of passing through it are revealed by mobilizing all human wisdom. After crossing over the naru, he remains alone on the river yapbok and wrestles all night with the angel that just appears. As a result of clinging so desperately to the point of breaking the hip bone, in the end, you will receive a blessing. It was at this time that the name Israel was obtained. The twelve tribes of Israel were formed through the twelve sons of Jacob. Let’s take a look at that process.

Jacob had twelve sons, born of four women. Joseph, who was loved the most by his father, was sold into slavery without his father’s knowledge because of the envy of his brothers. I’m sure you all know that. So the place I went to was now Egypt, Egypt. However, God had already given this Joseph a dream, and Joseph, who walked the right path in God’s eyes, was able to prosper in all things because God was with him there. When God called me to be a servant of the Lord, He gave me a dream and a vision. However, those dreams and visions have now come true. It was done just as it was given. Nothing has been done. God gave Joseph a dream, and he pursues that dream with faith. So, eventually, you will rise to the position of Prime Minister of Egypt. Today, the Prime Minister is a higher position than that. Today it is divided into three departments, so there is a judiciary, a legislative branch, an executive branch, and the executive branch is now the prime minister, but at this time the prime minister is the prime minister who united these three departments. So the power is not strong. It is the next position after the king. In other words, by prophesying that seven years of abundance would occur in and around Egypt, followed by seven years of famine, and even suggesting countermeasures, he gained the trust of Pharaoh, king of Egypt.

However, when the seven years of famine continued, there was also a famine in the land of Canaan, the neighboring country where Jacob lived. Jacob’s family, who could not find food, was finally sent to Egypt to find food, and Joseph recognized this and eventually the entire family of Jacob moved to Egypt. Exodus 7:1 says that the children of Israel were fruitful and multiplied and multiplied, and became exceedingly great, and filled the whole earth.

However, as time passed and a man who did not know Joseph became king of Egypt, the king felt fear because of the children of Israel. Now, think about it, too. It was four hundred years ago when Egypt received grace through this Joseph. Many years have passed. So, after all these years, will the king remember Joseph? Now, let’s take a look at Korea. Although we are the same country, do you remember the king four hundred years ago and the servants of that time? If you remember what you’ve learned through history, you’ll know it a little bit, you know. Do you know the customs of that time? What do you know? Even though we are from the same country, do you know the person who gave you grace at that time? It is something that most people do not know when they read a history book and leave it as knowledge. We know how to be thankful for those who have given us human grace. But even after a year, I forget that thanks, but it’s been a long time. Therefore, that grace was forgotten, and the king felt fear because he was a Gentile because he had many descendants. So, building a barrier makes them slaves and makes them toil. However, the more they are abused, the more they multiply and multiply, and now they even give orders to kill all new Hebrew male children. That’s when Moses was born. When the parents saw that the child was in good shape, they hid it for three months and couldn’t hide it any longer, so they put it in a reed box and put it among the reeds by the river. However, in God’s providence, an Egyptian princess discovers it and takes her as his son. The Bible goes into more detail, but I’m giving it to you in a nutshell to help you understand. Man, I hid it for three months and I can’t hide it anymore. why? If found, his son and his entire family will have no choice but to be killed. So I had no choice but to dump it in the sewer. However, in God’s providence, the princess went out on an outing and found it, and this princess, who had no children, raised her. If you want to know more about such a process historically, if you watch the movie “The Ten Commandments,” you will see scenes where the Moses was saved, raised, and ran away. If you’ve seen the movie “The Ten Commandments,” raise your hand. Wow, there are quite a few people who haven’t seen that famous movie. Be sure to check it out when you come in. It benefits many of our beliefs.

And with the witty action of Moses’ sister, who was watching this, Moses’ real mother becomes Moses’ nanny. We are not of the generation that raised us with breast milk, so it means that we are breast-fed. However, if there is a mother who gave birth to her, wouldn’t that mother feed her more lovingly and carefully? When Moses grew up, when he saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew, his countryman, he struck down the Egyptian and buried him in the sand. Now, Moses grew up as an Egyptian prince from a young age. How could he know his Hebrew people and kill the Egyptians like this? Because she was breastfed and grew up under the mother of the Hebrew mother who gave birth to her, must her mother have planted God with great difficulty? There is a God, and your God must have planted them to be the God of Abraham, the God of grandfather Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob, and our God. He planted them again about Abraham, about Isaac, and about Jacob. I planted them all.

Now, there was a time when he killed an Egyptian and buried him in the sand, but this fact was discovered by a Hebrew, his compatriot, and even reached the ears of Pharaoh king of Egypt. He must be accused by the Egyptians, but the people of his own nation killed the Egyptian for his people and buried him in the sand, and his own people judged Moses. The Bible also speaks of Jesus. Close people, close people. Everyone, when you look at betrayal, you see betrayal from the side of someone close to you. on the side of the person closest to you. President Park Chung-hee was also the most trusted and closest to him, didn’t he shoot with bread? Wasn’t Jesus also sold by one of the twelve disciples who should be closest to him? If we look at our church, we have seen many cases where someone really close to us betrayed us. Yes, the Lord used analogies to explain such things. For this reason, Moses fled to the wilderness of Midian, avoiding the face of Pharaoh and the face of the king, and there he went through 40 years of refinement.

After that, God calls Moses from the flames of the bush on Mount Horeb and makes him the leader who will lead the children of Israel out of Egypt. How old was Moses at that time? If you know, please raise your hand. How old was Moses at that time? If you know, please raise your hand. I guess our elders don’t want to obey. They don’t raise their hands. I don’t know what to point out, but a few people. please get down Why can’t our choir raise their hands like this? Please put your hand down. Drop it down. how about doing this Pastor, did you not read the text? Oh, it appears even after reading the text, so please remove it from the video. I’m going to America or all over the world. What a disgrace to Manmin Church. It doesn’t make sense to say that Moses didn’t even know how old he was when God called him when he left Egypt. Even if it’s not mentioned in this text, it’s a story you’ve heard countless times in your first year of life of faith. Haven’t you heard countless times that you ran away at the age of 1, trained for 40 years, and were called at the age of 40 to do God’s work? And it’s written in the text, and you still can’t raise your hand? I can’t help but get this little. And since he came out of the wilderness for another 80 years and died, at what age did he die? If you count it, you know. It is said that he died strong at the age of one hundred and twenty. My eyes don’t fade. How old was Aaron, Moses’ brother? Anyone who knows, please raise your hand. How old are you at this time? Oops, when did you read the text right away? please take it down He is three years older than Moses, so how old is he who can’t raise his hand? 40 years old.

Then, today, I will only tell you the reason why God sent the ten plagues on Pharaoh, king of Egypt, and the introduction to the ten plagues. And starting next week, let’s get into the main topic of the ten plagues. Why did God bring these many plagues on Pharaoh, his servants, and the people of Egypt? It is because Pharaoh was so strong that he suffered calamities until the very end, that is, until he saw death. But these ten plagues can befall me or all of you. Therefore, I hope you all listen carefully from the introduction and do not miss a single word. So, out of these ten plagues, I should be able to avoid these calamities by knowing which one I am receiving and why it came, so I can turn around and stand before God.

If the people of that country were good and righteous people, how could he have punished them like this? Since the king who is the head is strong, all the people under him will also be affected by it. This is something you can experience for yourself. For example, if the head of the household is strong, then most of the members of the family are also supposed to be strong. At that time, Egypt was as brave and strong as a lion. They were also dignified and blood-soaked young men. And the Pharaoh kings of that country, the Pharaohs, regarded themselves as gods, and the servants and the people worshiped the Pharaoh as gods. That’s the king’s name. It means that Korea is not just a baro, but a name. just wages. So when Moses introduced God, a god they did not know, it was not so easy for them to accept it. If you believe in yourself, you have no choice but to be that strong. A man with food and good intellect and reason knows all too well that he cannot be a god. However, there are many people who have become gods because they cannot do this. There are quite a lot of people who say they are gods very blatantly just looking at Korea. Everyone, sometimes when you go, they don’t appear here and there. i am god Or I am the self-proclaimed God. Or I am the savior or I am Jesus. They often come to my country. Such people. And when such people appear, who are the other people who are deceived and fall for them? I’m also good at getting into that trick. Yes, if you look at those people, they say that they give you knights and signs, but after seeing it later, it’s all a lie. I don’t know how I pretended to be deceived. Our members are a fact that you witnessed in the field and experienced by yourself, but you have seen it with your own eyes and heard with your own eyes. That’s right, they serve you like a god. Even though we are really being given here, we won’t serve you like a god, but we serve like a god even if we give a fake child, and even though we call ourselves a god, we are deceived and fall into it. Now, was it like this recently? So, even though he is currently on trial and is serving a prison sentence, the last owner appeared in the newspaper. Even so, it is said that the crowds who followed him still do not disperse, worship him, and still regard him as a god. This is part of the process of being persecuted. Now it’s coming back to life. I’m so amazed. Can a man be a creator god? It can’t be. But who are the people who claim to be gods and are deceived here? Our parishioners don’t do that. Never be deceived. If I am myself, I call myself God, I am the savior, I am God, then you all run away. Please. You cannot be God. Only God is our true Savior and Creator God. I mean, there are a lot of people who have become gods.

If you evangelize, you will see many people who believe in themselves and endure. I believe in my fists, I believe in my knowledge. They say I’m the best, but the truth is, they say things like that without any real reason. There are those who serve as gods of fame and power, some as money, and wealth as gods. Because you believe in yourself, you can’t help but be proud and strong. Instill in these people the Jesus you call your God. do you go in Because you do not open the door of your heart, this good news will not come in. why? I know myself as a god. Or if I think that money is the best, my fists are the best, my knowledge is the honor, and the power I have is the best, I can’t accept a god who is the best after that.

In Exodus, the expression that God hardened Pharaoh’s heart appears several times. But what if we eat these words raw and take them literally? God will make you a bad dictator God. But God is a God of justice, a God of love. If God had killed Pharaoh’s prince from the beginning and killed the firstborn of all the Egyptians and the firstborn of the animals, they would have released the children of Israel immediately. But if you do that, you will inevitably become a terrifying God. what are you guys doing wrong If you say that you will just cut off your legs immediately and just punish them, you will be afraid, so you will be trembling and trembling because you believe in God. God is your God, the creator of the fire in the air! If you don’t believe me, I’ll send you all to hell. You and I will tremble in fear and seek God. I’ll get down on my knees and just worship. But God doesn’t want that. Because God is not a dictator, we do not want to be forced to obey and obey. He wants you to open the door to your heart and come out with love by your own footsteps in your own free will. Therefore, He is working from a small disaster, giving us enlightenment, and allowing us to reveal ourselves and discover it. God knows everything. If you do this, they will provoke evil like this, and if you do this and that, they will provoke more evil, and you know the heart of it.

Even today, God continues to refine to the end to make all of us sanctified. That is why He makes me so that I can discover the evil within me and throw it away. If you look at the book of Job, doesn’t God allow Job to release all his evil? why? He allows all evils that exist to be released. That’s how you find yourself. After that, God will meet you and enlighten you with the truth, so you come to know your faults and repent. Why does God give us trials and tribulations and refine us? This is to make it possible to discover the evil within me and throw it away. Also, even those who are not sanctified and are forsaken in the Lord, He causes them to face each other through Satan to the end, causing all evil to erupt. Even the king of Egypt, Pharaoh, did not abandon him whenever evil was exposed, but continued to go out, and eventually he was destroyed. Because God knows Pharaoh’s heart, He touched Pharaoh’s heart and continued to reveal his tougher side, which is recorded in the Bible as an expression that God hardened Pharaoh’s heart. You and I must not believe in ourselves. We must only trust in Jehovah God. Only after suffering the ten plagues from God did King Pharaoh fully acknowledge God in fear and fear and let the children of Israel out of Egypt.

However, Pharaoh’s toughness is even more evident because he saw, knew, and acknowledged God’s work in that way, yet he pursued the children of Israel again. Since the opening of the church, I have seen a lot of people in dealing with many saints. Even though God’s omnipotence was revealed on this altar by such wonderful wonders and signs, he had seen it, heard it, and experienced it, but it is terrifying to see it later when he utters evil. There are people who speak evil and curse at this altar and leave. Even though the church never taught me anything bad, I have seen many people who go out against God and go out against the church in their own evil. It’s really incomprehensible. Don’t let anyone like you appear among you. There are only terrible disasters. In the end it’s death. Never do such evil. They are exactly the same people.

After seeing the work he had done, he acknowledged it again and again, but went after the children of Israel again. It was such a toughness that it was inevitable to be completely destroyed. Therefore, God did not forgive them any more and buried them in the Red Sea. When the children of Israel were in Egypt, they dwelt in the land of Goshen. God brought plagues on all Egypt, but not on the land of Goshen. Next week you’ll see a video on a map. But this was not because the children of Israel were really good and righteous. Because God chose them as His chosen people, they were kept and protected by God as such. If you too come to church by accepting Jesus as your Savior, you can see that God protects and protects you. So what does this mean? When we come into the Lord and receive the Lord, we must first learn to keep it from Sunday. As one of the Ten Commandments, worshiping before God on Sunday is my acknowledgment of God. We acknowledge that God the Creator lives and that He is our Savior. Because Jesus Christ is the Lord of the Sabbath. Therefore, to say that the Sabbath rests happily in God’s will is to acknowledge that our Lord is our Savior and that our Creator God is our Father. Even though the children of Israel were as evil as the Egyptians, God protected them because they heard God through Moses, acknowledged God, and cried out and prayed to God. Also, through their ancestors, they heard and knew the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, so they cried out and prayed to God when they were suffering. It was also a testimony to the living God.

Likewise, when you first received the Lord, you still have the form of evil and you are no different from the people of the world. Gradually, as our faith grows and we abide in the truth, we put off our sins and keep the perfect Sunday, so we acknowledge that “I believe in God, I accept God as my Father.” From then on, our God will protect us. is. Only then will you be fully protected. Of course, come into the Lord and God will protect you, even when you were a child, even when you did not have complete faith. Now, when you are fully observing Sunday and paying full tithes, God will protect your wealth, keep it from leaking out, and bless you. You can see that God is blessing you and protecting and protecting you in many ways, just as you promised to overflow and overflow. However, if we do not keep Sunday holy, God cannot keep us if we do not fully tithe. This is the same as the place of the children of Israel in the land of Goshen. They acknowledged because they believed in God and prayed, so God is protecting them.

I have said that ten plagues have come upon Egypt, but the Bible does not nail down the ten plagues. It could also be called the eleven plagues or the twelve plagues. If Moses’ rod turned into a serpent as a plague, it would be eleven plagues. However, seeing a snake does not cause any noticeable damage, so it is a little vague to see even a snake as a disaster. However, it can be said that disaster has already come because water is no longer drinkable after the water has turned into blood. But it can also strike a snake as a disaster. Moreover, the Egyptian serpent is a viper of the desert, so once bitten, it dies. When I went to Africa this time, I saw a variety of snakes. Some snakes are very small, but when a person bites them, they die instantly. die immediately. There are snakes with such a venomous venom. Some snakes now have these venoms that die an hour after being bitten, and some vipers that die hours later. We could see that there were several types of vipers. So, when a snake suddenly appears, you have no choice but to be frightened and trembling. Even when any trial or tribulation comes to you, you can see fear and surprise.

What does the next twelve plagues mean here? Before the children of Israel crossed the Red Sea, the king mobilized his servants and troops to pursue them. Then, because of God’s work, they were all buried in the waters of the Red Sea. There were a lot of people staring at the ground even during the first part, and there were a lot of people looking down, so I knocked on the podium, but part 1 is the same. Now, after preaching this ten plagues, won’t the enemy devil not put you to sleep? make me look at the ground why? ‘Cause you can’t go in If you hear this, you will be kicked out. Because I have to get kicked out of you and kicked out of your home and work. If you know these ten plagues and repent and turn around and dwell in the light, the enemy devil cannot dwell in the light, so you must be cast out. So, aren’t you going to sleep? You won’t be able to hear it, will you? So, shouldn’t we all have to hold on to it and live on? Yeah, I mean I’m going to sleep. Wherever I go when I preach the resurrection, there are many people who sleep when I preach the resurrection. But again, it’s a historical story, so even though it’s a fun sermon, I’m going to sleep. why? Resurrection is life, so the enemy devil mobilizes various methods to put him to sleep to prevent him from hearing this. But today, there are quite a few people like that. Stay alert. This is also embarrassing, so please remove it from the video. It’s difficult to say that Manmin Central Church has only bare sleeping people when videos and sermon tapes go out all over the world. it’s not true Only when you sleep like this. Not always. And you can’t blame the whole for just a few. Please calm down.

Now, the Israelites crossed the Red Sea from head to toe. If you stand in a row and say that you go all the way, you are crossing the middle, and now you have crossed the rear and all the back, and this is the moment the king is entering the Red Sea with his servants. At that time, God buried them in the water. If this is also a disaster, then it will be the twelve plagues. So he died completely, so this can be called a great disaster among disasters. It is still before the Red Sea has been completely crossed. Considering that this was also before the Exodus, if included, it would be twelve plagues.

So what are the ten plagues? But now, except for the plague of the serpent, and the plague that is immersed in the water, there will be ten plagues. What do these ten plagues mean? The first plague was that all the waters of Egypt turned to blood. Everyone, think of all the water in this country as blood. Is this a big disaster? The second plague is the frog plague. How can you stand it when all the frogs come up from the sewage and invade every nook and cranny of the house? I don’t know if someone who likes frogs will catch them and catch them because they’re good, but most of us, even more women, will run away thinking that frogs jump around here. But imagine that it goes all the way to every corner of the house.

The third plague was the plague of Lee. Oh, there were a lot of students in the first part of the worship service, so I asked the students if they had seen it. Secondary and high school students who didn’t see it, for example, didn’t see it. Are there some young people who haven’t seen this? I don’t know what teeth look like. So, you may not feel it much, but the elders know it well. When I was young, I suffered a lot from this. Well, starting from the head, I always have less hair because I always wash my hair, but many people start with lice from the head, and now they are all over their body. Oh, there are dozens of them in their clothes. on clothes. Dozens of them are attached to their clothes. If you sleep with it, it will eat you up all night. I eat it during the day too. If you eat it during the day, you will scratch it. Yes, I used to scratch well. So. But what about sleeping at night? Dozens of them stick together and suck the blood they eat. Yeah, it’s really strange when young people today think about it, just catch them all and kill them. Oh, I caught it and killed it a long time ago. If you have time, you can just take off your clothes and grab a tooth. That’s right, they grabbed it and killed it by just pounding it with its fingernails. I mean, he killed him by bursting with blood. There are also people who don’t really understand when you see them in the countryside. There are many people who killed it by bursting it with their mouth and then with their teeth. Some people chew again. It’s true, I’m not lying. I’ve seen a lot of that in the past. I mean, that’s what old people are like. I think all the elderly people here will understand. Our young people may not believe this right now, so if it’s true, please raise your hand. look. please take it down I mean, it’s true. Well, it was just pressed with the thumbs of both nails and bled to death… .(End of Tape A side)

… ..That’s the first stage, and people who are more severe will be killed by biting them with their teeth, and those who are more severe will chew it and spit it out as it is, but the blood won’t go in. I got it all on my tongue. Come on, everyone, to kill this thing, you kill it so hard, and boil it in lye, but it’s no use because there are so many teeth. Even if you change clothes, you boil them, and when you go to sleep again, they are full of them. Also, in winter, the cold temperatures drop to just a few degrees below zero, so I take off all my clothes and turn them inside out and leave them outside. Then in the morning, the teeth are frozen and dead. Yeah, I’m going to shave it off and wear it again. There are many times when it is difficult to go to school and have a check-up time. When I check it, I just stand there, and the principal says that I am standing on the playground and my teeth are crawling, so if I scratch my hand because it itches, I get scolded for moving my hand. In the past. So sometimes it’s hard. Now, imagine that this guy is just getting bogged down. Is this also a disaster?

Now, if you’ve been listening to these words, what does this have to do with us today? As some of you may be, if you listen to each of these explanations starting next week, you will know that they have something to do with us. I couldn’t stand it because my teeth were itchy and itchy all over.

The fourth plague is the plague of flies. Imagine a room, a kitchen, and a swarm of flies. That, too, is unbearable. In the old days, people set up a table for work, so people gather quickly. After setting the table, several flies are attached to one rice bowl, and in fact, there are only twenty or thirty flies on one table for side dishes, so let’s say there are dozens. I mean it was stuck. In many places, they come and stick together. People today don’t get it. young people. Isn’t that a little added? I’m talking without adding. Then, if you want to eat, you come and chase it away and eat it. To be honest, I never ate anything with flies. Even in the old days. even at a young age. So, if you just set the table, if your sister-in-law puts it, you sit next to it and chase flies. Especially since it doesn’t stick to my rice bowl. If it sticks, I can’t eat it. When I saw that back in the day, when I had rice, I was going to eat another spoonful, but I was hungry, so if a fly caught on it, I had to take it out. A spoon with flies. So I’m not going to do that, so I keep chasing from the side. Why can’t we eat first? Because parents can eat only when their father comes and he sits down at the end. Yes, I’m keeping it. I did that in the old days. But think of that swarm of flies.

The fifth plague is that of evil. And the sixth is a more serious plague of poisoning. The seventh plague brought hail. The hail has destroyed the produce of the land and caused great damage to wealth, which is also difficult to bear. The eighth plague is the locust plague. As we get tougher, the catastrophe grows bigger and bigger. It can be said that it is a great disaster to eat up all that is left. Even today, even though God is always at work, if you do not repent and become stronger and more evil, you will eventually see that your workplace and even your business will be completely destroyed. going bankrupt. The ninth plague is the plague of darkness. If you are trapped in darkness, you are on the verge of death. Then, the tenth and last plague is that of killing the firstborn. Now, by taking even life, you will be thrown into hell forever.

These disasters can strike me, your workplace, your family, and yourself. However, we can live without receiving any of these ten plagues. Those who fully abide in God can receive protection from God. It is to put off all the works of sinful flesh, to abide in the truth completely, and to participate in the character of Christ, that is, no disaster will come before the sanctified form. Did our Jesus take advantage of disease? Look in the bible. Was Moses sick? The Bible says that he was healthy until he died at the age of 120. It is recorded that even the eyesight was healthy. Was Abraham sick? Was Elijah sick? But we also see in the Bible that some of the prophets were sick. Elisha was ill at times, and Isaac was blind. He was old and faint, so he couldn’t see well. He couldn’t even tell if Jacob was Esau or Esau was Jacob. I couldn’t see that much. Then, why this happened is well described in the Bible, and I sometimes give hints when I go there.

Disaster comes because God ignores it, and it comes because God allows Satan to do it. So it is God who takes away the disaster, and God who gives. It is not given by God Himself, but it is said here so that it is easy to express. If a calamity has come, but you still do not turn around and continue to do evil, the next calamity will come.

For example, Pharaoh brought plagues of blood on the king. brought its calamity. If you repent and turn around when this disaster strikes, won’t the next disaster come? Wouldn’t that be the end of it? However, if they do not turn around and continue to spread evil, will there be greater calamity and calamity? However, he does not turn around and he does this kind of evil that has to be put to death, which has no choice but to be killed, so that the disaster of being killed is coming. You too, when the trials and tribulations come, there are those who realize when they are faced with some kind of calamity and turn back. If you encounter any kind of trial, tribulation, and calamity, immediately repent and turn around. be you If we continue without turning from there, greater calamity will come, and if we do not turn around and continue to do so, more evil will come. However, many members of our church do not know how blessed they are. You are committing such a sin that you are truly destined to be killed. Still, God does not kill, and you go by car. For example, I was in a car accident. The car just broke in half. It was the engine from the front, so even the steering wheel was smashed, but ah, the saints don’t mind. Then, I only do this for tea and don’t say that I’m okay. If the car is this big, I have no choice but to die, but God has protected me, so I need to know that God is giving me enlightenment. Just like how my car is broken, I have no choice but to be like this, but God is warning me now. However, if you do not turn around, you will see another greater calamity.

Because people are hardened, calamities will come as much as the shape of evil. When we look at people suffering from disaster, they are divided into two personalities. People with a single personality are those who come before God and ask for forgiveness, discovering evil and throwing it away. But what about people with different personalities? I diligently attend church and try to believe, pray fervently, and donate money, but why do I have to suffer such a disaster? Because such a person is completely unworthy of God, the calamity that has come upon that person cannot leave them. You yourself know this. I had some accident. Then some people say a prayer of thanks there. Thank God. Thank you for watching. Thank you for saving life. For example, even if one of my arms is broken in an accident, there are people who say, ‘Thank you, God, for saving my life and only hurting my arm.’ There are people who protest, saying, “Is it split like this?” There are two kinds of people. Which one should you be? Thank you also for protecting God’s life. And rather, you should be happy and grateful.

The Israelites who were leaving Egypt also touched Moses, the servant of God, but not a single person benefited. Everyone who opposed them was disciplined, and in severe cases, the earth was split open and they fell alive into Hades. What did God say when the Israelites asked the prophet Samuel for a king? In 8 Samuel 7:10, the LORD said to Samuel, “Listen to all that the people have said to you. Samuel, listen to everything I say to you. They have not forsaken you, but have forsaken me, that I may not be their king. Jesus also says in Matthew 40:42-25, whoever receives you receives me, and who receives you. It is like receiving God right away. It is like accepting our Lord. Whoever receives you receives me, and whoever receives me receives the one who sent me. Anyone who accepts Jesus Christ is the same as receiving God. Whoever receives a prophet in the name of a prophet will receive a prophet’s reward; whoever receives a righteous person in the name of a righteous person will receive a righteous person’s reward; and whoever gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones in the name of a disciple Truly I say to you, that man will by no means lose his reward. Also in Matthew 40:XNUMX, as you did it to one of the least of your brothers, you did it to me. the most of your brothers. So, if you look at the Bible, even if you give alms, you are told to give alms to the believers first.

When we face a calamity before God, we must know that there are things that are not worthy of God and we must quickly realize that there is something unworthy of God and quickly come out of the disaster by turning around.

Let’s listen carefully to these ten plagues that are being witnessed from today, so that we can eat right away, do not fall into trials and tribulations, do not encounter calamities, and always go in full force toward the gates of heaven. We will pray together as we ponder the Word.


Hallelujah Thank you Lord for your grace and love. Father God, thank you. Thank you for your grace through your word today. Now we testify of the ten plagues. Hear from these ten plagues, help us become more gracious and empowered, and help us to overcome and prevent trials, tribulations, and calamities from coming within us. We want you to bless us so that we can become saints who can always rejoice and give thanks no matter what. Thank you Father God. Alone be glorified, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, we pray.

(Patient prayer)

I will pray for the patient. Lay your hands on the sore spot, and if you’re not in pain, put your hands on your chest and pray with your heart’s wishes.

Lord, please lay your hands on me throughout this time. I want to give you more grace and power from above and the fullness of the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The sermon about the way of salvation through the Lord’s ‘word of the cross’ is now over, and now the word about the ten plagues begins. Help our members to know why trials, tribulations, and calamities come, so they can avoid trials, tribulations, and disasters. Please bless me with the fire of the Holy Spirit and be strong physically and spiritually. In the name of Jesus Christ, I command you, the enemy devil and Satan, all sick germs, get away, you enemy devil and Satan, all sick germs, get away from every organ of the body, from head to toe, from head to toe. Be burned with the fire of the Holy Spirit by the fire of the Holy Spirit, and be cleansed and strengthened. Receive cleanliness and strength. Go away, all you enemies, devils, Satan, and all diseases and germs. Get rid of eye diseases too. Get rid of the eye disease, everyone, from children to adults. Get rid of the snowballs too. Get rid of eye diseases. Be burned with the fire of the Holy Spirit by the fire of the Holy Spirit Be cleansed and strengthened. Father God, I want you to bless me physically and mentally and to protect me with the fire of the Holy Spirit throughout my home, work, and business for a week with the eyes of the angel of heaven and fire like the eyes of the Lord. Please grant me the wishes of my heart, answer my supplications and prayers, and bless me so that I can live a life that gives glory to the Father whether we eat or wear or drink. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

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