I hope your life will be filled with God’s love and blessing, and I want to share grace with you through the message titled with “Spiritual self-checkup.”

Some people tend to receive medical checkup from the hospital when they have a problem in body, but some others may examine their problems themselves. It goes the same with your spiritual situation. Through others’ advice you can check whether you are doing well in your Christian life, but you can also check yourselves by applying the Word to yourself. Then, how can you spiritually check whether your faith is growing or stagnant?

First, you must check if you have true happiness in your heart.

If you are doing well in your Christian life, you will be filled with spiritual joy. It is because you have the hope that you will change quickly and go to New Jerusalem. Those who have faith and hope for Heaven are always full of joy no matter what their circumstances may be.

However, if you do not have joy or happiness in your heart despite your deeds of worshiping, praying, and performing your God-given duties, you must realize that there is a problem. When you first met the Lord and the love for Him was burning, you were probably delightful in whatever you did.

However, at some point you stop rejoicing and you do things for formality before God because your faith did not grow and it is stagnant.

Second, you must check whether you are troubled in spirit.

Those who have a longing for spirit, pray without ceasing, and continue correcting whatever kind of deficiencies they have discovered are found not to lose the fullness of the Holy Spirit. However, there are some people who seem faithful on the outside, but in the inside they are going through spiritual hardships.

How come they seem to run the race of faith but are suffering hardships? This is because they have stopped or are slowly circumcising their hearts. In the past, whenever they quarrel with someone, they would blame everything on themselves and pray to get rid of their sins. But they think they have the knowledge of the Word and have high level of faith, so they may say, “I’ve done well, but it is the other person’s fault” and attribute it to others. It means their faith no longer grows

If you listen to the Word of God and try to get rid of your sins, you are doing well in deeds. However, if you are repeating it for three, five, and ten years and you reveal such sins and evils as hatred and judgment it tells your faith has stopped growing.

Do you seem to try to get rid of untruths but end up failing? Or do you not realize you have something to be thrown away? I pray in the name of the Lord that you may always look over yourselves and change into spirit in the flow of spirit.
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