3st Spirit, Soul, Body (14)

2005-03-06 | Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee | 1 John 2:24-25

Today, I would like to finish the 3rd sermon of the soul and body by witnessing about what we must do to achieve the spirit and body, and the blessings that come when we enter the spirit.

1. To achieve the soul and body belonging to the spirit

1) You must receive the Holy Spirit and only act according to the Word of God

The soul and body of the first man, Adam, belonged to the spirit, but after the spirit died because of sin, he became a natural man. From Adam’s heart, which was composed of the seed of life and the knowledge of the spirit, the knowledge of the spirit was drained and replaced with the knowledge of the flesh. In other words, they were filled with the untruthful knowledge provided by Satan, such as sin, evil, injustice, and lawlessness.

However, when a person receives the Lord, receives the Holy Spirit, listens to God’s word and begins to obey, his heart begins to be filled with the knowledge of the Spirit again. The untruth that Satan has planted in our hearts gradually goes away and we are filled with the truth.

As the Bible says, “keep it” and “do not do it,” as much as you do not do the works of the flesh and keep yourself in the truth, you will become a spiritual body, your behavior will become beautiful, and your body will become strong. Also, if you cast away the evil of your heart as He said, “Forsake it,” the works of the flesh and the thoughts of the flesh will also be thrown away, and you will become a spirit that belongs to the spirit. By thinking only in the truth, we can clearly hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and be guided.

If the words of “Keep it, don’t do it, throw it away” are completely fulfilled, there is no untruth in your heart, so you can be recognized as a person of spirit. And if you completely fill in the word “do”, you will be completely restored to the heart of the spirit filled with the seed of life and the knowledge of the truth, just like the heart of the first man, Adam. However, the heart of the cultivated spirit man is not the same as that of the first man, Adam.

2) You must be restored with a spirit of heart and truly love and give thanks to God.

Adam was a spirit that had never experienced the flesh, and he was in a state that could not be called a perfect spiritual being. Because he had never experienced the flesh, he did not know the sorrow and pain, so he did not know that God loved him, but he did not know how good his love was, nor did he know how to thank him. Moreover, since he had the possibility of accepting the flesh in his free will and falling, the spirit of Adam is not a spirit in the perfect sense, but a spirit that can die, a living spirit, that is, a living spirit.

However, the children of God who have experienced the world of flesh and have been transformed into spirits according to the truth are well aware of the relativity between the flesh and the spirit. Having experienced the sins, pains, and sorrows of the fleshly world, I know very well how painful the flesh is, how ugly and worthless it is. We know very well how good the spirit as opposed to the flesh is, how beautiful, happy, and good it is. Therefore, even if we have free will, we will never accept the flesh again, choose the spirit, and live in the happiness of heaven.

Also, knowing the heart and will of God who has given us such happiness, we can truly love and give thanks. Even if a person hears and knows with his head, if he cannot cast away the flesh in his heart, his love and gratitude cannot be sincere. No matter how much you confess, “I love you and thank you,” it is degenerate when it is not in your own interests. On the other hand, those who have stripped off their flesh and entered into the spirit love God with all their heart, mind, and devotion, and that love and gratitude do not change.

In order to obtain true children and share love, God’s providence of cultivating humans is deeply understood and we are deeply grateful for God’s providence even though he suffered a lot of pain and had the tree of good and evil. We love and give thanks to the Lord who bore the cross for ourselves and to the Holy Spirit who gave birth to us in truth, and that love and gratitude never change.

3) Since there is no untruth in the heart, evil thoughts or evil deeds must not arise.

Of course, because we have experienced the flesh, we can remember what evil is like, but it does not come out of our own feelings and emotions. This is the reason why the fleshly person cannot judge the spiritual person. For example, it is the fact that even if a physical person and a spiritual person see both worldly and evil things at the same time, the phenomena that occur in their hearts are completely different from each other.

When the fleshly man sees evil, it combines with the untruth within him and comes out as an evil feeling and thought, and eventually comes out through evil deeds. However, since the man of spirit has no untruth in his heart, even when he sees evil, evil thoughts or actions do not come out. Of course, they do not try to see evil, but even if they do, they do not lead to crimes in their thoughts or actions.

Because we do not understand this dimension of the spirit, the fleshly person judges the spiritual person only by looking at the outward appearance. When you do the same thing, you judge the other person to do the same because you are doing it with an evil heart and a fleshly heart. However, God who looks at the heart rather says that the people of the flesh who judge the people of the spirit are evil.

In Numbers 12, it is recorded that Miriam and Aaron slandered Moses when Moses took a Cushite woman, a foreign woman. In the mind of the fleshly man, Miriam and Aaron may seem right. But God, knowing that there was no evil in Moses’ heart, was rather angry with Miriam and Aaron, who condemned Moses.

4) In order to fulfill the whole spirit, we must do good works perfectly to please God.

If we fully fulfill the words of “don’t do it, keep it, and throw it away”, there is no untruth in our heart just by that, and we will be recognized as people of the spirit. If the words of “do” are fully fulfilled, that person will reach the measure of the mature Christ. That is, the whole spirit will come to pass, just as it was said, “Keep your whole spirit, soul and body blameless.”

Of course, the process of throwing away untruth and filling it with truth proceeds at the same time. However, the degree of being filled with the truth may be different among people of the spirit who have stripped off all untruths. For example, if all the words of “Keep it and throw it away” are fulfilled, when the other person does evil to you, there will be no hatred or evil feelings. However, the level of entering into the Spirit varies depending on how much the word “do” has come.

For example, depending on how many times the word “love” has come, whether it simply stops at the level of not hating, or whether you can impress your heart through active deeds of serving others with love, or even show deep love. , the level of each person is different. Therefore, not only do not do evil, but do good things to please God, but only when it does not change until the end of one’s life can we be recognized as having achieved it with our whole spirit.

2. Blessings that come when we enter the spirit

As much as we put off our flesh and enter the spirit, the countless promises recorded in the Bible, that is, blessings both physically and spiritually, will come to us. First of all, as it is said in 2 John 25:XNUMX, “This is the promise he made to us, eternal life.” Souls that are going to hell get eternal life and go to heaven, and the wealth, honor, power and health of this earth to be able to enjoy it all. Family problems can be solved, wisdom and knowledge can be acquired, the ability to fulfill missions, and the blessing of church revival can be obtained.

But why are not many people enjoying these blessings? Because God’s promises always have clues. As promised in verse 24, “Let what you heard from the beginning abide in you, and if what you heard from the beginning abide in you, you will abide in the Son and in the Father.” You do not gain eternal life by professing to believe only in words, but only when you keep and practice the words of God to be saved and have eternal life. The same is true of the promise of blessings and answers.

For example, when the widows of Zarephath fed God’s people as their last meal, they believed and obeyed God’s promise that they would not run out of food until the drought was over, and they were able to survive the severe drought by feeding Elijah. Daniel’s three friends also did not yield to the threat of being burned to death by burning them in a furnace if they did not bow before the idol.

Deuteronomy 30:11 says, “This command that I am giving you today is not difficult for you, and it is not far off.” If you love God and believe in the promise of blessing, it is a commandment you can obey. However, there are many cases in the world where people do not obey God’s word because it is not in their own interests or in accordance with their own thoughts, even though they are not in a situation where they have to risk their lives. However, if we obey, God’s promises will come.

As 3 John 1:2 says, “Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in good health, as your soul prospers”. A strong blessing will come. If you still have flesh, you have to work hard to receive the promised blessings, fast and stay vigilant, and do things that please God to prepare a vessel to receive answers. Also, even if you sow from God, you will not receive thirty, sixty, or a hundred fold, but only to receive abundant blessings by pressing and shaking. However, when you come into the spirit, it is like always preparing a vessel to receive blessings, so if you need anything, you will receive answers immediately.

3 John 21:22-28 says, “Beloved, if our heart does not condemn us, we have confidence before God, and we receive from him anything we ask, because we keep his commandments and do the things that are pleasing in his sight.” Whatever you do, whatever you ask for, you will receive an answer. All the blessings promised in Deuteronomy 28 will come to the spirit person and the whole spirit person.

Dear saints,

If you fully feed on the words of your soul and body, you can not only ride the wave of the spirit easily, but also the flow of the whole spirit. However, just because you entered with your whole spirit, you did not achieve everything through it. Just as you go out into society and continue to use the knowledge you have learned after graduating from college, once you enter the whole spirit, you will continue to experience the new dimension of the spirit by using the knowledge of the spirit and developing it. Therefore, even the sanctified people of God have different powers, different spirits, and different ranks in heaven.

Therefore, promptly obey the Word and enter the deeper world of the spirit through spirit and whole spirit, until the coming of the Lord, let us indulge to our heart’s content and share in the creation of the world with great power and become great people in the kingdom of heaven. I bless you by name.

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