2st Spirit, Soul, Body (14)

2004-08-08 | Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee | John 3:5-7

Continuing from the last time, I will testify in detail about the human heart. People often use the word “mind” a lot, but in reality, “what is the mind?” If you ask me, no one seems to be able to give an exact answer. Not only cannot distinguish between spirit and soul, nor soul, but we also think of the mind in a similar way. If you take good care of the words of the soul and body, you will be able to understand the heart of God the Father more deeply, understand the providence of salvation more clearly, and find the way to be sanctified more quickly.

1. The process by which the spirit of Adam was called the heart

When Adam was first created, the mind was the spirit. Because God breathed life into Adam, the spirit itself with the seed of life was created, and the knowledge of the spirit, that is, the knowledge of the truth, was filled in Adam, so that it could have meaning as a spirit. In other words, by learning about God, himself, and all things God created, and acquiring knowledge of the spirit such as goodness, truth, and light, we can fully fulfill our role as a spirit.

It can be said that Adam’s heart was filled with the knowledge of the spirit in this way. However, there was no need for the word “heart” at this time. Since the heart is the spirit, we could call it spirit, but after Adam sinned, it can no longer be called spirit. Since Adam’s spirit was in a dead state, he lost knowledge of the truth and was filled with knowledge of untruth.

2. heart size

We can see that people are divided into large and small according to the size of their hearts. How about the heart of God our Father? The mind of God, who is spirit, is infinite in size. God’s heart was originally spread out throughout the universe with light and sound, and all the universe was contained within that heart. Infinite knowledge, wisdom, power, and love, all these things are contained in the heart of God.

Then how big is the human heart? Originally, Adam’s heart was a spirit created to resemble the Spirit of God, so its size could grow infinitely. Of course, the spirit of Adam, a creature, cannot have the same heart as God the Creator, but it can expand infinitely as much as God gives him the knowledge of the spirit.

However, after the death of a man’s spirit, the spiritual things enveloped the spirit, limiting the size of the heart. This is because the heart was moved through the action of the soul, not through the spirit of realizing or feeling anything. The size of a person’s mind is bound to be limited depending on how much knowledge he has stored through his soul and how he uses it. We are living within the limits of our soul because we wrap the seeds of life with our own thoughts, knowledge, and frames.

Among those who have such spiritual limitations, some people are able to look into the future rather than thinking only about the immediate future, and think of greater things rather than dwelling on small benefits. Also, there are people who are patient and compassionate rather than easily swayed by emotions. Such people are recognized for having a relatively big heart in the world, and many people will dwell in them. can’t get over it.

For example, Liu Bei in the Book of the Three Kingdoms had love and virtue in her heart, and many people lived in her heart, but when Guan Yu was killed in the end, she hurried to avenge her right away, but ended up destroying herself because she could not control her private affections and greed. will be This is the limit of the fleshly man.

However, a person with a big heart in spirit not only has love and virtue, but that love is spiritual love, and we can see that wisdom, understanding, patience, and self-control come together.

3. If you have a big heart spiritually

As much as we receive Jesus Christ and beget our spirit through the Holy Spirit, we can have a spiritually big heart. To the extent that we throw away the untruthful knowledge in our hearts and are filled with the knowledge of the truth, that is, the knowledge of the spirit, our heart can expand infinitely.

What was the heart of Adam, who was first created? Not only did he have the wisdom and knowledge to rule, subdue, and rule all things under the heaven that God had entrusted to him, but he also had the wisdom and knowledge to name all livestock, birds of the air, and wild beasts. He also had powers that could not be seen.

In this way, to the extent that we become a man of spirit, we will possess the wisdom and love of the Father who is the Spirit, as well as the power and authority. However, because not only the physical world visible but also the spiritual world is cherished in our hearts, we come to know things that cannot be known by a fleshly person, and we do things that a fleshly person cannot do.

Therefore, when people of the flesh see people of the spirit and people with a big heart like this, they regard them as gods. The size of the heart of God the Father and the world of the spirit is infinite, and only people of the spirit can know it. Also, the heart of people who belong to the spirit world can only be felt and known by people of the spirit.

However, since people in the flesh cannot understand the heart of the spiritual person, many judgments are made. For example, when God commanded Abraham, the father of faith, to sacrifice his only son Isaac, some said, “It must have been very difficult for Abraham to obey this word. I’d like to think.” In this way, people in the flesh cannot understand the high level of faith and obedience like Abraham, and they are misunderstood because they think according to their own standards.

Also, in 1 Kings 19:4, there is a scene where the prophet Elijah groaned before God. There are people who misunderstand that Elijah prayed such a grumbling prayer before God, just as some say, “I would rather die,” while blaming God when suffering too hard. However, Elijah risked his life in front of all the people of Israel to reveal God’s work, but when he saw people doing more evil, he was so heartbroken that this prayer of mourning came out.

If we have the mind of the Lord and the mind of the spirit, there will be no misunderstanding or judgment or condemnation not only for the spiritual person but also for the fleshly person. It is because we can discern with our heart, not with our soul. However, it is difficult for a person with a fleshly mind limited in untruth to judge within the limits of their own thoughts and to count more than their narrow mind.

For example, what would you think if someone rushed past you every time they met you, making your face and avoiding your eyes? You judge others as much as you have flesh, such as emotions, hatred, and blood. Saying “I think I have feelings”, I also have bad feelings for the other person. However, people with a spirit of heart do not come out with such judgments at all. It’s not that I hate it, it’s that I love it, but it may be because it feels difficult, it may be because I am shy, so it may be awkward, and there may be many other reasons. And if necessary, the Holy Spirit works so that we can realize the truth in our hearts and achieve peace.

Many people will dwell in those who have achieved the heart of the spirit in this way. Even in the church, according to how much the Lord’s servant has a spiritual heart and a big heart, many souls will dwell in that heart. Even if it is a flock that stings and bumps into you, even if it is a flock of fleshly sheep, you can understand them, endure them, and give them abundantly, so naturally revival is added to revival.

The same is true physically. In business and workplace, the more you expand your heart through the spirit, the more people you can buy, the greater your wisdom and ability. Moreover, if you listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit and receive guidance, you can reap good fruits no matter what you do.

4. In order to fully achieve the heart of the Spirit

We need to know the composition of the mind in order to achieve it with the mind of the spirit. In our hearts, we have a clear mind of truth that wants to pursue goodness first, and a clear mind of untruth that is clearly evil. Although the weight of truth and untruth differs from person to person, they both have the same mind.

But apart from these two minds, there is another mind, which is nature. There is truth and untruth in this nature, but there are cases where we cannot enter the spirit because there are many cases where we cannot discover the untruth in our nature.

If so, how was nature really created, and how can we discover it and throw it away? This will be explained next time.

Dear saints,

Some people mistakenly think that attending church makes people narrow or biased, but if you achieve the heart of the spirit, you can achieve everything you desire in God. Even if we do not have worldly fellowship with fleshly people and do not give and receive fleshly things, we can understand and embrace them with the wisdom of the Father, and we can rule and rule them (2 Corinthians 6:11-13).

Also, if you fulfill the heart of the Spirit, you have achieved the heart of the Lord, and your heart and the Lord and the Father become one (John 17:23). Whatever you ask, you will receive an answer, and because of that blessing, you can prove that you are loved by God in front of the world. That makes it visible.

Therefore, we must diligently feed on the Word of God and acquire the knowledge of the infinite spirit. In the name of the Lord, I pray in the name of the Lord that you will not become narrow in the limits of the flesh like the people of the world, but achieve a broad and big heart like Adam, who ruled, conquered, and ruled over all things.

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