2st Spirit, Soul, Body (13)

2004-08-01 | Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee | John 3:5-7

Last time I explained the method of breaking the work of the soul to enter the spirit, but today I want to testify about the heart so that we can become a spiritual person who understands the heart of God.

If someone is born blind, it will be really difficult for us to understand the color of things. In this way, people in the flesh do not understand even if they hear things of the spirit because of the action of their souls (1 Corinthians 2:14).

So, when we look at the Bible, when we explain the world of the spirit, we use parables so that people of the flesh can understand it. If we break our souls through the life of faith, we will be able to receive even if we hear things that belong to the spirit, we will be able to deeply understand the heart of God who is the Spirit, and we will be able to invade the deep world of the spirit.

Therefore, to lead a religious life is ultimately to change one’s heart into a heart that resembles the heart of God.

1. The Word and God

“Word” refers to the knowledge of the spirit that God filled Adam with, and the Bible is the book that records these words of God. That is why we only vaguely think that “the Word is the Word of the Bible and the truth”, but when we look at the Bible, it is said that “the Word is God” and “Jesus was the Word who came to this earth in the flesh.”

Looking at these expressions, the word does not simply mean the words of the 66 books of the Bible, but has a deeper spiritual meaning. What does it really mean? The word means not just the written word of the Bible, but the “heart of God,” which is the truth itself. This mind is the “power of God” who created all things, and at the same time, it is also “the fundamental reality of God” that exists from eternity to eternity and is infinite.

John 1:1-3 says, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. There is none.”

Even the word “beginning” is awkward to know the existence of God, but the reason for using the word “beginning” is to distinguish it so that people can understand it. Human beings have a frame of the soul, so they must have a beginning and an end to understand them.

For reference, Genesis 1:1 also says, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth,” so “the beginning” appears, which has a different meaning from the beginning of the Gospel of John. , there is a real beginning.

However, the text says that in the beginning there was the Word, and that God was with the Word. It speaks as if the Word and God are separate, but immediately afterward, “the Word is God”, explaining that the Word and God are one. Also, not saying “In the beginning was God” but “In the beginning was the Word,” it indicates that the Word preceded God. In summary, although God and the Word are one, they can be called separately, and when thinking separately, the Word comes first.

In the beginning, when God was alone, God’s heart, the Word, existed as light and sound in the entire universe. Then, at a certain point, God took on the same spirit image as it is now for human cultivation, and was separated into three Gods with the same heart, who became God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

It was after the plan of human cultivation that He was not only separated into the Triune God, but also took the name of God. Therefore, the Word, that is, the heart of God, came first, and God’s name and image were created later. However, it must be remembered that the Word and God do not exist separately, but are one in the end.

When there is a human body and a shadow, there is a shadow because there is a body, and when you see a shadow, you know that there is a body, which is a substance. After all, the body and the shadow are one, and they do not exist separately, but exist together. As such, the Word precedes God, but in the end, the Word and God are one.

Then, it was said that the Word is the heart of God. What are the 66 books of the Bible given to us? This is a part of the Word, which is the heart and fundamental attribute of God. Among the infinite hearts of God, the minimum content we need to know who is cultivated by human beings is recorded. So, if we feed on the words of the Bible, these words will abide in us, which means that the heart of God will be formed in us.

In this way, to the extent that the heart of God has come into our hearts, we become the heart of the Spirit. So, for those who believe in the word of God’s power and put it into practice, the word will come true, and amazing works will follow, and it will be a testament to the existence of God.

2. People and hearts

God, who is the Word, formed Adam from the dust and breathed life into him to become a living soul, and Adam’s spirit was born, and various knowledge of the spirit was filled in him. This is the heart of Adam. Therefore, God the Creator puts the word first, but for people who are creatures, the image of man comes first, and the heart comes last.

So let’s take a closer look at the human mind. If you look at the Korean dictionary, the mind is explained as ‘an activity that a person recognizes, feels, and establishes a will, or a mental activity that determines right and wrong, good and evil, and decides actions’. But when God speaks of “heart,” he means “the spirit itself and the knowledge that is contained in it.”

Because the heart of the first man, Adam, was completely blank, God planted the knowledge of the truth such as love, gentleness, peace, truth, and humility as if it were something in a vessel, so Adam was able to contain the knowledge of the Spirit in it. ji. So, Adam’s heart is “the spirit itself, which has the seed of life, and the knowledge of life that is contained in it.” This is the same meaning as the “spirit” of Adam, so we can just say “spirit” and there was no need to use the word “heart” at first.

But after Adam sinned and his spirit died, “heart” and “spirit” could no longer mean the same thing. When Adam’s spirit died, knowledge of life flowed out one by one from Adam’s heart, and instead, the knowledge of untruths planted by the enemy devil came in through his soul and filled his heart. When there is only the truth in the heart, we can call it “Spirit”, but as untruth entered into it, it can no longer be called a spirit, so it is called “heart”.

To make it easier to understand, the untruthful heart is called a black heart, and the truthful heart is called a white heart.

Although most people in the world are evil, sometimes good hearts and deeds come out of the knowledge of the truth that is still little left. This knowledge of the truth remains only a small part, and as time goes by, it becomes more and more stained with untruth, and it only gets worse as the end times come.

However, just because the knowledge of the truth remains, does not mean that the human spirit is alive. This is because when Adam sinned, his relationship with God, the source of life, was already cut off. Even if we no longer receive the knowledge of life from God, and some of the knowledge of life we ​​received before, it will eventually be taken out.

3. How to Raise a Dead Spirit of Man

The way to raise the spirit that was dead because of Adam’s sin is to receive Jesus Christ as the Lord and receive the Holy Spirit, the seed of life will be activated again by the power of the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit will plant knowledge of the spirit in our hearts. So, if you receive the Holy Spirit and live your life of faith, your heart that has been darkened since Adam is changed to a white heart again.

As we pray fieryly, as we fight sin to the point of bloodshed, our black heart gradually disappears, and as we accept spiritual knowledge such as love, goodness, truth, gentleness, and humility, we become more white. If you keep going like this, your black heart will eventually be transformed into a pure white heart with no leftovers, and this is the process of sanctification.

However, there are some people who have received the Holy Spirit but do not change their hearts. Even though they believe in God, they still live in sin. At first, they run hard to forsake their sins, but at some point they become lukewarm and stop fighting the fight against sin. When this happens, you are gradually changing to a white heart, but after you stop fighting against sin, you will be dyed with a black heart again.

No matter how much you receive the Holy Spirit, if you still have a black heart and a heart of untruth, the seed of life cannot gain strength from it. For us to be born again and be saved, it is not only through the Holy Spirit that comes into our hearts, but also through the water, that is, the Word (John 3:5). Also, if you continue to have a black heart, the Holy Spirit you have already received can be consumed (5 Thessalonians 19:3). Then it would have nothing to do with salvation. Even if you receive the Holy Spirit once and are saved, if you do not settle in and do not change, you will become “alive, having a name, but you are dead” as stated in Revelation 3:1

Therefore, if you have received the Holy Spirit by accepting Jesus Christ, you must diligently cast off the sins of your heart and contain the knowledge of the truth. It means that we have to work tirelessly until we recover with a completely white heart.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

God has recorded the knowledge of the truth contained in God’s heart in the Bible so that we can learn and understand His heart (2 Timothy 3:15). To the extent that we receive the Holy Spirit and diligently feed on these words to resemble God’s heart, we will not only receive blessings in all things and good health on this earth, but also live in a place closer to the throne of God in heaven. Those who have a white heart without blemish or blemish and are loyal to all their houses can enter the New Jerusalem city where God the Father’s throne is and live forever.

God wants to give the best to His beloved children. He is looking forward to all of us coming to New Jerusalem with the same heart as our Father. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ that we can become true children who resemble the heart of God the Father and live in the glory of New Jerusalem.

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