2st Spirit, Soul, Body (12)

2004-07-25 | Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee | John 3:5-7

I have learned that when you realize yourself through spiritual and physical education, the spirit becomes the master, leads a prosperous life, and you can easily gain access to the most beautiful heaven, New Jerusalem. Today, I would like to testify about the most important work for us to enter into the spirit, that is, how to break the work of the soul.

Man is not made up of only visible flesh, but in his body there is an invisible spirit and soul. So, to know yourself, you must know not only your body, that is, your body, but also your spirit and soul. Only then can you truly know yourself, so you can control and control yourself as you set your mind to.

The first man, Adam, was able to do whatever he wanted in his heart because his spirit ruled over the soul and body before he fell. However, after the fall of Adam, when the spirit died, the soul and body became disobedient, and many people said, “The heart is longing, but it cannot be done.” I have confessed.

The same is true in our life of faith. In my heart, I want to cast away sins, I hope for a new Jerusalem, and I want to live according to the Word, but my soul and body cannot obey as much as I live in the flesh. But the flesh says, “It’s hard, I don’t want to pray.” is to do Also, in my heart, “I want to love, I want to think with goodness.” But Horn said, “I don’t understand that person, it’s disgusting.” can do it

However, if your spirit comes to life after you have received the Lord, you can pray and receive God’s power so that your disobedient soul and body can submit to the truth. As the spirit is begetting the spirit, the power of the spirit grows stronger and stronger, so if the heart desires, the soul and body will obey it as it is.

1. Ways to break the action of the soul

When we receive the Lord, we receive the Holy Spirit, and our dead spirit comes back to life, overflowing with joy and thanks from the heart. However, there are many people in the world who do not believe no matter how much they hear the Gospel. This is because the soul works strongly with the death of the spirit.

For example, “How can you believe in an invisible God?”, “How can a virgin conceive and how can the dead be resurrected?” Because this action of the soul takes place first, evangelism cannot be accepted.

Therefore, we can see what 1 Corinthians 2:14 says, “The natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, which to them are foolishness, and they do not understand them, for these things are discerned only spiritually.” Therefore, if anyone wants to accept the things of the spirit, he must first break the work of the soul, which is not the truth, and open the door of his heart.

To give an analogy, in order to eat the yolk of a boiled egg, the outer skin and white must first be peeled, and the person outside the gate must first open the door and enter the house to meet the owner of the house, then open the main door and enter the room. . In this way, you must first break your soul and then open the door of your heart so that the gospel can reach the human spirit.

So how can I break my soul? The most important thing is to get the other person to admit that “my knowledge and thoughts are not right”. This is because, when you realize that the knowledge and thoughts you have believed to be correct in the past are not the truth, you will be ready to hear and accept the spiritual words that do not match your thoughts.

For example, a person who thinks, “You cannot believe God because you cannot see it,” needs to realize that “it is wrong to not believe because you cannot see God.” Just because air or wind, or infrared or ultraviolet, cannot be seen with the naked eye doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Likewise, it would be wrong to say that we cannot believe in God, who is spirit, just because we cannot see it with our own eyes. The easiest evidence to show that God lives is the works of power that humans cannot express. Through miracles and signs that only God can do, we can make people believe in the invisible God (John 4:48).

Some people say, “Evolution is scientific so you can believe it, and creationism is unscientific and you can’t believe it.” do. Then, you can tell us that the theory of evolution, which is generally considered to be scientific, is not actually scientific, and that creationism is more scientific and logical.

For example, when evangelizing people who do not know God, transcending races and cultures, all people have the same structure and function, such as two eyes, one nose, and one mouth, so that they realize that evolution is not right. is. It shows that not only humans but also animals, birds and fish, and even insects are the same, and that they all evolve the same is impossible even with mathematical probability. This is a fact recognized by scientists, and it is only possible if there is only one Creator who created it by the same design.

There are many other ways to break people’s souls. It can explain historical evidence or give analogies through nature. However, not everyone can break the soul using the same method.

If some people give logical and knowledgeable explanations, their soul will be broken and the door of their heart will be opened soon. For some, showing your power is the best way, and for others, when you listen to an appropriate parable, your soul is easily broken and the door of your heart is opened. The best way for each person is to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit and gain wisdom while praying.

2. Jesus liked to use the method of parables

When Jesus came to this earth and taught people the things of the Spirit, he very much enjoyed using parables among many ways to break the soul (Matthew 13:3, Mark 4:33). For example, the legalists in Jesus’ day condemned “Jesus is a Sabbath-breaking sinner” because Jesus healed the sick even on the Sabbath.

However, if Jesus is performing works that only God can do, we should think of Jesus as a person who is guaranteed by God, not as a sinner who breaks the law. Moreover, if it is the Sabbath or another day, or the power of God heals the sick and heals the demon-possessed, how can this be against God and against the law?

Even if they explained the truth, the legalists at the time could not understand it. It was because their soul operation, the framework they had made for the law, was so strong that they only thought they were right.

Therefore, through various parables, Jesus enlightened them of their wrong thoughts and frameworks (Matthew 12:11-12, Luke 13:15-17) and gave them the opportunity to discover their wrong ideas and frameworks, who were blocked by the action of their souls. that was given to you. In addition, through numerous parables, Jesus guided people to break their own thoughts and long for the Spirit.

3. To grow in faith and go deeper into the Spirit

Up to now, I have explained that only when a person’s soul is broken can we realize and accept the things of the Spirit, but this is not only applied when we hear the gospel and receive the Lord. In order to grow the faith of those who have already been saved and to go deeper into the spirit, we must break the workings of the soul of untruth every day. There are many people who live their religious lives diligently in their own way, but cannot quickly enter the deeper world of the spirit and are stagnant.

In the case of Job, he could not think of himself as evil at all, because he acted perfectly, both in deeds and in his heart, as far as he knew. But there was certainly evil in his deep nature, and in order to be more perfect, he had to discover and cast it off.

Because Job believed that he was perfect, God had to break his soul in a special way in order for him to discover and realize evil. That is why God accepted Satan’s accusation against Job and allowed him to undergo severe refinement.

In the midst of this stage, he lost his family, lost his property, and suffered excruciating pain from sores all over his body. At this moment, God made him aware of his evil, and Job was able to clearly understand his true self. And by thoroughly repenting and throwing it away, I was able to enter a deeper dimension of the spirit, and I was able to receive twice as much blessings physically as before.

Even today, only when you break the action of your soul can you discover your own wickedness and shortcomings. Otherwise, even after a long life of faith, change will be slow and spiritually stagnant.

For example, some may say, “If I don’t do this, no one else can do it,” or “It is more beneficial for the kingdom of God to do this than I do that.” ” It has its own reasons for doing so. I have always been told that “disobedience is pride and comes from evil,” and I know it intellectually, but “I am an exception because I have a good reason” or “I did it for the sake of the Lord with a good heart.” It’s just that you don’t acknowledge yourself.

However, when you first admit your faults with a humbled heart, and then repent and turn around, you can realize more clearly about your heart. When we break our souls in this way, God can make him more perfect and lead him into the deeper world of the spirit.

Some people do evil and say, “I had no choice but to do it.” Or, “Because that person did evil to me, I had no choice but to respond with evil.” also speak. However, instead of blaming the environment or others, you must first thoroughly admit your own wickedness.

When we reflect on ourselves in the Word with this sincere heart (Psalm 51:6) and when we acknowledge our faults before God (1 John 1:9), true repentance can take place and our souls can be broken. Only then will you discover your true self, grace and power from above, and wisdom to enter the spirit.

Dear saints,

The Apostle Paul was a man who was taught under Gamaliel, who was recognized as the best of his time. However, as I believed in Jesus Christ and experienced the work of the Holy Spirit, I regarded everything as excrement. As a result of thoroughly breaking down the knowledge and thoughts of the flesh, the righteousness and the frame, and all spiritual things that he believed to be right, and seeking to be transformed into a spirit in the form of being completely humbled before God, he communicated clearly with God through the work of the Holy Spirit and received numerous revelations to receive numerous revelations. I became aware of the secrets of the Spirit that could never be known to the people of .

Even today, in order to enter the spirit, we must have this attitude. If you want to hear the voice and guidance of the Holy Spirit clearly and see and hear the spirit world, your soul must be broken. Therefore, I pray in the name of the Lord that you can always be spiritually awake and break into all untruthful knowledge, thoughts, and molds so that you can invade more quickly every day, into a deeper spiritual world, and into a better heaven.

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