2st Spirit, Soul, Body (6)

2004-03-07 | Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee | 2 Corinthians 10:3-6

Last time, we looked at the soul and the workings of the soul. Today, in order to realize the mind of the spirit that belongs to the truth, we will testify specifically about the work of the soul that belongs to the untruth and examine what kind of thoughts God hates in the flesh.

1. The operation of the soul belonging to the untruth

It is said that the soul includes the memory device in the human brain, the contents of memory stored in it, and the thoughts that reproduce and use this knowledge. So, if you keep good things in your head, you can think of the truth, but if you store bad things, you will have thoughts of untruth. This action of the soul is very important in the process of our religious life.

all. As people in the world often say, ‘everything in the world depends on your thinking’, it is easy to have good results if you think positively about the same thing, and bad results if you think negatively.

Therefore, spiritually, your life will change depending on whether you think of the flesh through the action of the soul that belongs to the untruth or if you think of the spirit through the action of the soul that belongs to the truth. That is, whether you become a man of spirit and receive great blessings from God, or whether you will go to Heaven or Hell is decided.

Also, if a person thinks of the flesh through the action of the soul belonging to the untruth, it will not only harm himself but also cause great harm to those around him. For example, if a person who is completely innocent is judged and condemned and spread rumors, it not only creates a wall of sin before God, but also makes it extremely difficult for the party to the rumor. Or, there are cases where they have feelings for each other because they misunderstand what they have done with good intentions.

2. Thoughts of the flesh by the action of the soul

1) What we do not understand and cannot embrace

As people go through life, their own tastes, values, or frameworks for what is ‘right’ are created. Some people like colorful and unusual designs just by looking at their clothes, while others like simple and neat designs. Some people find it fun to watch the same movie, while others say it’s boring. Even when you see the same person, one person thinks you look cool and angry, but the other thinks you look rash and hasty. People with similar temperaments like this and make friends easily, but feel uncomfortable with people who are not.

For example, butler Kim is an active and open-minded person, so if you want to do something, you have to be hot, and if you don’t like it, you have to be honest about it. But Deacon Lee does not express his feelings well whether he likes it or not, and he carefully examines the work he does, so Deacon Kim sees Deacon Lee as being too frustrated and incomprehensible. On the other hand, Deacon Lee also regards Deacon Kim as a person who is becoming more and more difficult to deal with directly. This is because I consider only what I think is good and only what I consider right to be right, so I do not understand the other person’s feelings.

2) to judge

Judgment is making judgments about people or things based on one’s own frame or feeling. For example, when traveling abroad, blowing your nose at the table is considered rude and rude behavior in some countries, while in others it is not. I also see that in some countries it is considered rude to leave food when invited, while in others it is rude to empty the dishes and you must leave some.

In addition, when a foreigner who saw an Indian eating food with their hands said it was unsanitary, the Indian claimed, “I wash my hands before eating, but my hands are more hygienic because I don’t know how clean the forks and knives in restaurants are.” is. Even in the same situation, depending on how you learned it, you will feel completely different and your thoughts will change.

It differs greatly not only by region and culture, but also by time. For example, in the past, singing songs in school was considered a very bad student, but today we see that is not the case. Clothing styles that were once popular are sometimes considered outdated when they change, and sometimes they return to their old fashion as time goes by.

Also, they often judge the intentions or actions of others according to their own thoughts and feelings. A person who is good at lying is easy to judge that the other person is also lying, and a person who likes to talk about other people’s faults is easy to judge by seeing the other person speaking in a low voice and saying, ‘I think those people are talking about my faults’.

For example, when a brother sees only one sister, his face turns red because he has made a mistake with the sister in the past. However, those who watch will judge ‘that brother seems to like that sister’. Or, a person with poor eyesight passes by without saying hello, ‘What kind of feelings does that person have for me, why is he ignoring me and passing by?’

When I saw a person with a hard expression, I thought, ‘Why does that person have a hard face when he sees me? They judge me, ‘I think you hate me. If you happen to see a man and woman you know well standing in front of a hotel, the world often judges that ‘these people are entering and leaving the hotel’. Going further, they even add interpretations, saying, ‘Somehow, when we looked at each other from the past, our eyes were different’.

When I shake hands with the saints, there are times when I can’t even make eye contact and smile. Then, some people mobilize their thoughts and think, ‘Why aren’t you looking at me, or why aren’t you smiling because of what I did wrong’, and some even go so far as to feel sad, saying, ‘The President is turning away from me’. Of course, if this is the enlightenment that comes from the work of the Holy Spirit, you can achieve fullness by giving thanks and turning around.

Alumni answers often come out of judgment as well. For example, if a person who is often late is asked, “What time did you come to the office this morning?” is to do I just asked what time he had arrived, and he judged that ‘that person knows I was late again’ and gave the wrong answer.

In this way, people make a lot of judgments in their daily life and in the church, but they do not realize their mistakes and sometimes even say, “It’s obvious if you don’t see it” or “If you pretend, you will know.” However, human knowledge has its limits. Even if you’ve seen and heard it personally, there are many cases where you don’t know what’s going on. So, if you judge people’s hearts by guessing things they haven’t seen or heard, it’s very wrong, and we should keep in mind that only God who sees the heart can know and judge everything.

3) to condemn

It is not only judging others according to their own thoughts, but also condemning them. For example, a brother who blushes when he sees a sister goes beyond judging that ‘that brother likes that sister’ and condemns ‘that brother has a lot of adultery in his heart’. Instead of just judging people who pass by without being able to recognize them because of their bad eyes, ‘Why won’t they greet you even if they make eye contact?’ And there are those who condemn it. When he judges and condemns others in this way, he has already become arrogant like God, and because of this, he is condemned before God (James 4:11-12).

Moreover, when the people of the world hear spiritual things, they do not understand them within their own knowledge and framework, so judgment and condemnation arise. For example, if you testify that you have been prayed for and healed of a disease that could not be cured even in a hospital, you might ask, ‘How can I be cured of a disease by only receiving prayer? They decide that they must have received prayers while taking medicine’ or ‘maybe they mistakenly think they are feeling better’. Sometimes the person who testifies is even condemning him to be lying. They also condemn the miracles in the Bible where the Red Sea parted, the sun and the moon stopped moving, and the bitter water turned into sweet water by the power of God. This means that a person who does not know one inch is committing the folly of judging and condemning God’s work.

Some people say they believe in God, but they judge and condemn the work of the Holy Spirit. For example, if you say “I had a vision” or “I received a revelation,” some people would say “It is wrong” or “It is a mysticism.” These things are clearly God’s works recorded in the Bible, and they condemn the work of the Holy Spirit within the framework of faith that we have created ourselves.

Even among the Jews of Jesus’ day, there was a case where they judged and condemned Jesus only according to their own standards. For example, if Jesus healed the sick on the Sabbath, we should focus more on God’s power revealed through Jesus.

If it is against God’s will to heal the sick on the Sabbath, then God cannot provide the healing work through Jesus on the Sabbath, and if Jesus is a sinner, then God cannot grant the power to heal the sick through sinners. is.

Some people dare to judge and condemn even God according to their own standards. For example, ignorant of the providence of the knowledge of the tree of knowledge, Adam took the tree of knowledge, ate and sinned and made him suffer. God is called a bad God. Or, there are people who say that God has given them such trials while undergoing trials and tribulations for their own fault, or that there is no God because no matter how much they pray, they do not answer them. They must be aware that they are committing a great sin before God, and they may not even have a chance to repent by committing sins of blasphemy, blasphemy, and rebellion against the Holy Spirit.

Dear saints,

If you look at things and people within the limits of your knowledge and thoughts, you too will sin before God, preventing blessings and answers, and causing suffering to others. However, when we regard our own wisdom as foolishness and discern everything according to the standard of truth that God considers appropriate, we can truly become wise people and acquire spiritual wisdom to please God and receive answers and blessings. (1 Corinthians 3:18).

Therefore, I pray in the name of the Lord that you may receive God’s love and approval by carefully examining the operation of your own soul and thinking only of the spirit through the operation of the soul belonging to the truth at every moment.

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