2st Spirit, Soul, Body (3)

2004-02-15 | Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee | 1 Thessalonians 5:23

Today, I am going to testify about the reason God made man out of dust and the conscience that has an important influence on the rate of growth of faith.

In the past time, in a spiritual sense, flesh was “a generic term for all things that perish, decay, and perish.” Most of the things in the world will eventually rot and degenerate after a certain period of time. Man was originally a spiritual being, but after Adam’s sin, he fell into a corrupted and degenerate being, so everything that he thinks, seeks, and creates only becomes corrupted and corrupted.

As such, humans are made of clay, so they have the same attributes as dirt. Just as soil has the property of changing the quality of the soil depending on what ingredients are added to it, even people who are built with soil change their temperament depending on what ingredients are filled in it. What ingredients are taken from what foods, what thoughts and emotions are put in the heart, what actions and values ​​are pursued, all of these influence the change of a person’s temperament.

However, in John 3:6, it is said, “What is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.” Those who have received the Holy Spirit must follow the work of the Holy Spirit to beget the Spirit. In other words, it must contain the beautiful and eternal spiritual things, such as truth, goodness, and love, rather than evil, ugly, and degenerate flesh.

1. The reason God made Adam out of dust

As John 4:24 says, “God is a Spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.” As God is a Spirit, He has no flesh and no bones, and the angels of the heavenly host are only made of spirit. But, even though Adam was created in God’s image, why did he have to go through the process of creating a body out of dust and breathing life into it?

Like the angels, it is simpler if you create with the spirit, and you can also build the body with materials that do not change easily, such as gold or iron, rather than the soil that changes depending on the composition. The reason God cultivates human beings is to understand God’s heart and to obtain true children who can give and receive love.

However, when Adam was first created and lived in the Garden of Eden, he was not in a state where he could say that he was a true child. God taught Adam only the good and the truth, so he lived a comfortable life, but he did not know what sin, evil, misery, and suffering were. Adam did not even know the meaning of death because the things in Eden did not decay or change. Therefore, he could not understand the opposite concept of goodness, happiness, love, and eternal life.

Of course, God, the Creator, knows everything from the beginning: good and evil, happiness and unhappiness, joy and sorrow. Because he was such a God, he did not want Adam to live forever without knowing the true happiness and true joy, gratitude, and love. That is why, by placing the tree of knowledge and evil, Adam, after experiencing sorrow, pain, and death in this world, was cultivated and returned to the spirit, so that he could realize in his heart how good the spirit is. If Adam had been created only in spirit like the angels, he would not have been able to experience all things in the flesh.

As such, if people know the heart of God, they cannot complain about God, saying, “Why did you make the tree of knowledge and make them suffer?” Rather, we become centrally thankful to God who allowed us to be cultivated and gave up his only begotten Son to save people. Also, no matter what kind of trials we receive during our lives, we know that we can enjoy the eternal happiness of heaven when we receive the cultivation of this earth well and come out as true children.

2. Conscience Importantly Influences the Rate of Faith Growth

God allows us to experience the world so that we can come out as perfect and true children. We must realize why we are cultivated in the world and live according to our duty as human beings.

The people of the world live with pain and misery, but even those who believe in the Lord may undergo trials in their own way while living on this earth. However, this does not mean that the saints must suffer the trials and tribulations of the enemy devil or suffer from calamities.

As 5 John 18:XNUMX says, “We know that no one who is born of God sineth. He who is born of God keeps him, and the evil one cannot touch him.” Do not sin and live according to the word of God. If we go, God will also protect us.

Even if we make mistakes on the part of people and we are put to the test, God gives us a way of escape and gives us the strength to overcome even if we have trials. If we live and change according to God’s word, we can live a prosperous and blessed life even in this world.

However, not all people who believe in God are changing quickly. When some people receive the Lord and receive the Holy Spirit, from then on, they diligently obey as they learn the Word and cast off their sins, while others receive the Holy Spirit and learn the Word of God in the same way, but they do not obey immediately, so the growth of faith is slow There is.

So where do these differences come from? Unlike animals, humans have hearts. Adam’s heart, which was originally created by God, was filled with only the truth, but after Adam sinned, the spirit of man died, and untruth continued to enter man’s heart.

And among them, there is a conscience, which distinguishes between right and wrong and tries to live according to what one thinks is right. Conscience is good for each person. Some people have a good conscience than others and have a stronger desire to live according to the truth. Even though they are people of the world who do not know the Lord, people with a clear conscience try to live according to human principles.

Some young students try to keep their place and fulfill their duties. It means to be diligent in school life, to study hard, and to be modest in behavior and appearance. Such students have the power to control and control their own mind and body, and they can have the power to govern themselves even as an adult.

However, some students ignore the voice of conscience and act according to their thoughts, ‘I want to be lazy’, ‘I want to play without going to school’, ‘I want to meet the opposite sex’, ‘I want to see things I shouldn’t see and I want to drink things I shouldn’t drink’ It means you can’t control yourself. Of course, at first, he said, ‘I want to be a good child’ and ‘I want to do my duty as a student’, but it is not that I did not have a desire to follow the good, but the ability to govern myself according to the voice of my conscience does not come easily, so it is far from human’s duty and duty. You will live a long life.

In this way, the ability to rule and dominate oneself according to conscience, that is, the ability to make one’s life worthwhile, is different for each person.

3. Where does the difference in conscience come from?

First, the difference of conscience comes from the parents.

A person’s sperm and egg contain the parent’s Qi, so children inherit the parent’s Qi as it is, and so does the conscience. If your parents have followed the good and have a good heart, your children are more likely to be born with a good conscience.

Second, differences in conscience come from circumstances.

Even if you were born with good spirits from your parents, if you grew up in a poor environment and started to see, hear, and input bad things, your conscience can be so easily defiled. On the other hand, a person who sees and hears good things and grows up in a good environment is relatively easy to have a good conscience.

Third, it depends on how you have worked to have a good conscience.

Even if they grew up in the same environment and under the same parents, a person’s path can be completely different depending on how he or she has worked hard. This has a great impact on our religious life, and even if we learn the Word of God to cast off our sins and submit ourselves to the truth, some people say it is easy or difficult depending on how they have made themselves in the past. .

Those who had weak will and changed easily before believing in God tend to lead a similar life of faith. A person who has lived a life of helplessness, laziness, and disorder does not suddenly change and become a diligent person just because he believes in the Lord and receives the Holy Spirit. A person who has not been able to fulfill his/her duties because he/she wants to play and rest even though he/she has to study as a student is easy to become like that even in faith. Others work hard toward a greater stage of faith, but they always stay at the beginning of faith, and they want to receive grace and run to the fullest, but if something happens, they fall down again.

However, it is so easy for those who follow their duty in the world to rule themselves and keep their heart even in the truth. It doesn’t seem that difficult to keep in mind as you hear the word and obey it according to the word.

In this way, the conditions of what kind of parents you were born from, what you saw, heard, and learned in what environment, and how you made your own efforts are combined to form a person’s conscience. According to that conscience, there is a difference in the ability of a person to control their body and mind and live according to their morals.

Dear saints,

If you were born to good parents, grew up in a good environment, and have taken good care of yourself, it is easy to quickly change into the truth. But even if this is not the case, God’s children can receive the power of the Holy Spirit, so even if they do not have the power to change themselves, they should know that Almighty God is able to change them.

He transforms the weak-willed and changeable person into a genuine person, and the lazy and weak person into a diligent and zealous person. You can see that even those who do not keep in mind the word they have realized and throw it away are guided by the power of the Holy Spirit to keep them in mind and to act according to the word.

That’s why 2 Corinthians 5:17 says, “If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has passed away; behold, the new has come.” In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray that you will be transformed by the power of the Lord who makes all things new and quickly enter into spirit and whole spirit.

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