2st Spirit, Soul, Body (2)

2004-01-25 | Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee | 1 Thessalonians 5:23

Today, as the second part of the second session of the soul and flesh, I would like to testify in detail how the flesh is transformed into the flesh through the food that the flesh eats, the invisible civilization, and reason.

1. The reason why the fleshly man is degenerate

In the past, the spiritual meaning of the word ‘flesh’ was ‘a generic term for things that rot, change, and disappear’. After Adam fell, his body, mind, and thoughts all changed into flesh. In the heart of man who became flesh, there are ugly and evil things that are contrary to the will of God, the Spirit, such as hatred, envy, jealousy, anger, greed, pride, adultery, You can see self-seeking, being filled with rude and despising carnal content.

The reason people are becoming more and more degenerate into flesh is because they are made of soil. When God first created Adam, he formed an image of the earth and breathed life into it to become a living soul, and the spiritual contents in it: goodness, service, gentleness, long-suffering, peace, order, and seeking the interests of others. supplied, etc. However, after they sinned, they were cut off from God who supplies the spirit, so they returned to the original nature of the soil.

The soil quality changes depending on what ingredients are added. If you mix good ingredients, it becomes loamy soil. Conversely, if you keep mixing bad ingredients, it turns into barren soil. In this way, it is the fact that a person who was created from dust will have a changed temperament according to the nature of the flesh depending on what kind of flesh it contains.

For example, there are people who immediately get annoyed and angry when something happens. Such people put the content of ‘blood’ in their hearts, and the more they do it, the more irritable their tone of voice changes, the more angry they become over trivial things, and the higher their voices become. If you keep adding the element called blood, the soil itself becomes more and more bloody soil.

Also, if you lie frequently, your false attributes will become stronger, and if you hit others frequently, you will become a violent person. It is important not only to plant by doing, but also to see and hear, and those who enjoy violent content through movies are planted in their hearts with harsh and violent things, and they actually turn into violent people. In this way, a person’s temperament is changing depending on what kind of flesh content is filled.

2. The effect of food on the fleshly man

The people of this land take food to maintain themselves and to gain strength to function, and over time they consume more and more fleshy foods. At this time, the nature of a person is determined depending on what kind of food he eats. This is because if you eat a lot of food that has poisonous and evil energy, it will turn into a poisonous and evil temperament.

Those who became flesh because of the disobedience of the first man, Adam, became more and more in need of foods with strong fleshly nature and strong foods as the years passed. When they lived in the Garden of Eden, they ate only fruits, but after being expelled from the Garden of Eden, they also ate vegetables and grains.

Then, after the flood of Noah, God allowed us to eat meat, but God did not allow us to eat all the animals. He informed the people of Israel, the chosen people, of detestable beasts and made them not to eat them, because they were so evil and venomous.

However, in the New Testament era, it was forbidden for Gentiles other than the Israelites to eat only blood and things strangled. The God of love minimized the standard because it would be too difficult to obey if we did not allow them to eat all the Gentiles who have been eating detestable foods for thousands of years. But it is even better if non-Israelites do not eat the meat of detestable animals. Even if you eat, it is not a sin, but if you do not eat, you will consume less evil and poisonous substances, so it is beneficial for you to cast away evil and become sanctified.

As such, it is greatly affected by what kind of food a person eats to maintain his flesh, and it is even more so when he is a child. This is because the food consumed when having a baby also greatly affects the character and temperament of the child to be born, and the character and temperament of children vary greatly depending on whether the child is breastfed or milked. It is a fact that if you drink the milk of animals without breastfeeding, the temperament of animals will be added to the child.

Have you ever read an article about a wolf boy who grew up on wolf’s milk? You can easily see that it resembles a wolf’s temperament as it grew up receiving the wolf’s energy through the wolf’s milk. Also, chemically processed foods are degenerated from natural ones, so they have a bad effect.

A long time ago, on Japanese TV, there was a buzz about a Korean boy’s IQ of 210. It is said that the parents had a gentle heart from the time they conceived the child, so they did not fight or fight. Also, although it is an Old Testament law, the Jews who thoroughly obey God’s commandments are the world’s smartest and wisest people, and you can see the largest number of Nobel Prize winners ever.

Therefore, even when raising a child, we can see that the less fleshly things we take, the more excellent children are raised, and more importantly, the things we see, hear and learn while growing up should be good and beautiful, not evil and ugly. If you protect your child’s body, mind, mind, and all other fields as much as possible from physical things, they will grow up to be good and wise children. Therefore, it is best to raise them with God’s grace in the truth, but in the world, you can see them grow into good and wise children as much as they take less fleshly things.

3. The influence of reason and civilization on the fleshly man

In this way, it is not only the relationship between people and food that the flesh needs the flesh and is gradually becoming more and more stained with it. In order for a person to live on this earth, as he pursues physical things mentally and physically, he becomes more and more depraved in his physical form.

It can be well understood by looking at the term ‘civilization’ in human history. The people of this earth invent and discover what they need through their rational ability. Languages ​​and scripts were created to communicate with each other, and necessary skills, knowledge, and culture were developed. And through language and writing, they were able to exchange their skills and culture and pass them on to the next generation.

Human reason and language are flesh after all, and the product of civilization developed by man is flesh. Since man himself is a carnal being, the product produced by man is only flesh after all. This is because the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life are what the fleshly man pursues while developing civilization (1 John 2:16).

Therefore, we can see that the civilization created by man eventually takes pleasure to satisfy the five senses, takes honor, power, and knowledge, and enjoys a sense of accomplishment for himself. Moreover, as time goes by, I try to take on things that are more and more sensuous and stimulating. Therefore, as civilization develops, it pursues more and more fleshly things, so it is corrupted by lust and debauchery.

In this way, the lust to take the fleshly pursued the flesh led to a sin, and as that sin became widespread, it ultimately led to death (James 1:15).

4. What is born of the flesh is flesh, and what is born of the Spirit is spirit.

What we need to keep in mind here is that flesh is rotten and degenerate, and not only is it useless and useless, but what it needs and takes in and what it produces is flesh in the end. The food that the fleshly man eats is flesh, what the fleshly man sees, hears, and enjoys is flesh, and what the fleshly man creates according to his needs is flesh. It is the fact that everything related to the fleshly man is, in the end, nothing but vain six days.

However, when a person receives the Holy Spirit and is born again, he can produce a spirit according to the work of the Holy Spirit. In these people, their physical body, which is sick, old, dead, and decaying, becomes a strong body with God’s grace and power. The fleshly heart full of sin, evil, and untruth changes into a spirit heart full of goodness, light, and love. The language is also a holy, truthful and beautiful spiritual language, rather than the incomplete language used by fleshly people, which is degenerate and changes, piercing, judging, hurting, and easily misunderstood.

As such, those who follow the work of the Holy Spirit are filled with spiritual things in all fields of thinking, holding on to their hearts, speaking and doing. The body becomes a light and beautiful spiritual body, as if it has weight or no weight, and the mind is always overflowing with happiness and joy, thanks and love. The language of heaven is so happy and gracious just by talking to each other in a new language, and there is no miscommunication or misunderstanding because it lacks the power to express what is in your heart. In fact, since we receive each other’s hearts as they are in spirit, we can communicate with each other without having to express them in words.

Dear saints,

The flesh gives birth to the flesh as it desires, and if it is consumed, it becomes more and more evil, corrupt, and ugly. On the other hand, if a person who has received the Holy Spirit takes spiritual things rather than flesh, he becomes more and more like God, who is the Spirit, and becomes a holy and perfect person of spirit. going. Because they were made of soil, it depends on what ingredients are mixed with each person’s soil.

As it is said in Galatians 6:7, “Do not deceive yourself, for God is not low, whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.” In addition to reaping the fruits of blessing in which everything goes well in the field and answers to the wishes of our hearts, wisdom, understanding, and ability to carry out our assigned missions will come, and we will reap abundant fruits of revival.

Therefore, I pray in the name of the Lord that you will be born with the Holy Spirit every day, bear beautiful fruits of the spirit, be recognized as God’s true children, and enjoy the same glory as the sun in the future in heaven.

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