1st Spirit, Soul, Body (8)

2003-12-21 | Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee | 1 Thessalonians 5:23

Today, we will examine the difference between the spirit of the first man, Adam, and our spirit, and testify about the spirit body and the knowledge of the spirit.

In the past, it was said that the spirit is immortal, unchanging, eternal, life, and truth itself. Also, the spirit died because of Adam’s sin. I was told

Therefore, in order for mankind to attain salvation, the dead spirit must come to life, and the way is to receive Jesus as the Savior and receive the Holy Spirit as a gift, and we must plant the word of truth in our hearts and put it into practice so that our spirits must grow.

Then, what is the difference between the spirit of the first man Adam and our spirit after Adam sinned?

1. The Difference Between Adam’s Spirit and Our Spirit

When God created Adam, he breathed into his nostrils the breath of life with the power of God, so that he became a living spirit, that is, a living spirit. In other words, after Adam was created as an adult, not a child, he became a living soul and gradually learned the knowledge of the Spirit through God. Therefore, Adam’s spirit was a spirit filled with truth without any untruth or evil, and it was as if a picture had been drawn out on a blank sheet of paper.

Then, what about those descendants of Adam whose spirit died and the spirit was resurrected through faith in Jesus Christ? Since the sinful nature handed down from our ancestors is already included in the ki and untruth has been input as we grow up, in order to believe in Jesus Christ and become a person of the spirit and spirit, we must go through the process of extracting the untruths that have been input and planting life and truth in our hearts. do. Just like plowing hardened land with a plow, picking up rough stones, and pulling out thorns to turn it into fertile soil, it is necessary to clear the mind of a person. So, when you have a heart that is completely filled with the truth, you can say that you have achieved the whole spirit.

Adam did not know what untruth or sin was, and only the truth was entered, but those who have experienced the flesh on this earth and entered into the whole spirit know the relativity between light and darkness, good and evil, so it is a fact that they do not fall back into the flesh like Adam. . Also, I am grateful from the heart of my heart to the loving God who saved me from my sins. Therefore, God created man with soul and body and placed the fruit of good and evil, and began cultivating man.

2. spirit body

First, ‘sieve’ refers to a shape that can be drawn by following a certain shape. In other words, it refers to the shape of a certain thing. For example, if there is an eagle, we know that it is an eagle by looking at the body of the eagle. Also, when there is a lion, it is not called an eagle because its body is completely different from that of an eagle. A person is called a human because he has a human form. If his body is made of a lion, no matter how much his heart resembles a human, he has no choice but to call him a ‘lion’.

In this way, the body can be distinguished by the eyes, and it is said that the body has special skin, and the flesh formed into a certain shape is called the body. However, if there is a body, we must know that there is a spirit body (1 Corinthians 15:38-40). Just as there is a body in which the physical body we see has formed, the spirit also has a spirit body, which is a vessel that contains the soul, so that we can distinguish whose spirit it is and recognize its form.

Then, specifically, what is a spirit body and how did it come to be? God formed man out of dust and breathed life into his nostrils. Here, qi refers to the crystallization of all of God’s power. Because of this breath of life, Adam was made of dust, but he became a living spirit, a living spirit. Just as an image appears on the screen and a sound comes out when the switch is turned on after plugging the electric cord into the TV, Adam also became a living spirit when the breath of God entered.

However, the important thing is that the spirit body does not disappear. In other words, after Adam’s disobedience, the spirit actually became dead, as God said, “You will surely die.” However, the spirit body that contained Adam’s spirit remained as it was. The body returns to a handful of dust when the soul, the master, leaves, but the spirit body never perishes because it was created with the breath of God.

Then, after Adam sinned, what was the state of man’s spirit? The spirit will die, and instead the soul will be contained within the spirit body. In animals, when the life of the flesh is cut off, the soul also disappears. This is also the reason why God has no choice but to have Heaven and Hell.

If we believe in Jesus Christ, the dead spirit is resurrected through the Holy Spirit and we continue to beget spirits through the Holy Spirit, the resurrected spirit and the soul belonging to the truth will be contained in our spiritual body and we will enter the kingdom of heaven. On the other hand, those who do not believe in God have a dead spirit and soul in their spirit body. So, in the Bible, when Ananias and Sapphira were cursed by Peter, they did not say ‘the soul departed’, but ‘the soul departed’ (Acts 5:1-11).

Then, where will the souls of these people go? Because they are polluted with sin, corrupt, stinky, and unclean, they cannot enter heaven and are thrown into hell. To be more precise, they go to the lower hell until the Great White Throne Judgment, and after being resurrected and judged, they will be thrown into the fires of hell. If people with evil and ugly hearts go to heaven, how can they say that heaven is beautiful, and how can God’s children live happily and peacefully there?

However, those who have their spiritual eyes open in God’s grace can see this spirit body. The light that emanates from the spiritual body is different for each person, and it is the fact that as the word of truth is planted in their heart and transformed into the spirit, a more beautiful and brighter light is emitted from the spiritual body, and the place and glory of the kingdom of heaven that we will live in later depend on that light. In this way, the Bible clearly states that not all of us receive the same glory just because we are saved (1 Corinthians 15:41).

Therefore, it is very important to live a life of faith, but to do it right. Even if you know God’s Word, those who do not act according to it and do not circumcise their hearts at all, their spiritual body emits a black light. Just by looking at the light that emanates from each person’s spiritual body, we can know whether we are living diligently according to the word of God with faith, or whether we are only living in the church and not living according to the word, or whether we are suffering from Satan’s captivity.

Also, if you know the spirit body, you can easily understand and believe in the resurrection or the rapture. The spirit body seems to have weight, but it does not seem to exist, but it is also present. So, when believers die, the spirit body ascends to heaven. At this time, not only the spirit ascends, but the soul is also contained in the spirit body and ascends. Then, when the Lord returns in the air, their bodies will also be resurrected as incorruptible spiritual bodies and be lifted up in the air.

As Luke 24:39 said, “Look at my hands and feet and know that it is me, touch me. A spirit does not have flesh and bones, but as you see I have.” You can see that he was put on a spiritual body. In addition, he entered the room directly without passing through the door. When the spiritual body is clothed with a spiritual body in this way, it can move beyond time and space.

3. Spiritual knowledge

If the spirit body is the shell that separates the spirit from the spirit, the content that makes up the spirit is the knowledge of the spirit. Just as in this world we have the knowledge we need to live, the spirit also has the knowledge of the spirit. When God first made Adam a living soul, he was in a state of an empty spirit, like a newborn child, without any knowledge of the spirit.

For example, if a person can only sense senses, do not have the basic knowledge required as a human being, and cannot express his/her intentions and accept or discriminate other people’s words, how can such a person be called a complete person? Likewise, even Adam, who became a living spirit, is of no use if he does not have the knowledge of the spirit that corresponds to the core and has only the root itself, which is the spirit given by God. This is because when the spirit and the knowledge of the spirit are combined, it can play the role of a perfect spirit.

Then what is spiritual knowledge? It refers to all the words that are connected with the Spirit of God in the 66 books of the Bible, and the knowledge of this Spirit is what makes life work. For example, when we obey God’s word of ‘love’, it means that the corruptible flesh such as hatred and envy is removed and the spirit itself called love is born in our hearts.

By obeying and doing what God has said in the 66 books of the Bible, we will absorb the word of truth, which is the nourishment, and excrete waste products such as evil and untruth belonging to darkness and circumcise our hearts. You will grow spiritually when you do this, and if you continue to follow God’s word in this way, your heart itself will be changed into the truth and you will be cultivated quickly with the whole spirit.

Dear saints,

We must constantly challenge ourselves toward the spirit world without stopping at all (Galatians 6:9). If one’s own shortcomings are discovered, he must thank God for allowing him to discover his shortcomings and become a person who can overcome his shortcomings and stand up. So, if you look to the eternal hope God has given you with faith and run to the end, you will surely reap the fruits of it.

Also, as 1 Corinthians 10:12 says, “Therefore, let him who thinks he stands be careful lest he stumble,” realizing that those who become indolent or remain in the present state of being self-sufficient just because they have entered the infinite spiritual world are truly fools, and humbly discover themselves. And I pray in the name of the Lord that you will penetrate deeply into the world of the infinite spirit in God’s love.

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