1st Spirit, Soul, Body (6)

2003-11-02 | Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee | 1 Thessalonians 5:23

Today, as the field of the soul among the primary soul and body, I would like to testify about what the soul is and how the soul works.

1. The definition of the soul

When we see God’s creatures, such as bats that accurately find their food in the dark with radar principles, salmon with amazing regression instincts, birds that travel thousands of miles, and woodpeckers that peck at trees thousands of times a minute, when we see human beings. You will feel the providence of creation that transcends the wisdom and power of

However, it is the fact that the beings who were created to rule all these things are human beings made up of soul and body. We humans are not outwardly strong or nimble like lions or tigers, nor are we superior in sight or smell to other animals. Nevertheless, it is called the primate of all things, fundamentally because, unlike animals, it has a spirit, but apart from this, humans have excellent brain functions, that is, the ability to think. Because of God-given intelligence, humans have been able to develop scientific civilization and rule all things. This is the field related to the soul in spirit, soul, and body.

The dictionary defines soul as a synonym for soul or ear, “thing that dwells in a person’s body and is thought to be in control of the mental processes” or “mind or mind”, but spiritually it is different.

A person’s head has brain cells, and within these brain cells is a memory device. If we compare it to a computer, just as when you input something into a computer, it remembers and reproduces it, so God created such a memory device when he created humans. Assuming that this brain cell is a vessel, remembering the things in this vessel is thought, and the vessel, contents, and thinking are collectively called the soul. It is a generic term for all things that a person sees, hears, and learns and inputs them into brain cells along with their feelings and recalls those inputs. It is precisely because of this soul that we can remember and think of things.

In this way, a person is born into this world, and what he sees, hears, and feels while growing up is input, such as language, writing, behavior and social norms, and other things necessary for people to live.

However, as brain cells are destroyed as we age, memory may become blurred, and it is a fact that memory and intelligence differ from person to person depending on how much data the soul accepts. This difference in ability is sometimes evaluated as IQ, or IQ, which depends on the genetic factors inherited from parents and is also formed by acquired circumstances such as learning and experience.

Just like the performance of a computer depends on the capacity of the computer, the IQ differs from person to person, so even if you make the same effort, you will not get the same result. Therefore, parents should not scold their children for not being able to study unconditionally or force them beyond their abilities. First, they should know the child’s abilities and guide them accordingly, and find and develop their aptitudes.

Also, your IQ can improve with continued effort. It is said that an average human has more than 10 billion brain cells. Generally speaking, if you use 5% of it, you are a genius, but most people say that they use only 3% of their brain cells. Therefore, even if you are born with the same IQ, your brain can improve depending on how much effort you put in. Furthermore, if you come into the Lord and study in a way that is planted in your heart through the spirit, not through the action of your soul, that is, your mind, you can become an outstanding person.

2. The work of the soul

If the body plays the role of a vessel containing the soul, the soul plays an important role in forming a person’s character, character, and judgment standard through the function of thinking, and forming a field of mind. The human spirit and soul are not separated, but are closely connected with each other.

But what we need to know is that the functioning of the soul today is different from that of the soul before Adam sinned. According to Genesis, when God created Adam, he first molded it out of dust and breathed life into his nostrils to become a living soul. In other words, Adam was not a physical being, but a living spirit, a living spiritual being. Therefore, although Adam had bones and flesh, he had an incorruptible body.

Also, the spirit became the master of man, and the soul acted like a servant who obeyed the directions of the spirit. Of course, even then, the soul had the function of remembering and thinking, but only untruth or evil thoughts were not mobilized because it followed only the instructions of the Spirit that obeyed the word of truth. However, when Adam disobeyed God’s word and ate of the forbidden fruit, his spirit died as he said, ‘You will surely die.’ When the living spirit became a dead spirit, Adam became a man of flesh with only a soul and a body, and the flesh returns to dust just as it was created from dust (Genesis 6:3, Genesis 3:19).

Also, when Adam, who ruled and ruled over all things, sinned and returned to corruptible flesh, the mountains and plants were also cursed and served as slaves to corruption. Romans 8:19-21 says, “The creation awaits the manifestation of the sons of God, for it is not his will that the creation submits to futility, but it is through him who submits it, and what they hope for is that the creation is also a slave to corruption. being set free from one place to the glorious freedom of the children of God.”

Then, how did the operation of the soul change after Adam sinned? When he was a living spirit, he communicated with God, who is the spirit, and was taught in the truth. However, when the spirit dies and communication with God is cut off, the soul takes on the role of master. And Satan, the ruler of darkness, is in control of this very soul. Since Satan is a being who opposes God, he has planted things that are contrary to the truth through the soul or thought of man.

For example, if someone hits me, Satan will say, ‘It is right to hit you as well’ or ‘Do you have no pride?’ It is planted in the heart as if it is right to take revenge. God’s Word rather prays for those who persecute, blesses them, and tells us to love our enemies, but Satan injects only things that are contrary to God’s heart through his thoughts, and ultimately revenge is the right thing to do. And according to the conscience and judgment standard formed in this way, each person will do what he or she says is right and various evil things will also appear.

You can see this well by watching the process of children being born and growing up. When you are a child, you do not know what good and evil are and act instinctively, but as you grow up, you receive the untruth and evil from the world through your thoughts as much as you receive the action of your soul. Of course, the degree of acceptance of evil differs depending on the heart field and the environment in which you grow up, but Satan continues to inject things that are contrary to the truth through his thoughts, and this accumulates in his heart.

Therefore, we can see that people’s heart fields are naturally becoming bad fields, not fertile soil. For many years, he was born with the spirit of his parents planted with evil through untruthful thoughts, and as he grew up, the evils that Satan gave through his thoughts were planted in his heart.

Also, through the action of the soul, untruth accumulates in the heart, and this becomes a person’s standard of judgment and values. People commit sins according to what is right in their own eyes. Even before believing in God, the spirit is dead, so behaviors like those of animals that have only body and soul occur (Ecclesiastes 3:18). Therefore, in order to find the duty of man, we must first bring the dead spirit back to life.

However, when understanding the operation of the soul, there is one thing to keep in mind. In order for the thinking soul to work, it needs a vessel that can contain the thoughts, or brain. But what if you are injured in a car accident? Even if you save your life, if you suffer from amnesia due to brain damage, you can eat, sleep, and feel, but you will be a completely different person than you used to be.

So what happens when someone with amnesia goes to heaven? At that time, with the power of God, you will remember again the things you could not remember on this earth. As God regenerates the destroyed parts, the whole soul can function again. In other words, when we go to heaven, not only the spirit goes, but the soul also goes. When Jesus died on the cross, he said, “Father, I commit my soul,” and as deacon Stephen said, “Lord Jesus, receive my soul,” as he was stoned to death. is. However, the soul here refers to the soul belonging to the spirit, not the soul into which the untruths of this earth are entered, but the soul belonging to the truth.

3. You must come out as a spiritual person by hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit and obeying it.

Then, how can we use the action of the soul to become a person pleasing to God? Satan is in control of the soul, causing us to continue to doubt and to think contrary to God’s heart. A person who is controlled by Satan through the action of the soul is called a person of the soul. Therefore, you cannot realize spiritual things or come into the spirit.

God does not want his children to be souls. Since the Father is a spirit, we too must become people of the spirit. To do this, above all else, we must cut off the thoughts of untruth so that we are not under the control of Satan, and we must listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit who controls our hearts through the word of truth and obey the voice of our soul completely. Even when we hear the word of God, we must receive “Amen” and pray like fire until we realize the spiritual meaning of the word in our hearts to receive the inspiration, influence, and fullness of the Holy Spirit who dwells within us. At that time, not the soul, but the spirit, become the master, so that we can have deep communion with God every day and quickly enter the spirit world.

Therefore, I bless you in the name of the Lord that you will come out as true children who have restored the right relationship with your father in search of the lost image of God, enjoy the authority and power over all things, and be guided on the blessed path.

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