2003-09-28 | Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee | 1 Thessalonians 5:23

Today, in relation to the conception of life that we witnessed in the past, we are going to look at what God’s election and election are, respectively, and then we will look into the next topics, ‘seed’ and ‘field’.

1. Choice and Choice

In the Bible, there are expressions of election or election, and among many people, God plans for human cultivation and uses “a specific person” to fulfill His providence. It is because there are cases where you write “by”.

First, election means that God has created a certain frame and anyone who enters into it can be chosen. For example, if it is a matter of salvation, you have created a frame of salvation and anyone who enters into it can be saved. In other words, those who have received Jesus as their Savior through faith and live according to the Word of God are chosen by God.

Some people think that God has already chosen from the beginning those who will be saved and those who will not be saved. That is why some people mistakenly believe that once they have received the Lord and are saved, even if they do not live according to the Word, He works forcibly so that they will eventually be saved.

But never. Because God has created the frame of salvation, those who come into this frame with faith with free will will be chosen by God and will be saved. On the other hand, if you do not come into the frame of salvation, you will not be chosen, and once you have entered, if you go out again, you will not be chosen, and you will not be able to achieve salvation.

3 Corinthians 17:6 says, “If anyone defiles the temple of God, God will destroy him.” Hebrews 4:6-XNUMX says, “Once received light, and taste the gift of heaven, and become a partaker of the Holy Spirit, Those who have tasted the good word and the powers of the world to come, and have fallen, cannot renew them and cause them to repent, because he has crucified the Son of God again, and is markedly dishonored.” Otherwise, it is said that it will eventually lead to destruction.

That’s why Matthew 22:14 says, “Many are called, but few are chosen.” And being chosen means those who have received Christ as their Savior and live according to the word of God.

So what is taekjeong? This means that God, who foresaw and predestinated everything from the beginning of the ages, chose a certain person to fulfill the providence of human cultivation and takes full control of his or her life. For example, Abraham, who was established as the father of faith, Jacob, who became the head of Israel, and Moses, who was chosen for the Exodus, are the people who were chosen to fulfill the great mission in God’s providence.

As Romans 1:1 says, “Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ, was called to be an apostle, and was set apart for the gospel of God.” The apostle Paul was also set apart to preach the gospel in the New Testament era. God, who knows everything in advance, knows that people with a certain heart and heart will be born at some point in the providence of human cultivation, so he selects them to accomplish the great mission in God’s providence.

For example, as an apostle to the Gentiles, the apostle Paul was chosen to preach the gospel of the Lord to all the world through suffering that was beyond human comprehension. Because he was strong, bold, and an unchanging center. Also, because he had a precious mission to convey God’s will to the world by writing most of the New Testament epistles, God intervened in his growth, education, and even meeting God. will be

Even John the Baptist, in God’s election, God intervened in his conception and led him to lead a unique life from an early age. Living alone in the wilderness, without contact with the world, wearing camel hair robes, a leather belt around his waist, and eating locusts and locusts, he made him take on the task of preparing the way for the Lord.

Likewise for Moses, God worked even before he was born, and even when Moses was thrown into the river, an Egyptian princess was prepared so that he could grow up as an Egyptian prince. Also, when I was growing up, I was allowed to learn about God and my own people under my mother’s mother, and also learned Egypt’s science and worldly knowledge. Then, according to God’s will, after allowing 40 years of refinement, he entrusted the mission of leading the Israelites to the land of Canaan.

In this way, while cultivating humans, God knows that a person with a certain heart will be born at some time and in some cases, by controlling it with power, He works to accomplish God’s will.

2. The providence that God gave man the seed of life

God provided the seeds of ‘sperm’ and ‘egg’ to men and women, respectively, so that the history of human cultivation could continue on this earth. Just as a seed germinates, grows and bears fruit when a farmer sows a seed in a field and supplies it with the right environment, such as moisture, temperature, light, and oxygen, we can see that a human seed undergoes a similar process and new life forms emerge. In other words, life is conceived by combining sperm and egg, and the conceived life receives nutrients from the mother and grows in a constant temperature and environment.

However, just as a farmer sows seeds in the ground and cultivates them diligently to reap fruit, God gives the seed of life to man and cultivates the land in order to eventually reap fruit. This fruit is the fruit of our soul, and it is to restore the lost image of God by forming a beautiful and good heart that resembles the Lord.

Souls that do not bear these fruits are of no value like chaff, so they cannot enter the kingdom of heaven and are eventually thrown into hellfire and burned. Therefore, we must always look after ourselves and bear the beautiful fruits that God desires, such as the nine fruits of the Holy Spirit, the fruits of spiritual love, and the Beatitudes.

3. Formation of the human heart field

Just as a plant’s seed grows in a field, it is said that sperm and egg can be combined to grow into a new living organism. However, the “field” to be explained here is not in such a physical sense, but in a spiritual sense, meaning “the heart of man.” This part is necessary to understand the spirit and soul of man rather than the flesh.

The Bible compares the heart of a man made of dust to a field. In Matthew 13:3-9, Jesus divided the man’s heart into fertile soil, a field of thorns, a rocky field, and a roadside field. Then how are these fields, or the human heart, formed? It is the fact that when a child is born, his or her parents receive the qi to form his or her character, and this character has an important influence on shaping a person’s heart.

Some say that ‘people are born with blood’, but the truth is that people are born with qi, not blood, and this qi becomes a person’s character. So, what is Qi? In the dictionary, it is defined as “the power that is the source of activity”, and here, qi can be described as “a crystal of the essence of a person’s whole body.”

Because of God’s power, these qi are collectively contained in the small invisible seeds of life called sperm and eggs. In other words, it is the fact that a person inherits the spirit of his parents and is born with character, and the heart is formed from this character. For example, some children are gentle and patient from birth, while others are energetic and impatient. Then the parents will see the same. That’s why “ki” is so important.

Not only that, but the fact that the environment is very important in shaping people’s minds. For example, when a child is just born, it is like a field that has not been planted, and there is no input, so it is a state of nothingness. However, as the child grows up, thoughts begin to come in through the things they see, hear, and touch, and these are planted in their hearts. In other words, when good things are entered into the mind, good things are planted in the mind, and when bad things are entered into the mind, bad things are planted in the mind.

Therefore, it is the fact that the human mind is largely formed by the combination of innate factors and environmental factors. In other words, the field of the heart of a person changes depending on the field from which the parental spirit was born, and what things were entered and learned in my mind while growing up in this world.

For example, even if you are born with a good heart field, as you grow up, if you input bad things, it will turn into a bad field. . Of course, even though the outward appearance is rough and evil, people who are born with a gentle spirit are more likely to change than those who are not. If the spirit you received from your parents is evil, and you have entered a lot of evil things, you need more prayers and fasting to become sanctified.

But in any case, you must know that there is nothing impossible with the power of God. Even if evil hearts such as envy, jealousy, hatred, and blood were planted before believing in the Lord, if you meet the Lord and live according to the Word of God, it can be transformed into a good field. To turn a stony field or a thorny field into good soil, just as you need to pick up stones and pull out all the thorns, you just have to throw away what the Bible says, “Do not throw it away,” and do not do it. Also, just as you fertilize a rough field and plow the soil to make it a good field, if you obey God’s word, “Keep it,” you will be transformed into a heart of fertile soil.

If we diligently cast off untruths and practice good things that are the truth, our heart field itself will be cultivated and transformed into a good field, and this is the shortcut to sanctification. However, if you listen to God’s word and do not follow your actions, your heart will not change and it will be of no use. Rather, it will only make you proud of the knowledge you know.

Therefore, what God wants is to change our hearts by practicing the truth and forsaking evil, so that, like the Lord, we can achieve a heart of good soil filled with 100% truth. Realizing this, I pray in the name of Jesus Christ that you will find yourself and change every day to enter the glorious New Jerusalem with beautiful grain.

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