2003-09-14 | Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee | 1 Thessalonians 5:23

Today, as the first session of the first session of the Spirit, Soul and Body, I would like to testify about the importance of the Word of the Spirit, Soul and Body and the seeds of creation and life among the fields of the flesh.

1. The words of “Spirit, Soul, and Body” that are important and necessary for a successful life of faith

In modern society, computers are an important part of our lives. However, there are many people who use computers only by learning and using the necessary programs, and there are many people who do not have any knowledge about the structure or functions of computers. On the other hand, the person who made the computer has specialized knowledge about its structure and principle, so they can use the computer freely and easily solve problems when something goes wrong.

Likewise, the words of the Spirit, soul and body that I will speak from now on are the words of knowledge of the spirit that God, who created man, tells us about who we are and how we were formed. Such knowledge cannot be known by human wisdom and ability. Only God the Creator can see through the essence of man and tell him about it.

So, what are the benefits of the Word of Soul and Body? First, it allows us to disassemble and discover ourselves, so that we can achieve sanctification more quickly. Instead of blindly leading a religious life, you will come to realize why you must deny yourself thoroughly and what you must throw away in order to form the image of God, and you will be able to control your heart and thoughts. Second, by knowing yourself rightly, you will not fall into the tricks of the enemy devil, and furthermore, you will have the power to dominate and control darkness.

Dear brothers and sisters, these words of Spirit, soul and body that help you discover yourself are really important and necessary for you to lead a successful life of faith. Moreover, the reason why we are allowed to testify of the word of soul and body at this time when we are riding the rapid flow of the spirit is because if there is any flesh that has not yet been cast off before the year 2004 comes, we need to find out and throw it away quickly so that we can prepare a clean vessel for everyone to use.

In order to do that, you must first discover yourself and thoroughly deny yourself. The Apostle Paul was also a man who was united in his own righteousness before meeting the Lord. There was no blemish in the righteousness of the law, and there was a burning passion for God at the center, but he could not realize the truth spiritually, so he went against God. However, after meeting the Lord, when he discovered his true self, he confessed that he was ‘the greatest of sinners, and last but not least, like a child born out of full term.’ Because of this self-discovery, he denied himself every day and died, eventually becoming an apostle to the Gentiles who were used preciously before God.

2. ‘Spirit, soul, and body’, which are the three important elements that make up human beings

The word of the soul and body is divided into the soul-body that belongs to the flesh, the soul-body that belongs to the soul, and the soul-body that belongs to the spirit.

The message that I will be witnessing for several hours from today is the primary soul and body, and it is about the soul and body that belong to the flesh. Here, you will learn a brief introduction to the soul and body, how the flesh, which is visible to our eyes, is conceived, and how it is born and grows. The secondary soul-body is the soul-body that belongs to the soul, including the work of the soul, where we come from and how we are formed. we will look into it.

First of all, spirit, soul, and body are the three important elements that make up human beings. In Genesis, God established man as the lord of all things, but there is a fundamental difference between man and the beast, the lord of all things. It is the fact that only man has a spirit, and animals have only body and soul.

Because the people of the world do not have this kind of spiritual knowledge, we can see that people are explained as a result of the evolution of living things over a long period of time. But in Genesis 1:26, “God said, Let us make man in our image, in our likeness.” Also, in Genesis 2:7, it says, “The Lord God formed man from the dust, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul.” That is, man was created with a living spirit, made in the image of God.

Because humans and animals are fundamentally different, even after the life of the flesh is cut off, completely different results are met. The soul of an animal is destroyed after death, but since man is a spiritual being, the soul goes to either heaven or hell after death (Ecclesiastes 3:21). You can go to heaven only when you realize your duty as a human being, fear God the Creator, and live according to His Word.

3. The definition of flesh

From now on, among the first sermons on the soul and body, we will first look at the flesh. What does the flesh really mean? Although the dictionary defines it as “the flesh or body of a beast,” the flesh mentioned in the Bible is a generic term for everything that decays and perishes. Originally, the first man, Adam, was created as a living spirit in the image of God, but by eating of the forbidden fruit, the spirit dies and falls into a fleshly man according to the word of God, “You will surely die.” In other words, since the living spirit became a dead spirit, the person who was created from the dust became a person of corruptible flesh. At this time, all things in this world were also cursed together and became to perish together.

4. Regarding the ‘seed of creation and life’ in the field of flesh

Now, I will give you several pieces of evidence about the field of ‘flesh’. The first is about “the seed of creation and life.” On the sixth day, God made flesh out of the dust in the image of God and breathed life into his nostrils to become a living spirit.

Occasionally, even among those who claim to believe in God, they ask, ‘How did you become a moving person by forming a man out of clay and breathing life into his nose?’ and see that there are people who have doubts. This is because the Word of God does not fit their thoughts and knowledge. God created things out of nothing, but we humans do not have faith because we only learned to create things from things that are made with materials.

With the development of life science these days, genetic information is used to create artificial organs and sometimes to create living things like “Dolly,” a cloned sheep. If human beings are like this, how difficult is it for God, the omnipotent Creator, to form man out of the dust and breathe life into him to move? It is the fact that there is nothing impossible with the power of God, even if it is not understood by human thoughts. Therefore, if you want to believe with your heart the words of God recorded in the Bible, including creation, you must first break the limit of your limited thoughts and receive unconditional ‘Amen’.

However, in Genesis 1:28, we find the words that God blessed after creating male and female, saying, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth.” Since God wanted to have countless children, not just Adam and Eve, He provided for men and women to prosper by giving them sperm and eggs, the seeds of life. He gave Adam and Eve the seed of life so that human cultivation could be continued, just as the seed was sown in a field to reap the harvest. As the seed of life itself comes from God, God is not only the Father of our spirits but also the Father of our flesh. This is because the seeds of life for parents are also fundamentally God-given.

However, there is one thing that should not be misunderstood in the field where life is conceived. There are some people who think that God decides even innate factors such as gender, constitution, and intelligence of children because God gives them children.

However, although God has given the seed of life, it is not involved in which sperm and egg meet and combine. In other words, it is not that God intervenes every time a child is conceived and decides to be born as a man, some as a woman, some with strong constitutions, and some with weak constitutions. Also, it is not for God to decide whether the intelligence is high or low, the personality is mild, or the blood is high.

Just as grains and chaff come out of one field when a farmer cultivates and harvests, when life is conceived, the sex, constitution, personality, and intelligence of a child are determined by the combined sperm and egg. Even if a child is born with a deformity, God did not allow it to be born that way, but it is caused by human error or genetic defect.

However, sometimes God specifically interferes with the conception. When parents earnestly long for and pray with faith that pleases God, God works according to their faith. There are a lot of things like this, especially in this church. Some people were unable to have children due to habitual miscarriages, but after coming to the main church, receiving prayers and faithful faithfulness, they eventually gave birth to a healthy child. I have seen countless times that people who have been unable to conceive for decades have children, and even babies with genetic abnormalities like Down syndrome are prayed for and are born as normal babies, and there are countless cases where the parents are unable to have children because of their physical structure. As such, it is a fact that there is nothing that God is not capable of.

However, there are testimonies that some people wanted to have a son, so they were diagnosed as a daughter, and after coming to me to pray for them, they gave birth to a son. So, which one does God love more, son or daughter? Our God does not discriminate between men and women. Nevertheless, there are cases in the Bible where it seems that men are used more than women and are loved by God. Also, in Genesis 25, God loves and chooses Jacob and Esau while they were already in the womb. This is not because he discriminates against anyone, but because God, who foresaw everything, loved the heart of Jacob more than Esau. Likewise, when God seems to be more pleased with men, it is because he loves a straight and unchanging heart just like men.

However, even women, such as Deborah and Esther in the Old Testament, have a strong and straight heart that does not waver in God’s eyes, and boldness equal to that of a man, so you can see that they received God’s love and approval. Therefore, as it is said, “I love those who love me, and those who seek me diligently will find me” (Proverbs 8:17). Remember that you can be loved and accepted.

I pray in the name of the Lord that we will love and fear God more and be truly happy by realizing that our roots come only from God through the Word of Soul and Body.

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