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    Psalm 62: 11
    “Once God has spoken; twice I have heard this: That power belongs to God”


    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
    This is the sixth session on Space and Dimension. In the last session, I talked to you about the works of creation, which are works particularly characteristic of the space of the fourth dimension.
    In this session, I will give further explanation on this dimension and talk to you about other characteristics of the space of the fourth dimension.
    Then when you hear testimonies you will understand from within which dimension the occurrence took place.
    I pray in the name of the Lord that you will clearly understand the message and utilize the spiritual space to the fullest extent so that you will receive blessings in all things.


    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, the changing of bitter water of Marah into sweet water, depicted in Exodus 15, was also done in the space of the fourth dimension.
    From Exodus 15:22-23, we can see that the sons of Israel crossed the Red Sea and went three days in the wilderness and found no water.
    And when they came to Marah, they could not drink the waters of Marah, for they were bitter. The people began to complain.
    Moses then prayed to God and God showed him a tree.
    When Moses threw it into the waters, the waters became sweet and drinkable.
    Then, does it mean that the tree showed by God had some elements that could get rid of the bitterness of the water? No, it doesn’t mean that.
    God covered the place with the space of the fourth dimension and showed them the work of creation through the faith and obedience of Moses.
    God just considered Moses’ faith and showed such a work because the faith of the people was as small as that of a little child.
    God has been manifesting such works of creation in this church up to this very day.
    One of those works is the Muan sweet water.
    On March 4, 2000, I prayed to God to change the salty water at the Muan Manmin Church into sweet water, and the prayer was answered.
    We confirmed the fact the next day. That was on March 5.
    Muan Manmin Church is surrounded by the sea, and they had been able to draw only sea water from the wells they dug.
    They had to get their supply of fresh water from a place that was 3 km away, and to get the water was very inconvenient.
    But all the members of Muan Manmin church professed their faith saying, “Senior Pastor, if you pray, the salty water will become sweet!”
    They even made a song saying there was a miracle of salty water becoming sweet. They greeted each other saying, “Salty water has become sweet!”
    All the members including the pastor there asked me so earnestly to pray for it.
    They wanted me to come to Muan and pray for the salty water to be changed into sweet water.
    They asked me to come in January, and when I answered I was not able to come at that time, they asked me to come in February.
    When I answered them I couldn’t go in February, they asked me to come in March. I couldn’t go in March and they asked me to come in April.
    They just kept on asking.
    So, during the 10-day mountain prayer session I had from February 10th, I remembered Muan Manmin church in prayer.
    During that time, I later heard that, the members of Muan Manmin Church prayed for the church and the shepherd with fasting.
    And there was a wondrous thing manifested. A circular rainbow appeared above the church every day during those 10 days.
    The pastor there realized it was the sign of great blessing, and he received prayer from me in the early morning of March 4, when he came to Seoul to attend the Friday all-night service.
    He actually received prayer for the evangelism campaign and for the revival of church, but the Holy Spirit touched my heart to also pray for changing the salty water in Muan into sweet water.
    Then, the salty water in Muan Manmin church changed into sweet water, through the prayer made in Seoul, a great distance away.
    During that prayer mountain session, I didn’t meet with anybody to pray like Jesus when He shed drops of sweat falling like blood.
    Other than the time for sleeping a little bit and eating a meal and some snacks at 6 PM and 11 PM, I totally concentrated on prayer and word for the whole day.
    This kind of act of faith from my side and the faith of Muan Manmin Church were combined to fulfill the justice of God.
    And that’s how such an amazing work took place. Changing salty sea water into sweet water in Muan is a work of creation.
    The place is covered by the space of the fourth dimension, and the elements in the water are being changed even today.
    With spiritual eyes, one can see a beam of light coming down from the throne of God that reaches to the end of the pipe that pumps the underground water.
    The salty water changes into sweet water when it passes through that beam of light.
    But this Muan sweet water is not just drinking water.
    When you use it with faith you can receive healings and answers according to your faith.
    It’s because the light of the four levels of power was embedded in the water when I prayed for it.
    And this work of creation is not just a one-time event. It has been going on until now since March 2000, and it will continue.
    There are so many testimonies about applying Muan sweet water. It is widely known to other countries, too, and many guests from other countries have visited this place.
    This water also passed the tests of the U.S. Food and Drugs Administration for the safety and excellence of quality.
    It was tested for five categories to include the minerals, acute oral toxicity, heavy metals, and skin irritation, and pesticide residues, and it passed all the categories.
    It was also proved to be rich in abundant minerals that are good for health.
    But even though Muan sweet water is very good, you can receive the answers and blessings only when you use it according to the justice of God.
    Spiritually, you have to apply it with faith having no wall of sin against God. Also, it has to be in accordance with the physical laws.
    Muan sweet water itself is very good mineral water. But you should not just use it when it has some foreign substances in it due to carelessness.
    Our church has the Muan Sweet Water Maintenance Committee to take care of the water.
    I advise you to adhere to both spiritual and physical laws of cleanliness including using a clean bottle when you get the water.

    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, in the space of the fourth dimension, you can revive something that is dead, or you can kill something that is alive.
    It applies to anything that has life, including both plants and animals.
    The rod of Aaron in Numbers chapter 17, which I briefly talked about in the first session of this sermon series, was also covered by the space of the fourth dimension.
    In just about a day’s time, the rod that had no life sprouted and put forth buds and produced blossoms, and it bore ripe almonds.
    In Matthew 21:19, Jesus said to a fig tree that had no fruit, “No longer shall there ever be [any] fruit from you.” And at once the fig tree withered.
    This was also done by covering it with the space of the spiritual fourth dimension.
    In John 11, we can see a scene in which Jesus revived Lazarus who had been dead for four days and who already had developed a foul odor.
    It was not just the matter of bringing back the spirit, but He had to renew the bones and flesh that had already begun to rot.
    Even though it is impossible to recover in physical sense, the body could be recovered in a moment in the space of the fourth dimension. I have seen many people who breathed their last come back to life through prayer.
    I have also seen many people’s dead cells and nerves were revived by the power of God.
    For example, I have seen that cells and nerves that were completely destroyed by a burn were made afresh, completely renewed only by the power of God.
    There were also many people who couldn’t see at all due to dead optic nerves or damaged cornea, but came to see again.
    In the Bible, we can see that only Jesus opened the eyes of a blind man.
    Jesus healed a blind man in John 9, and this man was born blind.
    After his eyes opened, he said, “Since the beginning of time it has never been heard that anyone opened the eyes of a person born blind. “If this man were not from God, He could do nothing.”
    The power of creation belongs to God alone, and only those who are right according to the justice of God can receive the power and manifest it.
    And how many times in this church do we hear testimonies of the blind coming to see?
    In July 2002, a girl named Maria came to see after 10 years of blindness.
    She had cornea transplant surgery when she was 2, but it wasn’t successful and she couldn’t see with that eye at all.
    But she came to see after receiving my prayer.
    Also, Keon Wi Park of our church lost the sight of one of his eyes completely, but he came to see again.
    He received surgery for cataracts when he was three. But it left him with uveitis[] and retinal []detachment.
    His retina was detached from the eye ball and he couldn’t see properly.
    Furthermore, his eyeball had contracted.
    In 2006, he became completely blind in the left eye.
    But in July 2007, he recovered his sight after receiving my prayer.
    His left eye gained the visual power of 0.1 and his contracted eyeball also recovered normal size.
    Moreover, the visual power of his right eye used to be 0.1 but it went up to 0.9.
    This testimony was introduced in the 5th international Christian medical conference held in Norway where more than 220 medical doctors gathered from 39 countries.
    This testimony was introduced with detailed medical data and was chosen as the best case representation.
    I just talked about eyes, but it’s the same with other organs, tissues or nerves.
    Even though the nerves or the cells of the organs are already dead, they can become normal if they are covered by the space of the fourth dimension.
    Thus, any kind of physical disability can be recovered in the space of the fourth dimension.
    It’s the same with other diseases caused by germs or viruses, such as cancers, AIDS, colds, and fever.
    In these cases, the Holy Spirit comes first and burns the germs or the viruses. Then, the parts that are already damaged by the disease can be healed by being regenerated in the space of the fourth dimension.
    It’s the same with receiving the blessing of conception from infertility.
    The part that does not function properly can be made whole when covered by the space of the fourth dimension, and they can have a baby.
    To be healed of diseases and infirmities in the space of the fourth dimension by the power of God, each one has to meet the conditions of God’s justice.
    Exodus 15:26 says, “And He said, “If you will give earnest heed to the voice of the LORD your God, and do what is right in His sight, and give ear to His commandments, and keep all His statutes, I will put none of the diseases on you which I have put on the Egyptians; for I, the LORD, am your healer.”

    God can heal us of any disease if we first destroy the wall of sin against God and live by His word.
    But the walls of sin that you have to destroy are all different according to the magnitude of your sins.
    You can refer to the sermons of ‘God the Healer’ for the details of these matters.
    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, the works of power manifested in the space of the fourth dimension take place transcending space-time.
    It’s because the space of the fourth dimension contains and transcends all other dimensions.
    Psalm 19:4 says, “Their line has gone out through all the earth, and their utterances to the end of the world.”
    This does not mean the voice of God who is in the fourth heaven will reach the ends of the earth.
    Even a great distance in this first heaven, the physical world, is like having no distance at all in the space of the fourth dimension.
    Light can travel around the Earth 7 and half times in a second. But the light of power of God can reach not just end of earth but the end of the universe in a moment.
    Thus, the distance in the physical space does not mean anything in the space of the fourth dimension.
    In Matthew 8, a centurion asked Jesus to heal his sick servant.
    When Jesus wanted to go to his house, he said, “Lord, I am not worthy for You to come under my roof, but just say the word, and my servant will be healed.”
    Jesus then said, “Go; it shall be done for you as you have believed.” And the servant was healed that very moment.
    The sick person who was a distance away was healed completely at Jesus’ command, because Jesus possessed the space of the fourth dimension.
    The centurion received this blessing because he showed his complete faith in Jesus.
    Jesus also commended the faith of this centurion saying, “I have not found such great faith with anyone in Israel.”
    God shows His powerful works that transcend space-time yesterday and today to those children of God who are united with Him by complete faith.
    And you are hearing these kinds of testimonies in this church every week.
    Every week we receive many prayer requests from other countries.
    I just pray for them from this altar, but the healing works take place all over the world.
    There have been so many cases but let me mention just some of them.
    Cynthia in Pakistan who was dying of Celiac disease and Lysanias of Israel were revived by power of prayer transcending space-time.
    Also, our missionary in the United States, Robert Johnson, also received healing through prayer from here.
    His Achilles’ tendon was ruptured, and he couldn’t walk due to excruciating pain.
    But he just received my prayer on the Internet without receiving any medical treatment, and he recovered completely. This is the kind of works that are manifested in the space of the fourth dimension.
    Also, wondrous works take place through the handkerchiefs on which I prayed transcending space-time in the space of the fourth dimension.
    Once I pray on the handkerchief, the power contained in the handkerchief will not go away as long as the owner of the handkerchief is proper in the sight of God.
    The handkerchief with prayer is such a precious thing that can open the space of the fourth dimensional space any time.
    But here, too, it has to be right according to God’s justice.
    If you use it without faith in an ungodly manner, nothing will happen.
    Not only those who are praying with the handkerchiefs but also those who are receiving the prayer must be right within spiritual justice.
    They have to believe without doubt that the handkerchiefs contain the power of God. Spiritual realm is so precise, and the miracles take place exactly according to justice.
    When the faith of those who pray with the handkerchief and the faith of those who receive the prayer are measured and found correct then God’s works take place according to His justice.
    In the case of the handkerchief crusades of Rev. Myong Ho Chung in Africa, some tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of people gather, and so many signs and wonders take place.
    To the extent that the one who is praying with the handkerchief is united with me in faith, he can ride on the fourth dimensional space together, and he can also manifest the same kinds of works.
    In the next session, I will talk about the wonders as in utilizing the space of the fourth dimensional space.


    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Psalm 62:11 says, “Once God has spoken; twice I have heard this£ºThat power belongs to God;”
    The power of God including the power of creation, the power to revive the dead, and the power that transcend space-time all belongs to God alone.
    In view of the space and dimension, the works of power take place in the space of the fourth dimension, which is same as the fourth heaven.
    Now you understand that you have experienced the space of the fourth heaven very often.
    God the Father gives good things unsparingly to those children who are proper according to spiritual justice and who are united with Him in faith.
    On this earth, we have physical limitations in wherever we go and whatever we do, but God’s children belong to spirit.
    God the Father wants all His children to pass over the physical limitations and live in the spiritual space to receive limitless blessings.
    Therefore, the justice of God, namely the Law and the Commandments are not something burdensome, but the key to open the spiritual space and the way to our blessings.
    I pray in the name of the Lord that you will pleasingly take this way and receive overflowing blessings in all things.
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