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    Hebrews 11: 1
    “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”


    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
    This is the fifth session of the series ‘Space and Dimension’. In the last session, I talked to you about the situations in which people were protected in the space of the third dimension.
    I explained that if a person is covered by this spiritual space, he will not be harmed, even when going through the water or fire.
    1 Samuel 25:29 gives us the expression, “the life being bound in the bundle of the living with the LORD God”
    And the spiritual space of the third dimension is like the bundle of the living.
    From this point on I am going to talk about the space of the fourth dimension. This space is more than just ‘bundle of the living’.
    The space of the fourth dimension is the space where the things hoped for by faith are realized as recorded in today’s reading passage.
    I hope you will understand this message very clearly so that you will be able to utilize the space of blessing in this ‘Year of Blessing’.


    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, in this session, I will talk to you about two cases in which we can see the beings of the spiritual realm.
    First case is the case in which our spiritual eyes open. For our spiritual eyes to open, the eyes have to be covered by the space of the third dimension.
    Then, we can see spiritual beings such as heavenly host and angels.
    For example, in 2 Kings Chapter 6, Elisha knew in advance the strategies of Aram through the revelation of God and informed the king of Israel.
    Finally, to capture Elisha, the king of Aram surrounded the city where Elisha was staying with his army, horses, and chariots. Elisha’s servant was very afraid when he became aware of this situation.
    But Elisha said to him, “Do not fear, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them.” And 2 Kings 6:17 says, “Then Elisha prayed and said, “O LORD, I pray, open his eyes that he may see.” And the LORD opened the servant’s eyes and he saw; and behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.”
    God protected Elisha all the time, and in a special situation like these just mentioned, God sent His heavenly army, too.
    And through the prayer of Elisha, his servant’s spiritual eyes opened and he could see the heavenly army.
    When Daniel’s three friends were cast into the fiery furnace, King Nebuchadnezzar’s spiritual eyes opened.
    He saw that a man who was ‘like a son of gods’ was standing with the three men.
    The one who was with the three men was God the Holy Spirit, and that particular area was covered by the space of the fourth dimension. If one’s spiritual eyes open, namely, if one’s eyes are covered by the space of the 3rd dimension, he can see the fourth dimension, too.
    But they cannot see it as clearly as they see the beings of the third dimension. It’s because the brightness of the third dimension and the fourth dimension is different from each other.
    We have many church members with the spiritual eyes opened, but we have just a few who saw the faces of the Father God and the Lord clearly. Because the brightness of their faces is so strong it’s difficult to see them.
    We can see His face to some extent only when He covers His light with something like a spiritual curtain.
    But those who have cultivated the whole spirit can see the spirit of the Lord quite comfortably.
    It’s just as Matthew 5:8 says, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”
    Then, why did God open the spiritual eyes of Nebuchadnezzar, even though he didn’t believe in God? It was to let him realize that God of the three friends of Daniel is the only true God.
    The King Nebuchadnezzar realized it immediately and praised God.
    Daniel 3:28-29 says, “Nebuchadnezzar responded and said, “Blessed be the God of Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego, who has sent His angel and delivered His servants who put their trust in Him, violating the king’s command, and yielded up their bodies so as not to serve or worship any god except their own God. [29] “Therefore I make a decree that any people, nation or tongue that speaks anything offensive against the God of Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego shall be torn limb from limb and their houses reduced to a rubbish heap, inasmuch as there is no other god who is able to deliver in this way.”
    Then he lifted the three men up higher than before. Why did God open the spiritual eyes of only the king? If the king one person realizes the truth and changes himself, all his men will obey him.
    Also, even though his men’s spiritual eyes didn’t open, they had the hard evidence with which they had to believe the king’s words were true.
    The three men came out from the fiery furnace alive without a single hair being singed.
    I hope you will realize that even the opening of spiritual eyes and seeing the spiritual realm is done by the justice of God.
    Now, let me talk to you about the second case in which you can see the spiritual realm.
    The first case is the situation in which a man who is living in the physical space is covered by the spiritual space that is the space of the third dimension.
    But the second case is the reverse. When God covers a spiritual being with the physical space, then the spiritual being can be seen with the physical eyes.
    It was the case with the two angels who appeared in Sodom. In Genesis chapter 19, Lot accepted the angels into his house and he ate with them.
    He didn’t see them in spirit, but he considered them as persons who had physical bodies. Even the people in Sodom saw those two persons entering the house of Lot.
    God covered these two angels with the physical space. That is why the men of flesh just thought they were also just people.
    God did this to save Lot by considering Abraham.
    When he came to know about the impending destruction, even with the two angels urging him Lot was so confused that he didn’t know what to do.
    To save Lot, the two angels in physical form of the body had to physically take him by the hand and lead him out of the city.
    Also, by sending the two angels, God confirmed once again that the city had to be punished.
    It means God confirmed once again that how deeply the people there were stained by sins.
    God covered the two angels within His justice with the physical space so that they could be seen by the men of flesh, too.
    In the future a situation similar to this will happen through this church too.
    God will cover angels with physical space in His justice, so you will be able to see them.
    When you see the angels in physical bodies with your own eyes I believe without any doubt that you will all believe there is spiritual realm.
    I believe you will cast off the flesh and come into spirit without any further hesitation.
    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, now let me talk about the space of the fourth dimension.
    I briefly talked to you about the space of the fourth dimension in the message for the fourth prayer title of the New Year, which is ‘The Power of God the Father’.
    The space of the fourth dimension is the space that has the characteristics of the fourth heaven, which is the original heaven.
    In the fourth heaven, as God harbors something in heart, it is done; things can be created from nothing, and the dead can be revived.
    A solid substance can become liquid, and the liquid can become gas, or the gas can become the solid substance freely without a transformational process.
    Therefore, to cover an angel with the physical space and to remove the cover of the physical space from the angel is possible only when one is able to possess the space of the fourth heaven.
    Put more simply, everything is possible in the space of the fourth heaven on the condition that it meets the Justice of the fourth heaven.
    Now, among the characteristics of the fourth heaven, let me talk about the works of the creation. ‘Creation’ is to bring into existence something that never existed before.
    When God created heavens and earth and everything in them with His word, it was the work of creation.
    God could do such works because He completely possessed the fourth heaven, which is the space of the fourth dimension.
    Jesus also possessed the space of the fourth dimension and manifested works of creation.
    For example, the first sign that Jesus manifested in His public life was also a work of creation. I am talking about changing water into wine, which is recorded in John 2.
    Jesus was invited to a wedding, and they ran out of wine.
    And the Virgin Mary explained the pitiful situation and asked Jesus to do something about it.
    Jesus didn’t immediately accept Mary’s request, but she still had faith.
    She believed that Jesus could do something, not to make the worldly people become more drunken, but to help the host of the party.
    Mary was not discouraged or disappointed because Jesus didn’t accept her request right away. She just believed that she had already received what she had asked.
    Then, she told the servants of the house to do whatever Jesus told them to.
    When Jesus saw the perfect faith of Mary, He told the servants to fill the jars to the brim. When they filled six jars, He told them to serve it to the guests.
    Jesus didn’t even command the water to become wine.
    When He just harbored it in His heart, the water that filled the six jars was changed into very high quality wine.
    One can manifest such works of creation only if he harbors the desired work within the space of the fourth dimension.
    But even though Jesus possessed the space of the fourth heaven, He didn’t just manifest such works of creation any time.
    It was possible only when it was right according to spiritual justice.
    In that incident, Mary’s complete faith met the spiritual justice.
    She believed that Jesus could do anything and she asked Him with faith without the slightest change in what she believed.
    This incident symbolizes many important things, including the meaning of 6,000-year human cultivation and the ministry of Jesus.
    That is why Jesus manifested such a miracle as the first sign of His public life.
    For more details, you can refer to the sermon that explains this particular Bible passage. The same content is also explained in my testimonial memoirs, “Tasting Eternal Life before Death”.
    Jesus also fed thousands of people with just five loaves and two fish, and at another time with seven loaves and two fish.
    These miracles were also works of creation which were done in the space of the fourth dimension.
    First, with the five loaves, more than 5,000 adult men ate, and when they collected what was left, they had 12 baskets.
    With the seven loaves, 4,000 adult men ate, and they had 7 baskets left. Including the women and children who had also eaten, the number would have been much greater.
    Then, what was the spiritual justice at that time, according to which Jesus could perform such miracles?
    Matthew 15:32 says, “And Jesus called His disciples to Him, and said, “I feel compassion for the people, because they have remained with Me now three days and have nothing to eat; and I do not want to send them away hungry, for they might faint on the way.”
    These thousands of people followed Jesus for three days only with their longing for Him.
    They longed for the word Jesus preached and they rejoiced together seeing those who were sick being healed.
    It means their faith in Jesus at least at that moment, was perfect.
    Based upon their faith and their love for Jesus that was added to it, the conditions were met for such works of creation to be manifested.
    One of the patriarchs of faith also manifested a similar kind of work of creation. In 1 Kings 17, Elijah performed a miracle for a widow.
    God told Elijah, “Arise, go to Zarephath, which belongs to Sidon, and stay there; behold, I have commanded a widow there to provide for you.”
    The situation for the widow in Zarephath was not good. Physically, she was at the edge between life and death.
    Her food had just about completely run out after a long period of famine. She had only a handful of flour and a little oil to cook one last meal.
    But Elijah told her to make bread for him with that flour and bring it to him.
    He then gave her a wors of blessing: “For thus says the LORD God of Israel, ‘The bowl of flour shall not be exhausted, nor shall the jar of oil be empty, until the day that the LORD sends rain on the face of the earth.'”
    When the widow in Zarephath heard it, she just obeyed without giving any excuses.
    As a result, she received a blessing, and 1 Kings 17:15-16 explains it saying, “So she went and did according to the word of Elijah, and she and he and her household ate for many days. The bowl of flour was not exhausted nor did the jar of oil become empty, according to the word of the LORD which He spoke through Elijah.”
    The fact that the handful of flour and little oil didn’t run out for many days means the works of creation took place continually.
    Works of creation take place in the space of the fourth dimension, and only God the Trinity can possess the space of the fourth heaven.
    But then, how did Elijah utilize the space of the fourth heaven and manifest a work of creation?
    Not only Elijah, but Abraham, Moses, and the apostle Paul also utilized the space of the fourth dimension.
    But it doesn’t mean these patriarchs of faith possessed the space of the fourth dimension.
    However, to a limited extent, they understood the heart and will of God who possessed the space of the fourth dimension.
    Here, ‘to a limited extent’ means they could read the heart of God for that moment about something God was doing.
    They didn’t understand all of God’s heart and will, but they did understand the will of God contained in a particular thing to be done.
    They had the heart of the whole spirit with which they could trust in God completely and obey.
    When God commanded something of them, they could sense and understand the heart and will of God contained in what He had commanded of them. It’s because they were in the flow of the spiritual space that God possessed.
    It is in this way that they could feel how God would work.
    Here, the term ‘feel’ means to be able to picture something in the heart that God was going to do in the spiritual space. They then received confidence to accomplish what had been commanded.
    Elijah could bring down the fire from heaven because his heart was touched and he felt how God was going to work.
    It’s the same reason that Elijah was able to ask the widow in Zarephath to give him her last meal.
    It was God who sent Elijah, and Elijah just obeyed God and went. God told Elijah that he would meet a widow who would serve him.
    Since Elijah completely trusted and obeyed God, he was able to recognize the widow immediately.
    Also, he could clearly see how God was going to work for her, even though the reality of her situation was not good at all.
    Furthermore, the widow in Zarephath showed her faith and her obedience in meeting the conditions of spiritual justice.
    She trusted the man of God, Elijah, and believed that his words were the words of God.
    She didn’t use any of her fleshly thoughts but just obeyed without any hesitation.
    Then, she was also able to ride in the spiritual space which Elijah was riding.
    The latter part of 2 Chronicles 20:20 says, “Put your trust in the LORD your God and you will be established. Put your trust in His prophets and succeed.”
    The space of the fourth dimension can be possessed only by God, but God can extend the space of the fourth dimension on those who are united with Him through faith and obedience.
    Furthermore, if there are people who are united as one with the men of God who are covered by the space of the fourth dimension, then God also covers those people with the space of the fourth dimension as well.
    I hope you will understand this principle so that you will also receive amazing blessings in the space of the fourth dimension.
    In the next session, I will continue to explain about the things that take place in the space of the fourth dimension.


    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, today, I talked to you about the two cases in which we can see spiritual beings.
    Then, I talked about the ability to manifest the works of creation, among the characteristics of the space of the fourth dimension.
    If one is united with God in faith, God lets him exprience the works of creation, too.
    God lets them enjoy the right of being children of God, not just with words but in reality.
    In this year of blessing 2009, I hope the works of creation to bring down blessings will be manifested in your homes, workplaces, and schools.
    I pray in the name of the Lord that you will receive overflowing blessings in body and spirit, so you will give glory to God the Father.

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