Title: Self-discovery (3)

Text: 2nd Corinthians 10:5

Today, following on from the last time, we will take a detailed look at the cases that are often caused by frameworks that appear in our daily life.

1. Why God said to Jacob that he was ‘Jacob like a worm’

Most of the knowledge that a person has input during his or her life is untruthful knowledge, and it is through these that various theories and thoughts of the flesh emerge and form a framework.

For example, there is an eternally unchanging true truth, such as 1 + 2 = 3, while what was once considered to be true is overturned over time by the studies and claims of many scholars, but this is not the true truth. because of. These untruthful things hinder us from obeying God’s Word and prevent our spiritual growth.

In particular, when compared to the human body, these frames are like the skeletons that make up the body. This is because the frame not only creates its own image called ‘I’, but it is like a solid bone, so once it is made, it is not easy to break. However, we must know that only when this frame is broken can we be used freely before God.

For example, what kind of process did Jacob have to go through before being established as the ancestor of Israel? He had to humble himself thoroughly while living as a servant in his uncle Laban’s house for 20 years, and there was a history of breaking all his theories and ideas in the Jabbok River where death was imminent. In order to move his brother Esau, who had a grudge against him and waited on the other side of the river, Jacob tried his own way to the end, but to no avail.

Here, Jacob finally realized that he could not move even a single human heart by his own methods and abilities. Then Jacob denied himself and turned to God only. This was a process in which the frame of one’s own thinking that ‘I was right’ and ‘I could do it my own way’ was completely broken.

At this time, we see that God made him the father of Israel and called him “Jacob, you worm” (Isaiah 41:14). Earthworms are annular animals that do not have bones, that is, skeletons, so they can only move when an external force is applied. Therefore, the reason why God called Jacob like an earthworm means that Jacob is now ready to obey God’s Word with only ‘Amen’ and ‘Yes’, not with his own theories, thoughts, or frameworks. .

2. Specific examples of people’s molds

In the last time, I mentioned that people who have a frame easily judge and condemn others because they do not fit their own frame, and that there are cases where they force their own frame on others. Next, let’s look at the cases that arise from our own framework.

A person with a framework may have a passionate heart for God’s work, but in the end, when he/she does work, he/she will do what is right in his/her view rather than following God’s will.

For example, when meeting a missionary at the end of the year, people often ask, “What should I do to achieve a great revival next year?” If I explain the method in detail, I answer “Amen”, but when I turn around, most of them still go their own way. It’s about getting things done. So, they set their own methods and goals and work hard, but in the end there are cases where there is nothing to show before God.

Since God works through order and obedience, we have to align ourselves with God’s will, but we are not able to experience God’s work because we are trying to fit God’s Word within our own frame. Therefore, you need to know that, no matter how good it seems to you and how good it seems, God’s work cannot follow if it is against the order and principles of the church that God has established.

How much more trial and error and difficulties will follow in accomplishing God’s work if this framework remains for the Lord’s servants and workers. Even if the other person tries to enlighten you, you cannot accept it because of your own frame, because in the end, disobedience arises.

Other than that, there are people who, when asked a question, answer a question based on theories and thoughts rather than being led by the Holy Spirit, even if it is not because of a frame. In the end, you need to know that this will hinder your spiritual growth as well as hinder you from accomplishing God’s work.

So, even if a person has a physical mind and frame, he cannot cross a certain line spiritually, even if he has been living in faith for a long time.

However, it is important to know that this framework can appear in various forms in our daily life. For example, when a man and a woman get married and live together, there are cases where they fight over trivial things. For example, if a husband thinks that he should eat a hearty breakfast, but a wife has a habit of eating simple breakfast, conflicts may arise between the two over how to eat breakfast.

So why do these things happen? This is because the frameworks called habits that have been accustomed to growing up until now do not match with each other.

Also, when I look at my work at work, I see there are people who want to do things only with their own strength and ability without the help of others. It’s not because I think I’m good, but because I grew up in a difficult environment, so it’s because I’m ingrained in my body to do things on my own rather than relying on others.

However, if such a person lives in a community, he may not be able to get along well with other people. Even if it’s not my intention, I think it’s out of harmony in the eyes of others. You may hear other people say, ‘That person is arrogant’ or ‘That person is selfish’. If you keep sticking to your own way like this, as a result, this will become a framework.

In this way, it is easy to discover that most of the frameworks are not right in the light of the truth, because the framework is derived from the untruthful heart that ultimately seeks only my own benefit without serving others.

However, for those who have just received the Holy Spirit and are full of grace, new believers, and those who are still in the midst of the fight against sin, the frame may not be a problem. This is because the untruthful hearts are so clearly revealed when I look at myself in the Word of God, there is not much I can claim to be right.

Therefore, even if there is a frame, not only does it not appear well, but the frame is naturally broken as much as we fast and pray and throw away untruthful hearts.

But now, if you throw away the appearance of untruth that was revealed to some extent and think, ‘I know the truth to a certain extent’, you will start to see other people’s lives of faith little by little. In the past, no matter who I met, I received grace by seeing the strengths of that person.

Also, before, he was willing to sacrifice himself if he wanted to, but now he thinks about whether what he wants is right in his own eyes. In addition, in the past, people had followed orders and obeyed the will of their superiors, but now their thoughts and methods come first.

For example, when my boss said that I needed a blue pen, I was trying to get a blue pen if I didn’t have it before, but now I’m like, ‘If you don’t have a blue pen, just use the green one.’ And before, when I was judging others, I thought, ‘This is a judgment’, but now I think, ‘This is a judgment’.

Although the untruthful hearts that were in their hearts have been abandoned to some extent, the evil in their nature that was deep in their hearts is beginning to be revealed. And from this point on, the frameworks that have not yet been thrown away will reappear. If a new frame of ‘this is the truth’ is created here, even if you hear the word of truth, you will become arrogant and not listen to anyone, and you will think that you are doing the will of God.

How, then, can we discover our own frameworks and quickly break them?

As it is said in Philippians 2:5, “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus,” after all, the root of the framework lies in the untruth in the heart. You can find your own frame.

Practical examples will be testified in the next session, and through today’s message, you will clearly understand your own framework, break down all theories and thoughts, and only obey Christ, and I pray in the name of the Lord that you will be used greatly in the sight of God.

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