tle: Self-discovery (2)
Text: 2nd Corinthians 10:5

Last time, I explained the theories, ideas, and frameworks, testifying to the reasons that hinder spiritual growth. Today, I would like to take a detailed look at what form of mold appears and prevents us from entering the spirit.

  1. A frame from the heart of untruth
    We have the heart of truth and the heart of untruth in our hearts. However, to the extent that the knowledge of untruth, which is contrary to the truth of God’s Word, remains in our hearts, sometimes it comes out as a theory and sometimes as a thought of the flesh. In the end, this becomes a framework for saying I am right and makes it impossible to obey God’s Word (2 Corinthians 10:5). Also, you must know that as long as you have your own framework, you will be subjected to the works of Satan because you do what is right in your own thoughts and views rather than following the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
    God gives the Holy Spirit as a gift to the saved children, so that they can lead us to live in the word and light by controlling the truth that has been nourished in our hearts. However, the enemy devil and Satan who opposes God controls the untruth in us and makes us live in sin and darkness contrary to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, which is the same as opposing God. A typical example of this is that Satan controls the untruthful knowledge we have through our thoughts and arouses all theories and carnal thoughts that are contrary to the Word of God.
    The fundamental cause that makes Satan’s work possible is in the heart. If there is no untruth in the heart and there is only truth, this is called the heart of the spirit. Then, no matter what situation you encounter, the Holy Spirit first controls the heart of the truth, so it comes out into the mind of the spirit through the action of the soul that belongs to the spirit.
    Therefore, the fact that we have many thoughts of the flesh that are contrary to the thoughts of the Spirit is proof that there are many untruths in our hearts. And it is a fact that, along with these thoughts of the flesh, the frame that I made up saying that I was right also comes from the heart of untruth in the end.
  2. The different types of frames found in each person
    Many things can become our own, often without even realizing it, before we come into the Lord. For example, personality, culture, or even conscience can create a frame that says, ‘This is the only thing I’m right for’.
    So, if an extroverted person sees an introverted person, they may think, ‘Why is that person so stuffy?’ But what if an introvert sees an extrovert? There are people who think, ‘Why is that person so rough, I need to think about the other person a little bit’, but rather, ‘I want to be the owner of an extroverted personality like that person’.
    On the other hand, when an extrovert sees an introvert, there are people who think, ‘I want to become a person with weight, restraint, and talk just like that person’. Therefore, one should not judge that one’s personality is right and that it does not fit one’s personality.
    Also, there are people who think, ‘That person is rude,’ when they see how they deviate from their own culture. Therefore, there are cases where it is absolutely impossible to use the culture that is right in Korea as it is abroad. And in the light of one’s conscience, some judge that ‘this is bad, that one is fine’, and some even say ‘that person has no conscience’.
    In this way, if they do not fit their personality, deviate from their own culture, and are not right in the light of their conscience, they think that they are unconditionally wrong. However, when these people come into the Lord and hear the word of truth, they discover how wrong the framework they had and does not fit the truth. Some people break this frame easily, while others don’t break it easily, and even if a person has a strong frame, the frame is broken in an instant by the power of God.
    However, regardless of whether the frame is strong or not, if you have faith and love God, there is a process of discovering your own frame by listening to the truth and breaking them one by one.
    However, as the truth comes in without breaking their own frame that they have in the world, a new frame is created in their own way, thinking, ‘This is the truth’. Even if such a person leads a life of faith, they do it within that framework and do not realize who they are because they think that they are now walking in the truth.
    In other words, he thinks he is definitely following the truth and obeys God’s word, but in reality, as the fleshly frame remains, he is still righteous in his own thoughts and views and becomes disobedient. So, if there are ten things that God wants, even though he has only achieved seven or eight of them, he thinks that he has accomplished all ten of them. Also, when God spoke of 100, in reality, I thought that I received 100 even though I only received as much as my frame.
    If one’s own frame exists like this, not only will they not be able to experience spiritual growth, but also experience the world of the spirit, and even if they hear the testimony from the altar, they will judge it as the word that belongs to others rather than receive it as their own. So, if you have a framework, judgment and condemnation will follow most of the time. Because I accept things that fit my mold and don’t accept things that don’t fit my mold, thinking ‘why is that person like that, that’s wrong’ takes precedence rather than accepting and understanding people or things that are out of my frame.
    For example, there are many differences in how each church longs for the Lord’s servant. There are people who are active in front of the pastor and profess their faith well, while there are people who do not come out well in the future and only long for them from afar. But when you see someone who follows their own frame rather diligently, ‘Why do you have to do it that way?’ Considering that each person has a different personality and a different way of expressing it, we will try to understand the other person’s mind before judging.
    Therefore, you need to know that thinking that the other person is wrong just because it is not in line with your thoughts and culture and you do not understand it will eventually lead to judgment and condemnation. Furthermore, clashes with other people may occur, so if you do not fit into your own thoughts and molds, you will not be able to cooperate and become one.
    Romans 12:4-5 says, “For though we have many members in one body, not all the members have the same office, so in the same way we, who are many, are one body in Christ and members of one another.” There should never be a case where we cannot embrace and judge carelessly just because it does not fit into the ideas and frameworks of the company.
    Only when these frameworks are broken can God say that we are meek and acknowledge that we are people of love and virtue. Therefore, we must realize that the reason we cannot enter into the Spirit even though we pray hard and be faithful is that these frameworks become obstacles. Considering that what you claim to be right may be my own opinion or frame, and if you acknowledge the other as a member, you will be able to concede and understand each other. Therefore, if you have conflicts with many people and you are unable to embrace the opinions of others, you should look back on whether it is due to your own frame.
    Also, a person who has a frame may impose his or her frame on others. If such a person is the head, the people below him will inevitably have a hard time. For example, if the head of the organization leads the members based on their own religious life experience without considering the other person’s beliefs or circumstances, the members who do not fit them will lose their fullness.
    Rather than trying to fit those below the frame of one’s beliefs, it is the right image of a person with a head to try to fit others and lead them to virtue and love. And it is undesirable for a person with a head to intervene one by one in promoting any project. So, if you are a head person, you need to give them spiritual direction and, if there is any deviation from the truth, guide them and give them prayers and give them strength.
    And you should know that each has a role depending on the position or position. For example, if you look at a missionary church, there are roles such as a supervisor acting as an advisor, a general manager acting as a general manager, and a president acting as the president. That is why, when each is united and harmonized by the work of the Holy Spirit, the entire missionary church will operate smoothly. However, if either side tries to go beyond their own lines and lead only according to their own will, this is trying to fit everyone into their own frame, and it is absolutely not appropriate.
    As God said in Philippians 2:14, God wants us to do everything without grumbling or arguing. We must follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit, but first, we must have a heart that understands the other person’s position. At that time, everyone will obey with joy and peace can be achieved.
    Through today’s Word, I pray in the name of the Lord that you will surely realize what a frame is, discover your own frames and throw them away, so that you can quickly enter the spiritual dimension and receive answers to all your prayers and supplications and lead a blessed life. I will testify next time.
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