Title: Self-discovery (1) 1999.12.19
Text: 2nd Corinthians 10:5

Today, I would like to testify in detail about the factors that hinder my spiritual growth as a man of God, receiving power, and receiving blessings in all things.

  1. What are theories, ideas, and frameworks?
    If we look around us, we can see that many people are standing on the rock of faith by earnestly obeying God’s word and praying without ceasing. Unfortunately, however, there are very few people who fully enter the spiritual dimension, where God’s power comes and they can receive blessings and prosper, and there are many cases where they encounter certain limitations and no longer achieve spiritual growth.
    Such people do not seem to have any problem in their own eyes, and even when they hear the word of God, they do not seem to have any special words for them. However, it feels like something is blocked, and no matter what you do, when you look at the fruits, you can see that things are not going the way God wants you to. Considering God’s Word one by one, there may be various causes depending on each person, but most of them exist because of their own theories and thoughts, and the frameworks they have made so far. First, let’s take a closer look at theories, ideas, and frameworks.
    There is a part in the human brain that acts like the memory of a computer. This is where we are born, what we have seen with our eyes, heard with our ears, and have been taught through our feelings, and this is called ‘knowledge’.
    For example, let’s say you live in Seoul and go back to your hometown by train. If you look out the window at that time, you will see mountains and trees, and you will see farmers working in the fields. If you say that the season is autumn, you might say, ‘Oh, right now, the farm is harvesting autumn for a long time. I used to do that too when I was younger. If you go with the feeling that it is beautiful to see nature after a long time, you will be reminded of all the scenery outside the window even when you arrive at your destination.
    But what if some people go out of the window and think, ‘Is the store I left behind, are the employees working hard now, what should I do first when I meet my friends from hometown after a long time’? Your eyes are clearly looking out the window, but your mind is on the other side, so when you arrive at your destination, you won’t remember the scenery outside. Obviously, I saw it with my eyes, but because I looked at it without feeling, it was not input, and it was not left as knowledge.
    Therefore, what you see with your eyes, hear with your ears, and receive instruction becomes knowledge when it is entered into the memory of the brain along with a certain feeling. theory’.
    For example, ‘materials must be used to make something’ and ‘only existence can create existence’ are all theories based on the knowledge of the world. What comes out of these various experiences and experiences is ‘theory’.
    In addition, there are many theories that are created by combining the knowledge and thoughts that each person has learned in the world. In other words, even with the same knowledge, the theory can be different depending on how you experienced it and what you think. So, even in the world, there is not only one theory for one phenomenon, but there can be many theories, and some theories that were once said to be right are now said to be wrong.
    Next, thinking refers to reviving the knowledge input into the memory device through the action of the soul.
    For example, let’s say you saw someone pick up a handful of salt and eat it. Then, the person whose taste of salt is inputted as knowledge through feeling can look at it and ask, ‘How salty is it?’ It makes me think This is because the knowledge that ‘the more salt you eat, the saltier it gets’ is entered as knowledge through experience.
    As another example, let’s say you were walking down the street and saw a man and a woman you know sitting on a bench and having a friendly conversation. At this time, the person with the bad memory entered into the memory device asks ‘What kind of relationship are these people?’, ‘What are they doing now?’ In doing so, various evil thoughts are mobilized, and judgment and condemnation come out in the end.
    However, if you have ever sat on a bench and had a beautiful and friendly conversation with a good friend, family member, or couple, you will feel good when you see the scene. Therefore, people who are well input with good thoughts will feel the scene as a name, and those who are not will have the opposite feeling.
    In this way, theories and ideas are based on the knowledge that the person was born and entered while growing up. Therefore, each person’s theories and thoughts are inevitably different because each person’s knowledge is different, and how much knowledge is contained and how it is input through feeling. Arguing with different theories and ideas like this tends to lead to quarrels and, in extreme cases, even turn their backs on each other.
    Finally, based on these theories and thoughts, you say you are right and create your own image that is called a ‘frame’.
    In simple terms, the frame here can also be referred to as a ‘window’. In the end, depending on what type of frame you have, even if you look at the same thing, it looks completely different. It’s like looking through a foggy glass window, everything looks hazy, and looking through a colored glass window, the whole world appears in that color.
    For example, you may find that many people say ‘I like this type of person’ and prefer only the type of person they like. You’ll also find that you’re friendly with the type of person you like, but don’t get along with the person you don’t like, because it fits your mold.
    Those who did not recognize Jesus who came as the Savior at the time of Jesus were because of their own frame. They were not able to accept Jesus, who came as a mere carpenter’s son, from within their framework because they expected the image of the Messiah to come in the future with authority and power.
    Therefore, even though Judas Iscariot had followed Jesus for three years, he did not know much about his teacher, Jesus, and the high priests, priests, scribes, and Pharisees, who taught that they knew a lot about the Law, also gave Jesus to be crucified and executed.
  2. Why theories, ideas, and frameworks hinder spiritual growth
    In the end, theories, ideas, and frameworks are all determined by what kind of knowledge the person has. However, before we came to know the truth of God’s Word, we thought that the knowledge of the world was truth, but in fact, most of it was untruth and it was knowledge of the flesh that was corrupted and corrupted.
    In this way, people with different theories, ideas, and frameworks spread the knowledge of untruth that goes against the truth to other people, and this is what has come so far. Therefore, the theories, thoughts, and frameworks derived from these untruthful knowledge prevent us from obeying God’s Word, which is the truth, and make them go against the truth, thus preventing us from entering the spirit.
    For example, there are two kinds of mind: the mind of the spirit and the mind of the flesh. This is classified according to whether the knowledge of truth or untruth is utilized. When the knowledge of truth, which is the Word of God, is used, it is called ‘the mind of the spirit’, and when the knowledge of untruth is utilized, it is called ‘the mind of the flesh’. that is to say. Of course, at this time, the mind of the Spirit originates from the heart and comes out of the mind as the truth is in the heart and the Spirit controls the truth as much as I have worked with the spirit.
    However, the mind of the flesh comes first to the head as Satan controls the knowledge of untruth through the action of the soul, so we hear the voice of Satan. So, this carnal mind makes it impossible to obey God’s word, as Romans 8:7 says, “The carnal mind is hostile to God, for it does not submit to the law of God, nor can it do it.” .
    For example, what if a person who has been taught that it is right to take revenge while growing up has heard the word of God, ‘Love your enemies too’? Until we extract the untruths that have been entered into the world, we cannot obey God’s Word because our fleshly thoughts are mobilized to say that we must avenge ourselves.
    So is the theory. For example, ‘a man walks on water’ is theoretically impossible. So, if God commands a person who has such a theory to ‘walk on water’, he will never be able to obey that word, because carnal thoughts still remain in me.
    In addition, a person who has learned that ‘rainbows rise after rain’ with the knowledge of the world is established as a theory that a rainbow can only appear after it has rained through experiences such as seeing a rainbow after it has actually rained while growing up.
    However, if someone told this person that they saw a rainbow in a clear sky, it would be unbelievable because of the theory that this person had already established. As such, we cannot believe in the wonderful works of God that cannot be understood through theory, so we cannot obey God’s Word.
    Therefore, through today’s Word, I pray in the name of the Lord that you will enter the spiritual dimension by breaking your own theories, thoughts, and frameworks, and that you may become a blessed saint who receives the blessings of all things and enjoys success through clear communication with God. I will continue to testify next week.
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