I wish for your life to be filled with God’s blessing and love. Now I want to share the grace of the Lord with you through the message entitled “Secrets to being at Peace with anyone.”

Let me tell you the story of an old couple. One day they quarreled, and the wife got angry and kept silent. When dinner time came, she set the table for the husband, but soon she turned back and started threading a cloth at a corner of the room. The old man wanted to share that food and lovely talks with her, but felt so troubled because she said no word at all.

All of a sudden, he got up and began to look for something opening drawers and closets. He rummaged into the room for something.

She pretended to have no interest in his work at first, but when he took out everything from the closet including all kinds of garments and various materials, she could not stand her curiosity and asked, “What are looking for?” The husband just smiled at her, and said, “Now I found it! It’s your voice!”

To live at peace with one another is so easy and simple. The biggest reason that many people fail to be at peace with others is that they persistently consider themselves right.

The word of truth of God urges us to forgive, love our enemies, and serve. But they fail to live in peace because they do not disobey the word of God and insist on their own thoughts. If you do not insist on your own will and self-righteousness but follow the word of God, you can be at pace with anyone wherever you are.

In particular, home is to be filled with love and peace. It is the will of God for us to make our homes in peace. That’s why He commands children to obey their parents, couples to love each other, and brothers and sisters to be kind to one another.

If you humble yourselves and consider the other, offended emotions and complicated feelings will be solved easily. But many of you are having difficulty in humbling yourselves because your selves are alive. And trivial things cause misunderstandings and troubles, and unnecessary pride widens the valley of ill-feelings.

Now if you lower yourselves serve others as the word of God teaches, you can restore peace soon. You may feel hurt in your pride from the fleshly viewpoint when you try to stretch out your hand prior to the other and lower yourselves, but it proves you are a big vessel.

May you realize that you can lead a happy life to the extent that you die in the word of truth of God, and live at peace with everyone and joy fill your life, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ I pray!

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