Martha Armaza (Age 40, Panamericano Manmin Church in Venezuela)

▶ Martha Armaza (3rd from the right) and her family

I used to get easily angered even at trivial things. But after listening to the holiness gospel and fervently praying at Daniel Prayer Meetings, I started to change, feeling more joyous and at peace. Through the power of prayer, I was healed of stomach pain, headache, and dizziness. I am currently living in good health. Through this, my husband who previously didn’t believe in God, accepted the Lord. My family has experienced many answers from God.
My beloved youngest daughter Dajana was born with a facial deformity. I was extremely shocked to see the right side of her face crushed and one eye bulging out when I gave birth to her. Before I became pregnant, I had an operation that required me to wear compressions as part of recovery. I continued to use these compression underclothes during pregnancy without knowing it would become problematic.
After Pastor David Jang prayed for her with the handkerchief of God’s power (Acts 19:11-12), Dajana was completely healed of congenital facial deformity and her eye returned to normal. Now, she has grown up well in the grace of God and is a member of church worship dance team. I give all thanks and glory to our loving Lord who has led us to blessings and answers.

Dajana was completely healed after receiving prayer
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