Title: Power (6) 2000-03-19

Main text: Acts 19:11-12

Today, we are in an age where we value the world’s knowledge and theories, follow those who insist on the theory of evolution, do not acknowledge God the Creator, and sin is prevalent. That is why Jesus said, “Unless you see signs and wonders, you will never believe” (John 4:48). In order to testify to God the Creator and to spread the gospel, the amazing works of power that go beyond human limitations are necessary. Today, I would like to testify in detail about the strange powers and strange things in the work of God’s power.

1. God who does strange powers and marvelous things

When the Olympic Games are held, people ask, ‘What is the limit of human beings, and how quickly can humans complete the 100m sprint and 42.195km marathon course in a short time?’ Also, when it is thought that special skills and stunts that cannot be performed by ordinary people are beyond the limits of human beings, they are surprised and even applauded.

In addition, today, we are trying to overcome the limits of human beings by any means with advanced medicine or cutting-edge science technology, which is the development of treatment methods for diseases and research on human genes. It may be intended to extend the In addition, efforts are now being made all over the world to adjust even natural phenomena according to human will.

However, no matter how hard people try to go beyond human limits, there is a limit that cannot be overcome. This is the history of human life and death, raising the dead, and creating something from nothing. These things are the fact that no matter how advanced science and technology develop and intelligence is added, just as a typhoon cannot move at will, the realm that belongs to God cannot be overcome by human abilities or knowledge.

Therefore, we need to realize that when works that only God can do appear beyond human limitations, they are clearly revealed by God. In Isaiah 29:13-14, God says, “These people draw near to me with their mouths, and honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. He will do marvelous things again, marvelous and marvelous things, and the wisdom of the wise among them will pass away, and the understanding of those who understand will be obscured.” By doing this, the wisdom and understanding of those who are wise and discerning in the world are obliterated and covered.

Even today, God is showing great and wonderful works of power to accomplish world missions through this church, build the Grand Sanctuary, and fully fulfill God’s providence, and he is also displaying countless strange and strange things.

2. Weird Powers and Weird Things Appearing in the Bible

In Acts 19:11-12, we read, “God made Paul’s hands perform strange miracles, and even people took a handkerchief or aprons from Paul’s body and placed them on the sick, and the disease went away and the evil spirits went out.” I am speaking. What we need to know here is that the same history can happen even if it is not necessarily a handkerchief or an apron. In other words, it is because the power of God is contained in the things that the sick person leaves and the evil spirits go out from, not depending on what objects are brought and placed on them.

How, then, could God’s power be revealed through the handkerchief or apron that was on Paul’s body?

In 2 Kings 13:20-21 we read, “Elisha died and was buried; and when the year changed, the land of Moab was in a state of disrepair. As soon as it touched the bones of Elisha, he was revived and stood up.” Raising the dead is the realm of God.

Therefore, the fact that this was possible means that Elisha had already died, but the power of God still remained in his bones. This is because, although he was not perfect compared to his teacher Elijah, he was inspired twice by following Elijah to the end. Elisha was also a servant of God and a prophet who was loved by God. History could have appeared.

Therefore, through these facts recorded in the Bible, if someone receives God’s utmost love and God’s great power rests upon him, God’s power can be applied not only to the things that the person prayed for, but also to the things that only touched the person’s body. Know that this can stay. When we realize these facts and put the things we prayed for in faith or the things that were in our body, and pray with faith, the works will appear.

For example, if the king of a country sends a letter instead of going directly to an official in a certain province when he gives an order, the king’s unique mark is displayed so that the king can tell that it was sent by the king. If the content of the letter is very important, the king’s belongings will be sent along with the letter. Then, after seeing the belongings, he is convinced that it is from the king, and he takes the contents of the letter as if it was the king himself and executes it. In this way, it is the fact that a token or object sent by the king can show the king’s authority on behalf of the king.

In the same way, even if the person God gives and guarantees with his amazing power does not go directly to pray, God’s power is put on the things he prayed for or the belongings he had on his body. . So, although you cannot see it with your physical eyes, if you open your spiritual eyes, you will see that the power of God is imbued with light even in objects that only touch your body.

Moreover, beings in the spirit world have no choice but to obey the power of God, who is the ruler of all things contained in them, only with handkerchiefs or belongings that contain the power of God, because they feel the power of God contained within. Of course, the enemy devil and Satan can recognize not only the man of God, but also the power of God that has come upon him, and this can be seen well through the events recorded in Acts 19:13-15.

When God caused Paul to perform a strange miracle by his hand, some of the Jews who saw this also tried to call on the name of the Lord Jesus to those who were possessed by demons, saying, “I command you through the name of Jesus whom Paul preaches.” . Among these people were the seven sons of a priest named ‘Schewa’. To their surprise, the evil spirit said to them, “Jesus I know, and Paul I know. Who are you?” Instead, they tried to attack them and harm them.

In this way, demons are also spirit creatures, so they knew not only Jesus, the Son of God, but also Paul, an apostle of God’s great power. Therefore, if it is a powerful person that God uses a lot, the enemy devil and Satan can only be afraid and tremble in front of his name. In addition, in Acts 5:15, it is said that people wished even Peter’s shadow to be covered in order to be healed of their diseases. How strange and strange is this. Through this, we can fully guess how great works of power were shown to Peter.

3. Strange and strange things appearing in this church

God blessed the members of this church so that they could experience the strange powers and strange things recorded in the Bible. So the works of power were made to appear through the handkerchief I prayed for, the mailbox phone with voice, pictures with my image, and objects with names. Even if you just meet each other or shake hands, there are cases where you can be healed one after another.

Also, the cases where I appeared in a dream and prayed for them and they were healed and even those who did not know me were worked through a dream through dreams. Because Almighty God can reveal God’s work in any form, it is amazingly working through various strange and bizarre things according to our beliefs to the extent that it breaks the frame we thought, ‘Is this even possible?’ .

However, there are cases when an angel comes to help us when we pray with the handkerchief we have been praying for. In Acts 5:18-19, when Peter and the apostles were in prison, an angel of the Lord came at night to open the prison door and rescue them. This is the case when you open the door by placing a handkerchief on it and praying.

The fact that these seemingly strange and bizarre things that may seem incomprehensible when viewed only with the flesh without knowing the spiritual world are perfectly normal from a biblical point of view. (2 Corinthians 2:13-14).

However, there is one thing we need to be careful about when we pray with the handkerchief we have been praying for, which is that we must not seek our own glory or benefit. For example, when we pray with a handkerchief on us, we should want the glory of God to appear, but if we pray with a heart that wants to reveal ourselves, it is because God who sees the heart cannot work.

Also, God does not work in the case of tempting God or hoping for an aberration. When you put a handkerchief, etc., you must do it with faith, but without any faith, you have an anecdotal mind that says, ‘Let’s try it as others say that we are going to be other people.’ You need to know.

Therefore, we must understand clearly that the amazing works that appear through handkerchiefs are the work of God’s power through our faith only in the authority that God guarantees, so that there is no violation of God’s will.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Power is the way to reveal the invisible God to people as if they saw it with their eyes and touched them with their hands. Also, power is evidence that God is with us, and it is like an image of God. When people directly see and experience the work of power, they can believe in God in their hearts even though they cannot see it with their own eyes.

Therefore, this church, which has the mission of national evangelization and world missions in the last days, should not only be a sign of faith that can show that there is nothing impossible in the face of spiritual faith, but also the spiritual generals of many powers will surely confirm the word of God with the power to follow me. You will have to prove it.

Through today’s message, I pray that you will become a blessed saint who not only hears praise from all the people due to wonders and signs like the early church, but also proclaims the existence of God to all nations through the strange and strange things that happen in this church in the name of the Lord. Congratulations.

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