Title : Power of God (5) 2000-03-05

Text: John 14:10-12

God wants all people to attain salvation, but if you don’t see signs and wonders, you can’t believe at all (John 4:48). Moreover, today is an evil age in which all kinds of ideas, theories, knowledge, and scientific civilization are developed and people do not even seek God. Therefore, today, continuing from the last time, we will take a detailed look at the 4th stage, which is the completion stage of the power, as we testify of the power of God.

1. The reason why God’s amazing works of power are revealed countless times to this church

In John 21:25, it says, “There are many other things that Jesus did, and if they are all written down, I know that even the world would not be enough to contain these books.” We can easily guess how many works of power Jesus performed through these words. But the surprising thing is that there were still people who did not believe in Jesus even though He performed so many works of God.

In Matthew 11:20 and below, we find the words of rebuking the towns where Jesus gave the most power because they did not repent. In verses 23 and 24, “Capernaum, will you be exalted to heaven? You will be brought down to hell. If all the powers that were performed in you had been performed in Sodom, the city would still exist to this day, I tell you, for the land of Sodom will be more tolerable on the day of judgment than for you. Lira,” he said.

Their sins were so serious that God Himself would visit the land, and there were no righteous people in the land of Sodom, which ultimately led to destruction as a result of God’s judgment (Genesis 19:24-28). If the amazing works of power had taken place, even such Sodomites would not have been destroyed by repenting and turning.

So what about today? Today, the world is ruled by much more sin than it was at the time of the city of Sodom, of course, even in the days of Jesus. Therefore, even if the same power as at the time of Jesus appears, there will be many people who will not believe.

Therefore, even today, God is performing the wonderful works of God’s power through His beloved servants, and in the last days, he is exerting efforts for national evangelization and world missions and is showing numerous works of power in this church that spreads the evidence of the living God widely. .

2. The four stages of work of power revealed through this church

Last time, I mentioned that the 4th stage of power is the stage of completion of power, and the works of dominating and ruling all things and moving the heavenly and spirits appear, the works of obedience to inanimate objects as they are commanded, and they appear as walking on water like Jesus.

In this church, many works belonging to the 4th stage of power have already appeared from the beginning of the planting period, testifying that the words of Jesus, “Whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do” (John 14:12) are being fulfilled.

For example, we have seen articles that appear by moving the heavenly flag, such as when the rain that came on suddenly stops, or when the dark clouds that come and go away when praying, and when there is no cloud in the sky, clouds suddenly come from all directions and cover the sky, etc. Countless histories that have been experienced have appeared.

Not only that, no matter how severely poisoned by briquette gas, if you pray, you will wake up in 1 or 2 minutes and recover to a whole body without any after-effects. If you do, you can see that the works of inanimate objects obeyed. What is even more surprising these days is the fact that the work of power that transcends time and space continues to appear bigger and stronger.

A good example is Cynthia, the daughter of Pastor Wilson John Gil, who is currently ministering at Manmin Church in Pakistan, one of the overseas branches of the main church. I just laid my hands on Cynthia’s picture here in Seoul and prayed, and from the very time the child prayed for, who, according to local Pakistani doctors, said it would be difficult to recover, he quickly recovered and became healthy.

Also, a member who was in critical condition due to broken ribs on both sides and damage to his lungs in a car accident a while ago was quickly getting better through handkerchief prayer. When I prayed, ‘Please help me to get up and sit down and help me to walk’ while calling out his name, my health has been restored so amazingly that I went to the bathroom alone from that morning.

In addition, the countless works of power appearing in this church are getting bigger and stronger as we become one with God, and it can be seen that they are appearing more often than in any era recorded in the Bible.

3. Reasons to achieve the perfection of power

Many works of power are taking place in this church, and the last field to be accomplished among the works of power recorded in the Bible is to walk on water. Here, walking on water is a sign that you have completed the 4 stages of the power to complete the power.

In Genesis 1:2, before all things were created, it says, “The earth was void and empty, and darkness was over the deep, and the Spirit of God moved on the waters.” Because being able to walk on water means that you have the power to rule and rule over all things.

However, in order to reveal this work of power, you must receive the fullness of the inspiration of the Holy Spirit from your head to your toes and even a single cell in your body through fiery prayer. However, just because we are filled with the moving and influence of the Holy Spirit, it is not possible for anyone to perform the work of the power of walking on water like this. There must be no evil in the heart, and only good, truth, and light must come and become one with the heart of God.

Then, what is the reason for trying to show the history of walking on water, which is the stage of completion of power?

This is to prove that God lives in all parts of the world and that everything in the Bible is true. Just walking on water is proof that we are in the Word and the Word is in us, so that if we become fully one with God, who is the Word itself, God can do whatever He wants us to do (John 15:7). ).

Also, walking on water is a confirmation of the resurrection. In order for a person to walk on water in the fleshly state, he must be in a state as if he did not have a physical body, which is believed to show that our body can also be transformed into a spiritual body when the Lord returns in the future. It is to give people the hope of true resurrection.

In addition, when the power was completed by walking on the water, as Jesus said in Luke 9:29, “As he prayed, his appearance changed, and his clothes became white and brilliance.” can be shown.

Exodus 34:29-30 also records that when Moses came down from Mount Sinai after receiving the Ten Commandments, his face lit up, so Aaron and all the children of Israel were afraid to approach him. Like this, the light is so bright that if God opens your spiritual eyes to see, the light will dazzle your eyes and make it impossible to see.

Dear brothers and sisters, you should know that the completion of the power to walk on water is not achieved by human strength and power. Because it is only through the power of God the Creator, people recognize God as the true God and realize how futile human theories and knowledge are before God. Therefore, the history of walking on water, which is the stage of completion of the power, must be completed and proclaimed to all parts of the world.

So, at this time when the end of human cultivation is near, God selects people after His heart who have unchanging love and loyalty to God and works with the perfection of His power.

Just as the prophet Elijah showed to all the people that God is the only truth through his confrontation with 850 people who worshiped foreign gods (1 Kings 18:39), in the last days, we are in the midst of a world full of sins and are immersed in idols and theories of evolution. We must clearly show that God alone is the Creator and that He is the novelty.

4. Meaning of saying that you can do greater things than Jesus did

In John 14:12, Jesus says, “He who believes in me will also do the works that I do, and greater works than these will he also do.” This means that Jesus can do greater things than He himself did, but it does not mean that someone with greater power than Jesus can do greater things.

If you look at various communication facilities and media outlets that are highly developed today, you can see that these words are being fulfilled. For example, when the history of the power of walking on water is spread all over the world through satellites, the Internet, and various media outlets, and many people watch, the effect is incomparable to that of Jesus walking on water. . Because many people can see and believe and believe, but many who do not have true faith will come to have true faith. In terms of the expansion of the kingdom of God, it is a bigger thing than it was at the time of Jesus.

And even if it is not necessarily the effect of these communication facilities or the mass media, greater things can happen today than in the days of Jesus. For example, there are now many large and numerous diseases that cannot be counted and cannot be compared in size compared to the time of Jesus. So, when these diseases are healed, it is to express that greater things have happened than in the days of Jesus. Of course, if there were such diseases at the time of Jesus, they would have been cured of course, so there should be no misunderstanding about these words.

Also, these days, many saints are experiencing countless works of power through the handkerchiefs, corsages, and photos they have been praying for, and even inanimate machines are being repaired.

Through today’s message, I thank God for the many works of power that are taking place in this church, and I pray that you will become wise saints who testify diligently to save countless souls and expand the kingdom of God and receive God’s great love and blessing.

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