Title : Power of God (3) 2000-02-13

Text: John 14:10-12

Today, following the last time, I would like to testify of what kind of work will appear in detail when you enter the 3rd stage of power.

1. To receive power, you must become one with God.

When God created the first man, Adam, he created them in God’s image as he said, “God created man in his own image, in the image of God” (Genesis 1:27). This means that God has not only resembled outward appearances, but made them into spiritual beings that resemble God who is the Spirit.

However, when Adam stopped disobeying God’s word, ‘Do not eat from the forbidden fruit,’ he committed the sin of disobedience and the spirit died. Not only did he lose all the authority that God originally gave to Adam, but also his descendants lost the image of God. I have gone down the path of sin

So, what is the purpose of receiving Jesus Christ and living a life of faith? This is to restore the lost image of God and become true children who resemble God. In 1 Peter 1:16, God said, “Be ye holy, for I am holy.” In Matthew 5:48, Jesus also said, “Be ye perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect.”

The way to restore God’s image and become like God by becoming holy and perfect is to live according to God’s word. As John 1:1 says, “The Word is God”, when we fully live according to the Word of God, this is the way to become one with God and to become like God.

Therefore, to the extent that anyone abides in the Word of God, resembles God and becomes one with God, the authority and power that belongs to God will be revealed to him. As Psalm 62:11 says, “The power belongs to God,” God works with power to a person who is one with God to the extent that he is one. So, we can see that the amazing powers of God were revealed through Jesus, who is completely one with God.

Therefore, we must keep in mind that in order to receive power, we must not only say “power and power” with words, but also desire to be more like God and acknowledge that God acknowledges that ‘You are a child of God who resembles me.’

2. Stage 3 of Power

Last time, I said that in the first stage of the power, the work of burning with the fire of the Holy Spirit occurs through the red light, and in the second stage of the power, a light like a laser beam is emitted from the blue light and the work of healing takes place.

The 3rd stage of power works through colorless light, and depending on the viewer, it may appear as white light. Also, this light is sometimes called ‘the light of glory’, and this light is the light that belongs to God and surrounds those who have achieved the whole spirit as God’s portion to those whom God approves.

And when the third stage of power comes, the work of creation will follow along with all kinds of signs. Here, the sign means that the blind can open their eyes and see well, the blind can see, the dumb can speak, the deaf can hear, and the eardrum can hear even if the eardrum is ruptured. It also talks about the history of crippling, short legs becoming longer, and polio and cerebral palsy becoming complete.

In addition to this, parts of the body that have been deformed or crippled or completely degenerated from birth are restored to perfection, as well as broken bones attaching to normal and unhealthy bones to grow, short bones to grow, and broken tendons to attach. This is the work that takes place in the three stages of power.

In addition, when the 3rd stage of power has already come, the light of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd stages of the power can work at the same time as needed, so any disease or weakness is not a problem. Even if you have a deep burn almost all over your body and burn all your cells and muscles, or if you boil it in boiling water, if the beloved shepherd of God prays for you, you can see that God creates everything anew.

Amazing works belonging to the 3rd stage of this power have already appeared in our church for a long time, and now even broken machines are being repaired through voice mail boxes, photos, handkerchiefs, corsages, etc.

Of course, these histories could not be recorded in the Bible because there were no machines like today when the Bible was written. It is the fact that you are giving the history of healing through

For example, 1 Kings 17 tells us that the widow of Zarephath, who served the prophet Elijah as her last meal, was blessed that the cask of flour did not run out and the bottle of oil did not dry out until the day the drought was over. It is the history of creation from nothing that flour and oil continued to be produced until it rained even though the flour cans and oil jars ran out.

Also, in 2 Kings 4, there is a record of how the prophet Elisha kept coming out of a jar of oil enough to fill several vessels. Some may say, ‘Because there was oil, doesn’t another oil bottle continue to produce oil?’ However, when the amount of oil is limited and it continues to overflow when poured into another bottle, it means that oil was created out of nothing, that is, existence was created from nothing.

Then why did God ask for a bottle of oil here?

This is because only when the seed of faith is planted can the work of creation be spread through faith in action. For example, in Mark 2:1-12, there is the story of a paralytic. He and four of his friends had faith and went to the place where Jesus was, but because of many people, they could not see Jesus. But they went up to the roof and showed the seed of faith, that is, the faith that drove the paralyzed man down to the place where Jesus was, and he was healed immediately.

Also recorded in Matthew 14:13-21 is the miracle of Jesus feeding 5,000 men with two fish and five barley loaves.

In this way, God, who creates things from nothing, can heal not only inanimate machines, but also any abnormalities in the human body. Therefore, in our church, when a completely lost function or a severely injured organ is newly restored through handkerchief prayer or voice mail prayer, that is, severely damaged lung becomes normal and kidney that needs transplantation operation is restored. ) or liver becomes normal, you can see that the power of creation, which is being worked in the 3rd stage of power, is constantly appearing.

However, what we need to discern here is that if a function is restored by injecting some power when it is weak and powerless, it is a simple history of healing, and it becomes history in the first stage of power, but the function that has already become irreversible If you have been resurrected, this is the power of creation, which means that work takes place in the 3rd stage of the power.

3. How to check the level of power

In order to say that the power of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd stages of power has fully come, the power that can appear in that stage must be comprehensively manifested. In other words, just because the work of one kind of power has appeared, it cannot be said that all the powers of that stage have come.

For example, in the first stage of the power, the history of curing any disease that can be burned by the fire of the Holy Spirit, such as leukemia, AIDS, leprosy, lung disease, and cancer, must appear. Otherwise, even if a cancer patient has been cured, it cannot be said with certainty that the first level of power rests upon him. This is because, through the powerful work of the Holy Spirit, we can repent of repentance and receive the fullness of the inspiration and influence of the Holy Spirit, or the work of healing can happen through the supplication of the righteous and the prayer of love.

Likewise, casting out demons does not mean that it is the second stage of power. If we sow faith in praise and prayer for some demon-possessed person and turn them into repentance,

This is because the power of the demons may lose their power and the demons may retreat.

Moreover, if it is a higher level of power, the works that appear in the lower level of power must follow it, and power does not appear temporarily and disappear in the middle, but persists.

Therefore, it is through these facts that one can check the stage of one’s own power, and even if the same works appear outwardly, it is possible to discern whether it is the work of power or the work of gifts or the supplication of love.

However, there are some things that do not work even if we receive prayers from the powerful. At this time, it is because the line of life that God has set has been crossed, and it is like a flower that has departed from the root, that is, life. However, God can work when you and all of his family members cling to God with a repentant heart and show the seeds of faith that can truly impress God. I will continue to testify next week.

Through today’s Word, by living according to the Word of God, I pray that you will not only regain the lost image of God and become true children who resemble Him, but also receive power to become one with God and become blessed saints who testify that God is alive. I bless you by name.

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