Title: Power of God (2)

Text: John 14:10-12

Today, following on from the last time, I would like to explain the different levels of power and testify to what kind of history appears when you enter the 1st and 2nd stages of power.

1. The Apostle Paul, who performed amazing works of power to the extent that he was considered ‘god’

If you look at Acts 14:8 and below, you will find a scene where a man who was lame from birth is listening to what Paul is saying while the apostle Paul is preaching the gospel in a place called ‘Lustra’. At this time, the Apostle Paul saw that the crippled man had faith to be saved, and told him, “Stand up on your feet,” and immediately started running. He came down among us as

Another time, the ship on which the Apostle Paul rode was damaged and arrived on an island called ‘Melide’. In Acts 28, when he and his party were making a fire, a viper came out from among the trees that had been thrown into the fire and bit Paul’s hand. The locals who saw this thought that he was going to swell or suddenly collapse and die. As Toe people who knew about vipers and saw many people bitten by vipers, they could not think of Paul as a human being who was bitten by a viper and had no problem.

Then, why was the Apostle Paul able to perform such amazing works of power that people would consider him a god?

In the text of John 14:12, it is said, “He who believes in me will also do the works that I do.” You can see that the Apostle Paul completely believed in Jesus Christ. Therefore, if we too have a true heart and perfect faith (Hebrews 10:22), we can exercise power.

In the New Testament, in addition to the apostle Paul, there are records that other people such as the apostle Peter, the deacon Philip, and the deacon Stephen also exercised power. Even if you are a deacon, if your heart is sanctified and you are a vessel worthy of God, you can see God working by giving you power.

As such, the Bible testifies that the works of power that Jesus performed through those who believe in Jesus Christ, especially those who have perfect faith, can be equally manifested. Therefore, through Jesus Christ, who is the same yesterday, today, and forever, even today, if anyone has the faith that is acceptable in the sight of God, he can exercise the power.

2. Stage 1 of Power

In the past, many people said that seeing the red light corresponds to the first stage of power, and this power is the work of burning with the fire of the Holy Spirit. So it can cure diseases caused by all kinds of germs and viruses in the world, including diseases such as leukemia, cancer, and AIDS.

Even if we enter the first level of power, the work of power that appears is different depending on who has entered the deeper dimension of the spirit and how much more prayers have been accumulated. It’s just like middle school students who have different abilities within the same middle school.

Also, even if you are in the first stage of the power, serious diseases such as end-stage cancer or lung disease cannot be easily treated. Of course, if the patient or his/her family comes out with great faith, it can be cured at once, but if the disease is severe and old, it requires greater power.

In this church, if you have not changed since the pioneering days, obeyed God’s word, and received prayer, you will be healed of any serious illness. What about today? Those who have a disease that can be cured by the power of the first stage are being healed even if they repent before God and show a little faith.

If you shake hands with a shepherd who is guaranteed by God or even touch the hem of his clothes, you can also see God’s healing through handkerchiefs, voice mail, patient prayers, and even pictures. However, those who are still weak in faith must lay their hands on their hands and pray to see their faith grow and heal. As such, if you do it according to the measure of your faith, but first break down the wall of sin and show your faith and devotion as much as possible, God will surely heal you.

However, just because it is the first stage of power, burning with the fire of the Holy Spirit is not the only thing that works. If you pray with faith as the fullness of the inspiration and influence of the Holy Spirit comes at an instant, you will be able to show more works. However, since this is only momentary and does not have full power, works only occur when it is in accordance with God’s will. So, in order to reveal the glory of God through even more amazing works, it is the fact that we have to go deep into the dimension of power.

3. The second stage of power

The 2nd stage of power is the stage where blue light is used among the lights that people with open spiritual eyes see, and from this blue light, lights such as laser beams are emitted, and the work of healing takes place. In the Old Testament, Malachi 4:2, we can see that it was said, “For you who fear my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with a healing beam, and you will go out and leap like calves out of the stall.”

In the second stage of the power, it is mainly used to overcome darkness from those who are possessed by demons, those who are being worked by Satan, and those who are being worked by various powers, so that not only autism but also neurological diseases such as neurosis and nervous breakdown, and various mental diseases such as mental disorders are treated. will be

However, sometimes physical ailments are cured and signs follow through the light of the second stage of power. In this case, the disease or weakness stems from the work of demons or Satan. Weakness here refers to abnormal symptoms that paralyze or degenerate bodily functions, such as dumb, deaf, blind, crippled, and polio.

For example, there is a case where Jesus healed a deaf person who was possessed by a demon. In this case, the cause of the deafness or deafness was a demon, so when the demon was cast out, the mute was naturally healed and the deaf were healed (Mark 9: 14 and below).

In this way, when the cause of a disease is caused by a power of darkness such as a demon, the disease is cured by dispelling the darkness. If a person has received Satan’s work and has an abnormality in the digestive system such as the stomach due to a nervous breakdown, in this case too, the root cause must be removed by defeating Satan’s forces to be cured. Sometimes, even during diseases such as stroke or arthritis, the power of darkness is at work.

Also, if you go to a hospital, there are cases where you feel pain in various parts of your body for no apparent reason. In this case, I often see people whose spiritual eyes are opened when the patient is praying, testifying that from him a power of darkness in the form of an abomination such as a rat or an earwig came out. In this way, various diseases that appear due to the power of darkness are cured by the light of the second stage of power.

In the second stage of the power, not only this history of healing, but also the history of the retreat of the forces of darkness in homes, businesses, and workplaces. For example, if you visit a family experiencing severe persecution and pray, the darkness will disappear from that family and you will see the door of your heart open to unbelieving families. Also, if you visit a business or workplace, darkness will disappear and light will come. From then on, blessings will come as much as you plant with works.

Also, it is the work that appears in the second stage of the power to bring the souls of the dead back to God’s will or take them away. Therefore, in raising the dead, and conversely, the Apostle Peter cursed Ananias and Sapphira, who had deceived the Holy Spirit, and their souls departed (Acts 5:1-11), and Elisha cursed them, so that two females came out and bit many children to death. The same is true (2 Kings 2:23-24).

However, among the works of raising the dead in the Bible, there is a fundamental difference between the case of Jesus and the case of Elisa, Peter, and Paul. It was possible only if everything was in accordance with the will of God, who is the master of the soul in the end, but because Jesus is one with God, what He meant was the will of God. Therefore, even if the command was given only with the word, the work of raising the dead took place (John 11:43-44).

However, in the case of other prophets and apostles, they were able to save the dead only when they first asked God and God allowed them to do so. Only when the power up to the 4th stage, the completion of power, is fully manifested through fiery prayers, the work of bringing life to life can take place only with the word, according to the faith of the family and the ordinary beliefs of the dead.

However, in the case of raising the same dead person, there is a difference depending on the cause of death. For example, if a person is on the verge of death or has died due to briquette gas, in this case, the briquette gas is spread throughout the body, so you must first defeat the gas in every corner of the body and then summon the soul. Of course, the person who commands this must have the power to obey even the briquette gas.

So, the reason why our God spoke of raising the dead as a whole as the work of the second stage of power is in the sense that the authority to call or harvest the soul belongs to the second stage of the power. I will continue to testify next week.

Through today’s Word, I pray in the name of the Lord that you will become a blessed saint who glorifies God by entering the dimension of power by becoming the measure of faith that is appropriate in the sight of God.

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