Title: Power of God (1) 2000.01.30

Text: John 14:10-12

Today, I would like to testify to the reason why God reveals His power and the first step among the many dimensions of His power.

1. Why God Shows His Power

Power is a word that means power with authority. First, authority refers to the majestic and glorious power that God has appointed. So to those to whom this power is given, evidence follows. In Matthew 10:1, Jesus called the twelve disciples and gave them power to cast out unclean spirits and to heal all diseases and diseases.

In addition, when we receive power, the signs mentioned in Mark 16:17-18 will follow. He said, “In my name they will cast out demons, they will speak new tongues, they will pick up snakes, and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay their hands on the sick and they will recover.” And when greater power is given, with these signs, not only knights, but also strange powers and marvels will appear.

Then, why does God show His people the work of His power?

Because it is essential for the preaching of the gospel, that is, the salvation of souls. Another thing is that, as Jesus said in John 4:48, “Unless you see signs and wonders, you will never believe.” It is to testify so that you can believe by revealing the work of power.

This fact can be found throughout the Bible. Acts 2:22 says, “Men of Israel, listen to this saying, for you know that God testified before you through Jesus of Nazareth, who performed great powers and wonders and signs among you.” It is said that by causing Jesus to perform great powers, wonders, and signs, he testified that Jesus is the Son of God and the Savior.

Also, in Mark 16:20 it says, “As the disciples went out and preached throughout, the Lord was working with them, and the signs that followed them clearly testified to the word.” speaking, the Lord testifies to the word of his grace by causing signs and wonders to work with their hands.” Also, Hebrews 14:3 says, “God also testified with them by signs and wonders and by various powers and by the distribution of the Holy Spirit according to his will.”

As such, the Bible clearly testifies that signs, wonders, and various powers are manifested by the presence of the Lord, who is God. Therefore, those who saw and experienced these works of power were able to achieve salvation because they believed that God lives and that the Bible is true.

How much more will it be in today’s era of pervasive sin? Even among those who profess to believe in God, there are many who think that most of the miracles and signs in the Bible are mere stories or tales. However, it is true that only when we believe that the Bible is true due to the work of God’s power, we can realize God’s will and become truly saved children of God.

Therefore, in order to open the hearts of those who have become hardened by sin today and to preach the gospel, the works of power that can prove the truth of the Bible must not only follow, but also must be revealed through numerous powerful people.

2. Who is empowered?

If we study the Bible, those who received power from God were those who had no evil in their hearts, that is, they were sanctified, and they were able to say ‘Amen’ unconditionally and obey.

The same is true today. If we are sanctified and can only say ‘Amen’ to God’s Word, God guarantees us not only signs that will surely follow, but also wonders, strange powers, and marvelous works. Of course, in order to exercise perfect power, we must enter the fifth stage of faith, which is the level that pleases God. give it to me As much as the amount of fiery prayers is piling up here, greater works can appear.

However, even if they have not yet attained sanctification and have not reached the level where they can exercise power on their own, those who can receive the prayers of those whom God guarantees with His power through faith can follow God’s work. It is the same reason that signs followed Jesus when he laid his hands on his disciples and sent them out (Matthew 10:1). However, such things did not last, but if we become a man of spirit and receive prayer and receive power, God’s work will continue to follow.

3. Numerous works of power appearing in this church

There are many works of power in this church, and the representative example is the work of God through the handkerchief.

How, then, can these histories happen?

It is because we believe without doubt in the power of God working through the shepherd. Even if we do not do it by our own ability, we have the belief that if we pray with the handkerchief that we receive the pastor’s prayer for, we will surely be healed and solve the problem through the power of the shepherd, which is guaranteed by God.

In addition, things that I had never thought of before appearing through the handkerchief, asking, ‘Can I really receive prayers for this?’ As the frameworks that I thought were broken, even with a little faith and prayer, very strange and bizarre things are happening one after another.

The Bible speaks of the work that appears through the handkerchief as a ‘uncommon power’. That is, in Acts 19:11-12, “God made Paul’s hands perform strange miracles, and even people took handkerchiefs or aprons from Paul’s body and placed them on the sick, and the disease went away and the evil spirits went out.” .

By the way, the Bible only records that sickness left through a handkerchief or an apron and demons went out. How grateful we are to experience much greater works through the handkerchief we prayed for. For example, you can see that not only diseases but also dimensionless broken machines are being repaired through handkerchiefs, and not only the 1,2st and 4nd dimensions plants and animals are saved, but also the powers of the XNUMXth dimension enemy, the devil and Satan.

4. Powers at different levels

There are many works of God that are revealed through His power. This is because the light that appears according to the level of power is different, and the history that appears through the lights is also different. So, according to the testimonies of people with their spiritual eyes open, some people saw red light, some saw blue light, some saw white light, and some saw golden light.

What many people see as ‘red light’ is the light that comes from the first stage of power, and this is the stage where the work of burning with the fire of the Holy Spirit takes place. So we can treat diseases caused by all kinds of germs and viruses in the world, such as leukemia, cancer, and AIDS.

However, some say, ‘The work of healing by burning with the fire of the Holy Spirit can be manifested as a gift of healing even if it is not a power?’ You may wonder, but there is a clear difference. For example, when Jesus, who was one with God and had God’s power as it was, also healed various diseases with the fire of the Holy Spirit, was this only healing with the gift of healing?

The gift of healing can be granted by God even if you are not yet sanctified, if you have a lot of love in your heart and build up fiery prayers with faith.

However, God does not give power to those who change, and in terms of ability, power is much greater than gifts. Therefore, although it may seem on the surface that it can be manifested through the gift of healing, it is fundamentally different from the gift of power and healing.

However, the power of burning with the fire of the Holy Spirit is also seen in a different dimension. For example, if there is an arithmetic problem that elementary school students can solve, not only elementary school students, but also middle and high school students and college students can solve this problem, but they are not all equal.

In this way, the work of the power of burning with the fire of the Holy Spirit also seems to show the same work of healing, but in terms of power, it is incomparable. It is evidence of the fact that the history that appears through telephone, voice mail, and patient prayers is growing day by day, and that many diseases are being cured by placing handkerchiefs, photos, and objects from your body.

However, the fundamental reason for this difference in power lies in where the fire of the Holy Spirit comes from. In most cases, the moment you pray to the sick, God sends the fire of the Holy Spirit from above to heal you, but there are cases where the fire of the Holy Spirit comes from within your body. It’s like the difference between the moon, which receives and reflects the sun’s light and emits light, and the sun, which emits light from itself.

For example, when Jesus heals a leper, a bloat, a woman suffering from bloating due to heart or kidney abnormalities, or a woman suffering from a hemorrhage, the fire of the Holy Spirit goes out from Jesus himself, whose source is one with the Holy Spirit. History is what happened. In Mark 5:30, where a woman suffering from a hemorrhage is healed, “Jesus immediately knew for himself that the power had gone out of him”, which means that he felt the power of the Holy Spirit go out from within his body. So, just because you have entered the first stage of power, you must know that not everyone can easily treat patients with terminal cancer or lung disease, and I will continue to testify next time.

Through today’s Word, I pray in the name of the Lord that you will quickly attain sanctification, pray like fire, enter the level of power to perform signs and wonders, and become blessed saints who will greatly accomplish the kingdom of God.

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