Scripture: <2Peter 1:4>
Through these he has given us his very great and precious promises, so that through them you may participate in the divine nature and escape the corruption in the world caused by evil desires.

When the time of the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ draws very near today, God our Father manages year after year in the main flow of spirit. So, children of God should be alert and agile in spiritual aspects. None of you should be in a spiritual slumber. Ministers of God wake up and run for the work of God.
Through this message, you should reflect yourself how much you have accomplished the spiritual heart acceptable to God and how bright radiance you have comparing with the light of God the Father or the shepherd.
When you find yourself and make your heart spiritual one by understanding the will of God and gaining true life and strength from this message, you can become ministers of God enough to help the shepherd with the unhindered work of God the Father.

First of all, let us delve into what is the spiritual meaning of participating in the divine nature. I think many people have known that participating in the divine nature just means becoming holy like God the Father, sanctifying oneself by getting rid of every kind of evil and becoming perfect like the perfection of God the Father.
But this definition just covers the surface of the true meaning of participating in the divine nature. The more you can understand the depths of God the Father’s heart and spiritual spaces, the deeper dimension you can enter in the spiritual realm.
I explained before that God the Father originally was the Light containing a Voice in the 4th dimension, namely the 4th heaven. You have heard the space and could realize it a little. The original Light overflowed in the 4th dimensional space and radiated with clearness, transparency and great beauty beyond description.
That splendidly radiating light of the 4th dimensional space is, in the tint and radiance, different from that of the sun in the 1st heaven, in the 2nd heaven, and in the 3rd-dimensional space. So, so as to the 4th dimensional space, you should accomplish the full measure of light in your heart. And when you enter the 4th dimensional space, you can see the splendid light therein and feel the broad and vats heart of the Father.
In this way, you came to have the 2nd or 3rd dimensional space according to the tint and radiance of the light you have accomplished in your heart. The 3rd dimensional space, namely the 3rd heaven is both vertical and horizontal. So, the heavenly dwelling places are divided into Paradise to New Jerusalem in the 3rd heaven according to the tint and radiance of the light you have accomplished in your heart.
When you have a spiritual-dimensional space in your heart, you can ride in a spiritual flow and perform spiritual things even though your body is in this physical world.

Then, what kind of light are you radiating in spirit? Some of you may radiate a vast and strong streak of light or some others a thin thread of light or others have a very faint glimmer.
It is said in <1John 1:5>, “This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all.” Our Father God is light itself without a least darkness. As explained before, God the Father was perfect light without any darkness and the light contained the original voice in the 4th dimensional space in the beginning.
If you have accomplished the perfect light of the Father, you can have the same heart of Him. Then, you can receive from God whatever you desire in your heart and perform the works of the power beyond human understanding. God our Father wants you to accomplish the perfect level of light and bear abundant fruits of the light. He wants you not to become a faint glimmer or a thin streak of light but a strong and thick streak of light, namely a perfect light of the Father.
According to different levels of tint and brightness of each one, you may be very near or far away from God the perfect light. If you want to walk in the perfect light, you should accomplish the heart of the Father. How about you? Can you now beam the perfect light of the Father, true light and perform the power of creation?
Only when you beam the true and perfect light of the Father, will you be able to draw near God the Father and to see His face.
“The divine nature” in today’s verse indicates the perfect level of light. God wants you to reach the full measure of light where the divinity and divine humanity of God are harmonized.
What, then, does it mean by participating in the divine nature? We become qualified to enter the 4th-dimensional space, the original place of God the Father by accomplishing the perfect light enough to be sucked into and united with the light of God the Father.
The 4th-dimensional space is where God the Father existed as a voice in the light before the beginning of the creation. No one but a few who accomplished the true and perfect light can enter there. A few persons alone who are united with God the Father in heart, space, and dimension can enter there. Of course the persons can go into the space only under the permission of God the Father. If unqualified people enter there or if anyone goes into there without His permission, their souls cannot escape dispersing out.

When you accomplish the level of light nearest to the perfect light of God and draw close to His original 4th-dimensional space, will you be able to participate in the divine nature.

Then, what shall we do to participate in the divine nature?
Firstly, you should have the perfect spiritual heart.
God is the true perfect light without any darkness at all. So, you have the same heart as His in order to participate in His original space. In other words, you should accomplish the perfect spirit n your heart.
The 4th-dimensional space is the one of the pure spirit of the Father. So, anyone should make nothing what you have accomplished as whole spirit to enter the space. If you have a bit of evil or framework of sinful mind, you cannot enter there or participate n the divine nature. So, you should thoroughly cast off every kind of evil and remove the sinful mind itself. Then you will have the spiritual heart. If you have spiritual heart, you will become a person of whole spirit and have the heart God wants you to have. Only when you have that spiritual heart, will you be able to understand the heart of the shepherd and find what God the Father wants.

In order to lead me from the 3rd-dimensional space for a person of whole spirit to the 4th-dimensional one, God the Father allowed me to face severe trials. Those trials were beyond human endurance, but I have never complained or grudged. I was only thankful in everything and believe that God would give me only good things.
And when those who I loved and served with a sacrificial love betrayed me and inflicted much harm on me, I hated nobody and felt irritated with no one. Rather, I felt sorrowful about their souls rushing toward hell and asked the mercy of God for them.
I did not try to take any action according to human way. But only relied on God the Father in prayer. Then, I came to clearly understand the will of God and was led to the way of blessings as quickly as possible.

No matter how many words of God you have heard, none of them is useless if you don’t change your heart to make the words your spiritual food. In regard to the fruit of the Holy Spirit, you should reflect yourself how much you bear it in your life such as how much you have spiritual love God wants, how much you love God from your heart, how much fragrance you give out form your good heart, and how much mercy, goodness, meekness and self-control you bear.
It is said in , “Pursue peace with all people, and holiness, without which no one will see the Lord.” If you do not accomplish holiness along with peace with all people, you cannot see the Lord. Conversely, if you have peace with all people, you will draw close all the more to the light of the Lord and participate in the divine nature as more.
When you bear 100 % each of the nine fruit of the Holy Spirit, not 50 or 60 %, you will be able to have the perfect spiritual heart.

Secondly, you should pray to participate in the divine nature.
What kind of prayer should we offer to God to participate in the divine nature? He is not pleased with the aroma of unwilling and forced prayers. He rejoices when His children pray because they want to resemble Him in great love for Him and to receive the strength to surrender them to the will of God.
Suppose some people pray three hours the same. Some manage to finish the prayer meeting and are content saying they filled the measure of daily prayer. Some others do not know the passing of time because they fully enjoy praying to change themselves into spirit and feel happy in communicating with God the Father in true love for Him.
It is the same case between parents and children. Some children like to be with their parents because they love their parents. Those children tell their parents detailed things in daily life, ask their parents for what they need, and decide what to do after consulting their parents.
On the contrary, some other children have little conversation with their parents because they do not have love or affection toward their parents. They try to talk with their parents just about their needs and are unwilling to serve their parents from the sense of responsibility. Which do the parents receive better? Of course it is the former.

It is the same to the heart of God the Father. Servants of God should call down the spiritual things from heaven in this physical space to accomplish the work of God. So, they should receive the strength and power from God the Father to do it.
So as to receive the spiritual power, you should pray not from the sense of responsibility but from the bottom of heart and out of true love for God. And you prayer should break through the camp of darkness and go up to heaven so that you can have communication with God who is in the spiritual realm.
So, you should not pray according to your own thought or mind because that prayer cannot pass through the physical space or come into spiritual space and you cannot communicate with God the Father. After all, that fleshly prayer just strikes the air. And that prayer cannot move God the Father’s heart.
Suppose a boy is stubbornly asking his parents in his own desire for something that is not pleasing to their heart and mind. The parents will inevitably feel heavy about the imprudent boy. Let’s suppose another example. A father wants his son to fulfill the job A with all his heart and sincerity, but the son is asking for the help of the father trying to do another job. In this case, the son may be of little help and instead hinder his father’s work. So, I hope you will reflect yourself whether you are obstinately asking or whether your prayer is of no help in accomplishing the will of God.

It is said in <1 Corinthians 2: 10>, “But God has revealed it to us by his Spirit. The Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God.” If you are filled with the Holy Spirit and are inspired by Him, you will be able to pray according to the will of God and to realize what to do to fulfill the will of the Father. In other words, through the prayer filled with the Holy Spirit, you can open the door of the spiritual realm and have communication with God who is in the spiritual space.

Therefore, I hope you will pray by the Holy Spirit so that you will communicate with God the Father, receive the strength and power form above and quickly participate in the divine nature.

Lastly, you should love everyone and accept him with virtue.
Love and virtue actually belong to the spiritual heart, but are laid emphasis on because they are very important in understanding the heart of the Father. Only when you love everyone around you with the great love for God and accept him with virtue, will you be able to realize the heart of a true shepherd.
The Book of Genesis shows with what kind of heart Abraham accepted and served people around him. He understood and embraced his nephew Lot with love and virtue when Lot left him in his own benefit. In addition, he did not ignore Lot but saved him when Lot fell in a very serious danger. All workers of the church and all ministers of the Lord should embrace one another in love and encourage one another with virtue by giving each other comfort and strength. You should not let any of coworkers fall short of the race in disheartenment and exhaust, but care for each other with the love of the true shepherd.
Our Father is immeasurably great in His heart and boundless in His mercy and charity to searching detailed things of the poor and the wretched and caring for the orphans and widows. Only when you search all people around about their detailed things with the love of the Father and encourage them to run a race of faith, will you be able to participate in the divine nature.
If you keep these things in your mind and put them into practice one by one, you will increase the size and strength of your light and have the right to enter the space of the perfect light.

God the Father wants you to paricipate in the divine nature in the main flow of spirit and to enter the level of perfect light of God in whom there is no darknes at all. If there remains darkness in you, you cannot spiritually help the Father with His work. You should necessarily dwell in the perfect light by reflecting and changing yourself.
If the perfect light of the Father fills your heart, you will have no greed and not desire to ascribe glory to your own. From deep within your heart you will confess the word of <1Corinthians 15: 10> “But by the grace of God I am what I am, and His grace toward me was not in vain; but I labored more abundantly than they all, yet not I, but the grace of God which was with me.” With the obedient heart, you will disobey nothing in accomplishing the work of the Father and place no hindrance before the kingdom of God.
May live in the perfect light in performing the unhindered work of the Father and give great glory to Him, in the name of the Lord I pray!

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