Deaconess Yoomi Kim (4-13th Parish, 1-2nd Women’s Mission)

In early May, I sent my three-year-old daughter to her grandmother’s home. From that time on, she felt itchy on and scratched her hip and jaw possibly because her environment suddenly changed. The parts she had scratched with her hands began to ooze liquid and blood.

About two weeks later she came back home and was found to have a 2.5 centimeter blister between her jaw and breast. It grew bigger and bigger and continued to ooze. Finally it radiated to neck, breast, legs, and folded parts

healed of infectious impetigo

The doctor said my daughter had an atopic dermatitis and was stricken with infectious impetigo, and it might spread. She had never taken medicine until then but had always been healthy. I felt the pain just seeing her pain and crying.

At that time I was reminded of the word saying that a child’s disease frequently comes from the fault of the parents. I looked back at my life and repented that I had been negligent in praying after we gave birth to the second son and not worshiped God in spirit and truth.
On the 23rd of May, my husband and I took her to Rev. Dr. Lee and he felt so sorry and earnestly prayed for her with laying his hand on her.

We felt the tender and peaceful hands of our Father through him, and next morning we found the dirty water had dried up and all affected parts were covered with scabs. That evening those scabs began to fall off. And all the affected parts below the navel were covered with scabs. It was so surprising and mysterious! Three or four days later scabs had completely fallen off and she was healed.

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