Title: Like Gideon’s Three Hundred Heroes 2000-03-26

Text: Judges 7:15-23

Today, on the occasion of the dedication service of the Nam Mission, I would like to testify to Gideon and the three hundred warriors to testify about what we must do to come forward as a strong soldier of Christ.

1. Gideon and the three hundred warriors who won the battle by relying on the word of God

In Judges 7:15-23, the scene of Gideon and three hundred warriors fighting the Midianites and winning a great victory is recorded. At that time, when Israel fought the Midianites, the battle situation was so unfavorable to Israel that it was described as ‘the Midianites and the Amalekites and all the people of the East were lying in the valley, like the multitude of locusts’ (Judges 7:12).

On the other hand, when Israel first selected its soldiers, the number of men gathered there was 7 men. In this situation where even one soldier was missing from the war, God gave Gideon a very unexpected command. In other words, even though the number was too small compared to the enemy army of Midian, God was afraid that the people would blame themselves for the victory and fall into pride, so he commanded to reduce the number of troops going to war (Judges 7:2).

So, through the second selection, we sent back those who were afraid, and there were ten thousand left. Finally, the third selection was to lead the thirsty soldiers to the waters to drink water after training in the sun all day on Mount Gilead.

At this time, those who knelt or drank with their tongues in the water were excluded, and only those who drank water with their hands without disturbing the dignified posture of the fully armed soldiers were selected. Only three hundred were left. How would the rest of the people feel when they saw most of their allies leave, even if all 7 men were mobilized on the battlefield and the odds of winning were slim? It was not that they were discouraged and feared that they would be killed in a battle that had no chance of success, but rather, Gideon and three hundred warriors did not care about the greatness of the enemy’s army, but only said, “Strike the enemy, and I have delivered it into your hand” (Judges 7:9). ), they were moving toward the enemy camp with a stronger heart, relying on the word of God.

As God had directed them, when it was dark, they went out with only the trumpet and the urn with the torches hidden in their hands. They were divided into three units of one hundred men and surrounded the camp of Midian. When Gideon’s trumpet sounded, they all broke the jars, raised torches, and blew the trumpets loudly, shouting, “Sword of the LORD and Gideon!”

At this time, the Midianites who were sleeping were startled and came out and saw the sound of trumpets and flashing torches running from every hillside. The Midianite soldiers, who were fleeing in confusion, even struck each other with their swords. Taking advantage of the confusion, Gideon and three hundred warriors were able to achieve a great victory.

2. To come out as a general of faith and a strong soldier of Christ like Gideon’s three hundred warriors

First, we must show positive confession of faith and works of faith.

In Mark 9, when Jesus comes down from the Mount of Transfiguration with Peter, James, and John, his disciples are wrapped up in a crowd and argue with the scribes. Among the crowd was a father who had a son who was possessed by a dumb demon, but the disciples were unable to cast out the demon, so there was an argument with the scribes.

At this time, the father who had a son possessed by a demon asked for help, “If you can do anything, have mercy on us and help us.” Jesus said, “If you can do it, what do you mean? Nothing is impossible for those who believe.” He does. That is, Jesus rebuked the father because he did not come out with spiritual faith that could receive answers, but because he came out with a knowledgeable faith that was always heard and known through rumors.

Even today, some people say ‘I believe in Almighty God’ before God, but when they encounter extreme situations, they can see negative words, complaints, and resentment coming out from the center. Also, rather than trusting God’s promise ‘it will come true’, they try to solve these and other problems by looking at reality and using theoretical calculations and humanistic methods.

However, this is only the knowledge of faith that we hear with our ears and know with our heads, and it is not perfect faith. This is because spiritual faith does not come as much as there is a carnal mind.

Therefore, in order to be completely reborn as a long-lived person of faith, above all, we must thoroughly cast off the worldly experiences, theories, pride, and pride, as well as the lusts of the self and the world. At that time, the eyes of the flesh to see the reality are closed and the eyes of the spirit to see through faith are wide open, so that you can make a positive confession of faith from the center and show the works of faith.

As an example, consider how Joshua destroyed the city of Jericho.

At that time, Jericho was completely equipped with military defense facilities, surrounded by strong double walls, and was located on a steep slope, making it impossible to invade. But Joshua and the people did not doubt the word of God, saying, “I have delivered Jericho, its king, and its warriors into your hand” (Joshua 6:2). When they shouted loudly, Jericho, like a stronghold, collapsed with the cry, and Joshua and his people were able to enter the land of Canaan.

Like this, even though it may not be understood by human thinking, when we believe in God’s Word at the center and show positive confession and actions, God will surely work according to that belief. However, it is difficult when you try to do something on your own without entrusting it to Almighty God.

For example, some people confess when they start a business, ‘God worked.’ However, after a certain amount of time has passed, and difficulties arise in the business field, rather than praying to God, he looks at the reality and solves problems in his own way. For example, someone said, “The prospects are brighter in this field than the business you are in.” If you do, you are creating a more difficult situation by taking out debts that you cannot afford before you can even discern God’s will by listening to them.

When you look at something like this, I think it will definitely work out, but there are a lot of things that you can’t see the result of. However, if we deny ourselves and die of our old self, then God will take control of our hearts. In this case, if we obey the Spirit, we will be guided by the Holy Spirit and proceed in a prosperous way, and we will be able to accurately accomplish God’s will.

Second, you must have the strong and courage to give your life for the Kingdom of God.

Even in the world, people who are able to stand up for themselves with clear ties and severances, or those who do not have compromises or concessions and cannot endure injustice, are expressed as ‘strong’. However, the spiritual strength that God desires means being able to lay down one’s life for the sake of truth and truth.

As a typical example, how did Jesus show strength? He was strong in the truth with the meekness of not quarreling or arguing, not breaking a bruised reed or quenching a smoldering wick (Matthew 12:19-20). Also, what about the apostle Paul? Even though he had Roman citizenship, which ruled the world at the time, he did not exercise it at any time, but rather prayed for those who persecuted him. And with love for the soul and the hope of heaven, he endured all tribulation and persecution and accepted it with gratitude.

Likewise, we too can become truly strong spiritually when we cast away all appearances of evil and walk in the truth and goodness with meekness and longsuffering. In other words, since it is the center where one can sacrifice one’s life for the sake of God’s kingdom and righteousness, God is giving the authority and power of light to loosen the bonds of evil and to be able to dominate and rule the darkness.

So what is boldness? The carnal boldness of the world refers to a person who is not outspoken in character or disposition, has no fear or fear, and is full of courage. However, spiritual boldness is the courage that comes into your heart when you believe and trust God at the center.

For example, when David was guarding his father’s sheep, when a bear or a lion came and grabbed the sheep, he followed and struck it and rescued the young from its mouth. Not only that, you can see the king and all the soldiers of Israel taking a slingshot and winning in front of the trembling Goliath. Also, Elijah’s victory over 450 Baal prophets and 400 Asherah prophets on Mount Carmel was possible because of his spiritual courage.

Dear brothers and sisters, military strength is important when it comes to determining the victory or defeat of a war, but above all else, the morale and mental strength of the soldiers who go to war play a big role. In the same way, it is very important to be strong and courageous when we engage in spiritual battles. In other words, when you cast away evil and truly love God and become the center of giving your life for the sake of the kingdom and righteousness, such strength and boldness will come.

On the other hand, if we say we believe in God but have fear, this is evidence that there is darkness within us and shows that we lack the love of God. If you see that the kingdom of God is being hampered by the enemy devil and Satan, and you avoid or back away, and you see souls being deceived and going down the path of death, if you are hesitant and fail to bring them out boldly, you cannot be called a person who loves God. Therefore, we must become warriors who can overcome any obstacles only for the sake of righteousness, goodness, and life.

A good example of this bravery is David’s three warriors in 23 Samuel XNUMX. When David was fleeing from the enemy, he asked, ‘Who will make me drink water from the well by the gate of Bethlehem?’ The three warriors around him ran into the area controlled by the Philistines. You can see that they were stabbed by the enemy’s sword and wounded with a spear, but they rushed forward without looking at their own lives, wanting to fulfill David’s earnest wish, and eventually brought out water from the well by the gate of Bethlehem in front of David. In the same way, we should be able to act like these three valiant warriors toward our holy King, Jesus Christ.

Through today’s message, like Gideon and the three hundred warriors, not only will you show the positive confession and actions of your faith, but also have a strong and courageous heart to give your life for the kingdom of God. bless you with

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