Dear Manmin family
A month has already passed since the start of the new year, and the Lunar New Year (Feb 2, 2022) holiday has arrived. On New Year’s Day, re-examine the prayers and commitments you made. Please refresh your mind. And we pray without ceasing to pray that 2022 will be full of answers and news of blessings.

I hope you will radiate the fragrance of Christ even more when you spend the Lunar New Year with your family. So, may God’s grace and peace overflow. I hope you have a happy Lunar New Year holiday and wish you a year of blessings as all things prosper as the Spirit prospers.
Manmin’s family, I miss you. I love you.

January 30, 2022
Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee

Rev dr jaerock lee letter
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Amoon Safdar

Amoon Safdar