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    Genesis 2:25
    “And the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed.”

    This is 67th Lecture on Genesis.
    Genesis 2:25 says, “And the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed.”
    This verse tells us what kind of place the Garden of Eden is where Adam and Eve used to live.
    It also implies what the heart of a man was before sin entered into it.
    Adam and Eve were created as living beings, and they had only the knowledge of the spirit which is the Truth.
    They didn’t have any sinful natures in their hearts at all.
    This is the same for all the descendants that Adam and Eve gave birth to in the Garden of Eden.
    Therefore, even if they were all naked, they were not ashamed.
    Even when they saw the opposite sex, they didn’t commit adultery in their thoughts or hearts.
    Suppose, you have toddlers and they are all naked and playing together.
    There are boys and girls.
    Even if they touch each other, they have no feelings
    Even if they have lust by nature, they don’t commit adultery.
    It is because their souls are not fully functional.
    Even though they see other children they are not ashamed and they don’t commit adultery.
    If people feel ashamed to be seen naked, it is actually the work of the soul.
    When they are little children and their souls are not yet fully functional, they don’t feel shame or embarrassment.
    As they grow up, however, they come to have knowledge that ‘it is normal to put on clothes’, and that ‘it is not right to stay naked.’
    At the same time, the knowledge of untruth is input along with feelings; the lust grows up in their nature.
    When they see others naked, the lust arises, and they start to have adulterous thoughts and hearts.
    After Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, their souls began to work, and it caused them to feel ashamed of being naked.
    And so, they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves loin coverings.
    Genesis Chapter 3 well explains how the fleshly work of the soul began to take place.
    When we get there, I will explain it in greater details.
    As for now, you should know about the status of the heart of Adam and Eve before they committed sin and about the life in the Garden of Eden.
    That is, there is no problem even though they lived unclothed because they have no sinful nature not to mention the sin nature of adultery.
    Since they don’t have hatred nor envy, they don’t argue or fight.
    Since they don’t have greed or selfish motives, there was no theft or swindling.
    Since there is no form of evil, violence or murder could never take place.
    Dear brothers and sisters.
    The children of God should return to the pure and clean hearts that Adam and Eve used to have in the Garden of Eden.
    By completely casting off the sinful nature from their hearts, they should not commit adultery; not only in action but also in their hearts.
    It is because Jesus said in Matthew 5:28, “but I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”
    In the Old Testament days, only when people committed adultery in action, they could be accused of adultery.
    From the time that the Holy Spirit comes down to the heart of an individual, when he looks at a woman with lust for her, he has committed adultery already.
    By the help of the Holy Spirit, the children of God can pull out the root of sinful nature from their hearts.
    They can completely be free from the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of this life.
    In fact, the lust has the deepest root common to greed for money and arrogance.
    No matter how deep its root goes down, the children of God should pull it out, and it is possible by the help of the Holy Spirit.
    They should make an effort by themselves.
    They should first cut themselves off from the sources of lust of the eyes.
    I told you about the incident which took place when I was a novice Christian.
    In 1974 when I met the Lord, I had many pinup girls on the wall back then.
    After I met the Lord, however, I got rid all of them.
    After discussion, my family decided to stop watching TV.
    I longed to become holy by the word and prayers.
    I completely cut off the untruths that belonged to the world, and input only the things that belonged to the truth, and I stored up fervent prayers.
    As its result, I entered the spirit in just 3 years.
    If you obey the word delivered from this altar, you can quickly come into the spirit.
    From the beginning of this church, I told you about the basic rules we should obey between men and women.
    For example, a man and a woman, who are not husband and wife, shall not ride a car or stay in a closed room.
    A man and a woman shall not commit any deed of the body before they get married.
    You shall not watch pornography.
    It is because lust can arise due to the lust of the eyes.
    You should never do what the word says not to do.
    And then, you should pray fervently to pull out the knowledge of untruth and fleshly feelings that were already input.
    If you are put into an unfavorable environment against your will, you should control the work of the soul so that it can work spiritually.
    The children of God can control the work of soul with their spirit by the help of the Holy Spirit.
    If you make an effort to cast off the flesh as you love God, and control yourself, you can overcome the desire of the flesh.
    By the grace of God the Father and by the love of the Lord, you can surely change.
    Even when you cast off lust alone, the spiritual love can fill your heart.
    Whether they are opposite sex or not, they look like just lovely souls.
    1 Timothy 5:2 says, “[consider] the older women as mothers, and the younger women as sisters, in all purity.”
    Just like this verse, you can treat any soul with completely pure heart.
    Nowadays, so many of you are approaching the spirit.
    Until you completely cast of the flesh, however, don’t be at ease.
    Don’t be confident, saying, “I cast off everything.”
    You should not be confident until God recognizes you.
    It is because God searches the heart of man precisely.
    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.
    Let me tell you a scene of life in the Garden of Eden.
    How is a baby conceived in the Garden of Eden?
    A man and a woman make love, and a baby is conceived in the Garden of Eden.
    However, there is a difference from this earth
    On earth, the childbearing period is limited according to a woman’s menstruation cycle.
    There is no such limit in the Garden of Eden.
    It is because the condition of body can be adjusted according to the will of man.
    Also in the Garden of Eden, a baby is conceived as a sperm of man and an egg of woman combine.
    Only when they want to have a baby, a sperm and an egg can be produced in their body.
    And after they make love, a baby is conceived.
    Therefore, there is no such period of childbearing; they can have a baby anytime they want.
    By the way, it is not that a baby is conceived whenever a man and a woman make love.
    A baby is conceived only when husband and wife want a child.
    In addition, once a baby is born, all the impurities in the body of mother dissolve and disappear.
    As said, the body perfectly obeys the heart in the Garden of Eden.
    On the other hand, chances are that the body doesn’t follow the heart’s desire on this earth.
    It is because the body is controlled in the level of the flesh.

    Haven’t you ever thought, “How good would it be if my body didn’t get easily tired but stayed active all the time?”
    Don’t you ever think to yourself, “It would be wonderful if I could refresh myself even after a short sleep”?
    The living beings, who are neither in the spirit nor in the whole spirit, can control their body as they please.
    God’s children who receive the Holy Spirit can also overcome the limit of the flesh.
    Of course it is only after you enter the spirit when you can control your body in the level of the spirit.
    Even before this, however, if you receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit, you can control your body in the level of the spirit.
    I explained about this when I delivered the message of “the seed of life.”
    In addition to that, if the spiritual space is put on your physical body by the special grace of God, things that go beyond the justice of the flesh can take place.
    The nerves, organs, and systems of the body can actively work.
    The sick parts can be healed, and the weak parts or degenerated parts can also become normal.
    You will be able to see such works in the upcoming divine healing meetings.
    If you wish to be healed of diseases, please prepare yourself for it with a longing heart and prayers.
    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.
    As I explaining Genesis 2:25, I told you about the mind of Adam and Eve before they committed sin
    The people in the Garden of Eden don’t have evil in the heart at all.
    However, God’s children who receive the Holy Spirit can have a better heart than theirs.
    They can fill their heart, which is pure with no evil at all, with spiritual goodness and love.
    In other words, they can have the heart of whole spirit.
    I pray in the name of the Lord that you may become such a child of whole spirit and become pleasure to God the Father!
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