Genesis 2:15
“Then the LORD God took the man and put him into the garden of Eden to cultivate it and keep it.”

This is the 60th Lecture on Genesis.
In the last lecture, I explained how Adam built the 3 Pyramids in Giza. Among the three, I’ll explain in greater detail about the inner structure of the Great Pyramid. This entrance is about 17 meters above the ground level, and it is blocked. About 10 meters below this original entrance is another entrance. It is believed that this entrance was made by Al Mamoun to rob a tomb inside the Great Pyramid. Today, tourists enter the Great Pyramid through this entrance.
Based on the location of the original entrance, I will explain the inner structure of the Great Pyramid. This entrance leads into the descending passage which slopes down at an angle of about 26 degrees. The distance of this descending passage is about 105 meters, and it meets a shorter horizontal passage which is about 9 meters long. And then, this shorter passage leads to a small room. This is the room called, “Subterranean (or Lower) Chamber.”
At 28 meters from the Original entrance along the Descending Passage is the beginning of the Ascending Passage which slopes up at an angle of about 26 degrees. Following the Ascending Passage for about 40 meters, you come across an intersection. You can take one of two routes here; one is “the Grand Gallery,” an ascending passage with an upward angle of 26 degrees, and the other is horizontal passage. If you follow the horizontal passage, you will wind up in the “Queen’s Chamber.” The ‘Grand Gallery’ is a passage which is 8.5 meters high and 46 meters long. As you continue going up the Grand Gallery, you eventually end up in the “King’s Chamber.”
There are four shafts in the Great Pyramid; they are roughly 20 centimeters wide and 20 centimeters high. Two of them connect to the Queen’s Chamber, and the other two, to the King’s Chamber. Also at this intersection (where the ascending passage meets with the grand gallery) is a hole which leads to a shaft (known as the well shaft) which connects with the descending passage below. These passage ways and shafts were not bored after stones were piled up. Except the entrance made by tomb-robbers, they were all designed precisely and built as the stones were being set in position.
The “King’s Chamber” is a very unique place. First off, the inside temperature is consistently kept at 15.7 degrees in Celsius regardless of outside temperature. All the measurement ratio of the King’s Chamber, including its width and length, follow the ‘Golden Ratio.’ The Golden Ratio is 1:1.6. This Golden Ratio is believed to be the most pleasing proportion to the eyes of man. So, this ratio is well practiced in many fields such as architecture, sculpt, and fine arts.
I said earlier that there are two small shafts in the King’s Chamber. If you extend the line of the shaft of the northern wall, it reaches the star Polaris. Polaris is the name of the star whose apparent position is close to the celestial North Pole. Polaris and the celestial North Pole are not perfectly aligned. It is due to the tilted rotational axis of the earth causing the celestial poles to be slowly moving. Therefore, Polaris and the celestial North Pole are not perfectly aligned.
“The King’s Chamber” is about 50 meters above the base of the Great Pyramid. Since the Great Pyramid is about 148 meters high, the King’s Chamber is located at one third of its height from the ground. Now, some people believe that a special power is working at this height in a regular base pyramid. Many phenomena take place which cannot be explained by technologies of today. Later, I will tell you what they are and why they are happening in great detail.
People consider the Great Sphinx of Giza as another wonder along with the Great Pyramid. This Great Sphinx is located in front of the middle pyramid among the three Pyramids of Giza. It has a human head and a lion’s body, and it faces the East direction. It is about 74 meters long and 20 meters high.
This Sphinx was carved from one giant stone. So, you can imagine how huge the original stone was. Where did they get such a huge stone? Adam brought the stone from the Garden of Eden.
Then, why did Adam put such a statue in front of the pyramid? First of all, the Sphinx is in the shape and form of one of the cherubim that helped Adam. Just as there are strong angels, there are strong cherubim. A great number of strong cherubim were employed during the construction of the Pyramids. And it was the reason that the construction didn’t take much time.
There was a cherub that was giving instructions to other cherubim while guarding Adam. It was the leader of the strong cherubim. This cherub held a sword in its hand, and set Adam on its back. It had other abilities, and thus it played an important role when Adam built the Pyramids. Likewise, cherubim had helped Adam greatly in the construction of the Pyramids. Later, Adam carved the image of this cherub and put it in front of a Pyramid; this is the Sphinx. This Sphinx appears to guard the three Pyramids.
In many ancient Egyptian mural paintings there are many strange looking animals which are neither human nor animal that are inscribed. Some have the head of an eagle with a body of human. Some others have a head of a dog, with a body of a man. In the Greek mythology, there is a half-human, half-horse monster.
Now, are all of these from the imagination of human beings? Maybe some of them; but the majority of those likenesses are modeled after the cherubim in the Garden of Eden. After Adam was driven to the earth, as the story was passed down to latter generations, mythical elements were added. Just as there are many kinds of animals on earth, there are many different kinds of cherubim. Some of them escorted Adam and some others guarded the Garden of Eden.
Well, let me tell you some more here. When Adam built the Pyramids, the role of cherubim was different from the role of Adam’s descendants. Earlier, I said that the cherub which became the model figure of the Sphinx helped Adam greatly building the Pyramids. The main duties of the cherubim were escorting and guarding Adam. The strong cherubim, of course, helped with the works which required much strength such as moving heavy stones.
As the Pyramids were built, however, most of the works were done by Adam’s descendants. Under the command of Adam, many of his descendants came down together with him and built the Pyramids. They worked in a well-organized and systematic way. Among the descendants of Adam, the experts in each field were employed to build the Pyramids together. Some of them drew the blueprint according to Adam’s intention, and some others calculated all the necessary measurements.
These people had the highest knowledge levels of mathematics. In addition, there were people who recruited properly skilled people to build the Pyramids according to the design. There were also people who sought and supplied the materials. They were so well subdivided in their fields that some of them concentrated on minerals and some others, on stones. There were people who cut the supplied materials and processed them according to their use.
It is the same in the Garden of Eden when something is built. Nothing comes to exists overnight without any plans or intention.
For example, transport vehicles are not something God created with His word, but they were produced by the people in the Garden of Eden. As we build an airplane, we need to design it and we need materials and skills; the same applies to the production of UFO. The people in the Garden of Eden process the materials there and build these vehicles.
Not just in the production of UFO, they are very well systemized, departmentalized, and specialized in groups. Some actually produce them, and some others manage the production. In this way role sharing is well developed. Not to mention the entire organization of the Garden of Eden!!! With Adam as the leader, departments were well organized in all necessary fields, and they all worked in perfect order and harmony.
By the way, to be interesting enough, there is Korean UFO Researcher who thinks the Pyramids have something to do with UFO. He is Professor Sung-Ryul Mang who is representing Korea in MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), the world oldest and largest UFO-investigative organization. At least in Korea, he is most trusted in discerning UFO in pictures.
Here is a part of his interview which was taken in June, 2010, with the newspaper DONG-A ILBO. He replied to a question—what do the Pyramids have to do with UFO like this; “Neither of them can be understood by the means of modern technology. I heard as a young boy that the Pyramid is a mysterious building. As I saw it for myself, it was more than I imagined. Main stream archeologists say it was built 4,500 years ago. But then, it means the Pyramid was built by those primitive people who only knew how to use rocks and bronze.
If you study it even a little bit, you can see that it could never have been possible to build such a building no matter how much man-power was available. What is so certain for now is that there was a very highly developed civilization a very long time ago on earth. If they had continued their civilization, it is so certain that they could easily build things which can far surpass the level of today’s technology such as UFO. This is why I came up with a hypothesis that the very same being who built the Pyramid also built UFO.”

Those who study all the facts like he does will eventually come close to the ‘TRUTH.’ Therefore, scientific circles and Christianity should not turn away from this ‘TRUTH.’ UFOs still frequently appear in many parts of the world.
Another close shot of UFO was taken in a video clip in Jerusalem, Israel, in January 28, 2011. This UFO remained in the air for a while, descended slowly, and then ascended back in an amazingly fast speed. In the beginning, people argued over the picture whether the light was UFO or not. However, at the same time, other tourists recorded the video clip of the very same UFO from a different place.
After Adam finished the construction of the Pyramids, God put a special space where spirit and flesh can co-exist inside the Pyramids. That is, God put a spiritual gate connecting it to the 2nd heaven. It was God the Father’s special consideration for Adam who frequently visited the earth. Thanks to this passage way, Adam could much more easily and quickly travel between the Garden of Eden and the Earth.
I once told you that the Black Hole is a passageway which connects the 1st heaven and the 2nd heaven. When sucked into the Black Hole, an object can be transported to the 2nd heaven. Inside the King’s Chamber, there is a gate which connects to the spiritual passageway. This spiritual gate was shut down after Adam committed sin.
The gates connecting to the spiritual realm cannot be opened or closed just anytime by anyone. It is possible only when it is according to the justice. If there is one who has the authority to open and close the gate to the spiritual space like Adam before he committed sin, such a being can surely open the gate.
In addition, due the fact alone that there is a gate which connects to the 2nd heaven, a spiritual realm, there is a unique energy inside the King’s Chamber. It is because, although it is not visible to fleshly eyes, the Chamber touches the spiritual realm. And thus, God said that people would discover very unique phenomena if they measure the wavelength inside the place.
Let me tell you what is related to this. A French scientist, Antoine Bovis, observed that a dead cat in the King’s Chamber of Great Pyramid did not decompose, but just dried out. Decomposition doesn’t take place inside the place. An electronics Engineer from Prague, Karl Drbal ran a different experiment; he put a dull razor inside the small replica of the Pyramid to see whether it would restore it. He put it, horizontal to the East and West direction, and he found that the razor became sharpened.
In 1979, Dr. Nelson and his wife took a Kirlian picture to prove the energy flow inside the Pyramid. If the Kirlian camera is used to photograph an object, a form of light or electro-magnetic wave energy, which is invisible to human eyes, can be seen. They said that, in their picture, energy was generated at the apex of the pyramid with a shape of double Helix, which resembles the structure of DNA. (Note: Due to these mysterious phenomena, some people proposed that an operation that certain energies of the universe are condensed is taking place inside the pyramid.
There are many people who have testified that they had spiritual experiences inside the Pyramid. First off, Napoleon Bonaparte showed great interest in the Pyramid in his military expedition to Egypt in 1789. He took with him many engineers, surveyors, astronomers, and archeologists. And they surveyed, measured, explored, and made drawings of the great pyramid.
And then, Napoleon asked to be left alone in the King’s chamber. When he emerged, it was reported that he looked visibly shaken. When an aide asked him if he had witnessed anything mysterious, he replied that he had no comment. Years later, when he was on his deathbed, a close friend asked him what really happened in the King’s chamber. He was about to tell him and stopped. Then he shook his head and said, “No, what’s the use. You’d never believe me.” (Reference Link to Napoleon’s visit to the King’s Chamber-
In 1931, a British journalist, Paul Brunton also stayed a night in the King’s Chamber. He wrote his experience in great detail in his book, “A Search in Secret Egypt.” Note: Here is the link to this book of which I had a very quick glimpse. The description of the mysterious beings and their conversation can be found especially in 00070.htm~00078.htm.
That night, he has very special spiritual experience. At a moment, mysterious beings that looked friendly and benevolent appeared before him. They wore the unmistakable regalia like that of High Priests of an ancient Egyptian cult. There was light a-glimmer all around them, and they looked more than men, bearing the bright mien of demi-gods.
Paul Brunton was laid on the sarcophagus, and his spirit was separated from his body. The mysterious beings guide Paul’s spirit to a room, called “Hall of Learning.” They conveyed a message to him that “The Creator loves all.” They also told him about the ancient civilization and they said that the Pyramid was built in the times of Atlantis.
According to an Egyptian legend, Atlantis was a great civilization which prospered in about 9,600 B.C. Edgar Cayce claimed that people of Atlantis built the Great Pyramid of Giza. He was an American who claimed to be a psychic with spiritual power. He spoke in a self-induced trance; He said that the Great Pyramid was built about 10,000 BC or earlier, and that a certain power which existed in nature lifted the stones up in the air and moved them. Besides, there are a lot of people who had mysterious experiences that have something to do with the Pyramid.
Some people said they heard singing in chorus as they stayed alone in the King’s Chamber. Those who had a moment of meditation in the Chamber give similar testimonies about the spiritual experience. According to the Bedouin, who live near the Pyramid, a greenish spiritual light appear in the summit of the Pyramid periodically and circle the Pyramid. They say the greenish light has appeared for hundreds of years. The more people study the Pyramid, the more mysterious it becomes.
But it all comes to the same conclusion. The people who built the Pyramids were not from this Earth. They were in fact Adam, his descendants from the Garden of Eden which has highly developed civilization. Those who don’t know this fact turn their eyes to the universe. They do so because they eventually come to a conclusion that no man from this Earth can build the Pyramid no matter how long they study the Pyramid. If they hear this Genesis Lecture, how easily can they find answers to their questions? It may become an opportunity for them to believe that the Bible is true, and that God the Creator is alive.
In the next lecture, I will introduce Adam’s confession that he made to God after the construction of the Pyramids, along with other mysterious incidents other than the Pyramids.
In this lecture, I explained the inner structure of the Great Pyramid and some of the extraordinary phenomena which have taken place inside the Great Pyramid.
Now, what do they have to do with our lives as believers? As you know and understand these things, you can more completely believe that the Bible is true, and that God is managing the history of mankind. The Bible, history and science are not separate from each other. 2 Timothy 3:16 says, “All Scripture is inspired by God.” The Bible contains deep meanings which can be interpreted only by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
The history of mankind was begun from the time that Adam was driven out to the earth after he committed sin. This history of mankind is, however, just the tip of an iceberg. Just as the rest of the iceberg which is under the surface of water is must greater than what is seen, the period of pre-history is much longer than what is known. Such pre-history, from the very beginning, is being introduced in this Genesis Lecture. It is only possible because our God who is the Creator and Governor of all things in the universe has told us.
Now, who is this God?
He becomes our Father. I hope that you will have the spiritual pride and live a life which is worthy of being God’s child. May you become holy and perfect as you resemble God and give glory to God in all situations, in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ, I pray!

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