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    Genesis 2:15
    [15] Then the LORD God took the man and put him into the garden of Eden to cultivate it and keep it.

    This is the 59th Lecture on Genesis.
    In the last lecture, I explained three aspects of the Pyramids that people wonder about.
    Through continuous study of scientists, amazing facts have been revealed which make people unable to accept and believe that they were built 4,500 years ago.
    So now there are people who claim that aliens from a highly developed civilization must have built them.
    They acknowledge that those who acquired the knowledge and ability that far surpassed human knowledge and capabilities built these pyramids!
    Now, we know that the vey being was the first man, Adam.
    Adam had a very high level of knowledge and wisdom that God had given to him.
    Since Adam had to rule not only the Garden of Eden but also the Earth, he had to make frequent visits to the earth.
    The aircraft that he took when he visited the earth was the aircraft which has become known as a UFO.
    Long, long ages ago, amidst incredibly long periods of time we cannot even imagine, Adam and the people of the Garden of Eden used aircraft in their everyday lives.
    We can only guess at how highly developed their civilization really was at the time.
    Now, I will explain how Adam built the Great Pyramid.
    Adam brought all the materials that he needed to build the pyramid from the Garden of Eden.
    He even brought down the water of life from the Garden of Eden.
    Later in this lecture, I will tell you how he brought the water and where he used it.
    He didn’t use any materials of the earth for his buildings.
    The Garden of Eden is also a physical place just like this earth where flesh bearing human beings, animals and actual plants live.
    Like the earth, ground, rocks, trees, and grasses are all found there
    How did Adam bring such a huge quantity of materials down to the earth?
    He loaded them into UFO’s and brought them down to the earth.
    There are many different kinds of UFO.
    Types of aircraft are diversified.
    There are aircraft for passengers and others for cargo.
    They are varied in size from small ones through, mid-sized, and even those of extremely large sizes.
    UFO of the Garden of Eden are also of various kinds, among them are also air-transports.
    By using such air-transport vehicles, Adam was able to move all the necessary materials and tools as necessary.
    An interesting study has resulted that is related to this.
    That is, a scientist says concrete was used when the Great Pyramid was built in the area of Giza in Egypt.
    It was reported by the New York Times on November 30, 2006, and a Korean newspaper reported it on December 2, 2006.
    Michel W. Barsoum, a professor of materials engineering at Drexel University in Philadelphia wrote a report in the December issue of The Journal of the American Ceramic Society;
    Dr. Barsoum and his co-workers analyzed the mineralogy of samples from several parts of the Great Pyramid of Giza.
    They ran a microscopic examination of the samples and compared them with limestone.
    The results concluded that the samples were not the same as any kind of natural limestone found on earth.
    It means that the stones of the Great Pyramid were not natural stones indigenous to the earth.
    Based on this examination, scientists came to the conclusion that people used cast concrete, not natural limestone, to build the Pyramid.
    This was because it was utterly impossible for them to have even conceived of Adam having brought the building materials from the Garden of Eden.
    Now, why did Adam go through all the troubles to bring down materials from the Garden of Eden?
    Adam came to know that basically, everything on earth belongs to the flesh.
    He also realized that what belongs to the flesh eventually changes.
    Through the incident of dinosaurs, he came to sense the difference between the Garden of Eden, which belongs to the spirit, and the earth that belongs to the flesh.
    Previously he had understood it only as theory, but he now was able to confirm it through the incident of the dinosaurs.
    That’s why Adam built the pyramids using the materials of the spiritual realm, the Garden of Eden, not by using the fleshly materials that change.
    As countless ages passed by, however, the materials from the second heaven also came to change little by little.
    As the pyramids went through centuries of winds and storms, they became weathered and the original color became faded.
    In addition, when Adam was driven out to the earth after he committed sin, God took away the light from the pyramids.
    From that time on the pyramids have been exposed to the weather of the earth and changed.
    The speed of change was slower than that of the materials of the earth, but they surely changed little by little.
    This is the limit of the materials that belong to the 2nd heaven and the 2nd dimension.
    On the other hand, what belongs to the 3rd heaven, which is the 3rd dimension, never changes no matter how long it stays on the earth.
    Do you think an angel will ever change even if it remains on the earth for a very long time?
    The being of the 3rd dimension is a perfect being, and thus it is never affected by the flesh.
    On the other hand, what belongs to the 2nd heaven, the 2nd dimension, is the spirit which can be touched by hands.
    Simply speaking, half of it is spirit, and the other half is flesh.
    Everything on earth which belongs to the 1st heaven is totally flesh, of course.
    As you can see, according to the dimension an object belongs to, its inherencies vary.
    Now, why did Adam built 3 pyramids in a shape of regular four side pyramids?
    Adam wanted them to symbolize God the Trinity.
    Adam learned the knowledge of spirit not only from God the Father, but also form God the Son and the Holy Spirit.
    And so, he knew about God the Trinity to some degree.
    Adam wanted to illustrate through the pyramids that God the Trinity was originally one but different entities, and their ministries are also different.
    First off, they have the shape of regular four side pyramid.
    It represents that God the Trinity is divided from God the Origin.
    Adam built 3 of them, and it means that God the Trinity exists as individual beings.
    Additionally, the 3 pyramids are a little bit different in their sizes and structures.
    It represents that the identity and ministry of God the Trinity is different from each other.
    Adam actually covered the surface of the pyramids with a glassine-like-polished stone finish.
    The light reflected from the pyramids could be seen from a far distance.
    The reason he did it like this is that he wanted them to be observed from the 2nd and the 3rd heavens.
    He wanted them to look like shining stars.
    At that time, there was no human being on earth.
    And the purpose of the pyramids was to please the heart of God the Father after the dinosaur incident.
    And thus, he built the pyramids to look like shiny twinkling stars to the eyes of God.
    I told you already that archeologists also agree that the pyramids were originally covered with white polished glassy stone.
    They just wonder how the ancient Egyptians could have possessed such a state of the art technique.
    It’s too bad that all the stone surfacing that covered the exterior of the pyramids were taken by the people of the latter generations and nothing is left.
    Adam’s original purpose in building the pyramids on earth was to show off his authority and dignity.
    He wanted to show off his dignity and name as the one who subdues and rules over the 1st heaven, including the earth.
    He planned to build the pyramids with this plan in his mind, but he changed it after he witnessed the dinosaur incident.
    He later changed his plan in order to please God the Father.
    Simply put, Adam originally wanted to build something to show off himself, but later he changed his mind to give acknowledgment to God.
    Therefore, some fragments of the pyramids somewhat show off the authority and dignity of Adam.
    The most important meaning contained in the pyramids is, however, that they symbolize God the Trinity.
    Now, let’s talk about the inner structure of the pyramids.
    During my pilgrimage in 2004, I and my mission team were able to see the pyramids of Giza.
    Due to local reasons, we were allowed to enter the smallest pyramid of the three.
    I could feel spiritual energy in every corner of the pyramid, and I could sense that it is connected to the spiritual space.
    When seen with spiritual eyes, the inner wall of the pyramid was covered with something like glass.
    There was also a passageway of light that connects to heaven.
    Its walls contained the various sounds from the days of the pyramid construction.
    When seen with the spiritual eyes, white writings were found on a certain wall.
    It was designed that the writings would be revealed in greenish color when water from the spiritual realm touched the wall.
    It means that Adam filled the area with the water of life from the Garden of Eden when he built the pyramid.
    What is explained by the writings on the wall which shines green light in the space when filled with the water of life?
    It is the outline of the work of God’s creation.
    God said that He explained the works of the 6 Day Creation in great detail when Adam built the pyramids.
    God explained the works from the 1st day till the day He rested.
    God wanted Adam to understand His love in His explanation.
    Adam engraved the outline of the creation work on the inner wall of the pyramids in a special way.
    He made it so that the writings would be revealed with shining lights as the water of the spiritual realm touched the wall.
    There are some interesting things inside the Great Pyramid as well.
    There are some rooms, which are named the ‘King’s Chamber’ and the ‘Queen’s Chamber’, and passage ways.
    Inside the King’s Chamber was found an object which looks like a sarcophagus.
    From the moment it was found, it was empty.
    Now, this sarcophagus itself is mysterious, too.
    This sarcophagus is 2.27 meters long, 0.98 meters wide, and 1.05 meters high.
    This big sarcophagus was originally one big piece of granite.
    Not by putting pieces of stone panels together, but by cutting and hollowing one big granite stone, it became like a sarcophagus.
    As through it had been like soft tofu being cut, such a hard granite stone had been precisely cut and hollowed.
    It is something impossible to believe that it was done by ancient Egyptians.
    To cut and hollow such a hard granite stone, they should have had a tool which must be harder than the stone, but there was none in those days.
    The sarcophagus is quite thick, the inner capacity is different from the outer capacity; mysteriously, the outer dimensional volume is 2332.8 liters, which is exactly the double of the inner volume which is 1166.4 liters.
    Why did Adam put a sarcophagus inside the Great Pyramid?
    Adam came to know about ‘death’ and he used the sarcophagus to present the concept of death.
    Unlike in the 2nd heaven, the animals and plants of the earth of the 1st heaven die as their life span ends according to the law of nature, and Adam saw it.
    Moreover, as he watched dinosaurs become extinct, he came to know more about death.
    So, Adam gave a deep thought about death, and God also explained about it to Adam.
    And so, by placing a sarcophagus inside the Pyramid, Adam showed that he knew about death.
    Now, what purpose did the passage ways inside the Great Pyramid serve?
    There are many passage ways inside the Great Pyramid, but you can see that they were not built for a man to pass through them.
    The height of the entrance is 1.19 meters, and the width is 1.04 meters.
    It is difficult for a grown-up man to comfortably walk in.
    Besides, it is tilted downward about 26 degree for 105 meters, and there are no stairs.
    All the other passage ways have no stairs either
    There are 4 passage ways which are 23 centimeters by 22 centimeters.
    Scientists claimed that they served as air ducts, but later it was found by robots that there are many blocks inside.
    Then, what was the purpose of these passage ways inside the Great Pyramid?
    They were not passage ways for a man, but waterways.
    Earlier I said that a room of the smallest pyramid was filled with the water of life from the Garden of Eden.
    There was a room inside the Great Pyramid as well, which was filled with the water of life.
    The waterways were designed so that the water from the Garden of Eden would flow down to fill the room.
    By the way, the water of the Garden of Eden was not transported by UFO.
    Unlike the Noah’s Flood, the water was not poured down from heaven through the open gates.
    There was a spiritual passage that connected the waterways inside the Pyramid to the river of water of life in the Garden of Eden.
    As the gate of the spiritual passage opened, the water flowed down from the Garden of Eden to the Pyramid.
    Like this, inside the Pyramid, there was a passage that connected to the Garden of Eden, a spiritual world.
    Dear brothers and sisters.
    When Adam built the pyramids, he didn’t do all the work by himself.
    Under Adam’s instruction, the descendants of Adam helped with the construction.
    In addition, the cherubim of the Garden of Eden became great help as well.
    And thus, the pyramids could be built in a very short period of time.
    Some scientists claim that hundreds of thousands of people worked for more than 20 years to build the Great Pyramid
    Other scientists believe that it must have taken about 30 years to cut, polish, and transport more than 2.3 million stones which were used to build the Great Pyramid.
    If men’s labor had been the only resource without highly developed construction techniques and proper tools, their proposal would seem natural.
    However, where could they have cut such a huge number of stones, how could they have polished them, transported them, and set them on top of one another?
    How could the work, which is not easy even with the technology of today, have been possible thousands of years ago?
    In fact, the answer cannot be easily found no matter how much they study.
    But the fact is that, it didn’t take much time when Adam built the pyramids.
    It was not a difficult task for Adam to design and construct the pyramids with the knowledge and technologies of the 2nd heaven.
    To the eyes of people, the design and construction seem very complex and difficult because they only use the techniques and knowledge of this world.
    The necessary level of techniques is different when you build a high-rise building and one-story house.
    When you construct a high-rise building, you need highly developed techniques and method of construction.
    To the eyes of those who only build one-story houses, those who construct high-rise buildings look amazing.
    However, those who have constructed high-rise buildings have proper techniques and experience, and so they can build such high-rise buildings without difficulties.
    People may consider the pyramids so amazing if they look at them based on the knowledge of this world.
    To Adam, who had much higher level of knowledge than this world, the construction was not complex and difficult.
    I said in the last lecture that there was a lot of mathematical knowledge that was used which couldn’t be understood by ancient people.
    But this knowledge is not complex or difficult to the people of the Garden of Eden, which is a spiritual world.
    It’s like that a high school student can easily solve an elementary school math quiz.
    To that extent, the level of knowledge and wisdom in the spiritual world is much higher than in this fleshly world.
    Therefore, something that looks complicated in a fleshly perspective is very simple in a spiritual perspective.
    Let’s say, if you try to measure a football stadium with a 10 centimeter long ruler, it will be very difficult and it will take so much time.
    But if you use a 1 meter long ruler, you can finish it 10 times quicker.
    By the same token, the construction of the Great Pyramid seems amazing to the people of fleshly knowledge, It was not a difficult job to Adam.
    As scientists did research, they found that the unit of measure which was used in pyramid design and construction was very unique.
    A strange new unit of measure, which is completely different from any measure units of today, was consistently used.
    The unit measure which was used to construct the pyramids is called ‘pyramid inch.’
    The height of the Great Pyramid is 146.7 meters.
    It is one 10 billionth of the distance between the earth and the sun.
    Likewise, many numbers that were used in the pyramid design have important meanings.
    Here is one more interesting fact; high level of numerical system was used in the pyramid design.
    That is, down to four places of decimals were used.
    It was also impossible for the people in the days thousands of years ago.
    Even if it was true that the pyramids were built 4,500 years ago, there were only hieroglyphic characters.
    Mathematics was not developed, either.
    As I mentioned in the last lecture, they didn’t know about the existence of pi.
    Based on these facts alone, we can see that the Pyramids were not built by ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago.
    You should remember that the 3 Pyramids of Giza were built by Adam who had a highly developed civilization a very long time ago.
    In the next lecture, I will explain what happened after the sphinx and the pyramids were constructed.
    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.
    In this lecture, I explained how Adam built the pyramids and why he built them in such a shape.
    The techniques which were used for the pyramids design and construction look truly amazing and outstanding to the eyes of the people of this earth.
    To Adam who has such a high level of knowledge and wisdom, however, they were nothing to be amazed about, and they were not difficult, either.
    At that time, Adam was a 2nd dimensional being that belonged to the 2nd heaven.
    Therefore, unlike the fleshly people who belong to the 1st dimension, his wisdom and ability were so great.
    However, as we enter Heaven after we are well cultivated, we will become the 3rd dimensional beings that belong to the 3rd heaven, which is higher than the 2nd dimension.
    Besides, even as you live on this earth, if you come into the spirit and whole spirit, you may enjoy the life of being in the 3rd dimension.
    That is, by the faith of believing in God the Almighty, you can receive the strength and wisdom of heaven.
    That’s why our Jesus said in Mark 9:23, “All things are possible to him who believes.”
    He also said in Mark 11:23, “Truly I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says is going to happen, it will be granted him.”
    This is how the Apostle Paul, who understood this principle of faith, could say in Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.”
    I hope that you, too, can make a courageous confession like this.
    Even though we live in this fleshly world in a body of flesh, our citizenship is in Heaven.
    We are the children of God, reborn by the Holy Spirit.
    You can be spiritually higher than Adam who used to live in the Garden of Eden of the 2nd heaven.
    You should not only never forget this fact, but always keep it in mind.
    May you receive spiritual wisdom and strength from heaven and live a blessed life that nothing is impossible and that everything goes prosperously, in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ, I pray!
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