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    Genesis 2:15
    [15] Then the LORD God took the man and put him into the garden of Eden to cultivate it and keep it.

    This is the 58th Lecture on Genesis.
    Genesis 2:15 says, “Then the LORD God took the man and put him into the Garden of Eden to cultivate it and keep it.”
    God the Father formed the first man, Adam, from the dust of the ground of the earth and He breathed the breath of life into his nostrils to make him a living being.
    God led him into the Garden of Eden to live there.
    As God the Trinity taught Adam the knowledge of spirit, Adam came to have great wisdom as he used the knowledge.
    Since Adam had no sin in those days, he had, in a spiritual sense, tremendous authority of light as well.
    With spiritual authority and wisdom, he ruled and controlled not only the Garden of Eden in the second heaven, but also the first heaven.
    The period of time Adam lived in the Garden of Eden was too long for us to imagine.
    Adam lived in the Garden of Eden for countless years as he was fruitful and prospered in all tings.

    He frequently traveled to the earth as well.
    During such a long period of time, many things took place, and some of them had something to do with the earth.
    One of them was the dinosaur incident that I explained in the last few lectures.
    The dinosaur fossils are found throughout the whole world, but somehow they suddenly became extinct.
    Scientists invested long years of study, but they failed to find the correct cause of their extinction.
    There have been many proposals, but there is none to satisfy all the conditions.
    According to the word of God, however, we can get the answer so easily.
    That’s what I have explained over the last few lectures.
    Now, can you recall the reason why dinosaurs were driven out to the earth from the Garden of Eden?
    It was because they tried to eat from the forbidden tree of knowledge of good and evil.
    The center area of the Garden of the Eden where the tree of knowledge of good and evil is located is the restricted area, and it was guarded by cherub.
    One day, Adam traveled to the earth on a grande scale, and he even took the cherubim that were guarding this restricted area.
    Dinosaurs didn’t miss this opportunity; they advanced to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, but then they were punished by God.
    By the way, what was the reason Adam took all the cherubim to the earth?
    I told you that it was to find a location where he could construct a building as a symbol of his authority and dignity.
    Due to the dinosaur incident, however, Adam’s plans had to be canceled.
    All the dinosaurs were driven out to the earth, and they were destroyed after only 40 days.
    The earth, which had been polluted and ravaged by dinosaurs recovered quickly, and became stable again.
    After the passage of many long years, Adam put his previous plan into action again.
    By the way, there was a change in Adam’s mind.
    He originally wanted to establish a building which would show off his authority and dignity.
    But his purpose changed.
    That is, he wanted to construct the building to please God the Father.
    Until then, Adam only received from God.
    He took it for granted to receive from God, but he had now changed.
    He came to have a heart of giving thanks to God and of giving something to God.
    Of course, as we are cultivated on this earth our ‘thanksgiving’ and Adam’s ‘thanksgiving’ are completely different.
    It was before Adam received the human cultivation.
    It cannot be compared with the heart of thanks which one can give during the cultivation process or after the cultivation.
    As Adam watched the dinosaur incident, though, he came to have a faint sense of giving thanks to God.
    Say, there is a family; grandfather, father, and son; three generations living together.
    The highest in rank is grandfather.
    Moreover, everything in the family belongs to this grandfather.
    Now, suppose the grandson caused his grandfather to burst into anger.

    Then, father of the grandson would try to soothe the heart of his father who was his father and the head of the family.
    It was because his father’s heart was hurt because of his son.
    Adam’s situation was just like this father’s situation.
    The dinosaurs that God gave to Adam rebelled against God and they were driven out the earth.
    However, the dinosaurs didn’t repent, but rather became violent, and finally they were judged and became extinct.
    As Adam watched it, his heart was startled.
    And so, he wanted to please God by whatever means he could.
    He didn’t want to show off his authority and dignity anymore, but he rather wanted to build a structure as something proper in the sight of God.
    He also wanted to put meaning into it so that it could symbolize God the Trinity.
    The structures that Adam built with this intent still exist on the earth.
    What are they and where are they?
    They are pyramids near the Nile River which was Adam’s favorite place to visit on earth.
    So far, more than 80 pyramids have been discovered near the Nile.
    However, Adam didn’t build all of them.
    Only the three at Giza were the pyramids that Adam built.
    Subsequent generations built the other pyramids imitating what Adam had constructed.
    Pyramids are found not only in Egypt but also in Asia and the Americas.
    A few examples are the ones in Xian of China and Mexico of Central America.
    The fact that similar shapes of pyramids are found in places which are far from each other proves that the human civilization originated in one place.
    I may be able to explain about this in greater detail in the future.
    Please remember that the pyramids that I’m talking about refer only to the 3 pyramids at Giza in Egypt.
    Please also remember that it is only these 3 pyramids that Adam built.
    Those of you who are listening to these lectures for the first time tonight, may have some questions and doubts.
    You may remember that pyramids in Egypt are believed to be the tombs of the kings of ancient Egypt.
    There are, of course, pyramids in Egypt that were built as tombs for kings.
    Not a single trace was found in the Great pyramid of Giza and its neighboring two pyramids to imply these pyramids were tombs.
    Inside the Great Pyramid was found a ‘sarcophagus,’ but nothing was in the sarcophagus.
    People consider this Great Pyramid one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World.
    The term, ‘Wonders’ here refers to the things that are amazing and unimaginable to human beings.
    Many scientists have studied the Great Pyramid, but there are many things they haven’t figured out yet.
    The Great Pyramid was found to be built by the state-of-the art construction techniques, which even modern technology cannot imitate.
    The Great Pyramid also harbor amazing astronomical and mathematical knowledge which are almost impossible to believe the ancient people understood.

    That’s why it is considered one of the 7 Wonders.
    The oldest historical account for pyramids is found in the book, “The Histories” written by Herodotus, a Greek historian.
    In 440 B.C., he wrote in his book what he heard from an Egyptian priest.
    This record has been passed down to these days.
    He said the Great Pyramid was constructed between 2,600 and 2,500 B.C.
    As many scientists studied the Great Pyramid, however, different theories about its age of construction were also proposed.
    For example, John Anthony West, an American scientist claimed that there was an extremely well-developed civilization near the Nile in 10,000 B.C. or earlier.
    And he also claimed that the Great Pyramid and the sphinx were the fruits of this civilization.
    The Sphinx has clear traces of erosion by water.
    It is told that the rain which could leave such a trace must have come in 11,000 to 10,000 B.C.
    Therefore, it concludes an idea that the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid must have been built much earlier than proposed.
    Since this idea is supported by relatively strong evidences, many geologists agree with it.
    Besides, there is evidence that the Great Pyramid was not built by Egyptians.
    As studying many tombs and structures found in Egypt, we can see that Egyptians had a habit of writing records of even trivial things in forms of murals or characters known as hieroglyphics.
    If the Great Pyramid had been truly a king’s tomb, they should have left the murals or writings about the king and the king’s works.
    But there are no such murals in the Great Pyramid.
    Moreover, there is no mummy or relic at all.
    It is completely empty.
    There was found only a sarcophagus which was empty inside.
    Some people say that graverobbers took what was in the Pyramid, but the idea that majority agrees with is that there was originally nothing in it.
    Let me tell you three things of the Great Pyramid that people wonder about.
    Listen to me and ask yourself whether the Great Pyramid was truly built by the ancient Egyptians.
    The first thing is its construction technique.
    The Great Pyramid consists of an estimated 2.3 million limestone blocks, many of which weigh roughly 2.5 tons.
    Such huge stones were precisely cut and they were fit together very closely and precisely.
    In those days when no metal tools such as iron or bronze had yet been forged, what kind of tools did they use to cut such stones so precisely?
    Inside the Great Pyramid were found two narrow passageways which seemed to be air ducts, each on the northern and southern wall.
    These passages were not drilled after the Pyramid was built; they were rather built while the stones were being raised.
    It requires very sophisticated techniques.
    A sarcophagus was found in a room, called ‘the King’s Chamber,’ and its size was larger than the entrance to the Chamber, which indicates that that it must have been placed before the roof was placed over it.
    It means that someone calculated all these things with great precision before it was built.
    The Great Pyramid is 147 meters high.
    How could they lift such heavy stones up to this height and placed them precisely?
    This fact causes wonder among people as well.
    According to professional architects, man could manually drag and raise such huge stones only when the length of ramps was 10 times longer than the height of the Great Pyramid.
    In other words, the ramp should have been 1,470 meters long since the Great Pyramid was 147 meter high.
    Then, the size of the ramp itself would have been 3 times bigger than the Great Pyramid.
    In addition, since the stones that comprise the Great Pyramid weigh roughly 2.5 tons each, the ramp should have been strong enough to support them.
    Therefore, the construction of the ramp itself might have been more difficult than the construction of the actual pyramid.
    Scientists say that thousands of slaves built the Great Pyramid for over several decades.
    However, the power of a huge number of slaves and a long period of construction cannot explain everything.
    For example, the slope of the Great Pyramid is at an angle of 51.5 degrees.
    It is very close to the most stable angle for a structure, which is an angle of 52 degrees.
    In other words, the Great Pyramid was constructed based on precise measurement and calculation.
    Moreover, the Great Pyramid was designed to equally split its weight.
    That’s why it didn’t collapse even after such a long period of time.
    The Great Pyramid is calculated to weigh more than 6 million tons.
    Considering this enormous weight, it would be natural to see serious subsidence under the surface of the ground.
    It is normal to see mega-sized buildings which are constructed with modern construction techniques sink 15 centimeters per century.
    The Great Pyramid, however, was built many thousands of years ago, but it has sunk only 5 milimeters.
    You can see how amazing techniques were used to build the Great Pyramid.
    Now, the 4 base lines of the Great Pyramid almost precisely indicate North, South, East, and West.
    How could ancient people have precisely measured the directions?
    Additionally, the surface of the Great Pyramid was originally covered with highly polished white limestone.
    Therefore, when the sunlight was reflected on the surface of the Great Pyramid, it could be seen from a very long distance; even from the moon!
    People also wonder how such an intricate processing technique could have been developed in ancient times.
    All the facts that I’ve explained so far indicate that the Great Pyramid was built using highly sophisticated construction techniques.
    An interesting fact is that the construction techniques for those pyramids which are believed to be built after the Great Pyramid are far behind the techniques used for the Great Pyramid.
    Human civilization developed as the time passed by.
    However, the construction techniques used for the early Pyramids are much better than that of the latter pyramids.
    Let me tell you about the mathematical knowledge about the Great Pyramid now.
    An American scientist wrote this in his book:

    “The Great Pyramid utilizes many mathematical equations which were not known until 400 years ago.
    I studied the Great Pyramid mathematically.
    It is like a secretly coded-structure.
    The more time I had spent analyzing it, the more I came to understand about the various things not understood before.
    The Great Pyramid completes the modern mathematics.
    We just began to understand the astounding measurement and mathematics behind it.”
    He tells us how outstanding the mathematical knowledge was that the construction of the Great Pyramid was based on.
    The Great Pyramid has the shape of a regular four-sided pyramid.
    The base line to the East is 230.39 meters long, to the West, 230.35 meters long, to the South, 230.45 meters long, and to the North, 230.25 meters long.
    The difference between the longest and the shortest is just 20 centimeters.
    It is only 0.09% to the average length of the 4 base lines.
    Its base is almost a perfect square.
    The ground where the Great Pyramid was built is not flat.
    It is 9 meters higher in the center; it was built on a sloping area.
    There is a proportion between the height and the length of the sum of 4 base lines.
    The height is 146.73 meters, and the sum of the length of the 4 base lines is 921.44 meters.
    If you multiply its height by 2 and then by 3.14, it closely approximates the length of the sum of the 4 base lines.
    When you want to find the circumference of a circle, you multiply its radius by 2 and then by pi.
    If you substitute the radius with the height of the Great Pyramid, the calculation yields the approximate length of the sum of its 4 base lines.
    A mathematician in 300 B.C, Archimedes, is known to be the first man who calculated pi.
    However, this pi was used in the Great Pyramid much earlier than Archimedes.
    Do you think it is a coincidence?
    Many other proportions are found in the Great Pyramid which are known to be most stable mathematically
    There are many evidences that the Great Pyramid was built using the mathematical knowledge which were found by the latter generation of thousands of years later.
    Therefore, we can see how great knowledge those who built the Great Pyramid had.
    Dear brothers and sisters.
    Let me tell you astronomical knowledge contained in the Pyramids of Giza.
    As scientists studied them, they found another amazing fact.
    The 3 pyramids share some similarities with the constellation of Orion.
    As you take a look at them, you can find that the 3rd one is smaller than the other two.
    Similarly in the Orion, the 3rd star is considerably dimmer than the other two.
    In addition, the 3rd star is slightly out of the straight line that the other 2 make.
    Some scientists think that the period of time when these pyramids were built was when the Orion was right above these pyramids.

    Based on this assumption, it was calculated that the pyramids were constructed 10,450 B.C.
    In this period of time, the Milky Way in the sky was almost overlapping the Nile River which flowed near the pyramids.
    I told you earlier that some scientists say the Great Pyramid was built at least 10,000 B.C. according to the subsidence, and this time period is very similar to the number I just introduced.
    It supports the hypothesis that the Pyramids were built not in 2,500 B.C, but it was at least 10,000 B.C.
    So far, I explained 3 aspects of the Great Pyramid that people wonder about.
    The Great Pyramid contains such amazing knowledge and techniques which were impossible for ancient people to understand.
    Some construction techniques are far more advanced than techniques of today.
    The more people study the Great Pyramid, the more astounding it becomes.
    Now, who could have such an amazing knowledge and techniques in the ancient days?
    It was Adam.
    Then, how could he possibly become wise like this?
    God gave all the knowledge and wisdom to the first man, Adam; that’s why.
    In the next lecture, I will explain how Adam built the Great Pyramid.
    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.
    The reason God explained the Pyramid was only to reveal the secrets of the spiritual realm.
    It is to make people realize how wrong the world’s knowledge and theories are that people think they know.
    Isaiah 55:8-9 says, “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways,” declares the LORD.
    “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways And My thoughts than your thoughts.”
    God the Creator is the One who does such amazing and great works that we cannot even imagine.
    We should believe this.
    Jeremiah 32:27 also says, “Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh; is anything too difficult for Me?”
    If you can receive such great power of God, nothing would be impossible, and nothing could stop you.
    To the extent you break the limit of the flesh as you listen to this Genesis Lecture, you can receive such infinite power of God.
    And you can greatly used by God as His instrument.
    I hope that you can understand the heart and will of God the Father in your very heart.
    May you all together accomplish the providence of God the Father toward all the peoples, in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ, I pray!
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