• Scripture

    Genesis 2:15
    “Then the LORD God took the man and put him into the garden of Eden to cultivate it and keep it.”

    This is the 57th Lecture on Genesis.
    In the last lecture, I explained how God caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.
    God rained fire down from the 2nd heaven and destroyed dinosaurs all at once.
    Since the method and materials for the creation of the dinosaurs were of the 2nd heaven, they could be destroyed only by the fire of the 2nd heaven.
    The fossils of dinosaurs offer proof that they suddenly became extinct as the result of disastrous fire.
    The number of dinosaur fossils is much bigger than the fossils of other animals, and many dinosaur eggs and their footprints have also been discovered.
    In addition, the geologic stratum that exists from the period of time when dinosaurs became extinct contains a unique element called Iridium.
    It is the evidence that the stratum of those days changed due to the fire from the 2nd heaven.
    God rained fired on the entire globe, but He selectively destroyed only dinosaurs, and spared other plants and animals.
    This could have been possible only by the power and divinity of God the Father.
    Now, how long was the period of time when dinosaurs actually did live on the earth?
    Scientists of the world claim that dinosaurs lived during the Mesozoic Age of the earth.
    The Mesozoic Age is from about 250 million years ago to about 65 million years ago.
    So, it is a period of 185 million years, and they claim that dinosaurs lived for 160 million years in this period of time.
    But, God the Father said that it was only for a very short period that dinosaurs lived on the earth.
    It was just 40 days.
    Some of you may be surprised because it is so short.
    However, all the studies so far mapped concerning dinosaur fossil distribution and concerning their ecology prove that they lived on the earth for a very short period of time.
    If you take a look at the world-wide map of dinosaurs’ fossil distribution, you can see the fossils are spread throughout the whole world, but they are concentrated in specific locations.
    It proves that God put dinosaurs into something like a net, and that He scattered them in many places of the earth.
    Let’s suppose that He had one hundred dinosaurs per net, and He put a few nets in one place, and a couple in other place, and He put even more in certain other specific places.
    Dinosaurs that were scattered like this then searched for water.
    Most dinosaur fossils in Korea have been discovered near water.
    Those dinosaurs that were driven out to the earth had to first drink water to survive.
    They also moved to a place which was close to water as they missed the life-giving water in the Garden of Eden.
    After they came to the earth, their physical constitution became flesh, and they felt hunger.
    However, no matter how much of the plants they ate, they couldn’t satisfy their hunger. They also became increasingly more aggressive.
    They looked down on the animals of the earth and despised them.
    They killed them by mistake as they accidently trampled them, but they really didn’t care.
    Some of them tried to travel great distances looking for food.
    But not for long though because in a short time they were consumed by the fire from heaven.
    Since dinosaurs lived on the earth for only 40 days, they couldn’t travel too far.
    An evidence for this fact is the world distribution map of dinosaur fossils.
    Their fossils are scattered many places of the earth, and yet they are concentrated in places.
    In Alberta, Canada, for example, along with other kinds of dinosaurs, 300 dinosaur fossils of one kind were discovered in various sizes form babies to grown-ups.
    A huge amount of dinosaur fossils was discovered in the Egg Mountain of Montana, the USA.
    In one case of dinosaur fossils, about 10,000 fossils of a particular species were found in a range of 2 kilometers.
    Dinosaur fossils were not found in the stratum of the whole Mesozoic Age, but 46% of their fossils were found in the stratum of the Cretaceous period which was the end period of the Mesozoic Age.
    Moreover, more than 40% of those were found in the stratum of the last stage of Cretaceous period.
    It means that a huge amount of dinosaur fossils was found in one very specific stratum which is very close to the time period when dinosaurs became extinct.
    This also supports the fact that dinosaurs lived on the earth for a very short period of time.
    In addition, you can easily come to the conclusion that dinosaurs could never live on the earth for a long period of time if you just consider the amount of food dinosaurs had to consume.
    To maintain their bodies, dinosaurs of a dozen tons of weight would continually have to eat an enormous amount of food.
    At the time of their extinction, they gathered together in certain places.
    Studying the distribution map of dinosaur fossils, scientists propose an idea that dinosaurs lived in groups.
    But it doesn’t make much sense.
    How can a huge number of dinosaurs live together in a small area and get enough food?
    The food would have easily run out and they would have scattered.
    And thus, how can their hypothesis that dinosaurs survived and lived generation after generation for about 185 million years be possible?
    If you study everything based on the word of God that dinosaurs lived on the earth just for 40 days, your questions can be answered easily.
    Dinosaurs that were driven out to the earth knew each other.
    They lived in the Garden of Eden for a long time together.
    As they were suddenly driven out to the earth, they tried to live together depending on each other.
    For a couple of days, they didn’t even know at all what to eat.
    Since their environment had been changed suddenly, they were perplexed and confused, and they didn’t know what to do.
    As they calmed down and adapted themselves to the earth, they came to feel hunger.
    They searched for food, but soon they received the judgment.
    In other words, for 40 days, the necessary amount of food could be found in the places where they first settled down.
    If they had lived longer, they should have scattered searching for food.
    The period of time for dinosaurs that scientists propose is greatly different from what God told us.
    Why is it that there is a huge difference?
    First of all, the carbon dating that scientists are using is not accurate.
    More and more evidences are found that carbon dating is not accurate.
    For example, scientists guessed that a volcanic rock from Hawaii was about 160 million years old to about 3 billion years old at the oldest.
    However, the volcanic rock was found to have been formed from a volcanic eruption that occurred in 1801!
    A 160 million years old rock determined by the carbon dating method turned out to be a 200 year-old volcanic rock.
    As you can see, there is a great margin for error.
    Here is another case.
    A stratum was calculated to be 2 million years old.
    However, a fossil which was found in the same stratum was found to be just 10,000 years old.
    The stratum and the fossil should be from the same age, but there was a difference of 1.99 million years.
    An experiment similar to the following example was conducted.
    People examined a bit of charcoal which was formed by being instantly burned by a high-tension power line, but it was dated to be 1 million years old.
    A piece of 1 day old charcoal was dated to be 1 million years old!
    As you can see, carbon dating has serious flaws.
    Therefore, you cannot believe the accuracy of the results from carbon dating.
    Other than this method, scientists study strata with many other methods to guess the period of time dinosaurs lived, but the results from their studies are not accurate.
    Regarding this, many scientists question the carbon dating and point out its discrepancies.
    It is true that the time when dinosaurs were driven out to the earth was a very long time ago.
    However, the period of time that scientist propose dinosaurs lived on the earth is different from the truth.
    The second reason there is a big difference in opinions on the period of dinosaurs’ life on the earth is because the fire that God rained to make dinosaur become extinct changed the constituents of the stratum of those days.
    As the fire rained down from the 2nd heaven, it didn’t only destroy dinosaurs, but it also changed the constituents of the stratum.
    In the previous lecture, I told you that a great quantity of an element called Iridium is contained in the stratum.
    Volcanic ash or meteorites contain a great deal of Iridium.
    As the fire from the 2nd heaven rained down on the ground of the earth, the stratum of those days changed.
    Carbon dating measures the age of an object by the amount of a radioactive element.
    Therefore, if an incident took place which suddenly changed the radioactive elements contained in a certain stratum, the age couldn’t be estimated accurately.
    Even if the carbon dating is accurate, the age of the stratum where dinosaurs’ fossils were buried can be different from the truth.
    If a dinosaur fossil is discovered in a stratum which was found to be 100 million years old by carbon dating, people think the dinosaur also died 100 million years ago.
    Since the stratum where the dinosaur’s fossil was discovered was changed from the original you cannot say the age of the stratum and the age of the fossil are the same.
    Scientists of the world do not know this fact, and thus we cannot trust the result of their carbon dating.
    As I said earlier, the carbon dating method itself has many flaws.
    Therefore, the life period of dinosaurs that was derived using carbon dating is no more accurate than the method.
    To sum it up, dinosaurs didn’t live on the earth for long, but lived for a very short period of time, and they then became extinct all at once.
    I told you about dinosaurs over the last 5 lectures.
    I explained their identity, the process of their change, and the reason for their extinction.
    Before dinosaurs were driven out to the earth, the living things of the earth were born, grew up, became old, and died in the end according to the laws of nature.
    There was natural death, but there was no artificial death (artificial: “produced by other forces”).
    Additionally, there were no harmful germs, or viruses, and thus they didn’t die of diseases.
    They all lived in peace according to the law of nature that God established when He created the earth, and they returned to the ground after they died.
    So, when Adam saw the earth, he didn’t feel much difference from the Garden of Eden where he lived. He considered death a mere cyclic process.
    Moreover, he had never seen a man or any other being close to him die.
    Therefore, he didn’t have any idea about the concept of ‘death.’
    However, after the dinosaur incident, he changed a bit.
    He had a vague understanding about the concept of ‘death.’
    From the 2nd heaven, Adam observed dinosaurs cause the death of other animals.
    Perhaps at first he might not have observed it lucidly, but he gained a vague understanding as he continued to observe it.
    He could see the miserable scenes that animals of the earth were cruelly bitten to death by dinosaurs.
    It was truly strange to Adam that animals groaned in pain as they died.
    And then, he saw dinosaurs die all at once through the judgment of fire.
    Finally, Adam thought deeply about death.
    ‘There is no death in the Garden of Eden, and dinosaurs stayed for a long time with me, but they could become instantly non-existent like that.’
    He came to have a rough idea like this about the concept of death.
    However, Adam didn’t feel the same pain or fear as animals of the earth and dinosaurs experienced.
    Therefore, the idea of ‘death’ was not deeply imprinted into his heart.
    For example, suppose a person had a life-and-death crisis while climbing, but fortunately he was rescued and saved.
    On the other hand, another person watched a video clip of how the person had overcame the crisis.
    Which one of the two can understand more about the horror and fear of that critical moment?
    It is first person, the one who actually experienced it.
    By the same token, Adam saw what happened on the earth and deeply thought about death, but it was not input into his heart along with feeling.
    Besides, he lived in the Garden of Eden where there is no death, and there were no apparent changes other than the fact that dinosaurs disappeared.
    The incident of the dinosaurs having committed sin, were driven out to the earth, lived there for 40 days, and became extinct all at once was like a windstorm that came and passed by..
    Just as there is a silence that is left after a windstorm, there was silence on the earth after dinosaurs met judgment.
    And some time later, God told Adam to put in order and tidy up the earth.
    The authority to rule over all things of the earth was still in Adam’s hand.
    All the animals of the earth obeyed Adam.
    By the power of God, Adam restored the earth as it had been before.
    He restored peacefulness and abundance to the earth.
    After a long period of time had passed by, the incident of dinosaurs became faint in Adam’s memory.
    It took only a short period of time from when the dinosaurs committed sin until they met judgment.
    The chaos that dinosaurs had brought soon calmed down.
    The earth recovered its original environmental condition.
    Outwardly, it seemed that there was nothing that happened.
    In addition, the dinosaur incident didn’t bring great impact or damage to Adam.
    Even though dinosaurs were loved by Adam, they were among many beings under the authority of Adam.
    By the way, the dinosaur incident has significant spiritual meaning.
    That is, the forces of the darkness came to have some sort of ‘confidence.’
    Through the incident of dinosaurs, they experienced that the work of Satan could take place even if the Garden of Eden is surrounded by the light.
    God released Lucifer and some of the evil spirits from the Abyss on the 1st day of Creation.
    God gave them the authority over the darkness and allowed them to rule over the world of darkness.
    The first man, Adam, however, ruled well, not only over the 2nd heaven, but also the 1st heaven with the power of light that had been given to him by God.
    Repressed by the authority of Adam, evil spirits didn’t have any chance to enjoy their authority of darkness.
    Still, they were always on the alert for a chance, and closely observed the Garden of Eden.
    They sensed the changes in the hearts of dinosaurs.
    Without losing the chance, they sent the intense wave of Satan, which is the wave of untruth, to dinosaurs.
    And it worked.
    Dinosaurs accepted the instigation of Satan and they put the thought to eat the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil into action.
    Of course, before they actually ate it, they were caught by God, and then they were driven out to the earth and they became extinct.
    The plan of Lucifer and the evil spirits all fell through and were thwarted.
    However, they felt they had a modicum (small bit) of success.
    Even if a space is surrounded by light, as long as there is an element of darkness even as small as a seed, they can step into it. This is what they experienced.
    Under the stimulus of this incident, they made Adam their next target, and conceived an even more wicked plan.
    In a spiritual sense, therefore, the dinosaur incident was like a prelude to Adam’s disobedience and human cultivation in the future.
    You can see how Lucifer and the evil spirits use their authority of darkness through the incident of dinosaurs.
    Their method hasn’t changed.
    If there is even a little bit of the elements of darkness in people, they try to instigate them with the authority over darkness.
    They work persistently with very wicked plans.
    Once Satan detects an element of darkness, the untruth, in the heart and mind of God’s child who received the Holy Spirit, Satan immediately attacks him.
    Satan causes him have fleshly thoughts, stirs his heart, and eventually will cause an upwelling of his ill feelings.
    Then, the devil comes along, and causes him put the thought into action as a deed of darkness.
    It makes him speak harsh language, behave aggressively and violently.
    It makes him criticize others, judge others, and convey not-proven facts to others.
    And so, it causes people to misunderstand each other and feud with each other.
    It breaks the peace and causes conflicts and arguments to arise.
    People may think they argue because they have different thoughts and ideas, but in a spiritual sense, they all should realize that they accept the provocation of Satan.
    Therefore, you should never leave any room for Satan to get in and maneuver.
    If you haven’t entered into the spirit yet, and still have untruth left in your heart, you should be on the alert all the more.
    The moment a negative thought arises you should immediately cut it off.
    ‘This is not a spiritual thought. This is given by Satan.’ You should flatly reject the fleshly thought like this.
    Since you have lived in a fleshly world, your body is stained with the flesh whether you want it or not.
    However, those who receive the Holy Spirit can cast away the flesh by the help of the Holy Spirit.
    They can remove the untruth from their hearts.
    Since Satan knows there is untruth in your hearts, Satan can make a situation that can stir the untruth through fleshly people.
    Doing this is the authority over the darkness that has been given to Satan.
    Therefore, as you live in this age, even when you come across with unfairness or when you are misunderstood, or you suffer a loss, you should react with goodness.
    If you react against evil with evil, you are lost to Satan.
    As you react against evil with goodness, you can defeat Satan.
    Moreover, as you win over evil with goodness, your authority in the light grows greater to that same extent.
    Ephesians 5:9 says, “for the fruit of the Light consists in all goodness and righteousness and truth.”
    I hope you win the victory no matter what evil things you may encounter; it is all goodness.
    This verse also says ‘the fruit of the Light’ is ‘righteousness.’
    I hope you practice righteousness, not righteousness as seen in your eyes, but in the sight of God.
    You should live by the word of God with reverence toward God whether you are seen by others or not.
    If you add ‘truth’ to these I just mentioned, the fruit of your Light becomes perfect.
    Truth never changes.
    There should be no changing in winning victory with goodness and practicing righteousness in the sight of God.
    As you accomplish all goodness, righteousness, and truth, you will bear the fruit of the Light, and then no forces of darkness will ever come close to you.
    The forces of darkness will rather go away due to the authority of your light.
    As the number of our members who bear such fruit of light grows bigger and bigger, you will stand firm along with me and this church will shine ever stronger light.
    I pray in the name of the Lord that all of you may bear the fruit of the light all the more completely.
    I conclude the explanation about dinosaurs at this point.
    Do you remember the day when dinosaurs tried to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil was the day Adam traveled to the earth on a large scale?
    Adam took all of the cherub to the earth in order to search for a place where he could construct a symbolic building to show off his authority and dignity.
    However, the incident of dinosaurs broke out and Adam’s plan was discontinued.
    Then, quite a long period of time passed by, and Adam put his canceled plan into action again.
    I will continue on this in the next lecture.
    In this lecture, I told you how long dinosaurs lived on the earth.
    I also explained the reason why it is so different from the period of time that the scientists of the world propose.
    I also mentioned that Adam finally came to have an idea about the concept of ‘death’ as he watched dinosaurs become extinct.
    In addition, I explained the spiritual meaning of this dinosaurs’ incident.
    This dinosaurs’ incident can be seen as the first step of the evil forces in practicing their authority over the darkness.
    The work of the evil forces began like this, and it will continue until the Lord comes back in the air and the 7 Year Tribulation is over.
    As it is getting closer to the end, the evil spirits will do works more terrible than usual.
    I hope that you will be on the alert even more and be fully awakened in the spirit.
    Especially, don’t ever cease fervently praying.
    I urge you to meditate on the word of God so that your heart and mind can be submerged deep into His word.
    May you win victory with goodness in all things and give glory to God the Father, in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ, I pray!
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