Genesis 2:15
“Then the LORD God took the man and put him into the garden of Eden to cultivate it and keep it.”

This is the 56th Lecture on Genesis.
In the last lecture, I explained how dinosaurs changed after they were driven out from the Garden of Eden to the earth.
First of all, instead of repenting, they rather felt that they were unjustly mistreated.
They begrudged the punishment because they hadn’t eaten from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
In addition, dinosaurs considered the animals of the earth to be ugly and insignificant.
They became rather arrogant and came to think of themselves as being superior beings.
They quickly became prey of Satan; they were stained with evil and became aggressive.
Moreover, their physical constitution (and predisposition) became fleshly after they came to the earth, and thus they felt intense hunger.
They ate every plant and fruit they could get their hands on.
Some of the dinosaurs killed animals by mistake and smelled their blood, and then they began eating the meat.
Because most of dinosaurs were huge in size, in order to maintain their body, they had to eat enormous amount of food.
Due to this, the natural environment of the earth quickly became devastated.
Dear brothers and sisters.
There was another factor which accelerated the environmental pollution of the earth.
It was the excrement of dinosaurs.
When dinosaurs lived in the Garden of Eden, they didn’t need excretion because the food was decomposed 100% inside their body as they ate it.
After they fell down to the earth, however, they had to excrete after they ate food.
Since countless dinosaurs in huge size began to excrete, the amount of excretion was also huge.
Due to this fact, the earth became rapidly polluted.
A cow, a representative plant-eating animal, emits about 280 liters of methane a day as a bi-product of digestion..
It is generally believed that plant-eating animals are bigger in size than meat-eating animals.
The biggest plant-eating dinosaur among the fossils was 40 meters in length and about 150 to 200 tons in weight.
Just how vast was the amount of methane that dinosaurs emitted?
Methane gas is produced and expelled (at both ends of the digestive track).
Some scientists claim a theory that methane gas which dinosaurs emitted polluted the atmosphere of the earth.
It is only natural for them to come up with this conclusion if they know the animal life and the size of dinosaurs.
The methane gas which dinosaurs emitted was good enough to become a threat to increase the temperature of the earth atmosphere and to destroy the ozone layer.
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.
God didn’t overlook the fact that dinosaurs polluted the natural environment of the earth and destroyed the law of nature.
Otherwise, the whole earth would have been a mess.
And so, God destroyed dinosaurs all at once.
How could God destroy so many dinosaurs all at once?
He destroyed dinosaurs with fire from the second heaven.
In Genesis 19:24-25 is the scene of God’s judgment by fire from heaven.
It took place when God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.
It says, “Then the LORD rained on Sodom and Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the LORD out of heaven, and He overthrew those cities, and all the valley, and all the inhabitants of the cities, and what grew on the ground.”
At this time, God judged the cities by the fire from the second heaven.
The fire of the Holy Spirit can be seen only with spiritual eyes, but you can see the fire from the second heaven without the spiritual eyes being opened.
1 Kings 18:38 says, “Then the fire of the LORD fell and consumed the burnt offering and the wood and the stones and the dust, and licked up the water that was in the trench.”
The fire in this verse was also the fire from the second heaven.
When God exterminated the dinosaurs, God rained the fire from the second heaven.
There were reasons God had to rain the fire from the second heaven.
He could have killed off dinosaurs with just the fire of the 1st heaven.
To make such a fire big enough to kill all the dinosaurs at once, however, volcanic eruption or fire would have had to break out all over the world.
Then, not only dinosaurs but also other animals would have become extinct.
Besides, chances are that dinosaurs would not have become extinct all at once.
Do you remember that dinosaurs were made not from the ground of the earth but from the ground of the Garden of Eden?
Dinosaurs were made from the ground in the Garden of Ede, and their method of being put together also complied with the law of the 2nd heaven.
Figuratively speaking, both graphite and diamond are composed of carbon.
Depending on the method of composition, they can become either graphite or a diamond.
Likewise, even if the elements of composition are the same for an object which exists in both the 1st and the 2nd heaven, its method of composition is different.
The building composition for dinosaurs was completely different from that for the animals of the earth.
Even though dinosaurs’ physical constitution changed to become fleshly, their original building method didn’t change.
Therefore, even after dinosaurs died on earth for some reasons, their bodies, especially their strong bones, didn’t decompose easily.
All the living things which are created from the ground of the earth become ground after they die.
However, even after dinosaurs which were created from the ground of the 2nd heaven died on earth, their bodies didn’t get decomposed completely.
It is due to the difference between the space of the 1st heaven and the space of the 2nd heaven.
However, it is possible with the fire of the 2nd heaven to completely cause dinosaurs sudden extinction.
So, God rained the fire from the 2nd heaven and destroyed the dinosaurs, and left fossils of some dinosaurs.
It was to give a clue to people in the future so that they could realize the fact that dinosaur existed and understand how they became extinct.
Therefore, the fossils of dinosaurs contain the evidences that dinosaurs became extinct all at once by the fire from the heaven.
The first evidence is that the number of dinosaur fossils is much greater than the fossils of other animals.
Generally speaking, for a living organism to become a fossil, its dead body should be quickly buried in sediment, and some parts of its body should be hard like bones, teeth, or a shell.
If it decays too quickly, not even the trace of its body can be left in sediment.
If the dead body is buried in a material which can work like preservatives, it can be left as fossil.
For example, ice, dry air, resin, or asphaltite can work like preservatives.
Resin is a sticky substance produced by some trees, and when it becomes a fossil, it may become a jewel called amber.
Sometimes, a dead body of an insect is found inside amber.
Living things can become fossils in another situation; it is when they are under extremely high pressure and high temperature.
For example, when a living thing is suddenly cover under burning volcanic ash, it can become a fossil.
If you take a look at those remains of Pompeii which was covered under volcanic ash in 79 B.C., you can see how quickly the disaster hit the city.
In just a few hours after the Vesuvius volcano erupted, the city was covered under 2-meter-thick volcanic ash, and in just 3 days, it became 10 meters thick.

The gypsum casts of the dead bodies clearly shows even the facial expression of those who couldn’t escape from the disaster.
Since the volcanic ash covered the city instantly, their life patterns of those days are well preserved.
If an animal dies in an ordinary circumstance, unlike those unique situations, fossilization is difficult.
Therefore, the fossils of animals other than dinosaurs are very rare.
On the other hand, the numbers of dinosaur fossils are quite abundant.
This fact proves that dinosaurs became extinct all at once by the judgment of fire.
The second evidence that dinosaurs became extinct by the fire from heaven is the fossils of dinosaur eggs and their footprints.
Korea has many fossil discoveries well known to the world for their dinosaur eggs and footprints.
About 130 fossils of dinosaur eggs were found near Si-Haw Lake, and 100 of them near Sun-So coast of Chun-Nam province.
In addition, the world’s biggest footprint fossils of pterodactyl, and very exquisite sets of fossils were found in Woo-Hang-Ri of Chun-Nam province.
On 5 five islands near the city of Yo-Soo, a total of 3,546 footprint fossils were found.
If it had not been by the sudden judgment of fire, the shape of dinosaur eggs couldn’t have been kept.
Eggs are easily broken
The fact that many dinosaur eggs were kept as fossils in their complete shape proves that the disaster they encountered was very sudden.
The fact that the footprints of dinosaurs were preserved as fossils is another evidence of the judgment of fire.
For a footprint to preserve its shape clearly, the ground should not be hard, but it should be soft like mud.
However, the footprint on such soft mud can easily disappear as well.
But fire comes down to bake the ground instantly, the footprint can be preserved completely.
Like these examples, the fossils of dinosaurs clearly tell us how dinosaurs became extinct.
Dear brothers and sisters.
How do the scientists of the world explain the extinction of dinosaurs?
These scientists also acknowledge that dinosaurs became extinct all at once at a certain point, and they are so curious.
In a general sense, when an animal becomes extinct, the progress slowly takes place over a certain period of time.
Its population gradually becomes smaller, and it eventually becomes extinct.
However, there were many kinds of dinosaurs and their population was huge, yet still they disappeared instantly.
FYI, there are more than a thousand kinds of fossils which have been discovered so far in the entire world.
Since such great number of dinosaurs became extinct all at once, scientists have theories for its cause.
Some say it was due to sudden climate change, some others say it was due to a certain virus.
There are even those who say it was due to radiation from the explosion of a star in the outer space.
However, they fail to provide evidence to support their theories, and so there is no persuasion.
Relatively recent theory among them is the extinction theory by the meteorite impact.
A huge meteorite collided with the earth and it brought tremendous change to the earth and dinosaur became extinct because of this.

If a meteorite which is 10 kilometers in diameter collides with the earth, its impact is 5 billion times stronger than the nuclear bomb which fell on the city of Hiroshima.
It is 10,000 times stronger than an explosion of all the 25,000 nuclear bombs possessed by the United States and the former USSR.
Even though it was not actually tested, it was the result of calculation!
Scientists say there was such a huge impact by the meteorite, and due to this, many fires and volcanic eruption broke out in many places of the earth.
And it resulted in sudden climate change.
Dinosaurs which lived in a mild weather before couldn’t adapt themselves well to the sudden cold weather.
Their food also ran out and they became extinct.
This is the extinction theory by meteorite impact.
They presented a special stratum between the strata of Mesozoic Age and Cenozoic Age.
This stratum indicates there was a great change at the end of the Mesozoic Age which was assumed to the period when dinosaurs became extinct.
This stratum contains a large quantity of an element called Iridium.
Iridium is an element which is frequently contained in meteorites and volcanic ash.
This iridium is found in a 2 centimeter thick red clay layer which is widely distributed in the entire earth.
They say this is the evidence that a great change took place in this period of time in the entire earth either by meteorite impact or by volcanic eruption.
And so, scientists claim the dinosaur extinction theory by meteorite impact based on this evidence.
However, this extinction theory has also been altered over time.
In the beginning, they proposed that just one meteorite collided with the earth.
However, they started to claim from 1990’s that there was not only one but many meteorites which collided with the earth.
This is what Dr. David Carlisle, a world-renowned geochemist wrote in his book.
Those scientists who cannot imagine the fact that the fire rained from the 2nd heaven think that the fire was many meteorites.
As science develops, their study shows the result that is ever getting closer to the truth.
However, you may have question regarding the dinosaur extinction theory by the meteorite impact.
If dinosaurs became extinct all at once by the meteorite impact, how could other living things survive?
Even though there were a huge change to make dinosaurs extinct, most plants still remained.
In addition, birds, reptiles, mammals, and most other animals also survived.
If a huge meteorite had collided with the earth, all the animals along with dinosaurs should also have gone through the disastrous environmental change.
But only dinosaurs became extinct, and other plants and animals survived.
Therefore, the extinction theory by the meteorite impact is not a correct answer, either.
Other extinction theories also raise other questions.
If dinosaurs had become extinct due to virus or radiation from the explosion of a star, other plants and animals could not have survived, either.
However, if you believe the fact that God rained the fire and destroyed dinosaurs, you can understand the whole situation.
When God rained the fire from the 2nd heaven, His sole purpose was only to destroy dinosaurs.
Therefore, He rained fire from the 2nd heaven, but He could manage it so that the animals other than dinosaurs would not die.
He could save other plants and animals even when He destroyed dinosaurs in the whole earth all at once.
Similar examples can be found in the Bible.
For example, when God sent down 10 plagues to Egypt, no plague came upon the land of Goshen where Israelites lived.
In addition, God presented two signs to Gideon when he prayed to God to confirm God’s will, as written in Judges Chapter 6.
Gideon put a fleece of wool on the threshing floor and spent the night.
In the next morning, there was dew only on the fleece and it was dry on all the ground.
And it was the opposite the next day.
Likewise, When God rained fire from the 2nd Heaven, He selectively destroyed only dinosaurs, and set apart other plants and animals to save them.
Only the stratum where the fire of the 2nd heaven fell down uniquely changed in its constituents.
The stratum which contains lots of iridium came into existence through this process.
When a lot of iridium was found in the stratum which is believed to come to exist as dinosaurs became extinct, scientists linked it with an extinction theory by the meteorite impact.
You should understand, however, that iridium, which is found in a large quantity in the stratum between the ages of the Mesozoic and Cenozoic periods, is not the evidence of the meteorite impact; it is the evidence that the fire rained from the 2nd heaven.
Even the parts that cannot be understood by the meteorite impact theory can be cleanly explained with the word of God.
How logical and reasonable the explanation of God is!
Even an event which cannot be explained by scientists or cannot be imagined can be understood well as God explains like this.
In the next lecture, I will tell you how long dinosaurs lived in the earth.
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.
In this lecture, I explained how God judged dinosaurs.
He rained fire from the 2nd heaven and destroyed dinosaurs all at once.
And He left fossils of some dinosaurs so that people in the future would realize the existence of dinosaurs.
The cause of dinosaurs’ extinction cannot be understood no matter what kind of knowledge people use, but it can be well explained with the Word of God.
To those who believe in the power of the divinity of God, this lecture must be like an oasis in the desert.
However, those who don’t like to put God in their hearts prefer those false theories over the truth of God.
There are those who may also fear that if they acknowledge the truth of God then they have to deny their research achievements they have piled up so far.
In this end time, however, God gives the opportunity of salvation to anybody of all sorts including those intellectuals.
By manifesting explosive works of the power, He presents evidences with which such people will not be able to do anything but acknowledge the living God, the God of Creation.
The ‘explosive works of the power’ is not a set of individual signs and wonders.
The works of the power that have been manifested in this church since the beginning of the church will take place all at once comprehensively as if a bomb explodes.
Say, epidemic disease sweeps the entire northern hemisphere.
You may think of swine flu or foot and mouth disease.
In the future, such epidemic diseases as these will keep breaking out, and people will make an outcry in every corner of the world and they will be afraid.
This time around, when a man of influence acknowledges the power of God and requests prayer, the diseases will disappear not only from the Northern hemisphere but from the entire globe.
In order to make such worldwide diseases go away all at once, comprehensive works will have to take place.
The gates to the spiritual space will be opened and there will be traveling between spaces, as well as the works of burning such diseases by the fire of the Holy Spirit.
To make all these work at the same time, I have been under spiritual trainings.
The explosive works of the power will be spread not only to ordinary members, but also to the leaders in every field in the world.
To make it possible, God the Father has been preparing it in advance.
I myself was inspired in my heart and obeyed it; I’ve especially paid attention to the broadcasting ministry area.
Until now, you have also cultivated your heart, undergoing the trials of your heart.
Now, I urge you to take the full armor of God with passion and love for God.
Ephesians 6:13 says, “Therefore, take up the full armor of God, so that you will be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm.”
May you all arm yourself with the word of God and prayer so as to fully accomplish the providence of the end time along with the shepherd, in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ, I pray!

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